Yanks looking to Mulder for the stretch run?

Jete's big home irks Tampa neighbors
The real MVP of the dynasty

Many Yanks fans were upset that Brian Cashman didn’t deal for a pitcher at the deadline, but so far that decision looks like a sound one. Things can and will change down the road, though, and for that Cash has made a few moves, including a trade for Chad Gaudin. He’s no Roy Halladay, but one hopes he can be a bit better than Jarrod Wasburn has been away from Seattle’s top notch outfield (11.1 IP, 10 ER since the trade). Keeping with the small, lightning in a bottle moves the Yanks have made in-season, they’ll have a look at Mark Mulder when he throws in the next week or so. The timing on this is a bit tough. In order to have Mulder for the postseason, he would have to be on the 25-man roster by August 31. That’s a bit tough if he’s not going to even throw for teams until the 15th or so. The most likely scenario is that he’s a reclamation project for next year who might be able to take some September innings.

Mulder, 32, has pitched just 106 innings since 2006 due to multiple stints on the DL. He has immense talent, as we saw during his Oakland years and the first in St. Louis, but it’s unlikely that he’ll recover to be anything close to his former self. It could be worth a gamble, but at this point it could be a gamble for a lefty reliever. You can never have too many of them, I suppose.

Jete's big home irks Tampa neighbors
The real MVP of the dynasty
  • Ed

    The timing on this is a bit tough. In order to have Mulder for the postseason, he would have to be on the 25-man roster by August 31.

    No he doesn’t. He just has to be in the organization by August 31st. Because Nady is injured, he can be replaced on the postseason roster by anyone in the organization on 8/31. Wang can also be replaced, and if Marte doesn’t come back, he can as well.

    • http://www.richardiurilli.com/ Richard Iurilli

      How exactly does that rule work? Anyone have a link to a good explanation?

      • Ed

        Anyone on the 25 man roster, 15 day DL, or 60 day DL on August 31st is eligible for the postseason roster.

        When the postseason comes, any eligible player that is currently on the DL can be replaced by any other player in the organization, as long as that player was in the organization on August 31st.

        I don’t know how the 40 man roster plays into that. I know a few years ago the A’s had multiple 2nd basemen get injured during the playoffs and had someone make their major league debut in the ALCS. I don’t know if they were on the 40 man roster before that or not.

  • V

    Um, why do Baseball-Reference links trigger the spam filter?

  • V

    Anyhoo, since my previous post got eaten, I’ll shorten it: I STILL can’t believe Walt Jocketty traded DAN HAREN for Mulder after Mulder put up a 6.04 ERA in his final 18 starts of 2004.

  • Jake K.

    If we’re only talking a reclamation project for 2010, then I’d rather take a flier on Webb, Harden or Sheets. Or two of the three.

    • Tony

      Webb and Harden are going to get big money (if available). I don’t trust Sheets with the deal he’ll command. They need security out of that spot, not flyers.

  • kevin

    what do you guys think he would sign for?

  • http://pinstripepalace.blogspot.com/ Brien Jackson

    I hate saying it, because I feel bad for pretty much every pitcher that comes out of Oakland, but I don’t really see the point wasting money on someone who’s gone through the Billy Beane Slaughterhouse.

    • Januz

      I cannot agree more about Billy Beane, he might be the most overrated executive in sports history with “Moneyball” (How well did the Dan Haren trade work out?). I bet Oakland is not exactly feeling they are getting their money’s worth with Ynoa?. If I was a player, I could not think of a team that I would hate playing for more than Oakland, and that includes Pittsburgh. (As a Steeler and Penguin I know where the Bucs rank when it comes to Pittsburgh’s sports popularity).

      • J Squared

        Beane traded Haren Mainly for Eveland and Gonzalez. The others were pretty good lower A prospects, and he is lucky Brett Anderson has panned out the way he has.

        Beane is not the best GM, and he definitely is the most overrated executive in all of sports.

        • Danny

          Greg Smith and Carlos Gonzalez, 2 of the prospects Oakland got in the Haren trade, were packaged along with Huston Street in the Matt Holliday trade. And now Holliday has turned into Wallace , Mortensen, and Peterson.

  • Tony

    The fourth starter needs to be a lock to throw a lot of innings at a replacement level (assuming Hughes is 5 next season). I don’t see Mulder or Sheets fitting the bill there. Watch the 09 Red Sox and learn.

    • Jake K.

      Just because it hasn’t worked out for the Sox this year doesn’t mean it was a bad strategy. It’s too early to know how much (or how little) Sheets or Mulder will be capable of pitching next year.

      • Scooter

        Tony – assuming Andy stays healthy and effective the rest of the way, I figure he’d want to come back (and would be the 4th starter in 2010)

        Yadel Marti might be a great signing for depth – add him to the mix in 2010 with Gaudin, Aceves, IPK (hopefully), Nova, Zmac (assuming neither is the PTBNL in the Gaudin deal), Bleich, Pope, and others

        Never can have too much pitching – but it’s hard to sell a top guy on being the 6th starter

      • Tony

        When is the last time one of these reclamation projects in FA worked? Lieber was serviceable in 2004, but extremely lucky to not get lit up on a regular basis.

  • E-ROC

    With Chad Gaudin in the fold, there is no need for adding Mark Mulder for this year. For next year, I think Ben Sheets is a better gamble and more likely a success than Mulder at this point.

  • J Squared

    If Mulder is healthy and can give 5 or 6 innings of 2 or 3 run ball, i think we should pick him up.

    In blowouts Gaudin will be used for 2+ innings to save the bullpen, in close games we have Aceves for 2 or more innings of Long relief. Hughes can go 2 innings strong, we just need a starter who is experienced and will give us consistency out of the 5 spot.

  • Tony

    What about Brett Myers? He’s a FA with no compensation required.

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