World Series Game Two Spillover Thread VI


Brett Gardner should stick to running.

Three more, Mo.

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  1. Jay says:

    Ok Mo, let’s end this bitch.

  2. JobaWockeeZ says:

    It’s a save situation so this should be game.

  3. Stadium Garlic Fries says:

    and people were calling the radio and including hosts all wanted Gardner to start instead of Hair Jr.

  4. Will says:

    Up and at them!

  5. Johnny says:

    NOT ripping on Gardner.

    But, anybody think he’s ever hit .285 or have an OBP of .355 or so.

    Or at least be a pesky tough out?

  6. Riddering says:

    Can KLong take Gardner to the Dominican Republic for a swinging winter school this offseason?

  7. E-ROC says:

    That changeup to Grit was nasty though.

  8. ShuutoHeat says:

    Seriously now, Jack Bauer needs to die and stay dead.

    • Marc says:

      The city of Los Angeles once named a street after Jack Bauer in gratitude for his saving the city several times. They had to rename it after people kept dying when they tried to cross the street. No one crosses Jack Bauer and lives.

  9. Stadium Garlic Fries says:

    Can’t wait for 24 to start..

  10. Jake H says:

    3 more outs and the series is tied up. Yankee fans all over the world will get off their ledges

  11. ansky says:

    huh? the guy from Slumdog Millionaire is on 24?

  12. Vinny the Bull says:

    You all expect Gardy to not be rusty, with only four total postseason at-bats? Incredible.

  13. AJ says:

    I can’t wait for Mo to shut the door here.

  14. Shut these fucks down, Mo.

  15. Brazilian Yankee says:

    About time we get a good call.

  16. Arman Tamzarian says:

    Golden Shower for Howard!

  17. Reggie C. says:

    Bye Howard.

  18. Salty Buggah says:

    Brad Lidge getting loose? That’s a shot at Mo!

    Sit down Ryan!

  19. PsiFighter37 says:

    Both A-Rod and Howard are stinkin’ it up with these Ks. So much for the big sluggers.

  20. cjc says:

    ryan howard what a bust

  21. Johnny says:

    what did howard say?

  22. Derby says:

    I love how Fox shows Mos blown saves

  23. Werth was trying to hit that one back to Philly.

  24. The Only Yankee Fan in Nebraska says:

    Oh, of course Joe Buck….Ryan Howard just got screwed!

    Poor poor Phillies!! WAAAAAAAAAAA

  25. Riddering says:

    Looks like Howard has been…handled.

    *Girardi slips on sunglasses*

  26. Jim says:

    Joe Buck: Straight fastballs do not go around the plate. And that outside pitch has been a strike all day/night for everyone who’s been on that mound.

  27. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Ryan really shouldn’t cuss. Kids are watching!

  28. charlespoet says:

    god i hate the douche bags on faux

  29. Michael Clarke Duncan should shave his playoff beard. It’s unlucky.

  30. Doug says:

    Ryan Howard and Pumbaa: Separated at birth?

  31. adeel says:

    Go MO!

    I live in South Jersey and went to the fieldhouse bar in Philly to watch the game… No RAB’ers there….. real disapointing. There were only two other people who had a yankee hat on in a sea of red. =`(

  32. HolyGhostClaw says:

    Girardi should bring in Hughes to really show that he still has confidence in the young righty!

  33. Salty Buggah says:

    Utley must go through a bottle of gel each day

  34. ansky says:

    Chase Utley has the Pat Riley thing down COLD!

  35. The Only Yankee Fan in Nebraska says:


  36. yankees=warriors says:

    Yeah, the normal Mo again.
    Easy inning~

  37. Accent Shallow says:

    One more if it’s not too much trouble, Mo.

  38. Doug says:

    Chase Utley: Ian McShane’s long lost illegitimate son?

  39. Klemy says:

    I don’t think it’ll ever sink in just how good Mo is, even after he enters the Hall of Fame.

  40. Bob C says:

    1 MORE!!!!

  41. Accent Shallow says:

    One of the many things I like about Mo: his cutter seems to maintain its velocity better than fastballs of a similar speed.

  42. Dammit. Alright, Mo. End it.

  43. Bob C says:

    tits mcgee

  44. Drew says:

    Pardon my hate.

    Grit plays too damn shallow.

    That is all.

  45. Will says:

    Man, don’t usually see bloop doubles to the gap like that.

  46. Johnny says:

    stairs sucks

  47. Mike Axisa says:

    No pinch runner for Ibanez?

