Get this man off the team

Nothing good to say about Yanks third straight loss
Thirty Years Ago Today

Cody Ransom makes God kill kittens

Let’s look at some numbers, shall we?

  • Cody Ransom vs RHP: .200-.289-.415
  • Cody Ransom vs LHP: .176-.243-.265
  • Cody Ransom vs all kinds of pitchers: .200-.268-.347
  • Cody Ransom in day games: .182-.250-.341
  • Cody Ransom in night games: .294-.294-.355
  • Cody Ransom with the bases empty: .121-.237-.242
  • Cody Ransom with RISP: .217-.280-.348
  • Cody Ransom leading off an inning: .000-.000-.000 (11 plate appearances!)
  • Cody Ransom when he sees a pitcher for the first time in a game: .000-.136-.000
  • Cody Ransom when he sees a pitcher for the second time in a game: .286-.286-.429
  • Cody Ransom when he sees a pitcher for the third time in a game: .143-.250-.286
  • Cody Ransom as a 3B: -32.9 UZR/150
  • Cody Ransom as a SS: -6.3 UZR/150
  • Cody Ransom as a 2B: +1.2 UZR/150 (woohoo, barely above average!)
  • Cody Ransom as a 1B: -28.6 UZR/150
  • There are 399 Major League players who have gotten at least 80 plate appearances this year, and just 27 of them have been worth less to their team than Cody Ransom in terms in wins over replacement, or WAR.

There is no reason for this man to occupy a spot on any team’s 25-man active roster. The fact that he is employed by the Yankees and is on their $201,449,189 payroll is an insult to my very existence. Roster spots are precious because they are limited, like outs in a game, yet the Yankees continue to waste one on this sorry excuse for a ballplayer and expect to survive in a division where efficiency and maximizing resources reigns supreme.

Get Cody Ransom of this team and away from a Major League ballclub.

Nothing good to say about Yanks third straight loss
Thirty Years Ago Today
  • scared fan

    ROFL nice picture

  • JackC

    But you know he can do a standing vertical jump, like, six feet right?

  • OmgZombies!

    Fine hes off the team but what about the world box jumping championships? Do you wanna lose our best guy?

  • Okula67Fan

    I still take him over Enrique Wilson!

  • Bob Michaels

    Nice Guy but 4a only. Girardi is a Moron.

    • Joseph M

      Girardi isn’t the moron here, Cashman is. Cashman decides who’s on the 25 man roster not Girardi. The point of the piece written by Mike is that Cody does not belong on a major league roster, a point which I couldn’t agree more. Take a look at the last line of his article. What do you want Girardi to do with the guy, he can’t field, he’s an ordinary runner and what did I forget, he can’t hit! What is he doing on a major league roster?

  • RollingWave

    Please, almost half the AAA roster makes more sense than Cody Ransom. I think he is the first guy ages that we all agree. yes, we rather have Kei Igawa on our roster than him.

    • Zooboy

      I’d rather habe Kei Igawa batting with RISP than Ransom!

  • ChrisS

    But whatever, he’s just a utility guy. Why complain about him when he’s just like a 5th starter?

    • Sweet Dick Willie


      The 25th man on a 25 man roster is just not that important. The Yank’s chances of winning the East do not rest with Cody Ransom. Who, btw, sucks.

      • Riddering

        Winning games increase the chances of the Yankees taking the AL East title.

        Yesterday, Ransom’s bat killed rallies that would have given the Yanks more runs and possibly a different outcome in the game. Now, it’s not really Ransom’s fault that he has no skill at the plate but so long as Girardi trusts in him more than multiple pinch-hitters who possess numbers Ransom could only dream of after a lot of alcohol and mind-altering drugs–so long as Girardi does that, a black hole like Ransom shouldn’t even be available for misuse by the manager.

        • Sweet Dick Willie

          Like I said, the Yank’s chances of winning the East do not rest with Cody Ransom. They do, however, to a certain extent, rest with Joe Girardi and the decisions he makes.

          Now if Ramiro Pena was the 25th man, and Girardi gave him as much playing time as he gives Ransom, that would handicap the Yankees almost as much, because Pena is only a modest upgrade over Ransom.

          So unless the Yanks could get a massive upgrade as the 25th man, Girardi making better decisions will have more of a postive impact on the Yanks chances than a marginal upgrade over Cody Ransom as the 25th man.

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    Ahahaha. This is great.

  • OmgZombies!

