Cano, half of the bullpen clears waivers


Via MLBTR, Robbie Cano, Brian Bruney, Mark Melancon, and David Robertson all cleared waivers yesterday, so they could now be traded to any team. AJ Burnett, Melky Cabrera, Al Aceves, Phil Coke, Sergio Mitre, Edwar Ramirez and Shelley Duncan represent the second group of players placed on waivers when they hit the wire yesterday. If anyone is claimed, the Yanks could do one of three things: a) pull him back, b) let the claiming team have the player and his entire contract, or c) negotiate a trade with the claiming team.

In case you missed it, the White Sox have apparently put a claim in on Alex Rios. They Jays have the opportunity to unload the $60M or so left on Rios’ deal by just giving him to Chicago, or they could work out a trade to launch a full blown rebuild. If nothing comes of it, they can just take him back like nothing ever happened.

Almost every player on every team’s 40-man roster will be placed on waivers this month. Teams will use this as an opportunity to gauge interest in their players, and create some flexibility for potential moves later in the month. For example, say the Yanks and Jays get close on a Roy Halladay deal in a few weeks, Melancon wouldn’t have to be placed through waivers again to be included in the deal. It’s just procedural, don’t get all hung up who gets put on waivers and who doesn’t.

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  1. Dela G says:

    man i would love rios to be gone, he is a yankee killer. I remember when he had like a 24 game hitting streak against the yanks that was so clutch at times.

    oh well, i’m sure the white sox aren’t stupid to take his contract along with the brand new albatross of jake peavy’s contract

  2. t says:

    Hold on, so the yankees are ‘gauging interest’ on Cano/Burnett?? What the hell? That makes no sense.

    • Dela G says:

      Joe told me that every team does it as a procedural thing just to see if there is any interest in the players. Think of it like the NBA’s Draft exploratory commission, that tells you if there is any interest in you by other teams.

      This is also good, because if they want to work a trade, they already know the players sailed through waivers, so no messes to worry about

    • whozat says:

      Well, if someone is insane and offers you Lincecum and Buster Posey for Burnett…

      In seriousness, though, they just basically put EVERYONE on. Including the big guys might help get the little guys through…it makes it look purely procedural.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      They also put guys on waivers to try and hide the guys they really want to get through. Cano could have put on to try and hide Melancon, Burnett could have been put to hide Melky.

      • Slugger27 says:

        im not following… how does adding cano make melancon less desirable??

        • RichYF says:

          Cano is the big ticket item on the list and there are 3 other players. There is no real indication of who the target on the list is.

          I imagine it works something like this: During the deadline a team was interested in Robertson or Melancon. In order to trade openly, you just bunch them in as if nothing were out of the ordinary. As Mike said, teams will waive everyone so it’s hard to tell who they’re really trying to get through. Cano isn’t getting traded.

          Let’s say they don’t waive Melancon and next week the Yanks agree to a deal with the Pirates for Wells. Cash submits just Melancon on a list. It’s obvious a trade is at hand and someone will block it.

  3. Charlie says:

    i know they won’t be traded, but that’s absurd that no one claimed any of these guys. I can’t imagine which teams wouldn’t claim them

  4. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Let’s say you’re offered billingsley or kershaw for cano- do you do it? (purely hypothetical, i know they have hudson)

  5. jim p says:

    If you are a claimant, like the White Sox with Rios, can you back out if Toronto says “go ahead, take him, he’s yours” or are you committed to take him? Anyone know?

    • J Squared says:

      you’re committed to take him. The team can just dump his salary on you, and there aren’t many teams right now willing to take on millions, White Sox are probably one of two or three teams who can do it right now.

    • Pasqua says:

      I believe that the White Sox have to take him if the Jays say, “Here.” That’s what makes the process somewhat risky for the claimant.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Nope, you have to take him if they give him to you. That’s the risk. For a guy like Rios, you have to be willing to absorb that contract before putting the claim in.

      • Slugger27 says:

        how could a team like the nationals, with their bullpen, not be willing to take a guy like melancon free of charge?

