ALDS Game Two Spillover Thread III


So who’s getting the pie?

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  1. trueblue says:

    Nick Fucking Punto…. Terrible job. Terrible

  2. pete says:

    “who’s getting the pie?”
    chuck merriweather

  3. charlespoet says:

    well, that sucks.

  4. Steve H says:


  5. Ben says:

    How the fuck does anyone walk gomez?

  6. BigBlueAL says:

    I ask again, a fucking curveball????????????????????????????

  7. JAM says:

    Somebody explain why we didn’t go to Mo one hitter ago…

  8. Chef says:

    Setting up for an exciting walk off!!! I LIKE IT!!!

  9. Brazilian Yankee says:

    If I’m not mistaken Yankees’ pitching has allowed 4 walks, 5 hits and 2 HBP with 2 outs tonight. You’re not going to win many games pitching like that.

  10. Salty Buggah says:

    I said this last game too…it seems like a lot of hits come of Hughes curve since August.

  11. Riddering says:

    Harris and Punto–the new Papi and Manny.

  12. Mister Delaware says:

    If they score here, fine, they’re atleast on base via the hit. The fucking walks are infuriating.

  13. slappy white says:

    now Mariano ?

  14. Jon says:

    can it be said enough….Nick. Fucking. Punto.

  15. Mike bk says:

    no one gets pie…we take it in the 8th…

  16. BigBlueAL says:

    So now Mo comes in.

  17. SF Yanks says:

    You gotta go with your best best in that situation. Which was a fastball.

    Alright Mo, pretend it’s a save.

  18. Patrick T says:

    Hey, is Nick Punto a small, white baseball player with no ability? Just guessing by the way the guys in the booth are describing him.

  19. pete says:

    fuck baseball

  20. Dela G says:

    fucking a this is incredible

    i want to rip my hair out

    3-1 twins

  21. Jackson says:

    What the f

  22. ShuutoHeat says:

    That’s fucking it, I’m unlocking the pitchfork and torch shed. I’m going to wait for the fucking assgoblin ump at the doorstep of his home.

  23. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Fucking joke..

  24. JAM says:

    His formerly devastating curve generates a lot of contact. Bite doesn’t seem as sharp. You can’t get by forever on a 94mph [fairly straight] fastball.

  25. trueblue says:

    Way to close it down Mo…

  26. whozat says:

    I guess they decided to just spot the Twins this game, huh?

  27. Mister Delaware says:


  28. Souter Fell says:


  29. cjc says:

    godamn my fucking 18 month old nephew swings harder than that fucking baseball fucking punto fuck now mo gives one up this fucking sucks man

  30. SF Yanks says:

    I am so fucking angry right now.

  31. BigBlueAL says:

    The Yankees will win a battle of the bullpens.

  32. Charlie says:

    um, nobody? this is fucking terrible. WHy the FUcK didn’t girardi bring mo in there????????????? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK. I’m gonna kill something/someone. dumbest fucking manager alive. this game is fuckin over. we’re not scoring off joe nathan

  33. Salty Buggah says:

    WTF Mo?

  34. Dela G says:

    cmon mo, just pretend this is a save please

    this is incredible

  35. Yankeefan91 Arod fan says:


  36. charlespoet says:

    And panic sets in at Yankee stadium as fans start to see another early exit from the once again heavily favored Yankees.

  37. trueblue says:

    You just let up 2, 2 out runs to Gomez, Harris, Punto and Spann… FUCKING TERRIBLE

  38. Jon says:

    Cant wait for this joke of a playoff team to get their asses handed to them in Fenway

  39. sal says:

    two words Joe Nathan, so we have till someone gets on before we see Joe Nathan

  40. Charlie says:

    Oh, fuckkkkk you mo. get a fuckin out you dumb shit

  41. Riddering says:

    Jorgie gets the pie. He doesn’t just hope we win this game, he’s going to fist it out of here.

  42. Christopher says:

    Pinch hit for Melky when he’s up?

  43. Mike bk says:

    Nathan pitching 2 innings?

