Tomko, A’s pen blank Yankee bats

2009 Draft: Strasburg signs record deal
Yanks, Damon heading toward a new deal

Well, at least that was a quick one, eh? Just two hours and fifteen minutes after Brett Tomko uncorked the first pitch of the game, the Yanks found themselves on the wrong end of a 3-0 score. It was the Yanks’ shortest game of the season and a rather unimpressive one for the Yankees.

Instead of recapping this loss and instead of harping over the question of whether or not Brett Tomko might actually be a better option than Sergio Mitre, let’s look at a few key happenings that defined the game.

We start in the top of the third inning. At that point, the Yanks had been hitting Tomko hard but with nothing to show for it. Ramiro Peña singled to start the inning, and Derek Jeter followed suit. Johnny Damon hit a Yankee Stadium home run that went for a long out in Oakland, and then Mark Teixeira walked.

With the bases loaded and Tomko on the ropes, Alex Rodriguez did the former Yankee a huge favor. He swung weakly at a first-pitch breaking ball and tapped it back to the mound. Tomko and Kurt Suzuki easily completed the old 1-2-3 double play, and the Yanks lost their best chance to break open the game. For A-Rod, it was just a bad at-bat. After a five-pitch walk, he swung at the first offering, and it wasn’t even a good one.

Now, let’s fast forward to the fourth. With one out, Rajai Davis hit a sinker liner into right-center field. Nick Swisher dove for and missed the ball. Had he caught it, the point would have been moot, but had he not dove, Swisher could have kept the ball in front of him. Davis would have been on first and not second.

Eventually, Davis stole third, and the Yankees inexplicably drew the infield in. Scott Hairston hit a bouncer up the middle, and had the infield been at normal depth, Ramiro Peña would have fielded it for the second out. It would have been 1-0 Oakland, but the Yanks would have recorded the second out. As they were on Sunday in Seattle, the Yanks were victimized by two two-out runs that should never have scored because it just doesn’t make sense to play the infield in with one out in the fourth inning of a scoreless game.

Finally, we look at the 8th inning. Derek Jeter singled, and then Johnny Damon just missed a double off the wall. Instead, the Yanks’ left fielder hit a rocket but right at Mark Ellis. With two on and two out, Jorge Posada took two straight called strikes to end the Yankee threat. Posada looked perturbed, and while Mike Winters had a terrible strike zone, he had been calling those strikes for seven innings.

In the end, the Yankees were simply out-pitched by a ex-Yankee out for revenge. A.J. Burnett needed just 99 pitches to throw a complete game loss. He gave up four of his six hits and all three runs in one frame, and for once, the Yankee bats couldn’t overcome a tiny deficit. We’ll get ’em next time.

2009 Draft: Strasburg signs record deal
Yanks, Damon heading toward a new deal
  • Tom Zig

    disappointing loss. had a chance to gain some ground on Boston and chip away at the magic number…hopefully we get ’em tomorrow.

  • Charlie

    great recap. It was a sucky loss, and while they were bit unlucky, the yanks still shoulda scored something off brett tomko or the a’s bullpen. we got cc going tommorow, so i’d bet on a win

  • Danny


  • Salty Buggah

    Well, we were due for a clunker and a bad luck (and some bad play) loss. Hopefully, we won’t get another one for a long time (like until after the Bahston series). We had been having some decent luck with RISP (on both sides) so this is bit of a correction. Let’s start a new streak tomorrow.

    • Salty Buggah

      And this should teach us (if we didn’t know it already) to never assume a win no matter what (I kinda did but also prepared for a letdown in my mind as baseball is such an unpredictable game).

  • ShuutoHeat

    How many pop-up+fly outs were hit by the Yanks tonight? That’s something I wanna know, it felt like almost everything was a pop-up or a fly ball.

    • Salty Buggah

      ah damn look below, I didnt click on reply

    • Zack


  • Salty Buggah

    Ground Balls-Fly Balls for all A’s pitchers:

    B Tomko 5-9
    C Breslow 0-4
    B Ziegler 0-2
    A Bailey 2-1

    So overall 7-16

    • Zack

      Yahoo says: B Tomko 7-9; C Breslow 1-3; B Ziegler 1-1; A Bailey 2-1.
      not that im losing sleep over it or anything

      • Salty Buggah

        I got that from the ESPN boxscore so maybe you’re right

  • Salty Buggah

    Holy shit, Tomko had one swinging strike all game!!! And the A’s pitchers had only 6 overall with 4 induced by Breslow.

  • Bay Area Yankee Fan

    So I was at the game, right behind home plate.