        • Pasqua says:

          Because the Yankees woulnd’t give the Melancon free of charge. They would likely just pull him back, or try to make a deal (if they wanted to). They are trying to get a guy like Melancon through in the event that a bigger trade opportunity presents itself.

          • Slugger27 says:

            i understand the yankees wouldnt give him away… but my question is, whats the harm in claiming him? if the yanks say “hes all yours” then great, melancon becomes probably the 2nd best reliever on their team… if they pull him back, then thats fine too… wheres the risk/downside in a bad team claiming a young, promise-filled reliever who’s cost controlled for 6 years?

            • Pasqua says:

              I see what you’re saying. I wonder if a claim by a team impacts future claims (i.e. order, amounts of claims), which would deter a team from claiming anybody and everybody. That I don’t know.

              • Mike bk says:

                for him to get to the nationals he would have to get through the whole AL first. it is in reverse order of record but league he is being waived out of first, then other league.

        • J Squared says:

          He wouldn’t be free of charge, the team who has the player can work a deal out with the claiming team, or take the player back before they dump his salary on you. Yankees have money and Melancon doesn’t get paid much, Yankees aren’t going to let him go for free.

          • Slugger27 says:

            i must not be expressing my question well enough.. and bare with me im a total noob with this stuff

            im asking why WOULDNT you put in a claim if youre a team like the nationals (or any really bad team with a terrible bullpen looking to rebuild)?? its like there is no risk

            im sure theyd be ecstatic if the yanks said “here, take him” … and if they didnt, then oh well

            am i missing something?

            • Mike Axisa says:

              Honestly, I have no idea.

            • Bob Stone says:

              I understand your question. It’s a good one. Why wouldn’t a team like the Nationals put in a claim for a guy like Melancon. It makes total sense.

              I would like to know the answer as well.

              • JobaWockeeZ says:

                Well there is a fee for a claim. As said Melancon and Robertson are young cheap and effective and they’ll probably be immediately moved.

              • ikl says:

                The only thing that I can think of here is that maybe if you claim other team’s players like this, they will do the same to your players to get back at you and you wouldn’t be able to trade your own players. So the Nationals might not claim Melancon since there is virtiually no chance that they will get him and the Yankees might start claiming similar Nationals players just to make things difficult for them in return.

                But that is just a guess. It is a very good question.

  6. J Squared says:

    Cano is a top 3 second baseman… the youngest of them. I don’t think any teams are going to claim a yankee without calling cashman first and seeing if they can make a deal.

  7. Charlie says:

    players not on the 40 man don’t have to clear to be traded, correct?

  8. Adam says:

    Seems almost ridiculous that Melancon and Robertson cleared waivers. I don’t see how that’s possible.

    • Pasqua says:

      Teams probably figuring that they wouldn’t get them for nothing and / or didn’t have an interest in trading for them.

      • Jeremy says:

        If there is a fee to put in a claim as suggested below, that could be reason enough to decline to make a claim in such a situation. Why burn $25,000 for nothing.

        • Mike bk says:

          why burn 25K to risk costing urself 60 mil more on Rios? that contract is awful cant believe the sox want that. jp should give him away just for cap relief because then he really wouldnt have to deal doc to save money.

          • Jeremy says:

            That’s a different issue. The question was why not put in a claim on a cheap, young, talented player like Melancon or Robertson, not a $60 million player like Rios.

  9. Rich M says:


    Correct me if I’m wrong, If a player gets pulled off waivers after being claimed he can be placed on waivers again, but if he is claimed again he has to go to that team.

  10. Sol says:

    Regarding a question earlier: is there a limit to how many claims a team can put in?

  11. Jake H says:

    Ortiz is on espn talking about the test. Claims he never used roids.

  12. YankeeJosh says:

    I’m a bit surprised that Melancon and Robertson cleared. Isn’t that the exact type of talent a team would want to claim to block trades? Good young cost controlled arms.

    • Mike HC says:

      Every GM knows that the Yanks would just pull him back. What is the point in putting in a waiver claim if you know the team is really not serious about letting him walk.

