The Peter Abraham appreciation thread


Peter Abraham is leaving the Journal News for the Boston Globe. Everyone already knows; no reason to pussyfoot around it. After nearly three years of dedicated service on the LoHud Yankees Blog, Pete’s headed to a gig at a much bigger paper. It’s an excellent opportunity, and it couldn’t go to anyone more deserving. While I’ll miss Pete covering the Yanks and providing multiple daily updates on the blog, I wish him only the best of luck as he transitions to the rival beat.

Mike and I met Pete at the Winter Meetings last year. We introduced ourselves, expecting we’d have a quick exchange and then be on our way. But Pete chatted with us for a while, talking Yanks, newspapers, coverage, and anything else that might have come up. We were first timers and didn’t want to look out of place. Pete helped us with any procedural questions we had. He didn’t have to do any of that. But not only did he, but it seemed to please him. He also seems happy to answer all of my annoying emails asking for information. There are so many people who wouldn’t do that, wouldn’t go out of their way to help just some blog, but Pete always did. And I’ll always appreciate that.

People have varying opinions of the man, but there are two things no one can deny. First, Pete is a good reporter who gathers and disseminates information in a timely and professional manner. Second, he gets it. He proposed the idea of the blog to his bosses at a time when blog was still a dirty word. He slogged through it when only die-hards were reading. I remember someone pointing me there during those Winter Meetings, and I wondered why the hell everyone wasn’t doing that. Since then, the industry has wised up and learned that a blog is a good medium for journalism. Pete was ahead of his time.

It’s always hard to lose someone like Pete, who has been with us for so long. All the beat writers have blogs now, but none of them are quite Pete’s. Someone will eventually fill the void he’ll leave in two weeks, but it still won’t be quite the same. I hope that some of the people who don’t think of Pete as highly as I do can at least appreciate his contribution to journalism.

Take care in Boston, Pete, and good luck.

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  1. Accent Shallow says:

    I’ll wish him well in his future endeavors, and hope that whoever the Journal News puts on the Yankees beat updates the blog at a similar pace!

  2. Senor A. Boy says:

    Can we start a Chad Jennings for the LoHud Yankees Blog thred?

  3. pete says:

    As an analyst, i found him to be frustratingly stagnant in his biases and opinions, but as a sports reporter, he may be the best there is. The Globe has reeled in a true catch, and I would not be surprised at all to see him rise to sports-writing superstardom in the next few years. Good luck!

    • johnny says:

      I agree totally. I check his blog several times a day for his excellent reporting, and while his analysis isn’t awful, it’s just not his forte. For reporting Pete’s blog is my first stop, for analysis I go to RAB. Pete will be missed.

      • Bo says:

        His reporting was very good. His analysis leaves something to be desired.

        But he had an opinion. At least he shared it. He has let his Girardi and A-Rod hate drive him tho

  4. Jim L says:

    I have two sites I go to for Yankee information, RAB and Pete, it will leave my work time reading a whole lot shorter, good luck to Pete, and good luck to RAB helping to fill his void.

  5. jsbrendog says:

    he is great at what he does. hopefully the red sox can sign angel berroa so they can get the daily bad old age joke :-P

  6. Wayno2424 says:

    Pete Abraham is nothing more than a kiss-ass. Anybody who he thinks can advance his career(see: Kim Jones and Suzyn Waldman)will get gratitously positive comments. He is also holier than thou and highly insincere. He does disseminate info better than any other blog but good riddance Pete. Go back to Mass with the other jerks and good luck on your quest to kiss a girl u fat tub o lard.

  7. P.S.: I’m buying stock in any publicly traded Boston area catering company I can. Think about it.

  8. Whitey14 says:

    Pussyfoot…what a great word! Nice job Joe!

    I wonder where the hell that one originated?

