Stadium hits: bowl games, lawsuits and bikes


Ever the popular topic, new Yankee Stadium has been much in the news lately. I have three stories to highlight today. So let’s just jump in.

Stadium could host bowl games
As anyone who has been subjected to the endlessly boring mid-inning interviews of college football coaches and athletic directors on YES broadcasts of recent Yankee games knows, new Yankee Stadium will be hosting a slate of college football games over the next few seasons. Today, the Daily News reports on something far bigger than just the compelling Rutgers/Army match-up. Yankee Stadium may host a bowl game.

According to Bill Madden, Yankee officials — including Hal Steinbrenner — have been talking with the higher-ups at the NCAA about reviving New York-based bowl games. The two sides are targeting a December 2011 date as the inaugural match-up. As Madden notes, old Yankee Stadium hosted the Gotham Bowl in 1962. While I’m frankly tired of hearing about Army’s sub-par football program coming to Yankee Stadium, a bowl game in New York, BCS or otherwise, would be exciting.

Meanwhile, Fack Youk offers up a dissenting opinion. While Yanks COO Lonn Trost continues to proclaim Yankee Stadium “not just a stadium for baseball,” the dimensions and design are such that a football field can’t really fit properly. Baseball stadiums just aren’t meant to host football games, Jay writes.

Yanks face stadium construction lawsuits
During the course of any major construction project, injuries — and subsequent lawsuits — are sure to mount, and new Yankee Stadium is no exception. As Dorian Block details today, a 28-year-old worker who lost the use of his hand in a handsaw accident last July is suing the team and Turner Construction. Marc Kemprowski alleges that the powersaw was missing a $1.50 safety guard. His suit is one of many the Yanks and Turner face over accidents during the construction of the new park.

Biking options few around new Stadium
As many of you know, I’m a big transit buff. My other blog focuses entirely around mass transit in New York City, and every now and then, transportation issues and baseball intersect. Late yesterday, Streetsblog’s Ben Fried explored biking to Yankee Stadium. Playing off a recent article in Sports Illustrated for Kids, Fried notes that bike parking around the new stadium is severely limited.

According to Sarah Braunstein’s piece for SI Kids, the nearest bike parking for Yankee Stadium is four blocks away in front of the Bronx County Supreme Court building. For comparison, Citi Field has ten bike parking racks right outside, and Wrigley Field and AT&T Park in San Francisco both offer secure indoor parking for bikes.

As a few Streetsblog commenters noted, Yankee Stadium isn’t exactly isolated. Three subway lines service the park during games, and a new Metro-North station sees three commuter rail lines pass through it. The stadium is also serviced by a ferry. Still, for those brave enough to bike to and park in the South Bronx, the Yankees probably should have found a way to host a bike rack or two. After all, the Yanks have been pushing the fact that Yankee Stadium is environmentally friendly. With Heritage Field set to open across the street in a few years, there is still plenty of time to make Yankee Stadium even more access-friendly.

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  1. Ross says:

    Manhattan has been turned into one big bike lane by Bloomberg. Traffic in Manhattan has increased exponentially.

    Why hasn’t Bloomberg created this bike lane frenzy in the Bronx?

    • Traffic actually hasn’t increased exponentially in Manhattan. In fact, the opposite has happened. Fewer cars are on the road. And anyway, any potential increase in traffic would come from the full road closures for pedestrians and not the creation of a small dedicated bike lane.

      As for why Bloomberg hasn’t gussied up the Bronx yet, look to history. Why are the Bronx parks neglected? Why is that borough largely ignored for development, both good and bad?

    • Honestly, when going from the Bronx to Manhattan or vice versa the worst traffic is always on the Cross Bronx, and almost never in Manhattan unless it’s raining or there’s been an accident.

    • Mike HC says:

      If Manhattan has turned into one big bike lane, they forgot to tell the cab drivers and other cars because they don’t give a crap about the bikers or their lane. I have personally witnessed two bikers getting hit by a car (one of the bikers were ok, the other was covered in blood when the ambulance took him). I have also seen many other close calls. The bike lanes and bikers are not slowing anything down.