  13. A.D. says:

    Is there some type of fee for putting in a claim? Such as there is to make a rule 5 pick.

  14. Basil F. says:

    There may be a “gentleman’s agreement” going on here. Where the GM’s just don’t put in claims so to allow each other to gauge the market. That could be the reason Robertson & Melancon cleared, among others.
    Especially since Mike said most players eventually get listed any way. Just guessing…

  15. Mike bk says:

    can we pay someone like the nats to claim edwar?

  16. adeel says:

    It’s like cashman said before, teams are watching the bottom line. While you would like to claim every player that goes through the wire (Cano, Robertson, Melancon, etc); what would happen if you would actually get all those players? We are not talking about 2-3 players, but literally 100′s of players flying through. If you claim like 5-6 of those players, well you better have some payroll in the off chance that you get them; but you can’t hope for a team to claim every good player; you wouldn’t be able to risk that much payroll.

  17. adeel says:

    Why does players union come out with this stuff now? why is it so easy for Espn to believe him but not A-rod Clemens or Bonds?

    • Mike bk says:

      that specific question was asked about why the union showed up for ortiz but left sosa and a-rod all alone.

  18. manimal says:

    Doesn’t AJ have a LNTC? What benefit do the yankees get by putting him on waivers?

    • The Fallen Phoenix says:

      You don’t know who – if anyone – might claim him. Hell, he might get claimed by a team he is willing to waive his NTC for, or he might clear in which case the entire question becomes moot.

      A better question is, what benefit do the Yankees get by not putting him on waivers? As long as they’re not irrevocable, and the Yankees can pull the player back, there’s really no risk.

  19. CanoFTW says:

    This is off topic but:

    ESPN is a joke…

  20. Mike HC says:

    There is no way Toronto just lets Rios walk. Why wouldn’t the Yanks want to add Rios to the team while giving up nothing? He can play every outfield position pretty well and is no slouch at the plate. He is more athletic. The Yanks are looking to get more athletic in the outfield. He has a large salary but it only runs until his 33 year old season and he is getting paid around 12 million a year. What would be Rios’s value in the open market. Probably about a 5 year deal for 8-10 million. I don’t think his contract is that far off from his value. If the Yanks felt like Toronto would let Rios just walk, I have a feeling they would have put in a claim. Toronto is not giving him up for nothing. I just don’t see it.

    • King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

      I can totally Toronto just giving him away. They are so screwed up there, they’re willing to trade Doc…

      • christo86 says:

        He hasn’t lived up to his contract. 60 mill is a lot of mullah for a guy putting out his kind of production. The team obviously is going to be rebuilding the next couple of years and no one is going to give quality prospects to take on a 60 mill contract. I think it’s a smart move than again I’m not a GM of the Jays.

  21. Gordon says:

    I hate Ortiz!!

  22. Rich M says:

    Is it reasonable to think that the Yanks and Padres are waiting for a player to clear waivers to complete the trade for Gaudin?

    • Charlie says:

      i hope not, cause i’d hope its not someone on the 40 man. yea, its a possibility though i think

      • Rich M says:

        If its not someone on the 40 man, why not just give them that player, not a player to be named later? I would have to think that they are either waiting for someone to clear or the player they want is injured and waiting to see if he is fine after recovering from the injury.

  23. Charlie says:

    what if someone claimed a-rod? i know it wouldn’t happen, but just imagine dumping that salary

    • christo86 says:

      You know I’ve been thinking a lot this season with all his controvesy going on if the yankees now regret signing him for ten years. What do you think he would of signed for if Selena Roberts released her book in 2007 before he opted out of his contract?

  24. Mlbtr says:

    [...] Cano, half of the bullpen clears waiversVia MLBTR, Robbie Cano, Brian Bruney, Mark Melancon, and David Robertson all cleared waivers [...]

  25. [...] Chad Gaudin was acquired from the Padres for a PTBNL, while Robbie Cano and three bullpen pieces cleared waivers. Ramiro Pena was called up to replace the DFA’d Cody Ransom, while Josh Towers was recalled [...]

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