Trenton walks off with a win

Game 84: Bring on the rookie pitcher
Yanks eke by Joe Mauer, 4-3

Remember hearing that the recently signed Gary Sanchez would be reporting to the Rookie GCL Yanks later this summer? Not gonna happen. Ben Balder tells me that farm director Mark Newman confirmed that Sanchez has signed a 2010 contract like every other international signee. He’ll begin his career next year, most likely in Extended Spring Training before going to the GCL.

Shelley Duncan is one of six players who will take part in next week’s Triple-A Homerun Derby.

Triple-A Scranton (4-1 loss to Buffalo)
Kevin Russo & Austin Jackson: both 1 for 4 – Russo doubled … Jackson drove in a run & K’ed
Ramiro Pena & Yurendell DeCaster: both 2 for 4, 1 2B – Pena scored a run … DeCaster K’ed
Shelley Duncan, Juan Miranda & Eric Duncan: all 0 for 3 – Shelley drew a walk … Miranda walked & K’ed
Colin Curtis: 0 for 4, 1 K – threw a runner out at home from CF
Chris Stewart: 1 for 1 – left the game after singling in the third … there’s no way he would have been released (to make room for Cervelli) mid-game
Kevin Cash: 0 for 2
Romulo Sanchez: 5.2 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 2 BB, 2 K, 1 HB, 6-8 GB/FB – 37 of 66 pitches were strikes (56.1%) … could you ask for any more out of a spot starter?
Paul Bush: 2.1 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 2 K, 1-2 GB/FB – 18 of 32 pitches were strikes (56.3%)

Double-A Trenton (2-1 win over New Hampshire in 11 innings)
Austin Krum: 3 for 5, 2 R, 1 K, 1 SB – threw a runner out at second from CF
Richie Robnett, Jesus Montero & Marcos Vechionacci: all 0 for 4 – Robnett drew a walk & K’ed … Vech K’ed … Montero is 1 for his last 20 (.050), so he’s a slumpin;
Eduardo Nunez: 1 for 5, 1 K – walk-off single, but no RBI because the outfielder made a throwing error
Jorge Vazquez, Chris Malec & Justin Snyder: all 1 for 4 – Vazquez doubled, drove in a run & missed a catch for an error … Malec doubled … Snyder was caught stealing & K’ed three times
Edwar Gonzalez: 2 for 4, 1 2B
Wilkins DeLaRosa: 4 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 3 BB, 4 K, 3-5 GB/FB – 67 K in 66 IP
Eric Wordekemper: 2 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 0 K, 3-2 GB/FB
Mike Dunn: 2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 4 K, 3-2 GB/FB – 71 K in 50.2 IP
Jose Valdez: 1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 3 K
Grant Duff: 2 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 3 BB, 4 K, 0-2 GB/FB – AA debut

High-A Tampa was washed out. I’m guessing they’ll play two at some point in the next few days.

Low-A Charleston (6-2 loss to Bowling Green)
Jose Pirela, Corban Joseph & Addison Maruzak: all 1 for 4 – Pirela scored a run, K’ed twice & committed a throwing error … Joseph drove in a run & K’ed … Maruzak K’ed twice & committed a throwing error
Ray Kruml: 2 for 4
Melky Mesa, Abe Almonte & Neall French: all 0 for 4 – Mesa & Almonte each K’ed once
Mitch Abeita: 2 for 3, 1 R, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 1 BB
David Phelps: 5.2 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 4 BB, 5 K, 1 WP, 7-4 GB/FB
Brandon Braboy: 1.1 IP, 3 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 3 K, 1 WP, 1-0 GB/FB
Luke Prihoda: 1 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 0 K, 1-1 GB/FB – ummm, who are you?

