Open Thread: Heyman’s free agent predictions


The Yankees are off today and are traveling out to the west coast for the third time this year, so we’ve got some time to kill. While we wait patiently for tomorrow’s game, let’s take a look at Jon Heyman’s latest column, in which he guesses how much money various free agents will get this winter. Here’s what’s up with the Yanks’ impending free agents:

17. Johnny Damon, Yankees outfielder. Big year. But “better in Yankee Stadium,” the GM said.
Agent: $18 million, 2 years.
GM: Whatever the Yankees want to pay.
Me: $16 million, 2 years.

Did you know Damon’s hitting .154-.267-.154 since Sept. 3rd? Yikes. Anyway, I can’t see Damon getting two guaranteed years, at least not from the Yankees. Given his age, lack of defense, and considerable home-road splits, there will probably be a limited market for his services. My guess is one year, $5M with incentives and an option for 2011.

19. Andy Pettitte, Yankees starter. He says he’s undecided about a return. But everyone thinks he’s going back to the Yankees.
Agent: $10 million, 1 year.
GM: $11-12 million, 1 year.
Me: $12 million, 1 year.

Common sense says it’s Yankees or retirement. Pettitte’s base salary was $5.5M this year, but he’s already earned close to $3.5M in incentives with $2.5M or so not far off. Assuming the shoulder fatigue is nothing major, Pettitte should get more guaranteed money next year. I’m thinking one year, $9M with more incentives.

20. Hideki Matsui, Yankees DH. Big field of DHs may hurt him. Could replace Ken Griffey Jr. in Seattle, the GM predicted.
Agent: $20 million, 2 years.
GM: $5-6 million, 1 year.
Me: $8 million, 1 year.

Matsui is a tough one. Everyone loves him, but designated hitters aren’t exactly in high demand. The anonymous GM Heyman quotes managed to make the Seattle-Japanese connection, but I think the M’s would turn to Russ Branyan to be their DH before dropping semi-big bucks on a free agent. I’m thinking one year, $5M tops, whether he stays in NY or goes elsewhere.

What do you guys think?

* * *

Here’s your open thread for the evening. The Mets are in the Atlanta playing out the rest of their schedule, while the Angels will wuss out against the Red Sox again, this time on MLB Network. Me? I’m finally going to tear in NHL 10. Talk about whatever you want, just be cool.

Update: For those who don’t check his blog (which is what, two of you?), Pete Abraham is headed up the East Coast to work for the Boston Globe. Make sure to go congratulate him.


  1. J.R. says:

    Matsui goes back to Japan.

    • … for some primo sake, and then flies back to NYC and reups with the Yankees on a 1/6 with plate appearances and days on the roster incentives to push it to 10M.

    • The Artist says:

      I suspect this will be the case. I don’t think this year’s free agent market will be substantially better than last years. Attendance was down across Baseball, most economists see 2010 as either flat or modest recovery, some are even predicting a double dip recession after the stimulus dollars dry out. So the conservative move would be to keep payroll flat (or decrease slightly) and that means weak demand for the limited, aging players like Matsui.

      It actually would be kind of nice to see him finish out his career while he has something left in Japan, he’s such an icon over there.

  2. leche: it does the yankees good says:

    pete abe to the boston globe… wow

  3. I don’t know why Heyman gets so much pub. He is a yank hater and just spouts out bullshit and passes it off as speculation. Then again, I suppose specualtion is just some bullshit.

    New Fringe tonight!! :)

    • Mike Pop says:

      Really? Heyman is a Yanks hater?

      I don’t feel that way at all.

      • Back in the day I listened to Francesa frequently. He always came on the show saying something negative about the Yanks. That’s why I feel that way.

        • Nady Nation says:

          I’m with Pop. I’ve heard Heyman praise several moves the Yanks have made, as well as Yankee players in general.

          • Mike Pop says:

            You ready to get smacked down on Sunday night.

            • Nady Nation says:

              Man, it’s been a while since we football trash-talked, huh? Honestly, I think it’ll be a close game. A little bummed that Canty won’t be making his triumphant return to big D, but our d-line depth should be able to cover him for a few weeks, if need be. I’m confident in our ability to run the ball on you guys, after Tampa ran for 150+ yards. A little worried about the banged up secondary. Gotta admit though, I am interested to see the effect this scoreboard will have on punts. I have no doubt in my mind that Feagles has studied the in’s and out’s of that thing and knows exactly what angles to hit it at in order to down the ball inside the 10.

