Robbie Cano powers Yanks offense to 4-3 win in extras


The Yankees got beat up today. It started with their first batter of the game. Ricky Romero tossed a curveball inside, and it bounced right off Jeter’s right instep. He staggered in pain, but somehow convinced Joe Girardi and Gene Monahan that he was fine. After limping to first in his next at bat, Jeter left the game. X-rays, thankfully, were negative.

Then in the eighth, Jorge Posada took a foul ball off his throwing hand. How he stayed in the game after that, I have no idea. He’s insanely lucky that it didn’t break his hand — it’s happened to plenty of others. The problem is that Jorge doesn’t hide his throwing hand like catchers are taught in little league. Most guys won’t put their hands behind their back like in the old days, but they at least hide it behind the thigh. Jorge rests his on top of the thigh, and it almost cost him the rest of the season today.

Perhaps the worst incident came in the bottom of the 11th. On an 0-2 pitch, Shawn Camp came inside on A-Rod — a bit too inside. It hit right off his pad, but it was a direct hit. A-Rod went down, and if it wouldn’t take a tough defensive rejiggering (Tex to third, Jorge to first, Molina catching), he might have left the game. He ultimately stayed in, but there’s certainly a fear this could be worse.

They might have been beaten and battered, but the Yankees played through it all (without charging the mound). They didn’t look bad, either. After the leadoff hit by pitch, the Yankees put together a first inning run. It wasn’t the prettiest — if not for Aaron Hill bobbling his first of about four grounders on the day, it might have been a double play. And if Jeter hadn’t strayed off the bag on A-Rod’s grounder to third, they might have never had the chance to plate the run.

Things were going swimmingly through five. Burnett had surrendered just one run, the second in as many days by rookie Randy Ruiz. The seven baserunners through five, six hits and a walk, might seem like a lot, but he used six strikeouts and a ground ball double play to work out of a few jams. With the Yankees up 3-1, it looked like another victory. But, like Joba the night before, A.J. ran into a tough inning.

The boxscore notes that all three Blue Jays runs were charged to A.J., and technically it’s not wrong. He did throw two wild pitches in the inning, which first moved runners into scoring position and then allowed the tying run to score. It’s known that A.J. has a bit of a wild streak — he does lead the league in wild pitches, after all. But Jorge has to get to at least one of those, preferably the one that bounced between his legs and allowed Encarnacion to score. So yes, A.J. and his inherent wildness were at fault. But Jorge certainly was, too.

The bullpen did a good job of holding down the fort, allowing no runs on three hits and two walks through five innings. Chad Gaudin was a pleasant surprise in his first pinstriped appearance, tossing two innings while allowing one hit and striking out three. That should serve as a nice tune-up for a Sunday start, should the Yankees opt for that scenario.

In the end, the day belonged to Robinson Cano. His homer to lead off the fourth gave the Yankees a two-run cushion. But then, in the bottom of the 11th, in a dreaded runners in scoring position situation, Cano delivered a liner to the gap in right center. It looked like a homer off the bat, but it bounced off the wall, allowing A-Rod to score the game to mercifully end.

That capped a 6-1 homestand for the Yankees, about as good as they could have asked for. They even had a chance at a double sweep, losing the first game to Toronto by just one run after having them on the ropes early. Still, no one’s complaining about 6-1. The Yanks head westward for seven games on the coast. This will include six 10 p.m. starts. Anyone up for an RAB meet-up for Saturday’s 10:00 affair?

It’s 7:00, so that means it’s open thread time. Talk about the game, talk about the upcoming road trip, talk about anything. Just don’t be a total dickbag. That’s all we ask.

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  1. I really, really fucking love this team.

  2. pat says:

    If you’re not charging the mound, you’re not trying to win ballgames.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      That Youk just brings raw emotion to this game, unlike Joba Chamberlain who plays for the money since he is a Yankee.

      • Jersey says:

        It’s the whole reason Joba fist-pumps. It’s how he suppresses his emotion.

        • JobaWockeeZ says:

          No his fist pumps are a disgrace to the game. He does that to try and intimidate people. The Yankees are a joke and every team should be like the gritty Red Sox.

  3. Joe R says:

    Our future SS has been sent down to the minors (Hardy). Whatre we ever gunna do now?!

