News roundup: Jim Leyritz, Mark Teixeira, Mo, sports media

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Game 78: Let's sweep again

A few news items of note on an afternoon before a long weekend:

  • Another sad story comes our way concerning Jim Leyritz. The former Yankee and former personality has been arrested on charges of domestic abuse. Leyritz’s ex-wife Karrie called the police after Jim, according to the Sun-Sentinel report, “dragged her out of bed, struck her twice and pushed her on the floor.” The Miami Herald has a different take on the situation. Leyritz’s lawyer denies the assault, and police say the former Mrs. Leyritz changed her story a few hours after initially reporting it to the police. Leyritz goes on trial Sept. 14 for his 2007 DUI arrest following an accident that left another driver dead.
  • At 11:59 p.m. this evening All Star Game balloting ends, and as of earlier this week, Mark Teixeira found himself just 40,000 votes behind Kevin Youkilis for the AL’s first base slot. Head on over to to vote. Yankee fans can vote for Teixeira 25 times per e-mail address, and while you’re at it, vote for Ian Kinsler too. He’s holding onto a very slim lead over Dustin Pedroia.
  • Joe Posnanski has profiled Mariano Rivera. Do you need to know anything more about it? Just read the article.
  • From around the Yankee Blogosphere: Rebecca looks at some top MLBers who had success at AA. The Jesus Montero buzz is building. Fack Youk revisits Dave Righetti’s Independence Day no hitter and wonders what could have been if the Yanks hadn’t moved Righetti to the pen. Sound familiar?
  • Finally, for the sports journalism junkies among us, Harvard’ Nieman Journalism Lab just wrapped up a four-part series on the shifting media power in sports. With more teams forming regional sports networks, more leagues creating their own TV networks complete with allegedly unbiased news coverage and more blogs gaining readers every day as newspapers see their circulation numbers decline, the world of sports journalism is undergoing something of a paradigm shift. In the series at NJL, Justin Rice focuses mostly on baseball to explore how sports coverage has responded to and embraced the Internet and where sports media is going.
RAB Live Chat
Game 78: Let's sweep again
  • Bo

    Leyritz really knows how to get the people and more importantly juries on his side. What charm.

  • Jorgie Juiced One

    After Gossage left via free agency, the Yankees, in a panic, sent Righetti to the bullpen. It was the worst decision the Yankees made during my 30 years as a fan. Look at Righetti’s age 24 season as a starter in 1983 and consider what might have been if he’d been the rotation for the Mattingly-Winfield-Henderson years of 1985-1988.

  • CountryClub

    That article on Mariano is terrific.

  • Doug

    Terrific blog, Rebecca….really good stuff!

    • Rebecca-Optimist Prime


    • Salty Buggah

      Yea, it’s a really nice piece and got me even more excited for Jesus somehow.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    The Mariano article is amazing. Amazing.

    • CountryClub

      As far as sports articles go, it’s one of the best I can remember reading.

      • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

        It’s up there.

      • Observer283

        Strong ditto. I really wonder how other sports writers would react to it. Like if Joel Sherman or John Harper read that article, what would they feel?

        Would it be like Shane Spencer watching A-Rod hit? (Immense Jealousy). Or does such an article breed unadulterated admiration?

        • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

          I feel admiration. A little jealousy, perhaps, but I know I’m nowhere near that level.

  • TheLastClown

    “You know what’s coming,” a five-time All-Star Mike Sweeney once said. “But you know what’s coming in horror movies, too. It still gets you.”

    Classic :)

  • Tank Foster

    Good article, yeah, nice portrayal of Mo. But not great in my book. Read the wikipedia entry on Mo, and you find half of the stuff in that article (maybe the same guy did the wiki article I guess). But it’s wrong that he ONLY throws the cutter, right? Doesn’t the throw about 20% 4-seamers?

    • Observer283

      Tank, it was so much the info that made it great. It’s been all Mo all the time this week, so we have seen a lot of the info from the Psnanski piece in other places. What took the article to another level was the quality of writing. Just amazingly good.

      Compare that article from a purely stylistic point of view to the stuff that Sherman and Harper write. Posanski’s writing is just at another level.

      • Observer283

        Also awesome that I misspelled Posnanski’s name TWO different ways in the same post. Especially since the post was about writing acumen.

      • Count Zero

        Meh — not impressed. Sure, compared to Sherman, it was great. That’s like saying compared to a s**t sandwich, haggis is great. :-)

        As a former English grad student, used to grading those Freshman Comp essays, I give it a B-. The comparison between a guy who has played in front of sold-out stadiums and millions of TV fans and a guy dying alone in a boat in a moment of futility with dignity is a stretch at best. If you ask me, the entire theme is somewhat disintegrated (is he like DiMaggio or is he like the Old Man?) and definitely flawed from the start.

        Sorry, but that’s my honest opinion.

        • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

          I dunno, I thought the metaphor worked quite nicely.

          This isn’t literary fiction we’re looking at, it’s sportswriting. They’re two VERY VERY different styles.

        • AndrewYF

          I’m guessing if you tried to write a baseball column for a Freshman Comp essay, you’d get a poor grade as well.

          Posnanski is one of, if not the best sportswriter going today, your haughty ‘meh – not impressed’ comment aside. It was also a great tribute to Mo. I thought the parallel to DiMaggio was great, I hadn’t thought of it before.

          Have faith in the Yankees, my son. Remember the great Rivera.

      • Tank Foster

        Mrrmm…good points, Observer.

  • Mason

    Vote for Tex people! Anyone but Youkilis please..

  • Tank Foster

    I refuse to demean myself by allowing myself to care enough about Kevin Youkilis to hate him. Maybe he deserves to start in the all-star game. [Ducks while they fling malatov cocktails my way]

  • MattG

    To cap off the conversation from this afternoon, a quote from Brian Bruney:

    “(Phillip) Hughes is throwing extremely well,” Bruney told The New York Post. He added: “I can sit here and be 100-percent honest and say I don’t care what inning I pitch.” (insider)

    Good for him. I’d like to see all relievers have that attitude.

    • MattG

      Also, good grammar by Bruney. Odd from a baseball player, as most would say “throwing extremely good,” and “which inning I pitch.”

  • AndrewYF

    That Jed freaking Lowrie is 5th in the voting tells you all you need to know about the All-Star game.

    I guess the Red Sox fans just care more! (Caring in this case meaning mindlessly sitting at their computers clicking the same buttons time and time again, cackling with glee at their fanbase’s superioritude. Only the BEST fans do this! And Red Sox Nation is the BEST!)

  • mick

    Leyritz needs to find better ways to get into the news.