              • Zack says:

                ” I have no doubt in my mind that Feagles has studied the in’s and out’s of that thing and knows exactly what angles to hit it at in order to down the ball inside the 10.”

                It’s a do-over if he hits the scoreboard.

                • Nady Nation says:

                  Damn, did not know that. Thanks for the info.

                • Zack says:

                  But then the team punting is screwed because their guys ran full out for 40 yards, have 10 seconds to recover and have to do it again- while the returner is fresh for that 2nd go around.

                  The whole thing is stupid, but the NFL cant man up and say they made a mistake (told them the height it needed to be and the Cowboys put it 5 feet higher than what they recommended) and give Jerry 2m to move the thing up.

              • Mike Pop says:

                I’m not enamored with the Dallas rush defense, but I don’t think it’s as bad as it showed week 1. Boy, we might miss Canty a bit though, haha.

                Romo is undefeated against you guys in the regular season though 8)

                I love the Cowboys offense this year, yeah I know it was TB but still. Just think it will be WR by committee and they won’t have to worry about keeping TO happy. I was originally against the decision to cut him loose but since it happened, it has to be the right decision. The punting should be fun, we’ll see.

                I’m real confident in a Dallas win on Sunday, not trying to be a homer. But our house, first game ever. Couple friends of mine were down there for preseason and said it was the loudest it’s ever been at a Boys home game. We’ll see, should be a real fun game. My wallet hopes so.

        • Zack says:

          I’ll have to agree with that, no matter what the topic is he does find a way to complain about the Yankees.

      • Zack says:

        Just a b-jobber, still

  4. RZG says:

    Pete Abraham’s leaving LoHud for the Boston Globe. I’ll miss the constant Yankee updates

  5. How amazing would it be if RAB gets PeteAbe’s credentials? Any shot? I mean, you’re all official and all…

  6. Zack says:

    “2. Jason Bay, Red Sox OF. The Red Sox tried earlier, and Bay has said he loves playing in Boston, a stark change from Pittsburgh.
    Agent: $147 million, 7 years.
    GM: $60 million, 4 years.
    Me: $80 million, 5 years.”

    I would love to see a team give Bay 147m

  7. Bill says:

    Let’s bring Andy back for 1yr @ 8-10mm
    Offer Damon 1 @ 8mm-he cant throw, catch or bunt
    pass on matsui.

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      He may not be able to catch, throw, or bunt but he could hit the living piss out of the ball.

  8. Here’s your open thread for the evening. The Mets are in the Atlanta playing out the rest of their schedule, while the Angels will wuss out against the Red Sox again, this time on MLB Network.

    You left out #14 Georgia Tech vs. #20 Miami. (safe)

  9. alex gonzalez says:

    i say no to matsui. maybe to damon. probably pettite. but what about john lackey. could he fit in somehow. it would make keeping hughes in the pen easier and could help push joba back into it.

  10. The Artist says:

    Question for Joe P, Mike A, Ben and anyone else who would have an idea on the answer.

    Peter Abraham’s blog is wildly popular, by FAR the most popular of all Yankee blogs. If he was to start his own blog and maintain most of his readership, would he be able to earn enough money to make that his full time job?

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

      According to

      River Ave Blues traffic rank : 58,074
      yankees.lohudblogs traffic rank : 70,767

      Who’s more popular?

    • About 18 months ago, the answer was yes, but I’m not sure what the state of the online advertising economy is. The tipping point is around 1 million unique views a month. At that point, real advertisers — and not hot women selling fantasy sports — will pick up your blog. Based on his posts about traffic, LoHud is there.

      The problem as I see it — and I was chatting with Joe about this when I got wind of something up with Pete — is the cost. Six to eight months of a baseball beat writer means paying for a lot of air travel and hotel rooms. I don’t think an independent beat writer blog can be self-sustaining while MLBTR or Murray Chass’ site can be.

      • Marcus says:

        Good point about the cost of travel. It would be very tough to maintain the daily following the team around routine.

      • the artist formerly known as (sic) says:

        wait wait wait wait wait.


        are you telling me {gulps} that murray chass gets 1M unique views a month?