    • RichYF says:

      Wait an extra year for him to hit free agency apparently…

    • Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

      Nah i want tulowitzki. Tulo!

      • Mike Pop says:

        His splits are pretty bad. No thanks.

      • Salty Buggah says:

        doubt it, he’s loved here Colorado

        about Tulo…my friend (who knows nothing about baseball) went to a Rox game (first game ever) claims that the Tulo chants were started when he went and from a guy sitting behind him.

        I dont believe him because he’s never seen baseball game in his life.

        • Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

          Hahaha i mean i wouldve thought itd be a pretty obvious chant, not all that innovative, but perhaps I’m overestimating the people of colorado

          • Salty Buggah says:

            Nah it had been around but my friend isnt even a remotely knowledgable fan. He probably assumed that since the crowd chanted Tulo when he went, that’s when it started.

            People here are smart for the most part.

            • Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

              Big fanbase for the rox? Or is it a football town all the way?

              • Salty Buggah says:

                meh, not much. The Rocktober shirts were popular but you rarely see much Rockies gear. In fact, I’ve seen a lot,and I mean A LOT, of Red Sox gear lately no matter where I go.

                Broncos (my favorite football team BTW) are still popular but people understand that they’re kinda rebulding and don’t expect much (though I kinda think they will surprise everyone this year and be pretty solid but still miss the playoffs) from them. Kyle Orton got booed during training camp because of all the mistakes he was making. And now Brandon Marshall wants out so the fans are kinda angry at him too.

  4. Salty Buggah says:

    I wanna see the Mets implode again. Wright just made an error to start the 9th with a 3 run lead. Lucky for them they scored twice on wild pitches.

  5. Jake H says:

    I am lucky that I’m central time so it isn’t quite as bad for these games.

  6. Mike Pop says:

    Juan Uribe. WTF?

  7. Salty Buggah says:

    Let’s all hope the Tigers can somehow win even though the Red Sox took out Miggy yesterday.

    • Mike Pop says:

      I would of started Rayburn if I was Leyland. Have him lean in a pitch to charge the mound, take Beckett out of the game.

      I hope we lean on this strategy in the playoffs. Start Ransom @ 3rd, have him lean into one. Bam, their starter is out of the game. Flawless.

  8. Mike Pop says:

    Great game today. Cano is so damn clutch!!!

    Would like to see alot less hits given up from Burnett, but what can ya do.

    Just when I start to enjoy MLB Network, Rosenthal starts working there.

  9. Salty Buggah says:

    Heh Keith Law’s tweets are funny:

    -Youkilis Misses Nap, Throws Binkie at Porcello #fakenews

    -Summary of emails from #redsox fans to my mailbag tonight: “Waaaa waaaa waaaa waaaaa”

    -Celtics Offer Two-Year Contract to Big Baby Youkilis #fakenews

  10. daneptizl says:

    lol, anyone see BBTN?

    Ravech: We’ll be back and ask Steve Phillips what he thinks of the moves the GM’s made.

    Kruk: ‘Snicker, snicker’

    Ravech: ‘Maybe not the best guy to ask but we’ll ask him anyway.’


    Phillips: Wait, whattya mean by that?

  11. Salty Buggah says:

    Whoa, the starter for the Tigers today has pitched 3 times in the last 5 games (including 2 innings 2 days ago) so he probably cant pitch too much tonight. On top of that, their pen is kinda burnt from yesterday. Sox get lucky again.

  12. LiveFromNewYork says:

    The guy who calls the games for the Mets was on the Michael Kay show saying if the Red Sox start winning it was the Youk charge that turned the season around. And he thought it was perfectly reasonable and that Porcello didn’t really throw Youk but rather stepped out of the way and Youk’s size took him down.

    I’ve always been jealous of the Mets casters but this was delusional.

  13. Salty Buggah says:

    Fuckin Lowell, another cheap Fenway shot for him.

  14. BigBlueAL says:

    Some post-game notes: Mo was not available today because of a sore shoulder. Also looks like tomorrow’s lineup could be a bit brutal since no Arod (already planned day off) and probably no Jeter and Posada. Good thing CC pitches tomorrow.

    Also with Joba starting next Wed apparently it means either Mitre or Gaudin starts opener in Fenway. Thanfully AJ and CC pitch that Saturday and Sunday presumably.

    • Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

      Ughh. Not mitre. Please.

