Now turning 99, the public announcer, Bob Sheppard, now turning 99

Yanks turning to Sabathia for Game 1
NLDS Game Four Thread: Phillies @ Rockies

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news from Bob Sheppard. Although the Yanks’ nonagenarian public address announcer in April denied reports that he was retiring, Yankee Stadium was Sheppard-less throughout its first season, and Sheppard had not been at a Yankee game since late 2007 before he fell ill with a bad bout of pneumonia. Today, is Sheppard’s birthday, and the long-time Voice of the Yankees is turning 99. The Queens native had a great run in the Bronx, and millions of us associate him with the Yankees. So wherever he is and however he is feeling, I tip my cap to the man born before World War I.

Yanks turning to Sabathia for Game 1
NLDS Game Four Thread: Phillies @ Rockies
  • Joey

    Happy birthday Mr. Sheppard! My best wishes to you

  • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster)

    Happy birthday Bob!

    Common sense tells us that he won’t be at any more games, but I hope it’s not true anyway.

  • JSquared

    Happy Birthday Bob!

  • Sam P.

    I remember being at YS as a kid in the 80’s and I loved to hear him announce Donnie’s name and number over the PA system …

    Funny the things that stick with you so vividly in your mind from your childhood!

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    Happy birthday, Mr. Sheppard

  • Yankeefan91 Arod fan

    Happy B-day Bob

    One of ma favorite names he use to mentioned over the pa system was shigetoshi hasegawa it sounded so kool how he used to say it.

    • Benjamin Kabak

      Funny you should say that. I always got a kick out of it too. That long name just sort of rolled out of his mouth in that oh-so-familiar voice of his.

  • thurdonpaul

    Happy Birthday Mr. Sheppard !!!

    Ben, Great job in bringing this up, Thank You

  • JGS

    Happy birthday to the Voice of Mo

  • Mark B

    All the best for a Happy 99th, Bob!

  • ND Mike

    Happy birthday Bob. Rest up and come back soon.

  • The Artist

    Happy birthday Mr Sheppard, and I’m still hoping you’ll do a cameo one of these days. You have been missed.

  • Mike Nitabach

    I have missed him since he has been unable to work the games, and wish him the best. I will always associate his voice with the many games I attended at the old Yankee Stadium.

  • Mike

    Maybe a surprise appearance if they make it to the WS?

  • BronxBum

    According to The LoHud Yankees Blog…today is not his real birthday

  • scoopemup

    A Yankee through and through.A plaque awaits you sir.

  • Captain Bawls

    I believe Mr. Sheppard is still at his home in Baldwin, Long Island. I actually got semi-acquainted with him, because when I lived in NY he and his wife went to the same church as I did and my mom was friends with his wife. He even used to say the readings now and then when he was healthier, but I was little and too naive to appreciate it.

  • chris

    For those who miss Bob as much as I do-check out my tributes to Mr.Sheppard and Eddie layton on youtube. Just Click on my Name “Chris Pavia”