        [breathes into paper bag]

        • I highly doubt it. I was just using him as an example of a journalist who would get a credential and be able to run his own site. He’s probably living off his Times retirement/severance package.

      • The Artist says:

        Gotcha. Hope you guys will be doing a piece on this, looking forward to reading it.

    • Marcus says:

      Wouldn’t he need to get a credential somehow to maintain the same level of content? I suppose the Yankees could give him one because of his popularity. I must admit I don’t know how the credential issuing process works.

      It would be a huge risk to do that in any case, and would require someone with the vision and audacity to do it, but you see in politics that people have successfully gone on their own from the news business (most notably Josh Marshall at Definitely possible.

    • Sean McNally says:

      Speaking as a working reporter…. no.

      Part of what is killing papers like the Journal News is the fact no one can figure out how to make money on the internet.

      In order to do what he does, Pete would need to generate fees for servers, Web design services and oh yeah, come up with tens of thousands of dollars for travel (ever notice all the references to expense reports he posts?).

      That’s all on top of things like food, housing, clothes, health insurance… etc etc…

      Moving up to the Globe is a certified big deal, and part of the career track for reporters. The only two surprises is that A) he didn’t get snapped up by a larger NYC paper and B) it took him this long to go.

      He’s at the cutting edge of “new” newspapering, and we should feel lucky that he’s been doing it for us.

  11. The Artist says:

    Neyer has a bunch of good articles up right now, after a string of weak ones. Here’s one on the 2010 Sox. Looks like they’re turning into the Yanks of the later Torre years.

  12. Read this, you’ll thank me (Jets fans especially). Seriously.


  13. Zack says:

    Tigers 1-2 starters last start combined: 12IP 16H 10ER
    Tigers 1-2-3 starters last start combined: 13IP 19H 14ER

    But wait the Yankees have the WORST postseason rotation!

    • Marcus says:

      Tigers 1-2 starters last start sample size combined: SMALL
      Tigers 1-2-3 starters last start sample size combined: SMALL

      Lesson: all pitchers have a stinker start now and then, hopefully the Yankees’ opponents will have stinker starts in the playoffs.

  14. mike jones says:

    Would Wolf be an upgrade over pettite or are his stats NL inflated?

  15. mustang says:

    Going to Seattle for the weekend to catch Saturday’s game. Thank you Mo for the pitching match up. Has anyone been to Seattle? If you have I would appreciate any suggestions on place to see or things to do.

  16. Bones at 8, The Office at 9. It’s gonna be a good night.

  17. jim p says:

    I’d keep Matsui for DH if it was either Damon or Matsui. The man is just ridiculously good with runners on base, and late and close. I know Damon can offer some flexibility (if you consider poor defense a plus), but you can get a youngster to take his place. Matsui hits LH & RHP almost equally as well, and can sit if you want to get Posada or someone else a “half-day.”

    Does anyone know if Matsui’s legs are done done done? Or is there an expectation that he can play the field again next year.

    Matsui’s splits:

  18. Colin says:

    I would love for the Yankees to get Prince Fielder. Do you think Montero, McCalister, Kennedy would get it done?

    • Mike Pop says:

      I don’t know, but I wouldn’t do it.

    • No thank you.

      Mark Teixeira>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Prince

      Prince’s name>>>>>>>>>> Mark

      • Colin says:

        Yeah I am. Put him at DH, he’s better than Matsui. And he’s better than you have any reason to expect Montero to ever be. McCalister has no spot on this team other than in the bullpen, and Kennedy’s better than what he’s shown but not much. But thats one great and 2 good prospects for them to build with (especially in the NL).

        Prince Fielder at DH would make our offense elite.

        • Mike Pop says:

          The offense is the best in the entire league right now.

          Is it not elite?

          • Colin says:

            Thats the point. With Prince playing in New Yankee Stadium we would be that much better. Nobody would be close. Tex-Arod-Prince would be the best 3-4-5 in the game. It certainly wouldn’t make us any worse

            • In the future it would because we’d be losing two high-upside pitchers and the best bat in the system, which, as of right now, could be the best bat in the entire minors. Pass.

              • Colin says:

                I think we just value these things differently. I’d like to think those three will be valuable, but chances are, we’ll be luck if they can be as productive as we know Prince can be.

        • Steve H says:

          Do you mean it would make the offense eliter? They have the best offense in baseball as it is. What would you do in interleague/WS, bench Tex or Prince? And to say McCalister has no spot on this team is asinine. Completely.