    Ransom needs to jump off a cliff

    • RollingWave

      he can’t, he only jump over them

  • anonymous

    we miss you George

  • Pasqua

    With each passing day I grow more and more convinced that Ransom has something on Girardi. Unscrupulous photos, unfortunate videotape…something that keeps him around. Add to the fact that Girardi has a nonsensical man-crush on him and I think we have a full-blown conspiracy on our hands.

  • V

    Who gives a shit?

    I have never, ever, ever, understood why fans care about who the 24th-25th man is. Be it Ransom or Brett Tomko or Miguel Cairo, etc.

    Ramiro Pena will eventually be the 25th man, but he ain’t read yet.

    • V

      ready* – epic fail me.

      • Pasqua

        Not necessarily…he might not be a big reader, either.

    • Nady Nation

      I think the point is that the manager insists on playing the 25th man, who is ungodly awful, over several other better options.

      • Klemy

        Exactly. After we traded for Hairston, there was no reason for Ransom to ever see the field again, but there he was, the next day!

  • Mrs. Ransom

    Harsh. It’s only baseball. Oh, and weren’t we told repeatedly on RAB to not worry about upgrading Ransom b/c it was only the utility spot?

    • Mike Axisa

      We never thought he could be this bad. They’ve wasted almost 100 plate appearances on this guy.

      • leokitty

        For serious. Ransom is #1 on the hit list because they have to rest A-Rod once a week. Which is ok, you can live with one out of every 7 days being Ransom. It’s a whine, but a minor one.

        But then other players also start getting days off and he’s suddenly in the lineup more than once a week!

        Plus, everyone expects the backup infielder to be good at fielding. We’re conditioned for it. He’s not good at anything. Ramiro Pena, for example, can’t hit and I accept that. But he can definitely field so he has value somewhere in his game.

  • rzg

    Ransom facially resembles Girardi other than the haircut. Maybe Girardi’s vicariously getting his rocks off playing him.

    I don’t begrudge Ransom being on the roster, I just don’t want him to hit. Save him to mop up the 8th and 9th in blowouts ala Swisher.

  • miketotheg

    tell us how you really feel. :P

  • Mac

    Not to make a big deal of it, but when you lose two in a row and put Melky, Hairston and Ransom as the bottom 3, it really begs people to question why.

    I get that the Yanks are trying to get Pena playing time and make him a CF backup as well, but Pena is a much better option than Ransom and its time to DFA Jumpin Cody – if only for the kittens sake…

  • stuart

    ames with the analysis.

    for all the posters that think the 25th roster spot or 24th on a team does not matter you have no clue of course it matters not as much as your closer or ace or 3rd and 4th hitters but of course it matters and can help or hurt the team…

    dave roberts did not help ths sawx in game 4 agaisnt the yanks in the playoffs!!!He was probably there last or 2nd to last position guy……………..

    Jose Viciano did not help the yanks at all in the 2000 playoffs…..He was probably the last roster guy or 2nd to last.. the list goes on..

  • Bruno

    I’d much rather have Shelley here. Why doesn’t Cash get rid of Ransom the way he took Cairo and Proctor away from Torre? Maybe Ransom has the same dirt on Cash that he has on Girardi?

  • cjc

    •Cody Ransom vs LHP: .176-.243-.265


    normally you wouldn’t complain about the 25th man except for our damn manager has a man crush on him and is giving him playing time over better options. I don’t give a shit who is pitching Ransom should not start period. You are supposed to have the best 25 men to help you win and clearly we do not and to not pinch hit for him yesterday just proves that unless Cashman fixes this Girardi will not.

  • ARX

    That picture is so awesome.

  • Riddering

    That picture was enough to make this post one of the all-time greats on RAB but then you had to include the numbers.


    After yesterday’s game, I can’t comprehend anyone *not* valuing the 25th man–especially when our manager refuses to manage his lineup in the middle of a game in a big spot.

  • stuart

    was Brian Doyle the 25th guy in the late 70’s when they won the world series? DId he win MVP or did Bucky win it?

    Was Dav Roberts the sox last position player when he stole 2nd on MO?

    Brian Hoch writes supposively Girardi owes Ransom for last year and is being loyal….What is he talking about. Girardi owes the club, owenrship, and then the fans to do all he can to win…..

    If Marte comes back soon who will they send down from the pen? If Bruney does not turn it around soon may they DFA him???

    • V

      Was there a coherent thought behind this post?

