Montero, McAllister among EL’s best


After ranking as the second best prospect in the High-A Florida State League, Jesus Montero followed that up by placing fifth in the Double-A Eastern League, according to Baseball America. Zach McAllister came in at #19, while old pal Jose Tabata checked in at #15. In the subscriber only report, one AL scout said of Montero: “When he shows up to play, it’s pretty good. I don’t think he’ll get away with showing up every other night in the big leagues, especially behind the plate, but it could just be youthful mistakes.” This is the first I’ve heard of him “taking days off,” but if he hit .317-.370-.539 as a 19-yr old in the EL playing every other day, imagine what he could do if he actually applied himself.

As for McAllister, one EL manager said he “competed and threw four pitches for strikes, and both the breaking balls were tough to handle.” It also notes that he’s mostly upper-80′s with the fastball, knocking his ceiling down to a back-end starter. Such is life.

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  1. pete says:

    i don’t think anyone (even jesus) hits like that if he’s taking every other day off. I think people watch a guy with so much talent, and when he has an 0-fer or 3K night and/or makes big mistakes behind the plate, they say “this guy’s way to talented for this to happen unless he’s just not all the way there tonight,” which is bullcrap, because we’re talking about baseball, where randomness reigns supreme

  2. pat says:

    Fuck that shit “taking every other day off”. I don’t believe that for one second. We’ve neverheard that from ANYWHERE. Just another hater. Chalk it up.

    • Tank the Frank says:

      Agreed 100 percent. That’s shameful to see written and completely unfounded. I too think that it’s for no other reason than he’s a Yankee. Gotta find something negative about him.

    • Drew says:

      Word. You figure Mashmore would’ve picked up on that shit considering Jesus was “under the microscope.” I call bullshit.

  3. This is the first I’ve heard of him “taking days off,” but if he hit .317-.370-.539 as a 19-yr old in the EL playing every other day, imagine what he could do if he actually applied himself.

    Like I always say: 50% of Manny Ramirez is worth more that 100% of everyone else.

    • Camilo Gerardo - your inception? fuck perception, go with what makes sense says:

      i thought he only took an ab off each against Mo and hot-Joba

  4. Doug says:

    Mike, not counting Buster Posey since he was promoted in September, Carlos Santana, just ahead of Montero on the list, is considered the best overall catching prospect in baseball, right? (and, yeah, I do know that Posey’s still considered a prospect)

  5. Drew says:

    I can’t wait to follow Z-Mac next year. I assume he’ll start in Scranton but I wonder if he’ll get a ST invite, even if it’s just to meet the guys and the coaches it would be cool to see.

  6. TheZack says:

    Again, its the “non-white players are [lazy, unmotivated, take plays off, don't respect the game etc] line rearing its ugly head. The institutionalized racism in sports can be annoying, but as everyone has already pointed out, if you hit like that “showing up every other day” and he’s 19, I’ll take it.

  7. The Scout says:

    McAllister is trade fodder the next time the Yankees need someone from their farm team in Pittsburgh.

  8. RZG says:

    Ooh, an anonymous scout’s quote. Let the echo chamber begin with the pundits.

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