          • Colin says:

            What we’re gonna have a rotation of CC, AJ, Joba, Hughes McCalister? Or did you want to give that to Kennedy? Come on it might work out, but why give a spot to McCalister that you could later give to somebody like Felix?

        • And he’s better than you have any reason to expect Montero to ever be

          I’d rather hang on to the best hitting prospect the Yankees have, especially since he’s a catcher who has 30 HR potential unless you’re getting something ridiculous for him (Cole Hamels, Dan Haren, Tim Lincecum, you catch my drift).

          McCalister has no spot on this team other than in the bullpen

          Well, sure, but that’s because he’s not ML ready yet. He’s pitched literally one game above AA at this point. By this time next year, he could very well be ML ready and there could very well be a spot for him.

          Also, our offense is already elite with Hideki Matsui there, and he would cost just money, not the top pitching prospect and top hitting prospect in the system, along with another guy who’s got a good amount of potential.

          • Colin says:

            Prince Fielder IS something ridiculous.

            And McCalister could, but he’d also be alot more valuable to the Brewers in the NL not making much money. Fielder even at 11 million is worth more for this team than McCalister.

            • No, Prince fielder is not something ridiculous. As a designated hitter, he loses some of his value and the upgrade over Matsui probably isn’t enough to justify giving up two high upside pitchers and, again, what is probably the best bat in the minor leagues.

              • Colin says:

                McCalister and Kennedy’s upsides are #3 Pitchers in the AL East. Montero may be one of the best bats in the minors, but Prince is one of the best bats in the majors.

                Prince Fielder: 25, .298/.412/.586/.925 160 OPS+ 39 HR
                Hideki Matsui: 35, .280/.370/.483/.853 130 OPS+ 25 HR

                • Every day you play Prince as the DH you cannot give Posada, A-Rod, Jeter, maybe Damon if he’s back, or anyone else a day off without taking their bats out of the lineup.

                  It’s an important factor. It affects how the Yankees will be able to rest their players and put their best lineups on the field while keeping those guys fresh and healthy. If you acquire Prince, you’re playing him every day as the DH. You have zero flexibility.

                • What Steve said.

                  And the offense doesn’t need much of an upgrade. Maybe if we start talking about Yovanni Gallardo instead of Price Fielder, I’d be more ears.

                • Colin says:

                  The Yankees have played 147 games and have 15 games left.

                  Johnny Damon is 35 and has played 132 games, 4 at DH

                  Derek Jeter and has played 140 games, playing 5 as DH

                  Alex Rodriguez is 33 and has played 111 games playing 9 as DH (Usually DH’s no more than 5 times a season)

                  Jorge Posada is 37 and has playes 103 games playing 7 at DH

                  Thats 25 games, not counting guys like Swisher or Tex or Hinske that have had DH rotated among the veterans. That would mean if Prince only played DH he would get in 137 games.

                  I think its worth it. Especially considering Prince’s age compared to Posada/Jeter/Damon/Arod.

                  P.S. Sorry the responses are taking so long, really bad internet connection.

                • That’s 25 games this season. Next year those guys are a year older, and so on and so forth. That issue just gets more important from here on out, not better. The number of guys who could use days at DH (cough Posada cough) will grow a lot in the next couple of years. If you fill that slot with Prince Fielder, that slot is filled and the roster is inflexible in the way discussed above for years.

    • I would love for the Yankees to get Prince Fielder. Do you think Montero, McCalister, Kennedy would get it done?

      This isn’t serious, is it?

    • Steve H says:

      alex gonzalez’d?

  19. gio says:

    Buy low on BJ Upton. Then you can put me in LF, and we’d still have a better team than we do now (I assume I’m better than Melky).

  20. Zack says:;type=lgns

    “Umpires working the series between the Red Sox and Angels at Fenway Park are complaining that they were verbally abused by the Los Angeles coaches after Wednesday night’s controversial ending.”

    Complaing about verbal abuse? Those umps are lucky they still have a job.

    Oh and Scott van Pelt and Ryen Russilo were embarassing on ESPN radio today, saying the pitch was borderline and could have gone either way.

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      Again, Nick Green struck out TWICE.

      Whoever wins it helps the Yanks but still. What a joke.

