ALCS Game Two Spillover Thread VIII


Nine, nine game threads. Ah ah ah.

/The Count’d

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  1. mustang says:

    I’m Calling Jeter for the pie.

  2. Voice of Reason says:

    Nine threads? I love this game.

  3. This has to be some sort of RAB record.

  4. PaulF says:

    Let’s blow this thing and go home!

  5. How many times must I smack you before you act right?



  6. Mike bk says:

    Yankee Classic…and you know what that means.

  7. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    This is the game that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends.

  8. Drew says:

    Audi, Proud sponsor of the US Ski team.

    WOuldn’t they be better off just saying, “official luxury car brand of the NY Yankees?”

  9. Stadium Garlic Fries says:

    GMJ can’t even pretend to be pissed at that strikeout..even he knows that he sucks..

  10. Bob Stone says:

    Is 9 threads a record?

  11. Jackson says:

    How about having someone as badass as Robertson as the 6th guy out of the bullpen. The Yankees seriously are the tits.

  12. Rey22 says:

    So, I’m getting the game through another channel, and I have Rick Sutcliffe calling the game with some other dumbasses. ..He just said Robertson doesnt have his usual fastball because…….he “usually sits around 98-99 with movement”.

  13. Dela G says:

    i love it

    let’s hope this is the last as the yanks win 4-3 in the bottom of the 12h

  14. Melky-Posada-Jeter-Damon-Tex-ARod

    Confidence Level: 27


  15. Pasqua says:

    I was in the bathroom, puking. What was the rationale for walking Izturis?

  16. Yanks21 says:

    Santana shoot…

    need to play small ball here…

    • whozat says:

      What, are you going to have Posada bunt?

      Play your game, Yankees. maybe you send the runners in some counts, if you get some guys on.

  17. ShuutoHeat says:

    Hm, did Buck and McCarver just make out? They sound and look all lovey dovey.

  18. putt says:

    How bad does Buck wish he was calling the G-Men/Saints game right now?

  19. scooter says:

    Melkman will deliver here

  20. whozat says:

    Is Joe Buck wearing a Wrist Strong bracelet?

  21. Mike Pop says:

    Melky ends it.

  22. Joe D. says:

    The 2009 Yankees once gave their fans a scare.

    Just so they could see how it feels.

    They are.

    The Most Amazing Team in the World.

  23. putt says:

    Santana, FTL.

  24. adeel says:

    Ervin Santan

    0.1 ip 2h 2er 1hr 0k

  25. MJ says:

    Just got to get to the bottom of the 13th for the King of Gotham to make another appearance.

    I feel confident. Everytime the Yankees get in these tight games, they always come out on top. My confidence only grew when we got out of the Twins with bases loaded 0 outs and then Mark T’s “Shot Heard Around The World”

    P.S. —> I hate Joe “I Know Everything” Buck.

  26. EB says:

    Jete hits 435 /.519 / .739 / 1.258 off santana…. ends it here

  27. ansky says:

    I wish ARod could bat in every inning.

  28. Dela G says:

    however, santana isn’t someone i’d like to face here…

  29. pat says:

    We’ve been looking at a lot of nice pitches pass through the middle of the plate.

  30. Esteban says:

    sportsguy33 Peyton Manning and Alex Rodriguez are the 2 most clutch athletes in sports. I will now sprint through a plate glass

  31. Voice of Reason says:

    Longest game in the stadium by a longshot.

  32. Manimal says:

    Love the sesame street reference.

  33. Mikey says:

    It’s times like these that I lived on the left coast

  34. Jackson says:

    Ervin Santana is sporting a hell of a beard there.

  35. pat says:

    Mike Blowers HR prediction>>>>> McCarver’s 12 inning prediction.

  36. Damn, straighten that out, Melky.

  37. Mike Pop says:

    Melky, just uppercut that motherfucker into the seats.

  38. Jackson says:

    They went ahead and put the tarp on the bullpen mounds because this game is over.

  39. Salty Buggah says:

    Cmon Melky.

  40. Arman Tamzarian says:

    Melkys had great at bats the past few days

  41. Ivan says:

    Try to get on base Melky.

  42. V says:

    Lefties hit .323/.385/.526 off Santana this year.

  43. MJ says:

    Longest game? Didn’t we have a game end in the 15th inning off an ARod homer once?

  44. Mikey says:

    hip hip jorge!!!!

  45. Dela G says:

    damn, santana got em

  46. Yanks21 says:

    Posada has to swing for the fences… he cant run the bases

  47. jkiv says:

    is it just me or do the angels throw A LOT of breaking balls?

  48. Let’s go, Jorge. Get it done.

  49. pat says:

    Jorge to his hands-

    I’m gonna piss on you drip, drip, drip, pee on youuuuu.