    • The Artist says:

      For what may be the first time in my life, I’m not terrified of the unspeakable happening. Namely, Mo going down with an injury. I think Phil could do the job right now if we need him, and I have more confidence in the rest of the pen with Bruney looking good lately. D-Rob is doing a nice job as well.

      BTW-We really only need 1 of 3 in Fenway. Just don’t get swept and have them right back on our heels.

    • Moshe Mandel says:

      No, it means Pettitte starts the opener at Fenway. Pettitte starts Friday, and his next start would be Wed, but he gets pushed to Friday by Joba. That is why they pushed Joba that amount of days.

  15. Salty Buggah says:

    Ah damn. Avila had a 12-pitch AB and just missed a HR by like 2 feet.

    Damn, Inge first groundout

  16. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    Uggh ther doing top plays on bbtn and after they did penas catch they go “who won that game?” and mock sterling’s call of yankees win and “jeterian.” Sterling-bashings only ok when we do it you jackasses

  17. The Artist says:

    Pedro’s first start back vs the Cubs on ESPN, that should be interesting.

  18. Salty Buggah says:

    fuckin Bay…another cheap monster shot. Sox can hit at home only.

    • Tom Zig says:

      Red Sox

      .276 BA, .361 OBP, .483 SLG, .844 OPS at home
      .252 BA, .337 OBP, .404 SLG, .741 OPS on the road

      It appears you are correct, sir.

      Yanks can do both though


      .278 BA, .362 OBP, .496 SLG, .858 OPS at home
      .281 BA, .357 OBP, .460 SLG, .817 OPS on the road

  19. The Artist says:

    Youk out of the lineup tonight, so I guess he’s started serving his suspension. You’d think he’d appeal and try to get it cut down by a game or two.

  20. Dude Detroit, get a fucking hit.

  21. Dela G says:

    the phils giving pedro some run support

    not bad

    i expect pedro to get shelled for some reason though

  22. Dela G says:



    3-1 red sox~

  23. The Artist says:

    Pedro looks pretty good. 92 fastball, 79-80 on the change and curve somewhere in the middle. Mixed in some high-80s 2 seamers as well.

  24. Hey! Detroit got a fucking hit!

  25. The Artist says:

    I just noticed something at the top of this blog. In black there are the a bunch of buttons for the basic stuff-

    Home/About/Guide to Stats/Depth Chart/Commenting Guidelines/Privacy Policy/Fan Confidence Poll

    …but the last button is empty. We should put our heads together to come up with something to help the guys out, since they apparently haven’t been able to think of anything.

    Any ideas?

  26. JGS says:

    anyone else think the Rays just buried themselves out in LA?

  27. The Artist says:

    I don’t know if I can take 9 innings of Rick Sutcliffe.

  28. I have to finish this paper tonight. Have to. I’m on page two.

    Can someone fucking shoot me?

  29. The Artist says:

    The Flyin Hawaiian!

    4-1 Phils

  30. datyankeeboy says:

    damon is having a great season wut u think they should do wit him

  31. Zack says:

    Jeff Samardzija: Better WR or pitcher?

  32. 38 homers for the King.

  33. mike HC says:

    As to Jorge’s hands, they are really mangled. I saw those hands close up a couple of times and almost every finger is a bit crooked. Both his middle fingers were bent real badly. He is legitimately tough.

    • Drew says:

      yeah saw it on lohud, from what they are saying it’s not due to the sore shoulder. Hopefully nothing bad is going on in Mo-ville.

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      I won’t be worried until I definitively hear that he’s seriously injured. No point in worrying before then.

  34. Dave O’Brien just gave the most unenthusiastic homer call ever.

    Dr. Cox and Lloyd Dobler in the house!

  35. Dela G says:

    Samardzija = sucks as of now

    10 mil for 5 years… wow

  36. Drew says:

    Oh sweet Lou. Sorry about this.

  37. Evan says:

    This game has “position player pitching” written all over it.

  38. pat, you have a softball game tonight?

    • pat says:

      nah, season’s over, sadly.

      • Yeah, I think tonight was our last game. We played a team that was 8-1, we stayed with them til the bottom of the fifth and they ended up ten running us, 15-5. It was 8-5 going into that inning. I was 3-3 w/3RBI, though.

        • Mike Pop says:

          Slow pitch?