  44. Souter Fell says:

    alright magic time, tie it and win in the ninth

  45. Dela G says:

    thank god they got out of that

    can we please get some runs?

    i don’t want to have to rally against joe nathan in the 9th

  46. dkidd says:

    we’re winning this game

  47. Salty Buggah says:

    OK, guys tie it up.

  48. AJ says:

    So let’s say Posada gets on to start the inning. Do you pinch run Gardner for him and put in Cervelli for the rest of the game?

  49. Jackson says:

    I’m still confident

  50. Ben says:

    Yea the pen doesn’t matter

  51. sal says:


    So If and I say If we go to Minn 1-1 I see a very pumped Yankee Team with a blowout come 12-3 yanks game 3

  52. Will says:

    Hrm. No midges to blame it on this time.

  53. Tony says:

    Once again, just want to make it clear that we have PLENTY of offense and don’t need to have our best players going for 9 innings.


    • Matty Ice says:

      you mean the best player who’s 0-2 tonight with a K?

      • Tony says:

        I mean the best player who isn’t Jose Ihaveajobbecausei’msogoodwiththepitchersbutajburnettjustwalked5guysandwouldhavegottendestroyedifthestrikezonewasn’toutoffuckingcontrolandwhydidijustcall8000straightfastballsohshitletsgroveonetobrendanfuckingharris Molina

  54. PrintScreen says:

    A-rod’s going to win this one for us.

  55. Reggie C. says:

    CLEARLY this is Posada’s fault. Can’t call a fucking game to save his life.

  56. Salty Buggah says:

    Take cover…the trolls are out in full force!

    When we win #27, I say they cant celebrate. I’m keeping names of the complainer.

  57. pete says:

    a-rod walkoff 2-run double

  58. mustang says:

    This is not over

  59. Joe R says:

    Why is everyone crying that they didnt bring in Mo. It was Nick fucking Punto. I think Hughes 9/10 times can handle that.

  60. Drew says:

    Holy Mo. As soon as we go down all the trolls come around.

  61. Alex S says:

    fucking JoPo

  62. Dela G says:

    that was way out of the zone


  63. Mike bk says:

    so that’s a strike for minny, but wasnt for hughes.

  64. Matty Ice says:

    atta boy Jorgie.

  65. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Great call ump. Another great fucking call.

  66. charlespoet says:

    one thing most of the panic stricken have forgotten is that the Yankees, unlike the Red Sox, play well away from home.

    Now the fun begins.

  67. Dela G says:

    holy shit

    how did he make that play

  68. mustang says:

    holy shit

  69. Doug says:

    At what point did Brendan Harris sell his soul to Satan?

  70. Jackson says:

    Brendan Fucking Harris.

  71. Alex S says:

    can we get a motherfucking break?

  72. sal says:

    its all about TV ratings and TBS wants a yankee game 4 and 5 so MLB has the UMP making sure of it

  73. Reggie C. says:


  74. Mike says:


  75. Accent Shallow says:

    This really is Brendan Harris’ game, isn’t it? Damn.

  76. cjc says:

    brendan harris is just living in the twilight zone right now wtf is going on here

  77. DreDog says:

    I’m not scared of Joe Nathan.

  78. Ben says:

    1 run? This is ridiculous

  79. Salty Buggah says:

    Twins lucked out with that Tolbert injury. Harris is good tonight.

  80. Dela G says:

    cmon johnny, please get on base for tex

  81. Jake H says:

    O hasn’t done anything tonight. Pretty pathetic. Still some time but Nathan is going to be tough.

  82. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Girardi should consider hitting Swisher second instead of Damon.

  83. Dela G says:

    how the hell was that a strike??


  84. pete says:

    revised prediction: cano walkoff

  85. Jake H says:

    This ump is terrible.

  86. cjc says:

    this is just fucking ridiculous beat by nic punto and all world brendan harris not to mention a huge strike zone up and away

  87. BigBlueAL says:

    Twins bullpen sucks.

  88. Matty Ice says:

    this umpire has easily had one of the worst strike zones I’ve ever seen in my life….you want to throw a strike? Throw a ball.

    • charlespoet says:

      um remember Eric Gregg in Game 7 – Marlins v Indians. He was giving strikes in the middle of the outside batters box.