  9. alex gonzalez says:

    pete abraham was a pioneer in the industry. he is one of the reasons the yankees blog popularity has increased so much over the years. he always knew how to report a story and keep the fans more connected with what was happening with the players. he never was afraid to tell the ugly truth, especially on the issues of arod. i will miss him as he goes to report for the enemy. i will probably have to read him to see what his perspective is in boston.

  10. Macklin says:

    Peter Abraham is, and always was, a blowhard. His contempt for his readers was easily discernible. In fact, his attitude led me, and I assume, others, to this fantastic blog. Good riddance, Pete.

    • Bo says:

      I guess a sports writer cant please everyone.

    • sabes says:


      PeteAbe held his readers in contempt and it disgusted me enough to stop reading his blog even though he is a good reporter. As an analyst, he’s horrible. He’s also unnecessarily sarcastic pretty much all of the time. If you look up “beat a dead horse” in the dictionary, there is a picture of PeteAbe.

  11. Rob says:

    I think Joe’s line that “he gets it” perfectly describes Abraham’s contribution to the NYC media. I always thought he was an excellent read and very good at his job. He’ll be missed.

  12. pete c. says:

    Check out nomass’s tribute.

  13. Zack says:

    Wish him the best, never been a huge fan of him but i can respect what hes done for Yankee fans.

  14. handtius says:

    Pete was great at keeping you up on what “just happened” in the Yankee realm. I’ll miss that. It will take longer for us to find out the goings ons. Good luck to him. His family must be happy to have him closer to home. Hopefully RS fans will take to him like most Yankee fans have, or maybe the don’t and he comes back. hmmm.

    • johnny says:

      As far as I know, pete is the only beat writer who blogs from the park many times a day. the other beat writer blogs seem to put up a newspaper style pieces once a day. I hope somebody fills this void

  15. Jim Lane says:

    Pete will be missed. Lucky for us, we now know we have an excellent source for Red Sox news.

  16. Don says:

    While I appreciated Pete’s efforts, his pompous attitude will certainly not be missed.

    Replace him with Chad Jennings and that blog probably gets even better.

  17. Greg F. says:

    At one point, Pete Abe was the go-to guy for recent Yankee news. You used to have to refresh his blog if you wanted any breaking Yankee news. Before him, there was no easy way to get instant Yankee updates and we should all thank him for that.

    I know I disagree with a lot of his analysis, but that doesn’t stop me from respecting the job he has done over the years. If this was a year or two ago, it would have been a much tougher loss. With Twitter’s popularity, though, all of the beat writers are breaking the same news at the same time, so Pete’s blog had lost some of its uniqueness and usefulness. Still, I’d like to thank Pete for basically changing the way beat writers disseminate news to the fans.

  18. Andy In Sunny Daytona says:

    Wes Mantooth said it best for me:

    “From deep down in my stomach, with every inch of me, I pure, straight hate you. But goddammit, do I respect you!”

    • Veronica Corningstone: [in bear pit] In case we die here today, there’s something that you should know. That dirty trick with the Teleprompter. It wasn’t…
      Ron Burgundy: Sweet Eli Whitney’s nose. It wasn’t you, was it? It was Wes Mantooth. Oh, I should have known.
      Veronica Corningstone: No, no. No, I did it.
      Ron Burgundy: [screams] YOU BITCH!
      [bears wake up]
      Ron Burgundy: You woke up the bears. Why did you do that?

  19. Marzk says:

    Im gonna make this quick. I’m gonna remember one phrase pete used to post all the time about Matsui. “we’re gonna miss him when he’s gone”. Well today I will say the same to all thoe blog readers Yankees Fan.

  20. anon says:

    I wouldnt go crazy saying he was ahead of his time. Blogs had their big media spotlight back in the 2004 presidential election.

    Pete was just ahead of the other dinosaurs in the BBWAA

  21. Pete says:

    >> With Twitter’s popularity, though, all of the beat writers are breaking the same news at the same time, so Pete’s blog had lost some of its uniqueness and usefulness. Still, I’d like to thank Pete for basically changing the way beat writers disseminate news to the fans. >>

    Agreed, although I would always default to him for the ‘official/unofficial’ Yankees news.