            • Mike Pop says:

              I played in a league last year, enjoyed it.

              I’m still a lil’ kid though. Wiffleball baby!

              • Drew says:

                Dudebro. You ever play junkball? It’s like wiffleball but with a “junkball.” You can do all different types of pitches. It’s legit as hell.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  Ya, haha.

                  I use the junkball bat for wiffle.

                  Junkballs are so much easier to throw but you can throw a wiffleball pretty nice, it just takes so much time to practice and learn if you really want to throw it right. I can throw a “slider” and a “riser” pretty well with it. Not much else.

                  Not to mention, you can have some fun with dizzybat once in a while too!

                • Drew says:

                  ha dude I got the knuckleball on lock with the junkball. it’s sweet as hell.

                • Mike Pop says:


                  It is alot of fun, we played alot of wiffleball back in the day in my neighborhood.

                  Being able to make a plastic ball move like I was never able to make a real baseball.

                  I was a decent pitcher in Lil League though ;)

              • Word, what position?

                • Mike Pop says:

                  LF and 3b.

                  I refuse to pitch, so bad at it.


                • pat says:

                  LF is where all the gangsters at. At least u got your arod on in a losing effort.

                • Haha, word. They were all singles, though. I also made a ridiculous throw to 2B that got a guy out. There was a liner that fell right in front of me and took some funky bounce so I lunged for it, fell, and threw all in one motion. It was Swisher-like.

                • pat says:

                  And the end of softball season is depressing as hell.

                • pat says:

                  Hahah, swisher-like. One of the worst feelings is charging a line drive in left getting ready to field it on the first hop then it hits a divot in the shitty ass fields you’re playing on and the ball bounces like three feet to the left or right.
                  Infielders have it so easy because nobody expects them to make a play on a hard hit ball, and they have 4 outfielders backing them up. OF gets the shaft because everybody thinks catching fly balls and line drives and crap is easy. Then should you misplay a ball you have that lonely sprint to go chase it down while the batter trots home.

  39. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    So I’ll take it that the Tigers are losing right now?

  40. Dela G says:

    man this cubs team is sad to watch

  41. Drew says:

    Pedro topping out at 92.2
    also throwing a 2 seamer at 91ish.
    not bad at all..

  42. The Artist says:

    Here’s an all-time Francesa classic, and the one I was looking for



  43. Drew says:

    I was pretty pissed today with all the Jorge hate. What’s the deal with that?

    • Dela G says:

      did you watch the game? the guy couldn’t stop the damn ball to save his life

    • The Artist says:

      It’s all the wild pitches, and today it directly cost AJ a win. He has to block some of them, and he just doesn’t. Kay even mentioned it on the broadcast. If he blocks just that last one, AJ gets his win and the entire team doesn’t have to play extra innings. AJ himself didn’t want to discuss the WP after the game, which tells you it annoys him.

      Personally, his pitch calling drives me nuts as well. He will keep calling a pitch over and over that the pitcher obviously can’t get over for strikes, in the hope that he finds a feel for it. He’s just hard headed and that’s why you haven’t seen him catch CC much (if at all) all year.

      His days of catching everyday are coming to a close, and it’s long overdue. We all like his bat, so let him DH and catch a few times a week.

      • Moshe Mandel says:

        Still think that is a bad idea, but we are never going to agree on this issue. He isn’t the greatest catcher, but he still provides more value to the team as the everyday catcher and having someone else DH. Having that kind of offense at a defense-first position is the kind of comparative advantage that drove the dynasty.

        • The Artist says:

          “a defense-first position”

          You said it for me.

          • Moshe Mandel says:

            No, that is exactly my point. It is traditionally a defense-first position, because they are not many players who can hit and handle the position. If someone can do a decent job at the defense and can hit, it gives you a huge advantage. As long as he is not abysmal as a catcher, he gives great value.

            • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

              I’m with you Moshe.

            • The Artist says:

              But he was abysmal today. The WP allowed 6 TOR baserunners to advance, 2 of whom scored. That’s just brutal, and he almost cost us the game.

              Jorge would need to hit a 2 run HR and a double just to break even. He didn’t, he was a net minus for us today even after you factor in his offensive contributions.

