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The Justin Verlander factor
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In his recent column, SI’s Jon Heyman has three quick bullet points on the Yanks. Nothing big, but there are a few discussion-worthy topics.

Andy Pettitte begged the Yankees to keep pitching through his shoulder fatigue — though it appears he’s going to make almost all his incentives and more than double his $5.5 million salary, anyway. Yankees people realize they need Pettitte in the playoffs.

I doubt Andy wants to pitch just so he can reach his incentives. He knows as well as anyone what’s at stake right now, and if his shoulder really was an issue he wouldn’t be begging into September games when the team has a playoff spot all but locked up.

Andy has a $5.5 million base salary, plus another $6.5 million in incentives. He’s going to get all of the $2 million roster bonus without a doubt. He’s already earned $1.5 million in performance bonuses, and will add another $750K to that with his next start. The one after that should add another three-quarter million. If he starts three more times, it could be yet another bonus. So Pettitte stands to make $10.5 to $11.25 million this season. Not bad.

While Jorge Posada‘s feistiness generally makes him a beloved figure around the Yankees, club personnel were not pleased Posada ignited a brawl with the Blue Jays. As Toronto manager Cito Gaston pointed out, the Yankees were the ones with something to lose. The Yankees didn’t fight Posada’s three-game suspension (perhaps they knew he got a break).

The Yankees shouldn’t have been pleased with that. Jorge doesn’t like to be a target at the plate, and was rightly upset when Carlson threw behind his back. But it never should have escalated to that point. The Blue Jays are a fourth place team. The Yankees are headed for the best record in the AL. There’s no need for a petty fight in that situation. Nothing good can come of it.

The Yankees think they may have detected the flaw in Joba Chamberlain‘s delivery that’s caused him to be so mediocre lately. Pitching coach Dave Eiland is said to have noticed something was awry.

This always sounds dubious to me, no matter what pitcher it regards. We heard stories earlier this year about how John Smoltz was tipping pitches with the Sox. Ditto Luke Hochevar. Sure, there might have been a hitch in Joba’s delivery, and getting into the rhythm of pitching every five days might have helped him work it out. To me, it sounds more like a confidence booster than anything. If it works, hats off. An effective Joba gives the Yankees a distinct advantage in the playoffs.

The Justin Verlander factor
Open Thread: New radio voices
  • Omar

    They just now detected a flaw in his delivery? I mean, with the way he’s been pitching (if you could call what’s he doing that) I would have asked every pitching mechanic I could possibly find for a private consultation and in depth film study. They’re just now finding something? I mean, I’m hoping for the best…just that the he has a long injury history throughout his career back to before he even went to a D1 school, I don’t exactly have a lot of hope in him. When he was drafted I thought reliever was probably the most likely of outcomes for him (I’m not a fucking B-Jobber), as he progressed as a starter in 2007 he caused me to think otherwise. Then the injuries happened, and the lack of velocity, command, and sharp breaking stuff as a starter this season happened and that caused me to reconsider my position on him. Hopefully this is true, and he’ll go back to being the Chamberlain of 2008 not the Chamberlain of 2009.

  • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster)

    Be awesome if the delivery flaw was true.

  • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster)

    By the way, Joe, FORM Heyman?

    You should be ashamed. Commence seppuku immediately.

  • JSquared

    Wise words to Cito, don’t put a pitcher in the game to hit someone if he’s the one who’s gonna get hit (in the Noggin!). Who doesn’t like a brawl, yankees seemed to be getting a little lackadaisical and now they have a reason to play hard even with few games left.

    For Joba, we all love Joba when he’s good, a little less when he’s bad, but hey, if Joba can get his shit together, there’s no reason to believe he won’t b good in the playoffs, barring bugs.

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  • cr1

    Try anything.

    With Pettitte hurting and AJ doing his headcase thing, if there is any hope at all that Joba can become a respectable starter in time for the postseason, go for it.

    CC’s great, and we know he’s an October horse, but he can’t start every night.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      His last start against the Angels gives me hope he can turn it around.

      • http://assets.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/yankeestadium/img/meet_the_yankees/11_AJ-Burnett.jpg Mike Pop

        Him being Joba Chamberlain gives me hope.

  • http://cache.boston.com/bonzai-fba/Globe_Photo/2009/08/08/soxyank6__1249712396_8566.jpg Mike Pop

    Good to hear this about Joba. Even if he only starts a game in the ALDS, would be good to have him at his best. Then for the ALCS, put him in the bullpen I guess. Really could be an asset there for a playoff series.

  • Lanny

    Good thing it only took Eiland 30 starts to find something. Not like his velocity went down this yr or anything.

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  • http://kikojones5.blogspot.com Kiko Jones

    Not to rehash the brawl again but it should not have gone past the ball thrown behind Posada’s back. But Carlson’s deliberate or absent-minded idiocy after Posada scored–not being where he was supposed to be: backing his catcher behind the plate–was the catalyst for the whole thing. At that point I didn’t mind Posada mixing it up despite the suspension/injury consequences.

  • Mike HC

    I do think Joba is going to pitch much better down the stretch and in the playoffs, but I highly doubt it will be because Eiland tweaked Joba’s delivery.

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