Marte likely not coming back soon

2009 Draft: NoMaas' signing deadline interview with Damon Oppenheimer
The underappreciated Johnny Damon

On Thursday, we wondered when Damaso Marte would return. His rehab began on July 16, meaning his 30 days are just about up. By my count, it was up last night, as today is Day 31. As Mike noted, Marte pitched another scoreless inning, striking out one while allowing two hits. Yet it doesn’t appear Marte will be back today. Tyler Kepner has a quote from Joe Girardi on the matter: “We’re not sure if he’s going to get there.” Marte still hasn’t gotten his velocity back up to 93, the apparent target, and apparently still has inflammation in his shoulder. So I guess it’s a shut down for now. Look for Marte to appear in a minor league game again sometime next week (I suppose).

2009 Draft: NoMaas' signing deadline interview with Damon Oppenheimer
The underappreciated Johnny Damon
  • ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops

    One of you said, that when the 30 days are up he either has to be added to the 25 man roster or they have to “make up” another injury. Does he have be out of action if they say: “He can’t be brought back to the majors because he has shoulder inflammation”?

    Otherwise, the 30 day rehab window would be pretty pointless.

  • thebusiness

    The guy has pitched pretty regularly down there, makes no sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if Captain Joe can’t figure out who to clear off the roster to get Marte up so they’re stalling.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      It makes perfect sense if the Yankee scouts and coaches see him in AAA not throwing up to speed. This isn’t a tough concept to grasp.

      Getting AAA hitters out with crappy stuff is a lot easier than surviving in the Majors without a top fastball. Obviously, as Kepner notes, the Yankees have a MPH bar for Marte, and he hasn’t hit it yet.

      • Chris A

        I’m not disagreeing with the concept of having a MPH bar for Marte, but I have to wonder if Marte is aware of this and may try to throw harder and hurt his arm even further.

  • thebusiness

    Also I wouldn’t trust a word Jump Off Joe says about an injury or roster move.

    • whozat

      Jump off Joe? What does that even mean?

      • thebusiness

        Shoeless Joe

        • The Artist Formerly Known as (sic)

          you’ve heard of +1, right?


          • thebusiness

            Good one.

            • FL Yank

              You’re honestly complaining about a manager who’s team has the best record in baseball and a 6 and 1/2 game lead over their division?

              Epic. Fail.

              • thebusiness

                What does this have to do with anything?

                • FL Yank

                  The fact that you’re making up inane nicknames for a manager more than doing his job?

                • thebusiness

                  I forgot Girardi is beyond reproach.

                  Note to self: blame the manager when they lose, ignore the manager when they win. Don’t evaluate the manager independently of hot and cold.

                • Benjamin Kabak

                  The manager is not the one in charge of deciding when to activate a player on the DL. You’re really grasping at straws here if you truly believe Girardi is the reason why Marte is not rejoining the club.

                • thebusiness

                  I’m not the one that said that. I said I wouldn’t believe what Girardi said about injuries or roster moves from AAA for precisely that reason, he doesn’t make the call.

                  As for whether he wants Mitre starting or which relievers he uses, I’m sure he has a say in that.

                • The Artist Formerly Known as (sic)

                  this mf-er got the entire comments hating him. well-done “the business”.

    • Bob Stone

      Idiotic comment.

  • Richard Iurilli

    I don’t get it. I would believe that given Marte’s track record and left-handedness he would be a welcome addition back into the bullpen, much in the way Brian Bruney was. Even if the Yankees are not convinced he can contribute in a setup or high leverage role yet, why not put him in the back of the bullpen to prove himself like they did with Bruney?

    • Zack

      well you’re not going to send Coke, Hughes, DRob, Ace or Bruney down. Just traded for Gaudin so hes not getting cut. Mitre is the only option, but they need him if they’re giving Joba extra rest. It’s a numbers game.

      • Stryker

        exactly. even if they think he can’t contribute in high leverage situations yet, it’s not worth seeing for yourself when you’ve got guys that have done a ton to stabilize the bullpen. they’re on a role right now: 17 wins, 3.26 ERA, .209 BAA, 202 K, and 27 saves since june 1st. no need to mess with that just to see if marte can add something to the team.

        • Bob Stone

          Did you mean “on a roll”?

      • Tom Zig

        Can we DFA Cody Ransom again?

  • johnny

    it’s also a possibility they don’t think he can handle big leaguers yet. there was that bit about the velocity being down.

    • thebusiness

      They said the same thing about Bruney. They should just DFA Mitre and get it over with but Joe Black is in love with him.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as (sic)

        you are the king of ridiculously unfunny nicknames. joe black. jump off joe. yikes.

        • thebusiness

          Joe Schmoe

          • The Artist Formerly Known as (sic)


            • thebusiness

              That’s more original than the names. You win.

              • Doug

                1998 called, it wants its pop culture references back.

      • Johnny

        I’m actually pretty sure they never said that about bruney. Also mitre is presently the only thing between kei igawa and a yankees jersey(except my dead fucking body) so lets not make any rash decisions.

  • Jeffrey

    Didn’t the Yankees recently move Marte to the 60-day DL to get somebody on the 40-man roster and on the team? So that just buys the Yankees more time until September to call him up.

    • whozat

      No, it doesn’t. He has 30 days from the beginning of his rehab, max. moving to the 60-day didn’t change that. Unless they shut him down again, which they’re going to do.

  • Yanks99

    Do the Yankees have insurance on all players or just the huge contracts like c.c., tex, jete, and a-rod?

  • ledavidisrael

    Moral of the story

    Don’t pay relievers!

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  • YankeeBaseball

    From LoHud: Damaso Marte’s 30-day injury rehab assignment ended yesterday. The Yankees today announced that he has been indefinitely excused from the team for “personal reasons.”

    This comes 24 hours after Joe Girardi said that Marte wasn’t ready to pitch in the majors because of erratic velocity. The Yankees did not specify what those personal reasons were, but it’s likely those will serve to keep him off the roster.