              • Drew says:

                C’mon man, do you really follow “net minus?” Guys make errors. Guys leave runners on base. Guys give up homers to the 9 hitter. Guys walk the 9 hitter. I’d be hard pressed to find 24 guys on our roster that would like for Jose to start, even AJ. He knows what Jorge does for him on the offensive end.

                • The Artist says:

                  What exactly would Posada need to do for you to consider he had “a bad game”? Kill somebody?

                  Be honest, how many of those WP does Molina block? At least 2, and probably all three. Are you saying that had NO effect on the game when it led to 2 runs, the last of which tied the game?

                • Drew says:

                  Oh today was a bad day behind the plate. I don’t deny that. I agree, Jose may have blocked all three of the WP’s.
                  But, when Jose is 0-4 at the plate, and gives up one passed ball, people will complain. My whole point in addressing the Jorge hate, is that some people will never be happy.
                  When my option is Jorge and Jose, I choose Jorge.

                • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

                  He said Posada had a bad game, he’s just saying that it happens sometimes and more often than not Posada is more valuable than Molina.

              • Moshe Mandel says:

                You are talking about his worst game of the year. further, you will notice that they were WP, not PB. Let’s not make it like he was missing easy pitches- I highly doubt Molina blocks all three.

                • The Artist says:

                  He doesn’t have to. If he blocks just one of them in the 6th (and he does) it’s an easy 9 inning win for AJ. Instead, its extra innings at a time when we have no days off.

              • Moshe Mandel says:

                On April 19th, Burnett had 3 WP. Molina was the catcher. On May 17th he had another 3. Kevin Cash and Cervelli split the catching. On July 8th Posada allowed 3. Coming into today, 6 of his 14 WP were to Posdada. This is not so scientific, but it suggests that maybe the problem is not Posada.

                • Drew says:

                  Maybe there is no problem. The dude is going to be wild. Anyone that watched the first inning, he didn’t hit his spot once. He walks people, he throws wild pitches. I thought we got passed all this madness a couple of months ago.

                • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

                  Excellent post Moshe.

      • Drew says:

        Come on though, I know you don’t think AJ will never have a wild pitch if the black hole of Molina was catching. Is AJ mad at Jorge when he singles in the 11th inning? Or yesterday when he put us ahead? I doubt it. The best lineup we have includes Jorge as the catcher. Next year will be no different.
        I still say that the pitch that led to the tying run bounced off the plate. YES(because they suck) didn’t show the right angle so we could tell for sure, but from the views I saw, it looked like that curve hit the back of the plate, making it even harder for Jorgie to block.

        • The Artist says:

          No, of course not. But he won’t have 3 per game, and I bet his BBs go way down as well. Things like that make a difference as well, and cancel out Jorge’s bat unless he has a HUGE game every time he pitches.

          Baseball is all about scoring and suppressing Runs. Runs are generated base by base. Jorge added SIX bases and a Run scored on the TOR side of the ledger with his fielding today. Look up the WP and total it up.

          He’d need to Hit a HR and a double just to BREAK EVEN with a Catcher who could field his position. (and BTW-he didn’t)

          People think fielding doesn’t add up, because hitting numbers are much easier to look up. But if you watched this game and know Baseball, you know Posada KILLED us today.

          • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

            IDK. Sports Illustarated had a study where they said that fielding was worth only half as much as hitting.

            Posada over Molina, please.

            Since when was Molina some brilliant defensive catcher? He has a god arm…and that’s about it.

            • Drew says:

              Last year he was amazing behind the plate. This year has not been the same. I know why people love him, but, give me Jorge any day of the week over Jose.

          • Drew says:

            Take Jorge out of the lineup, we go from Melky in the 9 to JoMo. No bueno.

  44. Anyone else watching the game? Some fucknut just threw a beer on Victorino as he was making a catch on the track.

  45. Evan says:

    That was unnecessary from that Cubs fan.

  46. Doug says:

    LOL some idiot Cubs fan just poured a beer on Victorino’s head as he was settling under a fly ball.

    Stay classy, Northsiders.

  47. mattb says:

    Because I just can’t take another hour of practicing law tonight I thought I’d just write this little legal memo that is largely a debate between me and me, asking–who’s your ace of this team?

    Just throwing out some relatively insignificant stats I found enjoyable/amusing.

    AJ’s made 23 starts–16 of them have been “quality starts”(disclaimer–I’m well aware of what a stupid metric this is, I’m just playing around). CC’s made 24 starts but subtracting the FL game where he left with the arm injury, of the other 23, only 12 have been “quality”.