  21. Steve H says:

    So for all of the people here (posters) that accuse KLaw of being a Sox fan, here are a few quotes today from his chat. This should clear it up.

    Keith Law
    (1:09 PM)
    Which are you less likely to see: the Loch Ness Monster, or a game-ending called third strike against the Red Sox at Fenway?

    Sean (Boston)
    Any thoughts on Brian Fuentes’ comments that the Sox get calls at Fenway because the umps are afraid? Sounds like sour grapes to me.
    Keith Law
    (1:17 PM)

    I’m shocked that this question came from Boston. I absolutely agree with Fuentes, both on the third strike to Green and in general.

  22. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Juan Miranda tripled, then scored. 1-0 SWB.

  23. alex gonzalez says:

    angels are laying down for boston to walk over them. this is an embarassment, its like they aren’t even playing baseball. angels are already up 1-0. what a joke of a team.

  24. Steve H says:

    Did the Pirates starting pitcher pitch poorly in this game.

  25. Zack says:

    ellsbury with the BANDBOX SHOT!

  26. Mike Pop says:

    It’s okay Angels, save your wins against the RS for the playoffs.

    • The Artist says:

      When the Manager starts bitching about balls and strikes in the post game, however justified, it’s easy to believe that the Sox are getting into their heads. Good managers like Scioscia usually don’t go there, and it gives you the impression he’s feeling embattled and with no margin for error. That’s how you feel when a team owns you.

      • Zack says:

        I didnt see his comments, but no manager could have or should have kept quiet after that embarassing AB.

        • Mike Pop says:

          I dozed off for a few minutes with the 2 outs. I wake up to the sox celebrating.

          Talk about a nightmare!

          /horrible joke

        • The Artist says:

          Sorry, but in any game there are dozens of plays that you can point to that were made/not made that affect the game more than a Ball/Strike call. I’m sure he didn’t bitch when some of those calls went his way. His quotes and his player/coaches comments wreaked of paranoia, which tells me they’re not thinking clearly. Tells me the Sox are in their heads.

          Complaining about the umps is like complaining about NYC government. Everyone who lives, works or runs a business in this town can do it all day long, and its all a waste of time.

          • Zack says:

            A manager should never go out and argue a call or get tossed from a game?

            When a strike down the ball to end the ball game is called a ball to tie the game, every manager is going to say something. And if they dont, players in that locker room are going to look at him.

            • Mike Pop says:

              I’m with Zack here.

            • The Artist says:

              “A manager should never go out and argue a call or get tossed from a game?”

              No, I never said that or anything like it. But COMPLAINING about the Umps afterward is a total, utter waste of time. And ‘his players looking at him funny’ is the tail wagging the dog. He’s supposed to be LEADING his team, not cow-towing to their mood swings. He’s supposed to keep them focused, not allow them to get off track blaming umpires.

  27. Scooter says:

    So far Nova’s thrown 5 shutout innings – 1 hit, 1 walk and lots of grounders. 2nd straight strong start in the playoffs

  28. Jacory Harris is Mike Vick-esque in the way he just flicks his wrist and the ball goes off like a missile.

  29. The Artist says:

    Give Beckett credit, this will be two good outings in a row after a string of bad ones. Looks like he’s back on track, which is bad for us.

  30. As soon as I flip it to the Sawwwwwwwwwwwwwwks game I immediately hear, “Well, when you spend half a billion dollars in the off-season…”

    I fucking flipped it right back to FOX.

  31. alex gonzalez says:

    i wish we had got torii hunter that one offseason. we would have no centerfield issues. he has been insane during this contract. insane offense for any position, while playing a gold glove level center field. what more can you want.

  32. Mike Pop says:

    Pedroia is so good. He has court awareness on the field, during baseball.

  33. Brandon says:

    Looking at the lohud post, and thought you guys should be prepared…
    “Pete, i was hoping you’d be moving over to the espnNY page that’s starting in 2010. oh well, good luck in boston. Thanks for the hard work.
    For those interested, I would check out if you’re looking for a new Yankees blog.”

    • Steve H says:

      Might be time to instate the “you must pass this test before posting”. Of course, the test being whether Joba should be a starter or that other much less valuable thing.

  34. V says:

    Hey, alex gonzalez, how many wins do YOU have?

  35. Scooter says:

    7 one-hit innings for Nova – 84 pitches

    He’s going to have to get protected on the 40-man anyways after the season – do you give him a taste of the majors after the AAA season is over?

