Fan Confidence Poll: October 12th, 2009


Record Last Week: 3-0 (15 RS, 6 RA) swept the Twins in the ALDS
Season Record: 103-59 (915 RS, 753 RA), won AL East by 8 games, finished with the best record in MLB by 6 games
Opponents This Week: The Yanks will face the Angels in the best-of-seven ALCS starting Friday.

Top stories from last week:

Please take a second to answer the poll below and give us an idea of how confident you are in the team. You can view the Fan Confidence Graph anytime via the nav bar above, or by clicking here. Thanks in advance for voting.

Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  1. Doug says:

    at an 8, up from a 7.

    as long as girardi doesn’t overmanage us right out of a series and someone reminds mr. hughes that he has pitches other than his fastball, i’m feeling pretty good.

  2. yankeegirl49 says:

    I know this poll is not just for this year, but on a monring such as this one, I cannot fathom voting anything BUT a TEN!

  3. Jake H says:

    9 and the Yanks are going to dominate the Angels.

  4. /waits for someone to vote “1.”

  5. For Lack of a More Creative Name... Alex says:

    It may just be the euphoria left over from being at Friday’s game, but I am easily a 10.

  6. Doug says:

    will we get more 10s than 9s for the 1st time this season?

  7. steve s says:

    I say 7 with Yanks in 7 over the Angels. Angels are real deal compared to Twins who were not in Yanks class but still made the Yanks sweat (as much as a team that ends up sweeping could be made to sweat). If Morneau was playing the Yanks and Twins would still be playing tonight.

  8. jsbrendog says:

    i voted an 8 all year (although I think i might have given into panic at least once and gone 7, i know, for shame) but went with a 9 this time. seeing arod finally come out of his shell not only offensively this yr in the clutch and continue it into the playoffs but also in his ability to handle the media how cna you not be excited with this team now and going forward?

    3 come from behind wins in 3 playoff games. booyah.

    and seriously, arod might have hijacked teix’s post walkoff interview with sager but on saturday when he was i believe the only guy available to the media he deflected every question about him to teixeira came through big, and teammate x is a huge part f this team, etc. he seems to finally get it.

  9. Jersey says:

    I’ll vote 10 if/when they win the Series.

  10. Johnnyboy says:

    “Record Last Week: 3-0 (15 RS, 6 RA) swept the Twins in the A:DS”

    Got an error there, Mike. You spelled ALDS wrong.

  11. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Ptching has been outstanding despite the concerns. Offense hasn’t been grat but really they hit when they need to and that’s enough for the win.

    I’m a 10. The Angels’ rotation does not scare me at all outside Lackey.

  12. I haven’t chimed in with thoughts on the poll in a long time… I’m at a 9 for the first time all year. I started at 7 and took until after the Yanks opened up the lead on the Sox to raise to 8, then took until now to raise my score to 9. There’s no reason to not have full confidence in this team at the moment. That doesn’t mean they’re a lock to win, but on paper they win the matchup with any team in baseball right now. I stay at 9 just because the farm system is middle of the pack and there are certainly some questions that will need to be answered about roster construction in the next couple of years. Those things don’t change overnight and it’s not like I’m docking them a lot of points, it’s only 1 point. There’s definitely some good talent in the pipeline, but it’s not like this system is optimally prepared (at the moment) to funnel the needed talent to the major league level.

    So, basically, based on my criteria, 9 is as high as I go this year (unless/until they win a championship, after which I’m sure I’ll go 10 as a reward/celebration). It’s not a knock on the team, I’m very confident in the team they’re fielding this postseason. I think scores anywhere from 8-10 can be defended reasonably right now, depending on the scorer’s criteria.