    AJ has only allowed more than 3 ER in FIVE of his starts. That’s 18 freaking starts of 3 ER or less ball. CC has allowed more than 3 ER in 10 of his starts–though clearly some of that has to do with him pitching deeper into games and being presented extra opportunities to give up runs–same goes for the quality start stat, CC has definitely lost a few by giving up runs in the 7th or later.

    But man, A.J. CC and AJ bring different strengths to the club, beyond each being a power pitcher. But I think it’s awfully difficult to argue that Burnett is not at least the co-ace of this staff.

    He’s certainly been more consistent (had to channel Joe M. at least once, though in this case its really true I think–it’s likely too small a sample size, but I bet if you actually did the standard deviations, AJ’s outing in Chi, and possibly at Fenway as might be statistical outliers and losing those, he’d cluster closer to his mean that CC for sure) than CC, and perhaps surprisingly, at least equally dominant.

    Better K/9, and identical H/9. And just choosing 2 ER as a totally arbitrary measure of a “dominant start”, AJ has allowed 2 ER or less 11 times, the same as CC (technically it’s 12 for AJ, but only because he left that second Boston start in the third, so no credit to him for that and I already tossed out CC’s 1.1 inning outing in Miami). AJ’s allowed 0 ER five times, one better than CC’s four.

    Of course, in terms of value, CC obviously gains tremendously in any comparsion because of a much lower WHIP and more innings pitched. And CC’s FIP (3.65) is much closer to his ERA than AJ’s 4.44 (which is one of the big reasons Fangraph’s WAR stat hates A.J., and actually has managed at times to rank Brad Penny ahead of him in this category.)

    Haha, funny, no one even was debating this–but I think it’s a fun question. Who’s your ace? Track record says CC–and as a man who embraces empiricism, I should take the track record–but my gut sure says A.J.

    If I had a gun to my head and needed to chose one of them to win me one game right now, Burnett’s my choice. Though I caution that–and obviously this is super small sample size-by the fact that AJ’s two starts at Fenway have clearly been the most glaring meltdowns of any Yankee starter (Mitre doesn’t count) this season, giving the circumstances of those games, though the first was by far the worst–the second start in Boston, he was ineffective–in he first he suffered one of the more tremendous meltdowns by such a good pitcher that I can recall seeing recently.

    In any case, I’m darn glad we’ve got them both.

    • Drew says:

      With our offense, I choose CC. CC will go 8 innings if he has to, even if he gives up 5 runs in the 3rd inning.

      AJ has superior stuff, unfortunately, when one isn’t working, he’s left with only one pitch. If we had a one game playoff, and everyone was available, I choose CC.

      • mattb says:

        I think this is an interesting and valid point, but I think it’s not totally independent of other factors, particularly how many lock outs you think you have in your pen. I agree, that if the question is, which guy is going to more likely to keep you in the game assuming he must pitch 8 innings, the answer is clearly CC. But if you think you have 6 outs from the pen (maybe 9, I’d have to look but Burnett is typically a 6-7 inning guy), I’d argue that the numbers above suggest that so far this year, A.J. has done a better job at keeping the club in the games he pitches for those 6-7 innings. Frankly, they’re both pretty effective in general at always giving you a chance to win, as they should be given what they’re paid, be it Burnett’s run of dominance since around May, and CC’s ability to just be a horse (and of course, we know he can be dominant too, and we’ve seen flashes).

        So I would agree, that if you think you want the starter to go right to Mo and you’re pretty confident in a playoff game of scoring 3-6 runs, and scoring however many runs are required by whether it’s the 8 inning/2 ER CC or the 8 Inning/6 ER CC who shows up–because this season at least, CC has had those outcomes at about an equal rate, CC’s the guy.

        If you think you can stretch the pen a little bit, and your approach is to use the starter who has the best chance of giving up 0-2 runs over 6-7 innings, based on this season, AJ’s your guy. But unquestionaly sample size plays a big role in that, and that’s why decisions don’t, or shouldn’t be made on one season’s worth of work (not that I don’t think there has to be a judgment call at times in going with the guy who happens to be better right then). I actually think that a pitcher’s standard deviation from his mean result is a stat that can have some use. It’s an expectation stat–obviously all the variation is completely captured cumulatively by WAR. But when we talk about what we expect a pticher’s line to be, you’re really just asking a question about mean and standard deviation from such–and I hink there is some value in having a sense going in of just how much variability in outcome you’re likely to be dealing with.