  50. Matty Ice says:

    c’mon Jorge…………..

  51. Mike bk says:

    run hairston?

  52. Riddering says:


  53. pete says:

    jip jip horhay!!!

  54. adeel says:

    hairston pinch run?

  55. ClayBuchholzLovesLaptops says:

    What a rocket by Posada!!!

  56. Mike Pop says:

    Wow, was it me or the 2b REALLY fucked up there?

  57. Yanks21 says:


  58. Ivan says:

    Pinch Runner?

  59. AJ says:

    Alright, way to start it up.

    Derek Jeter = walk-off triple.

  60. ansky says:

    pinch runner?

  61. whozat says:

    And NOW, you use Hairston.

  62. BigBlueAL says:

    Abreu mustve been playing by the Yankee bullpen.

  63. Reggie C. says:

    Glad Girardi doesnt have any more pinch runners on the bench. If we’re gonna win this … its gonna be with the classics on the base paths.

  64. MJ says:

    We’ve had so many nice balls drop in covered areas. Lets capitalize.

  65. MJ says:

    Lets show the Twinnies how to execute base runners!

  66. Nothing on the ground, Captain.

  67. sunny says:

    many ladies have sweaty palms at the thought of pie-ing Derek too.

  68. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    Someone said the ALCS would be a slugfest but this is sorta ridiculous.

  69. A-Rod Fan says:

    Isn’t nine IX?

  70. pat says:

    Like the Prevent Defense, the no doubles D has screwed both teams a few times this game.

  71. Chasin’, Jeets. Calm.

  72. ansky says:

    Bad pitch…JEter trying to end it there.

  73. Mike bk says:

    how freakin slow is jorge?

  74. Mike Pop says:

    Really Jorge?

  75. ansky says:

    ugh…Hairston would’ve been safe there.

  76. pete says:

    derek jeter is a good baseball player, especially when it comes to hitting. For this reason, I think he will perform well in this at-bat, and help the yankees win the game by hitting a home run, which will be it’s zenith.

    /6th grade sentenced

  77. Dela G says:

    oh wow posada you have to be running

  78. BigBlueAL says:

    So no pinch-runner for Posada because??????

  79. Matty Ice says:

    WOW jorge. WOW.

  80. whozat says:


  81. Aybar was waaaaay up the middle on that, damn.

  82. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Alright even if Damon doesn’t come through…A-Rod will next time.

  83. MJ says:

    This is one of the best games I’ve ever watched.

    Can’t believe ARod has saved the day twice in the bottom of an inning to keep a game alive.

    Can we call on Mark T again?

  84. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Great, up to Tex again.

  85. Manimal says:

    So… why wasn’t there a pinch runner?

  86. Mike bk says:


  87. trueblue says:

    What the fuck is Jorge doing?

  88. AJ says:

    Can Tex finally do something, anything, in this game?

  89. Dela G says:


  90. Nice rip, Johnny.

    Tex. Please.

  91. ansky says:

    OK!!!! Come on Tex this one is for the doubters….one more pie!!!

  92. Mike Pop says:

    *puts on Tex jersey*

  93. Matty Ice says:


  94. Hova says:

    Wow. The baseball gods want the pie for Tex. Let’s do this.

  95. Ivan says:

    If your Tex, you KNOW your getting something here. You know that. Just be patient and take a confort swing.

  96. MJ says:

    Its the song that never ends……..ARod saves the day and Mark T ends the day.

  97. Mike says:

    please mark

  98. Salty Buggah says:

    I hope Tex gets more pie. Cmon Tex.

  99. Esteban says:

    Teix do something please.

  100. Stadium Garlic Fries says:

    I want Tex to walk and Al to finish..

  101. Mike bk says:

    5 infielders?

  102. scooter says:

    We’ve seen Santana’s #’s against lefties… but they fear the Octobe-Rod

  103. MJ says:


  104. Reggie C. says:

    No way Santana pitches AROUND teixeira. this guy is ice-cold. and hopefully hungry for alittle glory.

  105. ansky says:

    Tex says fuck you Joboo I do it myself!

  106. Yanks21 says:

    Texiera… ??? YOu cant keep doing nothing

  107. David A says:

    Please lets end this.

  108. A-Rod Fan says:

    “First base is open, but THAT man is on deck” bwahahahahah

  109. Mike bk says:

    wow he is really nibbling

    • whozat says:

      They were seeing if he’d get himself out.

      It almost seems like asking too much to ask ARod to get another hit right here.

  110. Manimal says:

    I just got a tex message… FORESHADOWING?!?!?!

  111. MJ says:

    Mark T walks….Arod up to bat for clutchness!!!

  112. Brazilian Yankee says:

    This would be one heck of a time to get the first hit with RISP of the night.

  113. Mike bk says:

    this is DUMB.