    I wish him luck in Boston, but I’m not completely sure why one would choose that hornet’s nest over New York.

  22. Sleeping with the enemy says:

    How can you peolple trust a man that openly routes for the Patriots?

  23. Wayno2424 says:

    The only place Pete was a pioneer was at five guys and krispy kreme. As the months went on and his blog’s popularity grew, so did his contempt for his readers. Reminds me of another overweight NY sports personality.

  24. Thanks to Joe for all the kind words. Much appreciated. The same to those who also said nice things.

    I didn’t really understand some of the replies here, which is probably just as well.

    Enjoy the rest of the season, the Yankees have a hell of a team.

  25. ADam says:

    Pete Abe Is the Man.. Plain and Simple. He’s a really cool guy in person and IMO the best sports writer in the Country.

    I remember meeting him in Baltimore and he was really cool to my brother and I. We chatted for a moment about baseball and I just thought that was really cool of him.

    He also is very Candid, which is rare in sports media. I wish him nothing but the best in Boston, The only thing I worry about for him is that the Boston fans don’t like it one bit when the media is candid about there boys….

    I hope the first time he calls out Papleboner for being a jack@$$ or that JD Drew Is soft, Or that David Ortiz is a steroid user that the fans in Boston don’t turn on him… and stop reading… They Hate Candidness is Boston… They don’t want to hear the negative.. they only want to hear there news from Peter Gammons…

    Good Luck Pete, Again I hope the Boston Fans Realize who and what they are getting and Appreciate it

  26. Scott says:

    I’m an avid LoHug Yankees Blog reader of Pete’s and was upset to hear the news. I’m interested in seeing who will replace him but I have a feeling that they will not be able to be as good as he was. I’ve been searching around for new blogs, almost like looking for a new girlfriend, and found this one. Enjoy reading it so far and might make it my 1 stop Yankees blog in a few weeks.

  27. cr1 says:

    I use another SN on Pete’s blog and never mention this site or the other two or three I go to regularly, because nothing could be worse for a blog with a reasonably intelligent set of regulars than to be cursed with an onslaught from Pete’s Moronic Millions.

    Please be discreet and don’t go talking up the good spots over there, or we’ll wake up the week after Pete leaves and find ourselves inundated with pointless blather — and not always about the Yankees, or even baseball — about Springsteen and favorite sitcoms.


  28. I’m a little late to the party but just wanted to add my well-wishes for Pete Abe. There’s no denying that his blog was a great source of information for all of us. I’m sure that no matter how some might feel about him personally, we all wish him the best luck in his future endeavors.

  29. Joey says:

    Never liked Pete but wish him the best. RAB is and has always been better.

  30. Bo says:

    He’s a good beat writer who does let his personal bias get in the way.

    But what MSM member is objective? And what beat writer is? Hes a guy who grew up a Sox fan here.

    So he hates Girardi, A-Rod, Melky, etc. Doesnt mean he didnt get the job done.

  31. Little Bill says:

    People are always greatly praised when they’re dead or gone, but Pete Abraham doesn’t deserve it. Pete would constantly bash players who he didn’t believe were Red Sox caliber. Players such as Robbie Cano, Joba Chamberlain, Nick Swisher, and of course Alex Rodriguez.

    If they aren’t “gritty and gutty” enough for Pete, he always went out of his way to bash them. Everytime Cano makes an out with RISP, Pete posts how terrible Cano is, but never mentions a word of how he has had one hell of a season. Never mentions how A-Rod came back early from hip surgery and is a big part of the team’s turnaround. Pete Abraham is trash.

    • Jake s says:

      You are insane. He’s posted Cano’s stats with RISP/bases loaded, which are not good. He’s been singing Swisher’s praises all year and making fun of KW for giving him away. He’s criticized Joba after lousy starts like everyone else. A-Rod you might have a point, but the rest of this is nonsense.

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