        I haven’t watched CC regularly enough before he came here to have a sense of whether the variation ns in his outcomes have historically been so volatile and nor I am I suggesting that he has even been inordinately volatile, I have no baseline measure at all (my guess is likely no, and that it’s that little extra bit of volatility–which is the symptom, not the cause of course, there’s an explanation for the volatiley somewhere, perhaps, maybe just sample size–that’s resulted in CC havin a “down” year by his own standards.)

        Sorry fellas, sitting at my desk the last 40 hours closing this deal has got me rambling incomprehensibly extensively–I have no idea if my paragraph about volatility even makes sense at all and certainly volatility and standard deviation are not identical concepts, but at this moment, I’ve just decided to magically combine the few things I learned in statistics and finance. Oh well :)

        • Drew says:

          I honestly read all of that. One thing that is for sure, we have two guys that can be a number one at any time. I agree, AJ is more probable(based on this season) to allow fewer than say, 2 runs.
          Where I disagree though, is your suggestion that the pen some how effects our decision on a starter. The only reason I mentioned that CC could go 8, is that he keeps us, with our offense, in the game for as long as necessary. I still like CC in a one game playoff, which, at least for this year, seems unlikely anyways..

    • I certainly agree that AJ’s been better than CC this year.

      • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

        Yeah…but I’d still trust CC more based on his career.

        • Really? I don’t know…this year, I just have a better feeling when it’s AJ’s turn, yet I experience some doubt when CC comes up. I guess it’s the severe regression in the strikeouts department that gives me less confidence that he can get outs on his own.

  48. Pasqua says:

    Anyone catch Burnett’s refusal to talk about wild pitches? He said, pretty bluntly, “I’m not talking about them.” I can’t help but think that it’s because he thinks / knows that Jorge should have been able to handle at least one of them. The non-comment could be either a veiled shot at Jorge, or a situation where he didn’t want to say the “wrong” thing. Interesting.

    • Drew says:

      In Yankee land, JORGE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>AJ.
      He doesn’t want to talk about a wild pitch because he’s pissed. It’s not a veiled shot at anyone. If Jorge doubled in Alex today, Burnett would of hit him square in the face with a pie. Make no mistake about it.

      • Pasqua says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to suggest animosity between them or stir up a controversy, but I do find it interesting that most ppl agree that not all of those wild pitches were entirely his fault and it was the one thing he refused to speak about. If anything, maybe he was being courteous and (smartly) not getting into it.

    • Pasqua says:

      Nevermind. Just read your discussion above. I see others share the thought.

  49. Sutt still calls it the “friendly confines” after what that jackass in left-center did.

  50. Drew says:

    Jorge needs an appreciation thread, this is madness.

  51. Drew says:

    Okay, someone with better knowledge of the draft, please enlighten me. The O’s don’t want to pay their 2nd round pick. So, they get an extra pick next year? How does that make sense? It’s not like the guy doesn’t want to sign, he just has demands.

  52. Dela G says:

    Saint Louis is Running away with the central division

    4 game lead

  53. Steve H says:

    Not sure if anyone else caught this in Jim Callis’ chat today. He’s always liked Hughes, but it seems everyone in the world (including Klaw) like Bustholz more than Hughes. Callis doesn’t.

    Ryan (Burlington, MA)

    Hughes or Buchholz?
    Jim Callis
    (3:18 PM)


  54. aj says:

    We dodged a bullet missing King Felix this series.

    • OmgZombies! says:

      Stop this thank god we missed so and so.

      We almost lost the series to Toronto without Halladad
      Clayton Richards got traded and we lost 3/4

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        Okay that made no sense whatsoever.
        The Yankees ALMOST lost to Toronto while Mitre pitched the first game. But I don’t know what Halladay has to do with that. Yankees still won and they probably wouldn’t if Halladay pitched.
        Same thing with King Felix, not facing him makes winning the series much easier.

  55. Tom Zig says:

    No surprise, ESPN says Youk tackled Porcello. Apparently they can completely disregard video footage of the incident and make up their own facts

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