    I swear when Aroid hit into that inning ending DP in the third, he shit his pants.

    Seriously though, the team hit a bunch of balls hard, but none of them fell in play. Unlucky, but overall they looked flat.

    Let’s get ’em tomorrow, Casten Charles style! (and then win a 14-8 game on Wed, which I’m kind of scared of…)

    • putt

      I was at the game, too, right behind the A’s bullpen. I’ve been looking forward to this game for months, but what a shitty game to see live. It seemed like there were a lot of at-bats that were just given away. But I guess that’s the perception when the team hits so many lazy fly balls.

      Oh well, for what I paid to be five rows off the field, I could’ve gotten a stall seat in the upper tier mens bathroom. It’s amazing how far your dollar goes away from places like NY and Boston.

      It was hilarious to see all the A’s fans treating this win like a WS game, too. People were taking pictures of the scoreboard after the game and I even got accosted by a red-haired, foul-mouthed drunken a-hole. Take off that green and gold and slap a Varitek t-shirt on him and you’d swear you were in Fenway.

  • Makavelli

    The sad thing is…if our bats are so sour we can’t hit Brett Tomko…how are we going to hit these other bright young stars like Brett Anderson, etc??

    I mean Brett Tomko?? If he was never on our team and angry at the team we never would have lost. It’s just poetic justice.

    Don’t know why they chose Sergio Mitre as a better option than a veteran guy like Tomko anyway…he’s a career 5th starter.

    Oh well. At least we don’t have to face Brett Tomko again anytime soon…(sarcasm)

    • Pasqua

      “Don’t know why they chose Sergio Mitre as a better option than a veteran guy like Tomko anyway…he’s a career 5th starter.”

      Is this sarcasm, too?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      if our bats are so sour we can’t hit Brett Tomko…how are we going to hit these other bright young stars like Brett Anderson, etc??

      Because one game — keep that in perspective, one game — doesn’t determine how the Yanks would fare against anyone else. After all, this team has won 74 games and has scored 657 runs. That involves beating good pitchers, and sometimes, teams will lose to mediocre pitchers. That’s baseball.

  • yankees=warriors

    This loss was frustrating as hell.
    Why do these ex-Yankees always come back to haunt us?
    First Pavano, now Tomko?!

  • Doug

    someone needs to teach the yanks baseball fundamentals. down 3 in the 9th and cano, swish, and melky all swing at the 1st pitch.

    • Makavelli

      Arod was swinging at the first pitch too from Tomko. A good pitcher who throws strikes you swing at the first pitch. Seems like this team takes first pitch strikes always against good pitchers…and they swing away at first pitches from pitchers who can’t find the strike zone.

      I mean I can’t complain too much, they have the best offense in baseball…but it’s a little frustrating sometimes when you see something like that going on…

      • Doug

        in most cases, i don’t mind guys hacking at the 1st pitch. sometimes it’s the best one you’ll see.

        but, if you’re down in the 9th, you need baserunners. make the pitcher throw some strikes. what happened to “a walk is as good as hit”?

        • Makavelli

          It’s funny because last year or the year before it seemed like people were lathargic and had the “if I don’t get it done somebody else will” attitude it seemed anyway. This year they’re playing so well it may be the opposite. Everybody is hacking away wanting to get that winning hit.

          Perhaps the WWE Championship Belt or the pie in the face is more consolation than we even know lol

  • Bo

    That was the definition of a mail it in game.

    • Pasqua

      I wouldn’t say “mailed it in,” especially considering Burnett’s performance. But I would guess that after the first couple of innings the Yanks started to press. Nobody can tell me that THEY didn’t think they would hit Tomko as much as WE they would hit Tomko. Once you can see the sawdust coming off the handle of the bat, things take a turn for the worse.

  • Tank Foster

    Mailing it in…interesting. Maybe. There are always let down periods, and the team has been on fire for quite a while.

    Why can’t we have a debate on whether Tomko would be better than Mitre?

    • Benjamin Kabak

      I’m not being sarcastic when I mentioned it in the thread. It’s a legitimate question considering their respective track records.

  • Klemy

    Very disappointing game to watch. Really, not much going on and it didn’t feel like we ever had guys grinding out at bats. It was just, bal in play, out – all night.

    It spoiled a very well pitched game by AJ. He hit that one bump, but overall, he was pretty damned good.

  • mryankee

    why does arod suck so much? and tomko would be better than mitre

  • mryankee

    I am also getting sick of watching Melky Cabrera he is automatic out man lately. You cannot let up the slightest amount with Boston behind you losing two in a row to seattle then Oakland shoud not happen