Heathcott picks up a hit in his pro debut


First rounder Slade Heathcott played in his first professional game today, going 1-for-3 with a single for the Rookie level GCL Yankees. He lined out to the shortstop in the first, went the opposite way for a single to left in the third, and grounded out to the first baseman in the fifth. With the Yanks losing big, Heathcott was lifted in the 8th inning, and inning after some others were replaced. He started the game in centerfield and batted leadoff, and based on the recap he only had two chances on defense, fielding two singles up the middle in the third.

The road the big leagues has to start somewhere, and this is just the first baby step for Mr. Heathcott.

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  1. 27 this year says:

    good thing Murphy and Slade picked up hits in their debuts.

    However, 1 for 3 is for BUSTS!!!

  2. Way to go, Slade. Congrats on your first pro hit.

  3. Doug says:

    OBP of .333? BUST.

  4. Dela G says:

    the guy will be a star 3 to 4 years down the road, i am putting my chips in on that

  5. RalphieD says:

    so heathcott will play next year in charleston…what kind of year would be acceptable for his first year in pro ball?

  6. LeftyLarry says:

    I need to ask the question again.What makes AJax and his high Strikeouts, .298 batting average and few HR’s, so damn more exciting than what Yankees can find in free agency every season.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      First of all, no one is counting on him to produce next year. Secondly, he’ll be the cheapest by far from all of FA options.

      • LeftyLarry says:

        After 4 years in the minors the guys start showing not who they might be but who they are.
        114 strikeouts and 4 HR’s this season?
        I can understand the excitement over Montero and even a sure thing catching prospect like Romine but what does AJAX project to be as a RH hitting OF in YANKEE STADIUM?
        A .270 hitter who strikes out too much and hits 10 HR’S?
        Hope I’m wrong but it seems to me AJAX should be showing more power by now or more contact and should be hitting .330.
        At least Deleon is a legit power hitter.

        • Chris says:

          The major league comp that I have heard the most for AJax is Mike Cameron. Here is how they compare as 22 year olds:

          AJax as a 22YO in AAA:
          503PA, 114K, .767 OPS, .285/.354/.419

          Mike Cameron as a 22YO in AA:
          419PA, 104K, .784 OPS, .249/.355/.429

          Jackson is probably not going to be a super star, but he certainly projects as an above average player who will probably be an All-Star a time or two at his peak.

  7. sabes says:

    The saracsm in this site’s comments really brings a lot to the conversation. Keep it up! A little more sarcasm and you’ll be appraoching PeteAbe for best commenters on a Yankee blog.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      Thanks for bringing even more to the conversation!

      Seems like a rival blog writer to me…

      • sabes says:

        Nope, just a blog reader who is desperate for some intelligent discussion on a baseball blog.

        • Doug says:

          “you’ll be appraoching PeteAbe for best commenters on a Yankee blog.”

          lol thanks from all of us for setting the bar so low.

          • Sabes says:

            Wow and an ingrate responds with a meaningless parting shot. It not my fault that commenters here think the’re adding anything intelligent to the forum, and any backlash against my observation shows how naive and biased those are.

            • Would you care to point out which comments you feel are the sarcastic ones? If you ignore the snarky comments here, you’ll find a lot of intelligent baseball conversation.

              To be brutally honest, too, your dropping this complete no sequitur brings absolutely nothing to the table, and calling other commenters “ingrates” is right on par with the behavior about which you are complaining.

              • Sabes says:

                I apologize then, I should have used other terms then which I resorted to, it just seems that the forum where logical stuff should be circulating is litered with commentators here that are more concerned with being sarcastic in an attempt to be funny…

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