  13. Jamal G. says:

    Dilated Peoples said it best: the New York Yankees are Back Again. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-YYAYfYUjA (safe)

  14. SamVa says:

    I’m at 8..
    I am pretty confident in our team.
    BUT Hughes has looked a little shaky, I am not totally convinced about Joba yet, especially with his lack of ability to hold runners (Figgins)
    The good, however, is AROD is (knock on wood) incredible in series with the Angels..
    Robertson (need I say more)
    Our starting pitching seems almost untouchable.
    Swisher has seemed pretty solid in RF..
    We got that Gardner guy.. who’s pretty fast, I think..
    Maybe we flop Guz and Marte?
    And our defense looks pretty stellar.. or Minnesota just blows at base running..

    • Chris says:

      I’m not too worried about Hughes. He’s given up a bunch of hits, but none of the hits were hard hit balls. He also had 3 K and 1 BB. Basically, all of the things he could control, he did. He just got unlucky.

      • Doug says:

        can’t just throw his fastball. he’s down to being a one pitch pitcher.

        • Chris says:

          It was 1 game where he went to his fastball too much. And actually only the first 2 hitters. Eiland came out before the Cabrera at bat and Hughes mixed in some more cutters to Cabrera. I’m guessing he was a little gun-shy about his off-speed pitches after the Nick Punto hit on Friday.

          • Doug says:

            did he throw anything but fastball last nite? if he did, i missed it

            • Chris says:

              He threw a couple cutters to Cabrera after the coaching visit. Before that, it was all fastballs. Either way, it’s only 1 game.

              I’m actually encouraged that he mixed in some pitches after Eiland came out. It suggests that they saw the problem and are going to address it. Also, even throwing all fastballs, he didn’t give up hard hits.

              • Doug says:

                yeah, but a 94/95 MPH fastball, with little else, isn’t enough to be an 8th inning guy.

                just my opinion that he has to mix in his curve and cutter a bit more.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  I don’t think you should worry bout Hughesy.

                  Dude knows how to pitch.

                • Doug says:

                  hope you guys are right.

                  last 5 outings, though, as he’s become more and more reliant on his fastball: 2 2/3 innings, 8 hits

                • Chris says:

                  I agree he needs to mix in the other pitches. My point is that it was really only 2 batters where he went to his fastball only. He got away from his off-speed pitches, so Eiland came out and then he mixed in a couple to the next (and last) batter he faced.

  15. Riddering says:

    The Yankees are saving the best for last.

    After all, an 11-game winning streak will end up being our longest of the season.

  16. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Amy Nelson on ESPN looks like she’s going to cry.

    Sitting pretty at 10, but may go to 5. I think that Melvin is going to decide to retire to continue his charitable work.

  17. The 2009 New York Yankees >>>>>>>>>>>> an MVP

  18. The Lodge says:

    How could my confidence be anything less than X right now?
    This poll is a trick question right?

    Hey, ARod critics… Care to weigh in on the ALDS?

  19. Nady Nation says:

    I’m at a 10. I have full confidence at this point that number 27 is coming home to the Bronx this year.

    One thing I’ll be interested in going forward is the catching situation for Game 2 of this series. Does Girardi go back to Molina for AJ? Both Sabathia and Pettitte pitched better than Burnett in the DS, with Jorge serving as their catcher. Last night’s offensive performance also pretty much proved why Jorge should be playing every postseason game. Molina did do a great job coaxing 5 BBs and 2 WPs out of Burnett, though.

    • Doug says:

      “Both Sabathia and Pettitte pitched better than Burnett in the DS, with Jorge serving as their catcher.”

      sshhh, don’t talk too loud…someone may hear you ;-)

      • TLVP says:

        The Molina Burnett experiment lasted for all of 1 at bat. So chill out. It might happen again but Molina will see 1 or 2 at bats at most. The thing it really costs us is adding Guzman.

        I think that Molina will Catch Burnett again but probably because of his ability to stop the Angels from stealing

  20. Mike Pop says:

    I’m a 9.

    The Angels are tough, I know the Yanks are a better team and I hate to say it’s not a lock but it isn’t.

    Friday is going to take for-ev-er.