  114. pat says:

    OMG Walkoff Walk?

  115. Dela G says:

    A-rod time

  116. Salty Buggah says:

    Cmon A-rod

  117. Jake H says:

    All of these at bats seem to be with 2 outs.

  118. Jackson says:

    By all means, walk Tex to get to ARod. Thanks guys.

  119. JobaWockeeZ says:



  120. ansky says:

    pass the baton. PAtience Arod…a hit will suffice.

  121. Reggie C. says:


    Alright Alex.


  122. AJ says:

    Are they really going to let A-Rod hit with the bases loaded?

    WOW. Mike Scoscia has balls. Big, giant, hairy balls.

  123. Esteban says:

    Pitching to AROD?

  124. A-Rod Fan says:


  125. Matty Ice says:

    They should intentionally walk A-Rod to save the shame of losing 7-3.

  126. Phil McCracken says:

    Scioscia has officially checked out.

  127. David A says:

    Please can this end??

  128. MJ says:



  129. Yanks21 says:

    Sleep, please!! kids are going to be up in 5 hours..

  130. Drew says:

    Stupidest move of the history of the world

  131. Babe's Ghost says:

    That’s incredible

  132. Stadium Garlic Fries says:

    If there was ever a justice..Al will kick one out here..

  133. Ivan says:

    Wow they basically intentially bb tex to get to A-Rod.

  134. Dela G says:

    damn it

    damn it

    damn it

    damn it

  135. AJ says:

    Oh Jesus Christ.

  136. Salty Buggah says:


  137. E-ROC says:

    Sweet. Lord.

  138. Fuuuuuuuck.

    Shut ‘em down, Dave.

  139. Brazilian Yankee says:

    ZERO FUCKING HITS WITH RISP. That’s just awful.

  140. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Oh great, Guzman and Gardner to lead it off…

  141. ansky says:

    WTF is going on here???????

  142. Babe's Ghost says:


  143. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    Anyone who is not a Yankees/Angels fan is asking how the F did these two teams get to the ALCS

  144. Manimal says:

    Apparently, Kate Hudson went home already…

  145. Mike Pop says:


  146. Hova says:

    This is like a heavyweight boxing match. Awesome.

  147. Mike bk says:

    and next inning we have guzman, gardner, melky

  148. Ivan says:

    Before it got to commercial did you read A-Rod lips? he said “motherfucker”

  149. Riddering says:

    Damn Scoscia and his omniscience.

  150. Russell NY says:


  151. Manimal says:

    Pinch hitter CC sabathia. I went there.

  152. MJ says:

    Scioscia is a nut case. You let ARod tie the game and then possibly end it?

  153. pat says:

    HAHAHA goddamn this is a fucked up game.

  154. Pasqua says:

    Seriously, this isn’t fun anymore.

  155. Mike Pop says:

    Fuck man, we can only ask the pitching to do so much.

  156. pete says:

    btw FOX just went up a notch in my book with that transition song (I Got Mine by the Black Keys). That puts it at notch one.

  157. mustang says:

    Wow and this is going to go on for how many more weeks?

  158. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    I am officially sick of this game.

  159. ansky says:

    Cant get one fucking hit with a RISP??? what in the world????

  160. Phil McCracken says:

    Pie in the face for The Guz?

  161. Jake H says:

    You have to wonder if they should have pinch run for Posada there.

  162. Derby says:

    We just cannot get a hit with a RISP

  163. sunny says:

    Guzman & Gardner leading off next inning. terrific.

  164. MJ says:

    Haha, I just love these types of games. I have a pistol loaded and ready just in case this ends poorly.

  165. This game is gonna end with a Jeter homer one minute after midnight on November 1st.

  166. Mike Pop says:

    Oh Cano, wtf.

  167. Esteban says:

    cano ftl

  168. Slappy White says:


  169. chriskeo says:

    Maybe Guzman can go do it, how many people expected Aaron Boone in 2003?

  170. whozat says:

    ok, now that is disgusting. just disgusting.

  171. Rey22 says:

    Anyone else uncomfortable with Robertson out for another inning? Fuck, Cano ain’t helping…

  172. pete says:

    damn it cano

  173. Dela G says:

    what the hell cano

  174. Reggie C. says:

    Cano is officially done with this game. That was fucking terrible.

  175. Pasqua says:

    Seriously. This is not fun.

  176. AJ says:

    This is such a crazy goddamn game. Quick question – let’s say the Yanks run out of pitchers. What happens?

    And god damn you Cano.

  177. ansky says:

    Cano blows tonight. Ninja level downgraded tonight.

  178. Derby says:

    I’m gonna go nuts

  179. Ivan says:

    God Dammit Cano!!!

  180. E-ROC says:

    Misses it completely.

