Game 152 Spillover Thread II


Chances we see Hughes for two innings? 0%

Chances we see Bruney blow the lead? 75%

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  1. Russell NY says:

    Dont Make Me Sad =(

  2. I’m going to repeat this, because it bears repeating:

    Alfredo Aceves needs to buy Alex Rodriguez a steak and a blow job tonight.

  3. Dela G says:

    A-rod is a fucking god

  4. Nice fall after the catch, Torii.

  5. JSquared says:

    Cheer for a guy who went around the ball and took a longer route to it just to dive a little bit…

  6. Russell NY says:

    I would like to single the Angels to death but we don’t play like that. We hit rockets to the outfielders for doubles and outs. I for once just wish we could slap the ball around and make them feel how I feel.

  7. Drew says:

    I’m a bit more optimistic I suppose.

    positive posse ftw.

    &*&%^&^^*&%%%!!! Dammit Torii!

  8. Tom Zig says:

    This is why you don’t let guys go 8 days without pitching.

    I dunno if anyone heard this, but here it is again, only louder

  9. JMK says:

    That sounds like a Mastercard commercial.

  10. aj says:

    Torii Hunter catches fly balls in his hat now.

  11. trueblue says:

    Is Girardi high?

    Aceves pitched to 4 batters too many. This is disgusting

  12. danny says:

    can i have runs and a side of HUGHESSS.

  13. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Nothing works against the Angels. It’s amazing.

  14. Lanny says:

    And Girardi still inspires everyones confidence in a playoff series??

  15. Here’s why you don’t go to Marte there and let Ace keep pitching:

    A) Ace needs the work more than Marte does
    B) There’s no need to test Marte to see whether or not he can get out the lefty; we all know already he’ll be facing the lefties in October anyway
    C) If Ace gets out of it, it builds his confidence more than any confidence build you’d get by bringing in Marte

    • handtius says:

      Well, actually, Ace told Joe that if he took him out, he would get shanked in the shower, but your reasons are good too.

  16. JSquared says:

    Das LUCK!!

  17. Oh look what I fucking found. Shove it up your ass, Palmer.

  18. Chef says:

    So… Aceves is in line for the win. Absolutely ridiculous.

  19. Russell NY says:

    Angels: single, single, single, single, single, single, foul 1 million pitches off, single

    Yankees: fly out, ground out, pop out

    Something wrong there…

  20. Moshe Mandel says:

    I really do not get all of the complaining about the bullpen usage that goes on here. Everyone preaches all freaking day about these games not meaning much and the Yankees needing to use this time to rest players and figure out the playoff roster, yet once the game starts, that goes out the window. Big deal, he wanted to see Aceves get out of it himself.

    • Tank the Frank says:

      I disagree. The Yankees haven’t clinched anything yet (although they minutes from doing so). These games do mean something. This division race is by no means over and the Yankees need to get back to playing good baseball.

      And if Joe Girardi’s job right now is to get players right for the playoffs then he’s failing. The bullpen has been completely misused and it shows in his decision to rest Aceves 8 days, leave him in to get shelled, then bring in Marte to face the (switch-hitting) lefty the next inning with no one on. The proper way to use relievers in preparation for the playoffs is to USE THEM IN SITUATIONS THEY WILL ACTUALLY SEE in the playoffs.

      It’s not quite time to start coasting through the season. This team needs confidence and needs to play good baseball going into the postseason. If this team can win another series or two they will have PLENTY of time to rest and play meaningless baseball.

  21. aj says:

    Why is Aceves assigned to go long in games for pitchers like Gaudin, and Mitre? He needs to be used in every game he’s available.

  22. JMK says:

    Is Palmer 5’4 190 lbs?

  23. e mills says:

    via P. Abe: UPDATE, 12:25 a.m.: Great play by A-Rod to snare that ball down the line. That’s two runs if it gets past him. Yankees are lucky Vlad can’t run.

    I don’t think that he had to add in that Vlad can’t run, but then again he had to take something away from A-Rod’s play

  24. aj says:

    I can hear the LAA fan’s sarcastic comments. It’s annoying.

  25. Pags Pasqua says:

    Fettucine Alfredo’s postseason tryout: FAIL

    Who get’s to throw hanging sliders in the bottom of seven?

  26. Dela G says:

    damn i thought he hit that one out

    please put in phil hughes for the love of god

  27. Tom Zig says:

    anyone but Bruney……please?

  28. I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

    I have no problem with Girardi letting Ace pitch his way out of trouble.

