ALCS Game One Spillover Thread IV

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  1. whozat says:

    Swish left his gameplan on that last swing.

  2. JackC says:

    Watching him swing at that was physically painful

  3. The Artist says:

    OK Matt, defend that last swing for me.

  4. PaulF says:

    I saw ball four before he started his swing, why couldn’t he?

  5. Dela G says:

    that is a fucking awesome photo

  6. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    The announcers: this is NOT a yawner CC. Stop yawning! Stop fistpumping! You MFYs!

  7. The Artist says:

    CC needed to get the #9 hitter?

  8. Salty Buggah says:

    I had a feeling Swish would K on a breaking ball but oh well.

    We need to get a T-shirt with that picture. It would sell really well.

  9. Mike bk says:

    wait, so now he gets phil loose? was he afraid he would catch cold?

  10. Ivan says:

    Lets Go CC.

  11. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    Angels are awesome. They come back to win. The Yankees don’t do anything like that.

  12. Pasqua says:

    I’m willing to bet that CC was a bit surprised when he found out he was heading back out there.

  13. ShuutoHeat says:

    hey McCarver, why don’t you STFU?

  14. e mills says:

    not a fan of the move to leave CC in

  15. Ivan says:

    Were not the giants McCarver.

  16. JackC says:

    Oh Swish, I can’t stay angry at you. Let me avuncularly tousle your hair

  17. Dela G says:

    CC Is a ninja too

  18. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    See CC. See CC pitch. See CC get that shit. Go CC go.

  19. gxpanos says:

    Anyone tick these off yet?

    1) Crappy relay throw from LF (contributed to run)
    2) Miscommunication (or lack of communication) on infield pop (contributed to run)
    3) Throwing error on pickoff (contributed to run)
    4) Muffed play in CF
    5) Wild pitch

    However, we know Sciosia doesnt need this list. He knows them, becuase he doesnt miss ANYTHING.

  20. ansky says:

    protect your yawner??? you’re a douche bag T-Mac.

  21. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:


  22. Mike bk says:

    CC!! CC!!

  23. Riddering says:

    I would like CC to go rest his arm now.

  24. danny says:

    CC! CC! CC!

  25. ShuutoHeat says:

    ZZ! ZZ!

  26. JackC says:

    Hey, as a big fan of reading way too much into things, I wonder: does this CC in the 8th move show a tiny but perceptible loss of Girardi’s faith in Hughes?

  27. Esteban says:


  28. Pasqua says:

    Wait. You’re telling me Mathis’s block and tag was NOT the game changing play of the night?

  29. ansky says:

    Great Eye Bobby!

  30. Salty Buggah says:

    I like how the Game Changing Play was a lot of plays. But I like how they were all Angels mistakes.

  31. Ivan says:

    CC is just raping Abreu.

  32. danny says:


  33. Get Bobby and call it a night, CC!

  34. Sleepy Carl says:

    Ugliest swing ever…

  35. ShuutoHeat says:

    Hey Bobby, sit the fuck down. BTW, we don’t miss your wall fearing ass.

  36. PaulF says:

    Since nobody’s said it…. how about Jorge’s game calling tonight?

  37. CC is the mother fucking boss.

  38. Dela G says:


    This is why they paid him 161 million

    what a fucking hoss

  39. E-ROC says:

    Posada can’t call games.

  40. slappy white says:


  41. Ivan says:

    CC is a fuckin Secretariat HORSE!!!

  42. Pasqua says:

    Oh. Yeah. CC.

  43. JobaWockeeZ says:

    And now 2 CC starts + 1 AJ start + 1 Pettitte start = 1 Josh Beckett start.

    Yankees starting pitching is the best.

  44. Jake H says:

    CC loving the crowd. Velocity jumped up a bit those last 2 innings.

  45. PaulF says:

    Watching CC pitch tonight was a beautiful experience.

  46. Salty Buggah says:

    CC! CC! CC!

    Dirt off you shoulder, Gangsta.

  47. Brian says:

    What a job by CC! Hopefully the Yankees use this as momentum for the rest of the series!

  48. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    Our little big boy is all growed up. sniff.

  49. Mike bk says:

    so can we send him out for the 9th just to change pitchers?

  50. JackC says:

    Well, be prepared to hear the “Posada needs to be CC’s personal catcher” controversy rear its ugly head

  51. ansky says:

    I’ll tell you what’s gotten lost in all this…Abreu’s great batting eye. I can se how he’s changed that Angels lineup. They’ve totally taken their cue from him tonight. Greatest FA signing in the history of sports. period.

  52. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    Do you know why we pay CC Sabathia 161 million dollars???




  53. Stadium Garlic Fries says:

    Watching CC gives me tickle up my leg //Chris Mathews

  54. Aww, shit. Look who’s warmin’ up.

  55. Dela G says:

    melkman delivers a hit!

  56. ShuutoHeat says:

    Melkman deliverith the hit!

  57. Salty Buggah says:

    ALCS MVP: Melky Cabrera

  58. Pasqua says:

    Bulger bent, but didn’t break. Yes. Let’s sing the praises of a hack middle reliever for a team that’s losing in the 8th despite a 1 run, 8 inning effort by the Yankee ace. That makes perfect sense.