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Bucky Dent was the WS MVP in ’78, although many people thought Doyle deserved it based on his WS 438/438/500.

      His regular season was Ransomesque at 192/192/192.

      So what’s your point?

  • ChrisS

    The best 25 men for this team do not include Cody Ransom and Sergio Mitre.

    If Pettitte, Mo forbid, tweaks a shoulder or back, we could be looking at Kei Igawa pitching a pivotal game 4.

    • Tony

      A “pivotal” game 4 would go to CC Sabathia. I’m tired of reading this.

      • ChrisS

        I’m sure. Because the front office and manager have made a ton of obvious decisions thus far.

        • Moshe Mandel

          Yeah, that front office with their first place team, and that awful manager.

          • JobaWockeeZ

            We’re on pace to lose 100 games! Doesn’t it suck being in dead last guys? Man I wish I could watch a WINNING team but based on all the comments they must suck!

    • V

      The sun isn’t yellow. It’s chicken.

  • JimT

    Geez, why the personal attack aimed at Cody Ransom, he’s just a ball player trying to hang on. Your criticism really should be aimed at the GM. The manager works with the players he is given, the players do thier best when called upon. It’s the GM who determines who is on the roster.

    • Bruno

      Cash isn’t the one who penciled Ransom into the lineup, and then failed to pinch-hit for him. That’s ALL Girardi.

      • Joseph M

        JimT is 100% correct. Read the article, Ransom doesn’t belong in the major leagues it’s the last line of the piece. Girardi is not responsible for the roster Cashman is. What do you want Girardi to do, play with 24 men. He has a player who has no major league skills. He can’t hit, can’t field what do you do with him?

        • Klemy

          I want him to not be penciled in a line up on any day. We have other utility players to fillt hose spots. We don’t need him, so if he’s going to be ont he 25 man, don’t play him.

  • dan

    If he’s batting .200 versus righties and .176 versus lefties then how is he batting .200 overall?

    ***looks it up***

    He’s betting .190 overall. This whole line is wrong:

    Cody Ransom vs all kinds of pitchers: .200-.268-.347

    Should be .190-.256-329.

    • JMK

      He bet on .190? Call Pete Rose! Call Bud Selig! Get him banned from baseball!

  • Tony

    Girardi, himself having been a godawful hitter, feels the need to protect other untalented grinders. Notice that he stopped playing Gardner when it started to look like he might actually be an MLB player. Combine this with his genius complex (aka, TLR Disease), and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

    • Accent Shallow

      Joe Girardi is Albert Pujols compared to Cody Ransom.

    • Jefree

      How is a TLR disease related to a genius complex? This isn’t a sarcastic comment. I’m actually interested.

  • Chris

    Cedric Durst was a backup outfielder for the Yankees from 1927-1929. His career line: .244/.294/.351/.645

    In 1927: .248/.281/.326/.607
    In 1928: .252/.289/.326/.615

    The Yankees won the World Series in both of those years with him getting about 140ABs. Would it be nice to have someone better than Cody Ransom? Sure, but it won’t be the difference between making and missing the playoffs (or winning the world series).

    • Mike Axisa

      These aren’t the 1927-1929 Yankees, arguably three of greatest teams in the history of man.

      • Chris

        They were arguably the best teams ever, yet still had someone about equal to Ransom play about as much as Ransom. Doesn’t that illustrate how unimportant the last man on the roster is?

    • Tony

      I think you’ve discovered a new logical fallacy. Do you have any idea what Durst’s role was with that team? Do the 27 Yankees have anything to do with this team? They won their “division” by 19 games. Do you think this team could have possibly done that? Come on, man.

    • ChrisS

      Are you sure? In 1927, the Yankees won the division by 19 games. With two talented teams immediately behind the Yankees, a couple of wins may separate 1st place and 3rd place. I don’t want the Yankees to finish in 3rd place because they tried to rehab Wang in the majors and had Cody Ransom start 10 games and contribute negatively.

    • Bruno

      If Ransom put up a .244/.294/.351/.645 line, we wouldn’t be complaining. That’s Ruth-esque compared to what Ransom is (not)doing.

  • E-ROC

    Girardi just uses him too much instead of giving those ABs to Eric Hinske. Hinske can play the corner infield and outfield spots. I don’t know why Girardi wants to continue to give ABs to Cody Ransom. I guess Cashman may have to take away Girardi’s play toy.