    I have massive problems with the Yankees (again) making Matt Bleepin’ Palmer look like he’s Roy Halladay.

  29. LivefromNewYork says:

    I do not understand why bullpen struggles bring people here who have never been here before. Why is that?

  30. trueblue says:

    If Bruney come in I’m calling some Tim Donaghy shit on Girardi

  31. Dela G says:

    wow aceves is back?

  32. Moshe Mandel says:

    This is where not having D-Rob hurts.

    • No. Nothing in this game hurts other than someone getting hurt.

      If we don’t have DRob on October 6th, then it will hurt.

      • Charlie says:

        dude, you’re taking this “these games don’t matter” a bit too far. this game is at least of some importance, so we can hold onto the lead for HFA throughout the postseason, which is like 4.5 right now. to say nothing in this game matters besides injury is just wrong

        • this game is at least of some importance, so we can hold onto the lead for HFA throughout the postseason, which is like 4.5 right now. to say nothing in this game matters besides injury is just wrong

          And, when we’re actually at risk of losing HFA and not merely at risk of being at risk of losing HFA, I’ll start to care.

          • Charlie says:

            its good that you’re confident in the yanks and by all means you should be, but still.. i just can’t agree that this game has no importance whatsoever

  33. danny says:

    why is ace still out there? GAH.

  34. aj says:

    y can’t phil hughes pitch 2….again?

  35. TJ says:

    So you bring in Marte to put Morales on his weaker side? Pretty meh decision Girardi

    • I Remember Celerino Sanchez says:

      Morales v. lefties: (4 HRs) .286/.302/.479

      Morales v. righties: (27 HRs) .303/.356/.581

      Nothing meh about it.

  36. Moshe Mandel says:

    So, Marte for one hitter and then Hughes?

  37. aj says:

    …that worked out well.

  38. Gardner’s gotta get around that ball and not try and dive for it. Bad, bad play.

  39. Drew says:

    I dunno what he was diving at.

  40. Dela G says:

    boy, i didn’t think that dive was really necessary, but great job by swisher to back him up

    now put in hughes

  41. Keanu Reeves says:

    What a great play by Swish to bust ass and be in position to back up.

  42. pat says:

    Not even close grits hahah

  43. aj says:

    2.80 …the price of a 7-eleven sandwich and Marte’s WHIP against righties..

  44. Moshe Mandel says:

    Melky gets that ball!!!!

    Or does that only work the other way?

  45. Chef says:

    LOLOL!!! Gardner wasn’t within 5 feet of that. Idiot!

  46. Marc says:

    Wow! Tell me this doesn’t feel like the postseason already!

  47. Ivan says:

    Gee, Girardi u could of did that earlier.

  48. Dela G says:

    boy glad to see you again phil

  49. TJ says:

    Gardner’s SCRPY rating just plummeted

  50. Lanny says:

    If Hughes cant get you 5 outs I don’t know who can.

    Lets just be glad hes not giving Bruney another tryout.

  51. Bob Stone says:

    Jeez – What the hell happened? I stopped watching the game with the Yankees up 5-0. An hour later it’s 5-4 with Angels threatening in the 7th.

  52. aj says:

    I want the Sterling Shake.

  53. Mike Axisa says:

    C’mon Philly. Nice quick out.

  54. Dela G says:

    that was a quick out

  55. pat says:

    Those gritty gutsy angels with their groundballs to the right side.

  56. lily says:

    wtf was gardner doing?

  57. Russell NY says:

    Need some Hughes lovin.

  58. Dela G says:

    that pitch was 96 YES gun (even though we know it’s always wrong)

  59. whozat says:

    can he PLEASE put this guy away??

  60. Charlie says:

    damn, hughes is throwin fuckin fiyahhh

  61. Jersey says:

    Just blow his ass away, son.

  62. Russell NY says:

    Is it hard to foul off as many balls as these guys do? Is there a man out there who we can enlist for the Yankees to foul off unlimited balls until the Angels are out of pitchers?

  63. Keanu Reeves says:

    Another Spongetech ad!

    • e mills says:

      spnge is dead man…100/1 reverse split to get on the nasdaq got rid of alot of people, although there were alot of shorts in anyway

  64. Dela G says:

    my god

    get this guy out already


    • whozat says:

      Seriously. I feel like that’s the first time in DAYS they’ve put a team away with 2 outs and a RISP without at least one run scoring. I know it’s not, but I’ve only gotten to watch parts of the Joba start, the first inning yesterday, and the 3rd inning on tonight.