  59. ansky says:

    Its too bad CC doesnt dominate.


  60. claybeez says:

    Another nice AB for Leche.

  61. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    We will always love us some Aaron Boone.

  62. Drew says:

    When are we going to bench Melky?


  63. baravelli says:

    Good sign, I think: all of Damon’s at-bats have gone to left field tonight.

  64. MikeD says:

    Has Gardner played LF this year?

  65. Actually, Tim, he puts Gardner in CF and Melky in LF.

  66. Drew says:

    You know who else is a gamer? The Great Varitek.

  67. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    I thought a “gamer” was someone who plays video games?

  68. ShuutoHeat says:

    Wait, he’s a gamer?

  69. The Artist says:

    McCarver-Damon’s a ‘Gamer’ because he’s played in a lot of games.

  70. ShuutoHeat says:

    I guess McCarver is a shitter, because he’s full of shit?

  71. Dela G says:

    damn, damon almost beat that

    cmon tex

  72. ansky says:

    need a nice RBI from Tex here.

  73. ShuutoHeat says:

    Large figure is an understatement.
    Replace “large” with godly.

  74. Drew says:

    This guy Teixeira, he’s a gamer.

  75. Dela G says:


    i love the nickname

  76. Justin R. says:

    Didn’t Girardi catch a lot of shit for pulling Andy while cruising against the Twins? Now he is dumb for leaving CC in?

    CC is rolling. He has had a ton of rest. He is a big, strong dude than can throw an assload of pitches.

    I know CC is going on short rest, but the dude will be just fine to do it once. He didn’t have many stressful innings tonight so Joe let him keep rolling.

    • Pasqua says:

      One thing though: Andy wasn’t going to pitch again in that series. CC might go two more times. I don’t have a problem leaving him in, but there is a difference in the situation.

    • whozat says:

      False dichotomy ftw.

      You said yourself why the situations were different…Andy got pulled after throwing 81 pitches, and he wasn’t going to pitch again for at least 5 days. CC stayed in — with a bigger lead — having throw 20 more pitches and slated to pitch again in 3 days. With plenty of good pitchers in the pen. Really? No idea how that’s different?

      • Justin R. says:

        My point is he has a proven track record that he can handle the workload. If he was at 130 high stress pitches, then hell yes. But he was cruising and if he got into any trouble in the 8th, he comes right out anyway. Did another 18 pitches really destroy his chances to succeed in Game 4?


  77. Stadium Garlic Fries says:

    Nice to see all rich people still hanging around behind the plate..

  78. ansky says:

    pass the baton to AROD he needs to pad his ALCS stats.

  79. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    Mike Maddog Russo says MAH-REE-AH-NOEEEE

  80. PaulF says:

    Who’s excited for MO?

  81. JackC says:

    I feel a little sorry for the fans there tonight, who, as they are no doubt dressed in layers, no doubt found it cumbersome to feverishly pleasure themselves as they watched CC pitch.

  82. Dela G says:


    that was a vicious curveball

  83. Esteban says:

    Teixeira hasnt been great

  84. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    OH F. Just 1-2-3 Mo. No effing around tonight.

  85. Salty Buggah says:

    Damn. Tex 0-3 on an3-0, 3-1, and another 3-0 count.

  86. whozat says:

    Tex = gunshy right now

  87. ansky says:

    sigh…come on Tex. Why is he suddenly looking lost at the plate?

  88. Yanks21 says:

    TEX = Not good hitting tonight!

    Tomorrow he will be pissed and get it done!

  89. PaulF says:

    Maybe Tex thought it was April since it’s cold and they haven’t played a game for a while.

  90. ansky says:

    never seen so many douche bags in one commercial…that budweiser commercial was awful! who writes this crap?

  91. slappy white says:

    Enter Sandman= Happiness

  92. ShuutoHeat says:

    Hey Papelbon and Nathan, are you guys watching at home?

  93. Dela G says:

    holy crap

    10ER in 121 innings???

    That is god-like

  94. Ivan says:

    God is on the Mound.

  95. Pasqua says:

    Where the fuck were those first two pitches?!

  96. ansky says:

    tight strike zone for MO???? wtf ump?

  97. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Were were those first 3 pitches?

  98. That…was unexpected.

  99. slappy white says:

    dammit…..leadoff walk

  100. Pasqua says:


  101. PaulF says:

    Ump will get struck by a lightning bolt later.

  102. Dela G says:

    cmon mo, you got this

  103. JobaWockeeZ says:

    He’s not missing shit.

  104. Ivan says:

    Where the fuck is the Ump looking at?

  105. Reggie C. says:

    MCCarver is fucking insane. Gag him pls.

  106. Jake H says:

    this ump is crazy.

  107. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    Papelbon is the MVP of the World Series 2009. Against the Mets.

    /April prediction’d

  108. Calm down, fellas. Step back from the ledge. This shit’s in the bag. Mo got ‘em.

  109. ShuutoHeat says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I have my pitchfork and torch shack unlocked for the fuggin plate UMP.

