2009 Draft: Yanks sign Caleb Cotham


Via Jim Callis, the Yankees have signed fifth rounder Caleb Cotham to $675,000 bonus, considerably overslot. The draft eligible sophomore out of Vanderbilt struck out 84 in 79 IP last year, and put up a nice and clean 0.00 ERA in 13 IP in the Cape Cod League this summer.

Use this thread throughout the day to talk about draft signings and what not. I’ll post more updates as players sign.

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  1. Doug says:

    91-94 with a plus slider has got me intrigued.

    and nomass thinks he’ll be “the best pitcher the Yankees will take away from this draft.”

  2. VO says:

    The Yankees are ruining baseball with all these signings.

  3. Johan Iz My Brohan says:


  4. Mike bk says:

    here’s to hoping that the yanks are watching teams like the royals and even to a lesser but more pertinent extent the Rays and Sox give out these huge overslot deals and decide to up whatever this budget is today and get the players on talent not just fitting the budget figure. lets remember the yanks are going to be saving about 30 million in salary next year so the money can be there. spending money on prospects in IFA or the draft saves money in FA down the line. i know the draft and IFA are no locks to produce down the line, but even if 1 of 3 pan out you could be saving 10+ mil a year down the line by spending 500K now.

    Slade and murphy are locks i hope. i hope you are right about Stiles lane. i would love to see slade, murphy, stiles, thompson, mitchell, mckenzie (seems like he is going to tulane), possibly deluca and at least one of lyons and meade (they are probably fall backs if they dont get the HS pitchers). i really hope the yanks arent passing on lyons and meade to close on breuning as the other two clearly outpitched him in the cape. i cant see the asking price of meade or lyons being what cotham just got and if it the 500K that was speculated about earlier i think they earned it with their summer showings. thoughts?

    • Zack says:

      i think they should, and probably do, take it on a pick-by-pick basis. Just because you have money, shouldnt mean you have to spend it.

      as for the cape, maybe im mistaken but dont pitcher usually have great numbers there because of the hitters struggles with the switch to wood bats?

      • Mike bk says:

        by that logic it should be the same at GCL and SI so we should discount what our pitchers do there as well shouldnt we?

        • Zack says:

          No, I just dont think its wise to blow up your budget because of a 15 or so inning sample size.

          • Mike bk says:

            then you obviously didnt follow it. cotham was 13 innings cause he was hurt when it started.

            Meade 42.1IN 1.91 ERA 33H 18BB 47K
            Lyons 45.2IN 1.77 ERA 35H 8BB 44K

            • Jake H says:

              We also don’t know how much money those guys wanted.

              • Mike bk says:

                from what i have read on both lyons and meade at least at the start of the summer the rumored numbers were about 500K. maybe those went up after they dominated in the cape, but 500K doesnt seem unreasonable.

              • Stryker says:

                EXACTLY. it was reported they were looking for around 500k initially, but it’s possible that oppenheimer and co. just weren’t in love with those guys to begin with*. while they did have very strong performances in the CCL, it’s also possible that they believe they can get the same kind of production from some of the young high school pitchers they took in the late rounds — at a significantly cheaper price.

                *see my post below.

            • Mike Axisa says:

              The Cape is extremely pitcher friendly, you have to take those numbers with a grain of salt. Did anyone even hit .300 this year? Usually it’s one or two guys, that’s it.

      • Stryker says:

        read a nomaas interview with oppenheimer not too long ago and from what i recall, he said basically what they do is they take all these signability guys, right? then they pick the ones they REALLY want and go after them hard. and if they don’t work out they go back and work on the rest. i can only assume meade and lyons weren’t from that initial group of guys and the line “we don’t believe we’ll have the money to sign you” could very well mean that the demands of some of the guys from that first group of guys have risen. ergo, they’re more willing to move the funds that would go toward meade/lyons/whoever and use them to go for the guys they REALLY, REALLY want. i can only assume this means the high school guys like deluca and stiles.

        it’s quarter of 11, i woke up 10 minutes ago and i’m incredibly hungover — i hope this makes sense.

    • So nice you posted it twice?

