Mixing up the chat reminder


Mike has work to catch up on, and he can’t chat this week. But this is just the worst kind of day — dark, rainy. Combined with the chance of no game (though this late in the season you have to figure they’ll try), it could be a dreary evening. So I’ll fill in, if you guys don’t mind. We’ll be chatting baseball and all other topics — NYC Craft Beer Week encouraged. See you at 2:00.

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  • jsbrendog

    my god i hope its not cancelled because i cant go to any makeup if it is a double header this weekend!!!

    and craft ber week:

    if anyone was a ny brewfest fan (the one on the seaport and one I have attended since it’s inception 3 yrs ago) I have terrible news. the 4th annual ny brewfest at the southstreet seaport has been cancelled for 09. I emailed them and found out some interesting details and informational tidbits. Stay tuned for more at 2.


    • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous Upside

      JSB, if you ever start your own microbrewery, I want you to name your beer “Oaktag Lager”.

      • jsbrendog

        haha, first i have to perfect my recipe. it is in the works. brewing beer just takes practice. once I get it down though i will need testers