  110. Ivan says:

    Mo FB>>>>>>>>>>Vlad Bat Speed.

  111. Esteban says:


  112. Pasqua says:

    The only thing that doesn’t “look right,” Tim, is you’re fucking insight.

  113. Dela G says:

    haha that’s hilarious

    the ump and joe g

  114. ansky says:

    how about that McCarver??? still think there is something wrong with MO? suck it!

  115. Riddering says:

    Mo was working with a Melvin-like strike zone for Hunter.

  116. slappy white says:


  117. Hugh Jassman says:

    This new guy is pretty good eh?

  118. Mike Axisa says:

    I’m disappointed we didn’t get any “Sabathia to teh 8th!!11!!” cracks tonight.

  119. Dela G says:

    holy cow

    where are these missing???

  120. ansky says:


  121. MikeD says:

    Yeah, we’re all thinking that. Where was that pitch.

  122. PaulF says:

    Didn’t MO used to get calls on the corners?

  123. PaulF says:

    Didn’t MO used to get calls on the corners?

  124. danny says:

    but teh mariano looks broken!!!


  125. Reggie C. says:

    this ump is putting the squeeze on Mo.

    dangerous time ….

  126. charlespoet says:

    When I first heard McCarver warming up I knew something didn’t sound right. I was right, it was the sound of a jackass choking on his own foot. Feat not yet repeated.

  127. Jake H says:

    Still a small zone for Mo. Crazy.

  128. vin says:

    Rivera has gotten ripped off twice so far.

  129. Ivan says:

    Gotta love Mo.

  130. ansky says:

    Didnt MO you used to get calls over the plate?

  131. I’ve said thsi a bunch of times before but since the Yankees have played one fundamentally “sound” taem and are playing another:

    Nick Swisher is the only OF I know who actually uses two hands.

  132. Stadium Garlic Fries says:

    only smell Juan Rivera is going to have is his ass burning..

  133. ShuutoHeat says:

    That’s what we think of your fucking dangerous Morales BIZNATCH.

  134. ansky says:


  135. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:


  136. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    Mo can get strikeouts when there’s no strike zone. This is an American league pitcher who took a walk and walked in a run. And is pretty good at pitching too.

  137. Ivan says:

    4 down 7 to go. YANKEES WIN!!!

  138. MikeD says:

    Even with the umpire working against Mo, he still shuts ‘em down!

  139. Camilo Gerardo - your inception? fuck perception, go with what makes sense says:

    he is just so damned small

  140. vin says:

    Uhhh… your boom mic is showing.

  141. ansky says:

    i hope the Angels are as fundamentally sound tomorrow night as they were tonight.

  142. Salty Buggah says:

    A little late but…

    YANKEES WIN! 7 More!

  143. Riddering says:


  144. Dela G says:

    great game

  145. vin says:

    I still can’t believe the Angels argued as much as they did on the Hunter bunt/throw-out. Looked out to me – and we’ve all seen no argument on bad calls.

  146. Salty Buggah says:

    HAHA! Karros said CC was dominant

  147. Riddering says:

    Karros trying to redeem himself.

  148. Nels says:

    I think this is only the second game ever played at the new stadium where a home run wasn’t hit.

  149. Charlie says:

    cc sonastia

  150. SF Yanks says:

    I love how they’re winning without scoring a ton of runs. Imagine when the bats really break out…

  151. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    Scioscia ready to throw down with the Japanese reporter. Douche.

  152. The Artist says:

    I seriously hope tomorrow’s game gets rained out. Sunday at 4 works much better for me.

  153. Sleepy Carl says:

    “advantage Saunders”???????

  154. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Wow! That J&R Music commercial might be worse than anything I’ve seen lately. Holy lord is that unbearable.

  155. Yankees2009 says:

    Did anyone else just see Scioscia’s reaction when the Spanish reporter asked if the team “gave up”? if they didn’t hastily chalk that up to english as second languiage, I think Scioscia was about to beat the living hell out of him

    • crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

      Oh I thought he was Japanese. It was obvious the guy didn’t speak English well. Scios is a douche.

  156. e mills says:

    what is this guy on MLB network talking about that CC wasn’t dominant???

    • crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

      put on YES Yankee Ess-Kissing Station

    • MikeD says:

      He’s an idiot. I have no idea what game he was watching. CC was throwing mid-90s, gives up 4 hits, 1 BB and seven K’s against an excellent hitting team in opening round of the playoffs, and he’s not dominant? I thought for sure I misheard, but then he said it again. I couldn’t believe none of the other guys on the desk didn’t ask him, “so what do you consider dominant?”

  157. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:


  158. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    The give up guy is up again. Why do they keep letting him talk?

    • Yankees2009 says:

      Imagine if he asked Billy Martin that question after a loss..the scotch bottle would be broken and Bob Lemon would have been defrosted to take over the club for game 2

  159. bonestock94 says:

    Suck my balls Joe Buck, “something didn’t look right with Mariano in the pen.

  160. Yankees2009 says:

    Found it funny Mccarver brought that up AFTER the walk. I heard McCarver also felt Paplebon was out of sorts…10pm Sunday night

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