  65. ShuutoHeat says:

    Anyone else thinks Aybar is a zombie…? Or a vampire of some sorts?

  66. Russell NY says:

    You cant blow away guys that just wanna slap the ball. They practically have the bat in the middle of the plate before the ball is released lol

  67. Jersey says:

    By the way, Texas is two outs away from handing us a postseason berth.

  68. Salty Buggah says:

    nice Phil

  69. Ivan says:

    No need to fear, Phil Hughes is here.

  70. Bob Stone says:

    Way to go Phil

  71. Keanu Reeves says:


  72. Dela G says:




  73. yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    good job phil

  74. Pags Pasqua says:

    What’s that – 8 pitches? Maybe Bruney should pitch the 8th. Wouldn’t want to tire Phil out.

  75. Jersey says:

    This Hughes guy is pretty good at baseball.

  76. Bob Stone says:

    I just got on line. Who would have figured the Royals taking the first two of their series from the BoSux? I thought they would tkae the game tonight with Greinke pitching, but last night was a gift. Let’s win this game and bury the Sox.

  77. Tom Zig says:

    A run or 4 would be nice

  78. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Nice job by Phil.

    But why can he get 5 outs but not 6? Or is Joe gonna use him for 4 outs and Mo for 4 as well?

  79. Chef says:

    So if the Sox play the Angels in the first round, who would you want to win?

    Don’t like the Sox so you’d want them to lose, but playing the Angels always seems so painful.

  80. lily says:

    we need some insurance runs!!

  81. pat says:

    Can we stop with the fucking Rangers update, that shit is bush league. We want home field that’s the only thing worth celebrating. Shut the fuck up Kay.

  82. Salty Buggah says:

    PeteAbe loves him some Huuuuuuughes

  83. Dela G says:



  84. Jersey says:

    Ian Kinsler lines into a double play. Postseason here we come.

    It’s on, bitches.

  85. Charlie says:

    including the minors, phranchise is at 100.2 IP on the year right now and counting. considering how long he’s been stuck in the pen, it seems like that could be worse

  86. Drew says:

    cano looked safe as hell

  87. whozat says:

    Swish gets on, do you pinch hit?

  88. Tank the Frank says:


  89. Salty Buggah says:

    Be OK Swisha

  90. Ivan says:

    So no matta what, the yanks in the playoffs.

  91. pat says:

    OO a fist pump.. alert the press.

  92. Dela G says:


    was that really a strike?

  93. Chef says:

    Sweet. Yanks bat for 1 min, now the Angels will bat for 63 agonizing minutes…

  94. whozat says:

    I guess this guy is their version of Aceves, with the ability to locate pitches.

  95. Mike Axisa says:

    Lock this shit down Phil.

  96. danny says:

    yay yankee playoff basebal!!! :) last year sure sucked without it!

  97. pat says:


  98. JMK says:

    With the exception of Matsui’s HR in the 5th, we haven’t done shit since the 3rd inning.

  99. Dela G says:


    ugh cano

  100. handtius says:


  101. whozat says:

    Not running out a grounder, and then botching that play? Come ON!

  102. Mike Axisa says:

    That was a rocket, but he’s got to make that play.

    Please bunt, Scioscia.

  103. See? The universe is clearly just fucking with us.

  104. pat says:

    Hahahaha, so awesome.

  105. JMK says:


  106. yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    freaking shyt

  107. handtius says:

    what the fuck was that….mother fucking ballls.

  108. whozat says:

    What the FUCK?!?!

  109. Mike Axisa says:

    Well that didn’t go well.

  110. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Please bunt.

  111. Dela G says:


    why the hell did you not throw

  112. Ivan says:

    Well Hughes, do your best Hudini act.

  113. aj says:

    AGHH!HH!!!!!!!!!!! i hate it in LA!~!!!

  114. Drew says:

    Good one Gardner. what was that?

    Melky i rght?

  115. pat says:

    Two all world defensive catchers on the bench ….

  116. Brazilian Yankee says:

    That’s just pathetic. Gotta play some D guys.

  117. trueblue says:

    Fucking chumps

  118. zs190 says:

    I’m late on this but wow, Hughes in the 7th? Joe’s definitely using his bullpen like he really wants to win this game. I approve if only winning this game gives the team some confidence. You don’t usually need to do that with a team that’s going to win 100 games but losing so much in Anaheim probably gets in players’ mind a little bit.

    • trueblue says:

      I would agree had he not left Aceves in the game 4 batters too long..