Short Season Staten Island (2-1 loss to Hudson Valley)
Jimmy Paredes & Francisco Santana: both 0 for 3 – Paredes was hit by a pitch & K’ed once, Santana thrice
Carmen Angelini: 2 for 3, 1 2B, 1 RBI, 1 HBP – hey, where have you been?
Zoilo Almonte: 0 for 2, 2 BB, 1 K
Kyle Higashioka & Kelvin Castro: both 0 for 4, 2 K – Castro committed a fielding error
Hector Rabago: 1 for 3, 1 2B, 1 BB, 1 K – picked off first … he’s already a personal fave … how can you not love a guy that plays a different position every day, especially when one of them is catcher?
DeAngelo Mack & Luke Murton: both 1 for 4 – Mack K’ed twice … Murton doubled, scored a run & K’ed
Trenton Lare: 5 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 8 K, 1 HB, 3-4 GB/FB – ejected in the 6th after hitting a batter in retaliation Paredes getting hit in the prior inning … 15 K & 5 baserunners in his last 9.1 IP
Ryan Flannery: 2 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 1 K, 4-0 GB/FB
Ronny Marte: 1 IP, zeroes, 2-1 GB/FB

Rookie GCL Yanks (3-1 win over GCL Tigers)
Ramon Flores, Mitch Delaney & Jhorge Liccien: all 0 for 2, 1 BB – Flores & Liccien each scored a run … Delaney K’ed
Jose Toussen: 1 for 4, 1 K
Kevin Mahoney: 2 for 4, 1 R, 2 2B, 2 RBI, 1 K – 7 of his last 8 hits have gone for extra bases (6 doubles, 1 homer)
Kelvin DeLeon: 2 for 4, 1 RBI, 1 K
Eduardo Sosa: 0 for 4
Francisco Arcia: 1 for 2, 1 2B, 1 BB
Mikey O’Brien: 4 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 4 K, 1-7 GB/FB – 2008 ninth rounder is a nice little sleeper … just wish he was a little taller than 5′-11″
Shane Greene & Dan Miller: both 2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 0 K – Greene had a 5-1 GB/FB, Miller 3-3
Julian Arballo: 1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 1 K, 2-0 GB/FB

Game 84: Bring on the rookie pitcher
Yanks eke by Joe Mauer, 4-3
  • JobaWockeeZ

    Oh Well Montero can’t tear up the ball every game. Hopefully hell get out of it soon.

  • Drew

    Good for the Shell-man. Hopefully he wins himself some cashola in the derby.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    What’s the ceiling on the Bulgarian Seeker?

    • Pete


    • The Fallen Phoenix


  • The Artist

    Anyone know what happened to Mr I hit .700 in HS Chris Smith?

    Hasn’t played this year. Is he hurt? Get cut? Quit Baseball?

    • Ilovelittlefrenchpancakes

      Chris Smith is battling a not overly serious leg injury I believe.

      In re: Luke Prihoda: 1 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 0 K, 1-1 GB/FB – ummm, who are you?

      – Independent League signee. “the Grand Prairie AirHogs proudly announce the acquisition of right-handed pitcher Luke Prihoda by the New York Yankees, effective immediately. Prihoda will report to the Class A affiliate, Charleston RiverDogs of the South Atlantic League.”

    • Accent Shallow

      That would be a big disappointment if they’d released him already.

      Too bad his name is so damn common, or maybe we could find some information.

  • Jake H

    In his chat today Callis said that Montero would be his 5th best prospect right now in all of baseball. Pretty impressive.

    • Bill

      I’ll take that especially coming from Callis.

    • Doug

      actually has him 6th (5th best hitter)

      also said: “I don’t think either of those guys ia a catcher, though.” (answering a question comparing him and Flowers)

  • yanke1313

    I <3 DeLeon

  • Accent Shallow

    Wonder if we’ll see Mike Dunn pre-September.

    • Bill

      Probably not. He’s too inconsistent and needs the regular work in the minors. Maybe if Coke goes down, but otherwise I think it’s unlikely.

  • Reggie C.

