Game 114 Spillover Thread II


Dammit Ramiro.

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  1. Drew says:

    Pena that’s fucking horrible.

  2. Seriously, Ramiro?

  3. Jordan says:


  4. Danny says:


  5. Dela G says:

    fucking terrible

  6. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Pena making me long for that world-class high jumper, cody ransom

  7. Brett Gardner >>>>>>>>>>> Ramiro Peña.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      no doubt…2 more weeks unfortunately.

      He could help us win plenty of games with his speed.

  8. Jordan says:

    Youk and Porcello each get five game suspension because Bob Watson sucks.

  9. Dela G says:

    to answer the question on the other thread:

    i’d take league any day of the year

    if league could be coached by someone who can teach him to locate his fastball correctly, he could be a dominant closer

    Bruney? not so much

  10. Makavelli says:

    He’s not on base enough to know what to do…

    Sometimes you wonder if some of these guys were plucked off a street bench…but they actually have been playing for years and years…go figure

  11. Evan says:

    That was Charles Gipson-esque.

  12. Mike Pop says:

    Eh, w/e. Matsui leads off next inning.

  13. BigBlueAL says:

    no Hughes????

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      If he’s so god damn important in the bullpen where you can’t look Mo in the eye and say we’re taking Hughes out of the bullpen if Hughes isn’t being used? Even when he is recently he is hardly getting used at all.

  14. Hmm, looks like there was no tag there.

  15. Drew says:

    How is what Richie Sexson did not equivalent to what Youkilis did? Run at pitcher, throw helmet, attempt to tackle pitcher. Ohhh right, mlb loves Youkilis.

    • Makavelli says:

      Red Sox Propaganda Machine at it’s best…

      • Bill R says:

        It’s so ridiculous how much The MLB LOVES the red Sox. I mean come on how obvious did it need to get… Oh wait i know when Ortiz is accused of being on this list now MLB comes out and says it could be fake! Fuck MLB and Fuck the Red Sox!

    • putt says:

      what did Sexson get? 10?

      • Drew says:

        6 I think. I’m not sure if it was worked down down to six or if it was the original suspension.

  16. Mike Pop says:


  17. acb says:

    why doesnt girardi rest a few people in one day. it seems like we see our main lineup once or twice a week

  18. Evan says:

    Ouch, that didn’t look great.

  19. Mike Axisa says:

    That frickin’ hurt.

  20. Mike Axisa says:

    Hey look, Hughes got a haircut. I think.

  21. D-Rob got a win earlier in a game during which he threw a grand total of one pitch.

  22. BigBlueAL says:

    Oh look Hughes is still alive.

  23. JobaWockeeZ says:

    WTF Is there no such thing as a strike anymore? C’mon it was right there!

  24. Yankees_Universe says:

    Who got hurt? Gameday said Injury delay without any details..

  25. Salty Buggah says:

    eh cant blame Robo for that walk…good AB by that Chavez

  26. Nady Nation says:

    Ugh, why can’t Posada make Robertson and AJ walk less people. He should make them have control. He’s so worthless.

  27. Evan says:

    Um, where was that strike to Chavez?

  28. Bugsy says:

    wtf. i dont understand this anymore.

  29. Bill R says:

    JOBA i hope you just saw how to GET OUT the number 9 hitter!

  30. Drew says:

    D-Rob has been great against lefties this year.

  31. Mike Pop says:

    I know it’s asking for a lot, but I long the day that Bruney, Robertson, and Melancon are all healthy and dominating as the tripod to Mo.

    Oh look! Hughes for .1 again!!

    • Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

      I used to long for the day when it would be bruney, edwar, and veras. oh well

      • Salty Buggah says:

        to be fair, D-rob, Bruney, and Melancon are legit prospects. Edwar and Veras were Indy league guys who we thought we could fix

  32. Danny says:

    D-Rob that was nastyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    oh look matchy matchy.

  33. VO says:

    Hughes is fully rested, why didn’t he just start the inning?

  34. BigBlueAL says:

    Here comes the Yankees ROOGY. Will pitch to 1 batter, Yankees take lead in bottom of the inning or even if they dont Mo pitches the 9th and Hughes will have 3 appearances in a row of facing 1 batter.

  35. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Phil hughes has a rare disease where he can only pitch to one batter. Its tragic but he perserveres

  36. Nady Nation says:

    Hughes is the best ROOGY in baseball.

  37. Jordan says:

    Let’s talk about how if Hughes comes in here to face Scutaro and the Yanks don’t score in the bottom of the inning, and Mo comes in the 9th, I will scream.

