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The indispensible Chad Jennings took a look at which Triple-A Scranton players have earned themselves a September callup this season. Since not all of them will actually get the call, he also mentions who he thinks will ultimately get some big league action. As an added bonus, he lists which players are eligible for the Rule 5 Draft this offseason. Make sure you check it out, Chad’s stuff is always worth the read.

Oh, and check out my Sept. callup post if you missed it. Even if you didn’t, go ahead and give it another read.

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  1. Makavelli says:

    Out of the potential September call ups…who plays a big role and makes a bid for the post season roster? (but doesn’t necessarily get it)

    • Ed says:

      I’d imagine Melancon and Albaledejo are the only callups with a chance.

      Gut feeling says at most one of Mitre and Gaudin makes the postseason roster, possibly neither if some September relief callups pitch well.

      I’m guessing 3 of Gardner, Hairston, Hinske, and Pena make the roster. Probably rank their odds in that order, assuming Gardner returns no later than mid month.

      • Makavelli says:

        Hairston is more valuable than Hinske right now?

        Now that I think about it, I agree.

        Order sounds about right…

      • Postseason 12-man staff locks:

        1-CC 2-AJ 3-Pettitte 4-Joba 5-Mo 6-Hughes 7-Aceves 8-Marte 9-Bruney 10-Robertson

        Fighting for the last two spots, in the probable current pecking order as of this moment:

        I think Coke still gets the giant leg up over everyone else simply because he’d be the second LHP. So it’s Gaudin v. Mitre v. Melancon v. Albaladejo for the last spot. If I’m Gaudin and Mitre, I’d be asking for a few bullpen opportunities during September. You want to show the brass that you’re capable of coming into a game late and pitching high-leverage innings, particularly with men on base.

        • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

          Isn’t Dunn a lefty?

        • Makavelli says:

          I’m hoping, despite a few good outings, the Yankees still don’t get serious with considering Edwar…

          As I’ve stated before…

          I’d rather have Richard Ramirez on the playoff roster than Edwar Ramirez…

        • Ed says:

          I think I agree dead on with your rankings. I don’t see them taking both Mitre and Gaudin. They’re both basically emergency starter / long relief guys, and I can’t see them taking both. I doubt they get the chance to show themselves as reliable shutdown pen guys.

          I’m also guessing that the stronger Aceves finishes the year, the lower the odds for Mitre and Gaudin.

          • I doubt they get the chance to show themselves as reliable shutdown pen guys.

            And the fact that Gaudin has pitched better than Mitre, and has already done the bullpen thing this year, probably gives him the big leg up as well.

            Mitre and Melancon need to have dynamite Septembers to get spots.

            Coke (big gap) Gaudin (big gap) Mitre (small gap) Melancon

            • Makavelli says:

              So who’s our #4 starter in the later rounds of the playoffs then? Joba…but are they eliminating the “Joba Rules 2.0″ come the playoffs? Or is there a good chance he pitches 3 innings again like yesterday…

              Is this where Aceves would come in again? Or somebody else…

              • Yeah, I think the Joba Rules 2.0 is strictly to ramp him down in September. Joba will be the #4 starter in the playoffs.

                We’ll start scaling his innings back up towards the end of the season, so he’s ready to go 6+ in the ALCS.

              • AS I understand the 2009 Joba Rules v2.0, the plan is to ramp Joba back up to pitching more inning near the end of September so that he is ready to start in the playoffs.

                • Makavelli says:

                  Couldn’t they cut out some of these “side-bullpen sessions” and arguably add those pitches or arbitrary (potential) innings to his count in September?

                • pete says:

                  no you don’t take out side sessions. a pitcher has to keep his arm strong and be able to reliably execute about 10-15 different pitches (counting each location of each pitch as a specific pitch b/c it requires its own specific motion), the kind of muscle memory that requires that much repetition

  2. Big Pink Lips says:

    I hope Cody Ransom gets called up.

  3. Drew says:

    Great write-up by Jennings.

    What exactly do the yanks have to do to protect the rule fivers? Do they have to be placed on the 40 or just given another contract?

  4. So who’s not going to be protected moving forward? Jackson is the obvious one to be protected, and I assume Russo would be as well along with Kroenke, Nova and Romulo Sanchez.

  5. A.D. says:

    Oh, and check out my Sept. callup post if you missed it. Even if you didn’t, go ahead and give it another read.

    AKA keep clicking on the website so we can get our ad $$$

  6. A.D. says:

    So guys needing to be protected:

    Romulo Sanchez

    Spots opening up/ could be opened (assuming that Damon/Matsui and Marte/Gaudin would just be replaced by major league FA and not Yankees farm players):

    So with that it comes out to have spots depending on FA, then it comes down to which relievers you’d care about protecting vs DFA

  7. Regarding AJax , who Jennings thinks is worthy of adding to the 40 man to get a cup of coffee: Are we assuming that Kevin Cash would be cut to make room for him? That’s the only 40-man move I can see us doing, since Claggett is the only other 40-man cut potential but we’ll want him around to soak up September innings…

  8. Makavelli says:

    Well there goes Brad Penny. To the Giants…

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