    Paul Bush? Never heard of the guy. Matt Bush on the other hand …. why not sign him to a minor league deal. I’m sure he still throws pretty damn hard, and last i heard he was out of baseball. Uber-reclamation project anyone?

    • Accent Shallow

      I’m sure they’ve had a look at him, but it couldn’t hurt. Apparently he’s got some behavioral problems, since the Jays picked him up after the Pads DFAed him, then subsequently released him almost immediately.

      • For lack of a more creative name.. Alex

        “I’m Matt Fuckin’ Bush!”

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

          F$%#&IN EAST COUNTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zach

      I think I read to he is facing new legal issues

  • Reggie C.

    Gary Sanchez debut for 2010 makes sense. JR Murphy isn’t going to get many reps as is in the GCL after he signs. Now that July 2nd is over, all those signees are going to drift back to Yankee complexes. Sign heathcott. Sign murphy. sign chad thompson. And i’ll then be able to put the ’08 mess behind me finally. or so my therapist says.

    • Bo

      The Cole debacle will never be behind you unless he blows out his arm. hes too good.

      • Bill

        Yep, he’d probably be our top pitching prospect right now and our 3rd best prospect overall.

        Although if you think about given that Cole wasn’t even willing to negotiate had we known that last year would we have gotten someone more talented than Heathcott? Maybe. So considering the factors we could’ve controlled we didn’t do so bad. It is still a shame that he wouldn’t negotiate he really would’ve given our farm system a big boost.

  • Rob NY

    Jesus Mon(s)tero doesn’t slump, he waits.

    • VO

      He gives everyone else a chance to catch up.

    • Mike Axisa

      He wasn’t called up to Trenton, everyone else was sent down a level.

    • Drew

      The problem in Scranton is actually due to Jesus’s displeasure with not be bumped up two levels.

      • Drew

        ah fuck.
        *not being


  • Dillon

    who the heck is Trenton Lare? Any idea about stuff

    • Jeffrey

      Good question. Thats a nice line. I especially like the 0BB with the 8K.

    • The Fallen Phoenix

      It looks like the Yankees signed him out of Indy ball; he graduated college in 2006 so figure he might be old for the league.

      Or at least, he might be, since he was drafted by the Tigers in 2004, which means he was either 21 then, or went to a junior college for two years. But that’s unlikely, since I’m pretty sure Oklahoma State University isn’t a junior college.

      So he’s probably not someone to get excited about.

      • The Fallen Phoenix

        Did a little more reasearch – Lare’s a lefty (that’s good) but he was born in 1984 (that’s bad), which makes him 25 in short-A. Not really something to get excited about unless he jets through the system really, really quickly.

  • Jeffrey

    This might be a stupid question, but what does Gary Sanchez do between now and 2010 spring training? Does he just work on his catching at a Yankee complex?

    Cervelli comes to Scranton tomorrow. Is anyone else excited to have Cervelli, Pena and A-Jax all at AAA?

    • K.B.D.

      He takes his bonus check, goes straight to the strip club and makes it rain on honeys like Pacman.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

        Hacer llovar.

      • A.D.

        I’m Gary Fucking Sanchez

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

          CHINGANDO ESTE PROVINCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dave M

        But it’s got to be a Vegas strip club!!

  • ChrisS

    Mahoney is a pretty polished college guy from a small division (MAAC), but he was the best player in that division. He could be a fast mover with good command of the strike zone and good power.

  • Doug

    Doesn’t look like this was mentioned anywhere and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Montero also had 5 SBs against him…with 3 different pitchers on the mound so don’t think you can use that excuse.

    • Bill

      Yea that’s not good, but you kind of have to expect him to have games like that defensively. On the defensive side of the ball he is overmatched in AA. We knew that when we promoted him, but he needs the everyday work at the position and his bat is ready. Right now he is facing off against more experienced base runners who are probably familiar with his reputation and are going to look to challenge him. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of these types of games from him. The good news is that he should be challenged and thus has more opportunities to work on his throwing.