      Merriweather sucks tonight no doubt, but seriously, what is MLB or the umpire’s union going to do about it….

      Yep, give that man a raise and a gold star. There are less than 6 good umpires in MLB. The rest, just suck.

  89. AJ says:

    PitchTrax just said strike two was in the same spot as ball one.

    Merriweather = EPIC FAILURE

  90. Mike says:

    they have to fucking swing at everything with this strike zone.

  91. charlespoet says:

    Nope, Yanks aren’t winning this one.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      You can’t when umpires change the zone and the rules for teams.

      • charlespoet says:

        While I would like to say I agree, don’t blame the umpires. Yankees have hit for shit tonight, chasing bad pitches. Burnett was a yo-yo and WALKS to the wrong hitters and bad pitch calling killed them.

        This one is on the Yanks not the umpire.

  92. Mouch "Half Man Half Couch" says:

    The Twins are just living the dream.

  93. Alex S says:

    I say this game is over, Nathan in the 9th…..

  94. Salty Buggah says:

    Dude, Damon needs to start hitting again. It’s been a long time slumping now.

  95. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Merriweather has money on the Twins. That’s the only possible explanation.

  96. Chris says:

    Chuck Meriwether makes Laz Diaz, C.B. Bucknor & Angel Hernandez look like the trinity of umpiring excellence.

  97. trueblue says:

    Pathetic AB #22 on the night

  98. ansky says:

    I hate how in the playoffs this team NEVER blows out the pitcher they’re supposed to blow out!…i mean come on at no point should the words “Blackburn has not allowed a hit” been used in this fucking game!

    • pete says:

      7-2 isn’t quite a blowout, but it’s about all you can expect. So, this team has failed to meet expectations offensively once. Of course, in crazy yankees fan land, once=always

    • Tony says:

      If the Twins had a #2 starter that “should be blown out” they wouldn’t be in the playoffs.

  99. Sean Serritella says:

    This sucks big time but don’t forget, we’re playing one of the best teams in the league. This is the playoffs.

  100. Drew says:

    Nathan is 0-3 against the Yanks and has a 4+ ERA. Please, this game is not over.

  101. AJ says:

    As someone mentioned before, this team has 36 come from behind victories, including a weekend full of them over the Twins earlier this season.

    Pessimists, pump the brakes. Tex, A-Rod and Matsui are due up to start the ninth. If the Yankees can hold the Twins to this two-run lead, I like their chances in the bottom of the ninth.

  102. Salty Buggah says:

    Against Nathan: Teixeira (6 for 10, 1 HR), ARod (4 for 9), Matsui (2 for 5)


  103. Mouch "Half Man Half Couch" says:

    This umpire suck, the strikezone sucks, yadda yadda yadda. The Twins are dealing with the same umpiring crew. The Twins are bringing it and the Yanks have to match the intensity. If they do that they win the series in Minny.

  104. E-ROC says:

    Prediction: The Yanks are going to Chase Wright-ed Joe Nathan in the ninth.

  105. Dela G says:

    very good strike out for mo

  106. Riddering says:

    Oh, Mo, blessed be thy cutter.

  107. Argenys says:

    This HP umpire is a damn joke. IF he is going to make those calls then make them for both teams you fucking prick!

  108. Souter Fell says:

    Brett tying run?

  109. pete says:

    i seriously wish that denard span hadn’t gotten that hit

  110. Reggie C. says:

    Law of Averages; Twins now realize that the Yanks are beatable. Twins will reel off 2 straight wins.

    5th game… who knows.

  111. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Another 2-out baserunner…this is just amazing.

  112. AJ says:

    Prediction: The Yankees are going to have an Aaron Boone like moment in extra-innings.

  113. Charlie says:

    holy shit this game really sucked

  114. Reggie C. says:

    I love how Mo’s thrown a ton of pitches in what’s gonna be a losing effort. Great job Joe G !

  115. Accent Shallow says:

    Mo doing his best to ice Nathan by not recording the final out just yet

  116. ashish says:

    hey mike can you start another thread for good luck?

  117. Salty Buggah says:

    If Tex gets on, I say we win. But he better get on.