    Also for your viewing pleasure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF5kNisW51I

  21. Stryker says:

    i applaud everyone for being so confident – i voted a 9 myself. but i wouldn’t be so overly confident that a championship is in the bag. it just seems like by being so confident we’re setting ourselves up for a major fall.

    yes, the angels’ starting pitching and bullpen can be hit or miss and the offense is nothing like the juggernaut of the yanks. but everything needs to be firing on all cylinders. the offense needs to start clicking again – specifically damon. he’s looked so freakin’ lost the last month of the season and going into the ALDS. hopefully these 4 days will allow him to get right.

    as long as our starters go out and keeps the yanks in the game i’m confident we can play some solid baseball and overcome the angels.

  22. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    Still an 8. Since this is about the overall future, and not just this year, it will not rise from an 8 andwill only lower from an 8 if a plane crash or something kills all of our big prospects-oddly enough, I’m confident it willl stay at 8.

      • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:


        • Gotcha. Everyone’s got their own criteria, totally your call of course… But I’m curious… Are you at the same level of confidence today that you were at, say, 3 or 4 months ago? I totally agree that scores shouldn’t rise or fall much due to the hot streaks and slumps that happen in any season, since we’re taking a long-term outlook here, but the short-term still does factor into this analysis. I’d think a score could inch up or down at different points during a season based on how that season is going, and I’d think the confidence level would be a bit higher after watching the team stay healthy, win the most games in baseball, and sweep their way through the ALDS, than it would be earlier in the season before any of that stuff has happened.

          • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

            I always thought we were a great team. When we slumped, I figured it was ineitable; every team slumps. When we were doing great I expected us to.

            So to answer your question, no I haven’t chnged my score (although I didn’t start blogging until the middle of the season so it might have been as high as a 9 until the Wang injury).

            I think we’re set up for years to come now.

  23. Reggie C. says:

    I’m going to fall in the 9 box.

    The Angels showed real tenacity to finish the RS off at Fenway. I honestly thought that game was lost and i dreaded that the RS were on a cusp of reigniting their respective offense. I was wrong. Abreu, Morales, Hunter, Juan Rivera, and Vlady have gelled. These guys are going to be a tough out.

    Internally, there aren’t many complaints. We need Hughes to snap out of his funk. Robertson is guaranteed innings this series, so i hope he’s sharp. I’m hoping for a big series out of Cano.

  24. Upstate Nick says:

    Sticking to what I said last week and going with a 10 now that we’ve finally gotten past the ALDS after 5 agonizing years. But that doesn’t mean I’m satisfied with just an ALCS appearance. It’s time to go for the kill.

    Speaking of the ALCS, I’m not too concerned at all. I see every SP matchup as a wash, or edge Yankees, assuming Sabathia-Lackey, Burnett-Weaver, and Petitte-Kazmir (who looked beyond average yesterday, and handed the Sox the game until Papeldouche blew it). As for game 4, not sure what to say about that yet – Sabathia or Lackey could start depending on where the series is at, but even if it’s Gaudin, I still like our chances with the timely hitting we’ve been getting from our offense and, despite the hiccups, a bullpen that has come through in the clutch. Our defense has also been top notch, granted with some assists from Punto and Gomez.

    This team is on a mission, and you can particularly see it in what we’ve gotten from A-Rod. We haven’t had this many “team of destiny” moments since the dynasty days. I just can’t help but feel optimistic.

  25. AndrewYF says:

    Been at a 9 since the 4-game sweep at the stadium.

    When are we going to get a fancy graph? End of the season?

  26. ColoYank says:

    The one thing the Yanks have right now, more than anything or anyone else, is confidence. They remind me of the ’78 team. They just go out and expect to win, and I swear, the other team knows it. Any doubts Joe Nathan or Ron Gardenhire (and Chip (?) or Skip (?)Caray) felt it last night?

  27. AJ Burnett's Chin Music ensemble says:

    hey did you notice a Red Sox fan snuck into the TBS booth and changed the score to show the Sox winning…seriously check it out….RED SOX FAIL…TBS FAIL…


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