  38. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Here we go with Hughes the ROOGY. Girardi is a dumb manager.

  39. acb says:

    if girardi puts in MO for the 9th im gonna be pissed

  40. Bill R says:

    Where’s AXL when we need him to predict that Hughes gives up a bomb here?

  41. Danny says:

    awww noo, Hughes cut his hair :(

  42. What is the point of this change? I really don’t get it.

  43. Tony B says:

    Our ROOGY got a haircut!

  44. Dexception32 says:

    I disagree, Hughes will pitch till they get the lead…could be one batter or four….its a good call here.

  45. BigBlueAL says:

    Hughes was so bored with his recent lack of activity he got a haircut to kill the time.

  46. Jordan says:

    Al Leiter is blind. Type of pitcher, Hughes fastball slider. Nice.

  47. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Nooooooo why would he cut his hair! Didn’t he read the bible!

  48. Bugsy says:

    i wish posada knew how to frame pitches like molina.

    • JSquared says:

      Posada gets the pitch and stands up and throws it, i hate it a lot, doesn’t even try ot frame it.

      • Nady Nation says:

        Are you being serious right now? This is unbelievable.

      • Bugsy says:

        and he has slow reaction time. when the ball is not exactly where it is supposed to be , he moves his glove away from the strikezone, instead of bringing back to strike zone. even if the pitches doesn’t miss by too much.

    • Drew says:

      I wish Molina was a fraction of the offensive player that Posada is.

  49. JSquared says:

    Damnit, now i have to cut my hair…

  50. Can’t teach height.

  51. Bill R says:

    Jeter would have caught that! Thanks Joe!

  52. Mike Axisa says:

    I vote the Yankees sign Scutaro in the offseason just so he never bats against them again.

  53. King of Fruitless Hypotheticals says:

    what’s the deal with Brewers??

  54. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Attaboy phillie!

  55. If the Yankees get a run, Girardi should keep Hughes in.

  56. BigBlueAL says:

    Well at least Hughes got to face 2 batters today.

  57. Tampa Yankee says:

    Hughes let Scutaro get on so we could get more work in.

  58. Makavelli says:

    This has 4.5 games written all over it…

  59. Bill R says:

    Chop gave it a ride but not enough on it

  60. Tony B says:

    so would anyone be good for a walkoff?

  61. Jordan says:

    That crowd sound was wonderful.. RAAAAWRRaaawwww…darn.

  62. JSquared says:

    How was that a strike to A-Rod?

  63. Nady Nation says:

    If Posada hits a home run this inning, will the reason to bash him be “Well if Molina was catching, we wouldn’t have even needed that run”?

  64. Salty Buggah says:

    Why does League have to own us and suck against other teams?

  65. Drew says:

    That hand has gotta still be hurtin, I don’t see him doing anything here.

  66. Makavelli says:

    Is “The Crow” still in there on the mound against us?

  67. Bill R says:

    well atleast in the 9th it’ll be Cano, Swisher, Tex

  68. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Has posada ever struck out on an actual strike?

  69. Dela G says:

    brandon league = incredible when he has control

  70. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Heckuva job by Posada today.

  71. Danny says:

    brandon league, the best relief pitchah evahhhhh!!!!

  72. Danny says:

    Hughes better be pitching.

  73. Mike Pop says:

    I’d rather see another walk-off anyways guys.

  74. Salty Buggah says:

    So Youkilis appealed his 5 game suspension? Does he think he could get that reduced? I mean its already a bit too small to begin with.

  75. Drew says:

    look! hughes is pitching, everyone can stop whining.

  76. BigBlueAL says:

    Mo must be hurt. lol

  77. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Holy shit. 11-0 when tied after 7? That is insane

  78. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Did he fucking call Hughes a failed starter? K now I hate Kay.

  79. Salty Buggah says:

    Overbay is good against the Yanks too

  80. Drafting relievers in the first round is a waste of a draft pick.

  81. Bill R says:

    13 hits for Toronto! 13!

  82. Evan says:

    When did prime John Olerud come onto the team?

  83. Yankees_Universe says:

    V.Wells = D.Ortiz = Automatic Pop up.

  84. JSquared says:

    GET SOME!!!!

  85. Drew says:

    Hughsie the beast.

  86. Danny says:

    LOL Hughes<3

  87. Jordan says:

    Can someone tell the guys in the booth that Hughes hasn’t thrown a slider all year and he’s not about to start today?