      Maybe next time read the comment before doing the old copy/paste, though. I don’t think Lane writes here (see second paragraph, second sentence). ;-)

  5. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Most likely will sign: Heathcott, Murphy

    Returning to school: Baltz, Aplin, Bailey, Bruno, Lyons, Matyas, McKenzie, Keeling (most likely)

    Unknown: Mitchell, Thompson, Talerico, Soignier, Meade (not sure), Ebert, Petricka, Bruening, Ottoson, Stiles, Black, DeLuca, Plagman, Brown, White, Esquivel, Kaupang

  6. DreDog says:

    Here’s to winning the World Series, having a ton of revenue, and drafting overslot on every pick next year!

  7. Jake H says:

    I think that Yanks will get a good amount of guys signed.

  8. Sam says:

    I thought Meade was a goner, no?

  9. Jake H says:

    from Jim Callis

    “Re Heathcott/Murphy: Yes. I think they have several deals done or all but done that they’re sitting on”

  10. A.D. says:

    put up a nice and clean 0.00 ERA

    Guess you can’t do much better than that. Good that his knee is healthy, and apparently that helped him with some velo & control reading through Nomaas’s stuff.

  11. Mike bk says:

    apparently heathcotts facebook says he is a yankee. love how bud’s control over announcing overslot deals has been taken out by facebook. haha.

  12. Mike bk says:

    with all these potential HS players Tate, Wheeler, Miller, Purke, Matzek still not signed though i think the first 3 will get done do you think more players are going to get drafted as High schoolers and if they dont sign go JUCO so they can be in the draft next year as well, or just go to school and wait 3 years?

  13. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Heathcott just signed!!!!!!!!

  14. Jake H says:

    Slade just told Lane at NoMaas that he signed.

  15. JSquared says:

    Cotham is a good signing, Heathcott and Murphy are obviously the most important. I would like to see 2 of Meade, Lyons or Thompson get signed, but it’s not likely.

  16. Mike bk says:

    how many of this years draft class will in that top 30 due out sometime this week? I’m thinking possibly 5 or 6 possibly.

  17. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    JR Murphy signed.

  18. Doug says:

    murphy just signed as well

  19. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Murphy signed!!

  20. Jake H says:

    Good to hear so far today. This gives Damon and crew time to go back and work on the other signability guys.

    • Mike bk says:

      that was my thought. now they have 12 hours to sign 3-4 more if they have the budget and desire to get them done. hoping for stiles, mitchell, thompson and one of lyons or meade. that would be three upside hs pitchers and a lefty college capping off a good draft haul. i like mckenzie as well but he seems like he is going to tulane.

  21. Makavelli says:

    Does Heathcott project to be better than Ajax? And when do you think we see him?

  22. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Hopefully, a few more names are squeezed out. I want more, more, MORE!

  23. Mike bk says:

    is stoneburner actually done because lane reported he signed off a tip from someone and later said Damon said it wasnt completely done but real close?

  24. Reggie C. says:

    almost midday & the drama with the draft picks is over. GOOD! now lets get chad thompson & aplin then call it a day.

    only drama left today concerns 3 guys imo: strasberg, matzek, & tate.

  25. Doug says:

    $2.2M for heathcott according to BA

  26. Stryker says:

    yikesssss…apparently over 2 mil for the heathcott signing.

    • Mike bk says:

      this might be why there isnt money for the lyons and meade’s of the draft class cause on draft day the spec on slade was more like 1.8 so that 400K comes from someone else.

      • Doug says:

        yup. but you “had” to sign him

      • Stryker says:

        very very true. that ‘something unexpected’ could have been the fact that they were a) trying to sweeten the pot for slade/murphy or b) they knew we HAD to sign those guys so they stalled and asked for the $$.

  27. A.D. says:

    Thank you no big dissapointment

  28. Reggie C. says:

    I’m looking for numbers on Heathcott & Murphy. have they been published anywhere?

  29. Mike Axisa says:

    Guys, there’s a thread for Heathcott up:

  30. Jake H says:

    Good for slade. He got the money he wanted.

  31. Makavelli says:

    $1.1 was recommended…so we doubled it. Hmm…

  32. jim says:

    If Matsui goes on the DL, sign Billy Hall to the minimum?

  33. yanks2009 says:

    Any word of the late round guys … still looking to sign some of those high upside high school and JuCo players … any thoughts?

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