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  • dc1874

    And while were at it…dump Mitre and add…..Royals DFA Sidney Ponson
    By Eddie Schmid [August 2 at 11:10am CST]
    Like so many before them, the Royals have designated starter Sidney Ponson for assignment, says Bob Dutton at the Kansas City Star via Twitter. His departure will make room for the incoming Kyle Davies. Sir Sid put up a sparkling 7.36 ERA and 32/25 K/BB ratio in 58.2 innings for the Royals this season.

    • Johan Iz My Brohan


      Sergio Mitre has to be better than Ponson. I do not understand why anyone would give him a job, even giving him a job for the third time (the Yankees).

      • Sweet Dick Willie

        Sergio Mitre has to be better than Ponson.

        Wow! Talk about the lesser of two evils.

        That’s akin to deciding which is worse, being kicked in the left testicle or being kicked in the right testicle.

  • Pablo Zevallos

    Yet another reminder why we, the fans, aren’t running the team. Let’s be honest here. How many of us wanted this guy on the team back in 2007? *raises hand*

  • barry

    At least give shelley another go….

    • JobaWockeeZ

      He can’t be better than Ransom. Everyone will pitch him offspeed stuff and let’s see how good he’ll be. It won’t be a marginal upgrade and when he does bad a lot of people will be calling for his head.

      • SouthernYankeeFan

        Yeah but Shelley has actually done a little bit of something at the ML level before. The only way Ransom should stay with this team is washing everybody elses dirty jock straps.

        • Chris

          Shelley Duncan’s line from 2008: .175/.262/.281/.542

          And you thought no one could be worse than Ransom. At least Ransom can play some premium defensive positions.

          • Mike Axisa

            Shelley only got 60-something plate appearances though. Ransom’s not far off from 100.

  • bebop

    I could not agree more, Cody Ransom should not be on this team and Enrique Wilson was better then Ransom while Cairo was Honus Wagner compared to Ransom

  • Moshe Mandel

    Does anyone remember that day, long ago, when many here at RAB were ripping on people complaining about Ransom, because he had two doubles in a game? Oh wait, that was last week. Suddenly he is the bane of everybody’s existence. Funny what one game could do.

  • robert skollar


    the second time he faces a pitcher in a night game…
    He’s got a shot!

  • Dela G

    I don’t get how people were expecting more than this from ransom. There is a reason the Astros let him go, and he is a career minor leaguer. Usually if you can’t make the ASTROS, you suck

  • Bob Michaels

    Pardon me, but Cashman is the real culprit, Where is our 5th starter. Cash you have failed us BIG TIME.

  • robert skollar

    Don’t forget he homered against the Cubs at the Stadium!! (Exhibition)

    After that…all down hill.

    But as long as he’s here…
    We gotta pull for him.

  • Pete c.

    According to Nomaas, Eric Hinske has played over 3,700 innings, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have him play 3rd to spell Arod, and Duncan can play the outfield spots. They’re a better team like that, that being said Shelley Duncan has issues too.
    Still; the starters are a bigger issue than this. Or lack of a reliable 4th and basically no 5th. With an innings limit on the, now reliable Joba, starters, or lack of consistant 4 & 5 are a bigger crisis than Jumper.

  • Salty Buggah

    Well, he did volunteer a lot during HOPE Week. He was at almost every event. On the field, he’s not even a serviceable backup.

  • claybeez

    Ransom is a Jonah. The players won’t abide a Jonah. Just ask Russell Crowe.

    (Master & Commander)

  • Joseph M

    Folks, keep your eye on the ball here, the posters who are jumping on Girardi are missing the point. Cody Ransom is not a major league player. He just doesn’t have the talent to play at this level. The fact that he is on a 25 man roster is the responsibility of one man, Brian Cashman. The whole point of the original piece was how valuable a roster spot is and how wasteful it is to use up one spot on a player who can not perform at this level. The blame for this is clear, it falls in one place and on one man, Brian Cashman.

  • yankees=warriors

    Wow, these are very strong words (and that picture is hilarious)!
    But, I can’t agree more.

  • Tank the Frank

    Yeah, this is long overdue. And I remember getting mocked on this site for wanting Ransom gone. For the people who think his spot is unimportant, and the 5th starter doesn’t mean anything…I don’t know what to say. Mike really said it best. He’s not important during his first 60 AB, but when he’s at 100…and then 150….it becomes important. Hairston has already shown – in two games – far more worth than Ransom.

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