    • Salty Buggah says:

      He hasn’t but his cutter a while back was classified as a slider on Gameday because of the great movement he has on it

      • Jordan says:

        Yes, but it is well known throughout the organization that he developed that cutter this year and no longer throws a slider.

        And I’m willing to put some cash down on the fact that Leiter, O’Neill and Kay don’t use Gameday.

  88. David Robertsons #1 Fan says:

    Swisher is definitely due for pie

  89. Dela G says:

    what an awesome strike out

  90. Jersey says:

    Walk it off. Right here.

  91. Nady Nation says:

    Swish walkoff – book it.

  92. Danny says:

    league for a 3rd inning? hmmmm interesting.

  93. Salty Buggah says:

    cmon walkoff time…get it over now.

    Cano or Swish need a walk-off

  94. Makavelli says:

    “The Crow” still on the mound?

  95. Makavelli says:

    I wish we could pinch hit Cody Ransom in there. Then we could say “He held the Jays for Ransom!” when he hits a home run…can’t we??

  96. Drew says:

    Swisher, you gotta bust it down the line dude.

  97. Evan says:

    What’s up with Hill this game?

  98. I get angry when Swisher swings at the first pitch.

  99. Mike Axisa says:

    Don’t need extra innings before the cross country trip.

  100. Salty Buggah says:

    Brandon League could be a starter if he throws like this with control all the time

  101. Klemy says:

    Well, at least we’ll get to ehar kay talk about how Swisher always seems to have a 3-2 count…

  102. Jersey says:

    Christ. League is eating his Wheaties.

  103. Drew says:

    League has been dirt nasty

  104. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    We just have no chance against this guy. None

  105. Wow that strikeout pitch to Hinske was dirty.

  106. Nady Nation says:

    Tex PH for Pena next inning?

  107. Bill R says:

    What the fuck! Where was Tex!?!?!

  108. Dela G says:


    league = dominant for some reason

  109. Mike Pop says:

    I want Hinske DFA’s immediately.

  110. Drew says:

    HUghes again? or Gaudin.

  111. Makavelli says:

    Why does everybody underestimate “The Crow”???

  112. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Why does kay say free baseball? Its not like after the ninth they let people walk in off the street for free

  113. Salty Buggah says:

    what a time for a debut for Gaudin

  114. Mike Axisa says:

    Hey, it’s Chad Gaudin.

  115. SouthernYankeeFan says:

    Why Gaudin?

  116. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    No Mo here?

  117. Bill R says:

    Let’s Go Chad! i watched him throw a perfect game against Igawa with AXL a few years back till Cano ruined it!

  118. Souter Fell says:

    Alright, let’s see how he does sans-super goatie

  119. Drew says:


  120. A.D. says:

    How did Gaudin get killed at Petco??

  121. Mike Pop says:

    Gaudin, woooooo!

  122. BigBlueAL says:

    Mo must be unavailable.

  123. Salty Buggah says:

    That picture of Gaudin on Gameday just doesn’t look right. That should be a crime.

  124. JSquared says:

    Come on CHAD!

  125. Gaudin was shaking off Posada. What is he thinking? He should just throw. What a primadonna.

  126. Um, thaaaaaaat’s kinda weird, Phil…

  127. Souter Fell says:

    not enjoyingwatching him pitch

  128. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    No king felix next series. sweet

  129. Salty Buggah says:

    get him out Gaudin

  130. Mike Pop says:

    Gaudin is a dominating shutdown reliever.

  131. Drew says:

    What’s Gaudin’s third pitch?

  132. Souter Fell says:

    we can start talking about the breaks we caught when we win, until then Mr. Kay, it’s 1-1

  133. Jordan says:

    DFA Mitre now.

  134. JSquared says:

    Good play Damon… wow.

  135. Yankee1010 says:

    Hughes only threw 16 pitches. Is there any reason he’s no longer in?

  136. Dela G says:

    nice K on inglett

    nasty breaking ball

  137. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    First K as a yankee!

  138. Drew says:

    DOn’t leave a hanging Chad!!
    Sorry, I had to…

  139. VO says:

    Michael Kay knows what it’s like to get traded to a different team.

  140. A.D. says:

    Umm gameday had that as an obvious strike?

  141. Drew says:

    Gaudin is quick as hell to first.

  142. Salty Buggah says:

    get him out Chad

  143. JSquared says:

    GET SOME!!

  144. BigBlueAL says:

    OK lets win it now. I want to see the 2nd half of USA-Mexico w/o having to be flipping back and forth.

  145. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Fuck yes!!!! Lets go get em boys!!

  146. Dela G says:

    Gaudin was GEICO MONEY!