      • BklynJT says:

        Bloomberg is going crazy with his bike lanes in the lower east side. On top of that, he has been creating all these damn islands in the middle of the road taking away extra space for cars. He claims that its to help elderly people cross the street… but if he really wanted to help pedestrians and reduce accidents, they would increase the time that lights stay red together but of course they wouldn’t do that cause they wouldn’t be able to give out as much red light violations.

        My conspiracy theory is that Bloomberg is trying to generate congestion and traffic in the city in loo of his second attempt at the commuter tax. Personally, I think he’s been throwing a fit because his commuter tax got vetoed. That guy is a big rich baby who gets all pissy when he doesn’t get his way. ie. running for a 3rd term ??? total B.F-ing.S

        • Mike HC says:

          I do my fair share of driving in Manhattan and also take my fair share of cabs, and I can personally tell you that traffic is as bad as can be expected. It is not a joy ride, but it is not a cluster fuck either, depending on the time and where you are going. Some areas are harder to navigate and are more crowded than other, but that is unavoidable. I don’t think traffic is a major issue right now.

    • ChrisS says:

      Why anyone would ever want to drive a car into or through Manhattan, excepting commercial delivery, I will never understand.

      • mike says:

        Car usage is down as every broker taking a car service is out of a job, and taxis bringing people from Wall St. to the UES are empty because of all the layoffs -add that to lack of day-travelers going to Broadway/ shopping from the surrounding communities.

        Bike-ways would be a fiasco if the economy was strong, and making it impossible for 60 year old women to drive into Manhattan is not helping the economy get any better

    • Tony says:

      Traffic is fine as long as you’re in a cab between the hours of midnight and 5am. Plan ahead better…

    • Ha. The Yankees should put bike racks up around the stadium so the local residents know where to look when the want to steal a bike. Great idea.

      Do people really think everything is as gentrified as lower Manhattan?

  2. A.D. says:

    Baseball stadiums just aren’t meant to host football games, Jay writes.

    And looking at where the A’s & Marlins play, football stadiums aren’t really meant to host baseball games.

  3. A.D. says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if bike racks are just an oversight, or something included in the new parks, vs next to the stadium, they should be pretty easy to add.

  4. Mike HC says:

    You gotta plug your other blog far more often, or put a link up or something on this site. I have been reading this blog since the beginning of the year and had no idea you had a second blog. I’m definitely interested in that kinda stuff as I use NYC transportation far too often.

    Many of the commenters have no problem and don’t hesitant to plug their own blogs. At the least I should know about one the writers other blogs.

  5. CountryClub says:

    Since this post touches on transportation, I hope this isnt considered off topic.

    I used to park in those lots where you had to walk under the bridges and then through that enclosed walkway that let you out near the big bat.

    Does anyone know if those lots are still open now that the old stadium is closed?

  6. For anyone who’s ever wondered how a dazzling Negro urbanite such as myself ever ended up in rustic Lincoln, Nebraska as a child:

    The Gotham Bowl was held in December 1961 in the Polo Grounds, and December 1962 in Yankee Stadium. Since my father, then a 15 year old kid growing up 15 blocks from Yankee Stadium, was a big football fan, he and his buddy eagerly braved the December winds to attend the game.

    The Nebraska Cornhuskers defeated the Miami Hurricanes in an exciting 36-34 win. My dad was hooked.


    That being said, there’s a reason they never held another game. The same reason they hold postseason bowls in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and California. Because it’s too fucking cold in December to do anything outside unless you really love it.

    The reason Jets and Giants fans go to the Meadowlands in December is because they have a lifelong love affair with their teams. But if they passed out free tickets to a UAB-Fresno State game in the Meadowlands a week before Christmas, they’d probably struggle to fill the stadium even at a cost of $0.00.

    • A.D. says:

      Basically it would have to be a high profile bowl, but then all of those are set with stadiums.

    • YankFan says:

      I’ve been reading this site since the start of last season & have decided to respond. It’s a great site w/ fans that actually know what they talk about.

      What if the bowl in YSII has a tie in w/ Notre Dame(assuming they’re not in the BCS series), the Service Acadamies or some of the Big East schools. You don’t think those will sell?

  7. Jorge Steinbrenner says:

    I look forward to the Lobel’s Beef Bowl in 2012.

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