    • whozat says:

      He’s actually using the pen like he should have been for the last month. Hughes was a starter. They could have had him throwing two inning stints for a while now, like Mo did when he first came up.

  119. Jersey says:

    Maybe they’re overexcited about clinching a playoff spot.

  120. Dela G says:


  121. whozat says:

    Expected outcome: 1 out, no one on.
    Actual outcome: 0 out, man on third.

    Yankees FAIL.

  122. yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    thats a big out.

  123. pat says:

    Fuck it, Hughes is goin beastmode.

  124. Ivan says:

    iight Hughes.

  125. yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    Come on Hughes 2 more pop outs and were out of the inning.

  126. Dela G says:

    strike zone gets smaller and smaller

    • whozat says:

      Those were all outside. Hughes just screwed the pooch. Apparently, the outside corner is the only place they can throw the ball, for some reason, and he’s just missing it over and over again.

  127. Ivan says:

    Come on Hughes.

  128. JMK says:

    I’m not opposed to a walk to set up a DP.

  129. aj says:

    fuck this shit im goin to sleep.

  130. whozat says:


  131. Tom Zig says:

    This is ridiculous

  132. Dela G says:

    fucking A

    the game is fucking tied

    jesus christ

  133. Ivan says:

    Were winning this game.

  134. trueblue says:

    Wow… what a bunch of clowns.

    Girardi is an asshole

  135. Dela G says:

    cmon hughes

    we know you can do this

  136. yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    o wow bruney up in the pen.

  137. e mills says:

    I hope the Yankees don’t cost me my parlay…3/3 so far

  138. MikeD says:

    Oh, thank god Bruney is up in the bullpen. It’s not like I’d like to have hope.

  139. Salty Buggah says:


  140. whozat says:

    They haven’t had anyone who can throw strikes consistently since the fifth inning.

  141. Ivan says:

    STFU KAY!!!!

  142. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Congrats to Cano and Posada for manufacturing that Angels run.

  143. Henry says:

    If the Red Sox were playing the Angels, the Angels would be losing by 9 right now.


  144. ARX says:


  145. Tank the Frank says:

    Michael Kay. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

  146. yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    aaaaaaaaa i hate dem damm angels.

  147. JMK says:

    This game has been Murphy’s Law since the bottom of the 5th.

  148. Dela G says:

    damn it

    this game has gone to hell

  149. TJ says:

    I’d really love if something else went wrong efff

  150. danny says:

    sit yo ass down bruney. hughes got this himself

  151. Salty Buggah says:

    get a DP Philly

  152. Dela G says:

    my god



  153. Ivan says:

    Get DP here Hughes.

  154. Yeah, normally I’d be all ‘They made the playoffs, it’s all good’ but I’m just not in that mood at all right now.

  155. Tom Zig says:

    Now Hughes won’t be used for another 8 days

  156. Pags Pasqua says:

    DP – Please!!!

  157. Dela G says:

    throw vlad 5000 curveballs and cutters

  158. TJ says:

    Don’t worry guys, Bruney’s warming up in the pen fml

  159. ansky says:

    why is Anaheim like some alternate universe where the Yanks cant do anything right?

  160. yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    I swear these angels are more like devils in my eyes.

  161. handtius says:

    one of posts didn’t go through. just sayin.

  162. Dela G says:



  163. TJ says:


  164. Fastball velocity >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Old Vlad Guerrero

  165. bonestock94 says:

    Phew, one more to go. I knew this lead was too good to be true. A nice clean win is impossible in this place.

  166. whozat says:

    The YES gun is really inconsistent…he’s still at 95, Hughes is.

  167. Drew says:

    Ugh, I don’t know why YES’s gun still pisses me off. you’d think I’d be used to it by now.

  168. LiveFromNewYork says:

    Sometimes I turn off the game and try to guess the score by reading the comments. It’s 20 bazillion to 0 (Angels), isn’t it?

  169. Ivan says:


  170. Salty Buggah says:

    why all the panic in here?

  171. bonestock94 says:


  172. Dela G says:


  173. handtius says:

    I love lamp. I love Hughes.

  174. Bob Stone says:

    Great job Hughes

  175. JMK says:

    Cue Redemption Song.

  176. yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    U did a good job Phil it was the team defense.

  177. TJ says:

    Beautiful K

  178. ansky says:


  179. Drew says:

    HUGE job by Philly there. Good shit. Lets get the win now.

  180. Keanu Reeves says:

    All things considered…way to go Hughes.