  181. MJ says:

    Cano was awesome during the regular season. WHAT THE F MAN

    Check if any relations between bookies, Cano, and Aybar

  182. Tank the Frank says:

    I don’t even know what to say about Robinson Cano.

  183. David A says:

    and an error to start the inning.

  184. trueblue says:

    Cano you motherfucker

  185. mustang says:

    The Yanks are going to win despite themselves.

  186. Russell NY says:

    Great, fielding error to lead off the inning. I feel really good if they score a run that guzman, gardner, or melky will hit a solo homerun

  187. whozat says:

    Yankees middle infield D fail for the evening.

  188. ansky says:

    maybe Girardi can pick up a bat in the next inning…or KLong.

  189. MJ says:

    Hasn’t anyone learned Pettittes pick off move yet? Execute now!

  190. putt says:

    Thanks Tim. I assumed, once you tried to bunt, you were legally bound to bunt every pitch of the a.b. Ya learn something new everyday…

  191. Brazilian Yankee says:

    At least Cano caught that throw from Posada.

  192. This game is hilarious. We’re going to remember this eventual victory forever as an epic thrillride.

  193. Ivan says:

    This game just keeps getting better and better.

  194. MJ says:

    That Aybar and Figgins combo is really starting to irritate me.

  195. Derby says:

    We are playing just like the angels did last night with all these errors

  196. Russell NY says:

    I wouldnt walk abreu here

  197. ansky says:

    I’m going to puke.

  198. Reggie C. says:

    I hope Guzman has been taking practice swings underground the stadium. we really need him to rip off a single.

    regardless of what happens here.

  199. AJ says:

    Why walk Abreu to get to Torri Hunter? I feel like Hunter is a more dangerous hitter than Abreu this series.

  200. Drew says:

    Sorry Torii. You’re cool and all, but you’re about to fail and I will smile.

  201. jjhammer31 says:

    to lose on that buckneresque error would be shitty to say the least.

  202. vin says:

    Time for another “sneaky fast” fastball.

  203. How’s your cup, Jorge?

  204. Joe D. says:

    I hear doubts again.
    They sound all too familiar.
    You folks still haven’t learned your lesson, eh?

    Wait and see.

  205. Babe's Ghost says:

    D Rob for the strike out

  206. danny says:

    lmaoo “rattled around from one thigh to the other”, what a man of words.

  207. Rey22 says:

    “This is a guy that throws 95 plus, and we just haven’t seen it. That must be the reason for the mound visit.”

    ….Unbelievable comments by Sutcliffe.

  208. Mike Pop says:

    Come on D-Rob.

  209. Salty Buggah says:

    Cmon K-rob please

  210. Dela G says:

    cmon drob

    please get out of this

  211. MJ says:

    Over 400 pitches and counting? This should have been a CC start. He could have added to his complete game total.

  212. Ivan says:

    Come on D-Rob.

  213. danny says:

    wtf fox now is not the time to spazz out

  214. V says:

    Ok, can ONE SINGLE YANKEES PITCHER realize that you DON’T HAVE TO THROW THREE STRAIGHT BALLS every time you’re in an 0-2 count????!

  215. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    Why do I like baseball? I forget.

  216. Slappy White says:

    just realized I got the TV,radio, blog, text message, drinking multi task goin on…..im proud of myself….and quite drunk

  217. Drew says:

    Mccarver. Go take a nap.

    • crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

      I stopped listening to them 6 innings ago. I don’t know how you can listen this long.

  218. danny says:

    you got this k-rob.

  219. crapulent aka I said good day sir says:

    CC is thinking, “Really?”

  220. Mike Pop says:

    Vladdy scares me here, not going to lie.

  221. Salty Buggah says:

    One more out PUHLEASE K-Rob

  222. Ivan says:

    PLZ pitch to Vlad.

  223. ShuutoHeat says:

    come on, Houdini!!!!!

  224. MJ says:

    I want a throw out at the plate and Aybar getting drilled in the face by a Jorge tag.

  225. putt says:

    wow. jeter/bird analogy. I don’t wanna puke after a McBraindead comment. Whodathunkit?

  226. mustang says:

    he doesn’t get cheated !

  227. Rey22 says:

    If the bat was made of rubber Vlad would’ve chocked himself right there.

  228. Marc says:

    I can has 10 threads?

  229. MJ says:

    Who needs Mariano Rivera? We got David Robertson!

  230. Hova says:

    Joe Buck says nothing after that filthy pitch! I hate this bastard.

  231. Mike bk says:


  232. Jersey says:

    Robertson. For. The. Win.

  233. Dominance Factor, ftw!

  234. BigBlueAL says:

    Im goin to have a heart attack….

  235. Voice of Reason says:

    Absolutely nasty breaking ball. Nasty.

  236. danny says:

    yea lets go guzman!

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