  36. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    Shit, would have been a run. Bad luck.

  37. The Artist says:

    Hmmmmm . . . . Peter Abraham leaving LoHud for Boston JUST BEFORE the playoffs?

    Coincidence? Or are they hiring him so they can pick his brain? Give up state secrets that Tito can nefariously use against us?

  38. Mike Pop says:

    Sit down, Lowell.

  39. Ok. This is sort of a big “if,” but if we could somehow land 20 tickets or so to one of the Royals/Yankees games — Tuesday or Wednesday to avoid conflict with Yom Kippur — would there be interest in a RAB game at the stadium? Otherwise, we’ll definitely do this next season.

  40. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Captain America please take that option next season, waste a roster spot. Then we test how ‘loyal’ red sox fans really are.

  41. gio says:




  42. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    Tied Game … Billy Wagner Blow time!!!!

  43. Dela G says:

    thank god… victor martinez missed a HR by about 2 feet

  44. Here’s how you know your career is in the shitter: Reggie Willits is pinch hitting for you.

  45. gio says:

    Random question: Can the writers fuck up the AL Cy Young voting and prevent Greinke’s record from winning it?

  46. The Artist says:

    BI is adding a premium content area.

    I wish them well.

  47. Mike Axisa says:

    Why can’t the Yankees get pitchers like Brett Tomko?

  48. Dela G says:

    billy wagner walks the lead off man

  49. Tom Zig says:

    angels take the lead!

    Better not fuck up the calls tonight, umps

  50. Chris says:

    Why can’t the Yankees get pitchers like Billy Wagner?

  51. That was a stupid play. Why the hell would you not have Mike Napoli, who is slugging .588 off of lefties, pinch hit there?

  52. Dela G says:



    4-3 HALOS!

  53. Johan Iz My Brohan says:


  54. Tom Zig says:

    Why not put in Fuentes?

  55. Mike Pop says:

    Here’s the 147 mill man.

  56. Dela G says:

    who is this angels reliever throwing 99?


  57. Hey Fuentes, don’t fuck it up.


  58. Dela G says:

    oh god, fuentes is in…

  59. Mike Pop says:

    Big Papi is going to hit a deep TRACK, WALL!

  60. Free Mike Vick says:


  61. “A closer’s best attribute has always got to be a short memory.”

    No, that should be his second best attribute. His best attribute should be the ability to get guys out.

  62. Dela G says:


  63. Dela G says:

    cmon fuentes

    let’s not start this shit

    one more fucking out

  64. I dunno, I think he didn’t went around there.

    Umps at Fenway

  65. Tom Zig says:

    Herrreee weee gooo.

  66. Greg G. says:

    Oh look, there’s two out, time for Fuentes to put some runners on.

  67. Why not just hit with Youkilis now…?

  68. Dela G says:



  69. Greg G. says:

    Magic Number = 10. Love it.

  70. Greg G. says:

    Hey TSJC…nice Magic # photo, eh?


  71. That picture is an approximation of what the Yankees are going to do to the competition in the playoffs: deck some fools.

  72. Aaaaaaaand Ransom strikes out with the winning run on third in the bottom of the ninth. To extras they go in SWB.

  73. Mike Pop says:

    The U is just murdering G Tech.

  74. How in the fuck did Rick Sutcliffe beat Gooden out for the ’84 Cy Young? Wow. That is just an awful, awful mistake.

  75. aj says:

    Matsui 8 million for one year in this market?

  76. I need Shannon Sharpe on the sidelines to grab the phone and say “Get the National Guard, because we are murdering the YellowJackets!”

  77. Steve H says:

    This sucks. I have been offline for about an hour and of course the era has changed, at least once. I feel I can’t even bring anything to the table conversation wise.

  78. The Artist says:

    So I guess when Magic #2 comes around it will be a photo of Snuffy Stirnweiss.

    So disappointed in you guys.

  79. Tom Zig says:

    Did Terry francona really put Rocco Baldelli in to pinch hit for JD Drew? (I was in class)

  80. Tom Zig says:

    Are we gonna get a spill-over open thread?

  81. Let’s move this party to an overflow thread. It’s getting too crowded in this one.

    And yes, Baldelli PHed for Drew with Youkilis on deck. Manager of the year if the game mattered.

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