  48. Girardi out to the mound says:

    How is this interesting?

    Matt Stairs sucks and Mo is well Mo

  49. Reggie C. says:

    Matt Stairs looks ready to keel over. help him out Mo!

  50. Accent Shallow says:

    It’s up . . . Stairs.

  51. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Mo is tired.

  52. Clemson Rob says:

    Strike the Walrus out!

  53. Come on, Mo! Get it done!

  54. Bob Stone says:

    Way to go Mo! Thank Mo we got the good AJ tonight. Great win Yankees!!!!!

  55. Salty Buggah says:

    Yankees WIN!!!!!!

  56. yankees=warriors says:


  57. ShuutoHeat says:

    Take this shiet into the enemy territory!

  58. E-ROC says:

    well……that was interesting. lol.

  59. Accent Shallow says:

    Yay Mo! Yay win! Yay tied WS!

  60. bobtaco says:

    Down goes the Canadian Walrus…

  61. Jake H says:

    That got way too scary there.

  62. Doug says:

    Start spreading the news.

  63. adeel says:

    god has spoken

  64. Alex S says:

    we’ll see you in Philly

  65. ansky says:

    Everyone can come in from off the ledge now its a series again LOL

  66. Will says:

    Oof, maybe he should be high fiving with his other arm at this point.

  67. CT Yankee says:

    That was awesome but we pretty much admitted we have no bridge to mo

  68. RKelly39 says:

    Matt Stairs is terrible. Why do the announcers hype him so much?

    Thaaaah Yankees Wiin!

  69. Riddering says:


    Mo is God.

    Jeter threw his intangibles under the bus.

  70. Can we discuss how awesome A.J. was tonight?

  71. Brazilian Yankee says:

    Great finish. Great game. Great win.

    We split the first 2 games with no offense to speak of. Just imagine what we can do when the offense shows up. Let’s hope they do on the next game.

  72. Joker, The says:


  73. Drew says:

    Can’t we just play Game 3 now? Off days suck!

  74. cjc says:

    new series best of 5 see ya in Philly

  75. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Well, this game was totally different than how I expected it to turn out, but still, it was great.

    Parting shot: If there’s ever been a good time to lobby for instant replay, it’s yesterday now.

  76. Esteban says:

    Mosanna in the Highest!

  77. ansky says:

    Wow…did we just win??? I cant tell since Fox just went to commercial talking about how great Pedro was and showing the highlights.

  78. Jim says:

    Woooooooooo Mariano. Woooooooooooo AJ. Wooooooo > 1 run! Wooooo win!

  79. Bob Stone says:

    So much fun to beat Pedro, prima donna, Martinnez. He hasn’t won a single game in 5 years at Yankee Stadium (old and new) since he said he would wake up the Bambino and drill him in the ass.

    I love it.

  80. Salty Buggah says:

    This ain’t no Jonathan Broxton Phillies! This is the Hammer of God!

  81. YankeeScribe says:

    Great win. I totally didn’t expect a pitchers duel but I’m glad “good” AJ showed up

  82. Bob Stone says:

    YES Yankee Post Game just started.

  83. Riddering says:

    Prediction: series moving to Philly wakes up the Yankees’ Numbah 1 road warrior.

  84. yankees=warriors says:

    I’m dreading the move to their park…cause I HATE those stupid towels!!!

  85. Mike Pop says:

    A.J. just bossed tonight.

  86. Riddering says:

    A.J. next to Rosenthal is killing me. I’m crying right now.

  87. ansky says:

    What is up with Karros’s hair? Is he running for office?

  88. Bob Stone says:

    Ken Rosenthal has to be even shorter than Pedroia – Look at him next to AJ in the interview. Looks like he’s standing in a hole.

  89. Lanny says:

    I dont think you will hear anyone doubt the Burnett signing again. No more calls for Lowe or anything like that.

    Power pitching and hit n miss stuff wins in Oct.

  90. Jorgie Juiced One says:

    I hate to put a damper on this victory. But I’ve noticed something for the first time with Mo, starting with his AB to Vlad Guerrero in LCS. It seems that instead of doing his usual pounding inside to hitters, and also showing them away, Mo is actually pitching to stay away from hitter’s power. Every pitch (in so far as I can recall) to Utley in the 8th was away. And, to my utter surprise, all 3 pitches to Ibanez were outside. If this is a trend based on “scouting reports” or some such nonsense, it needs to stop. Mo has dominated lefties (especially) on the inside part of the plate for 15 years. This is not the time to go away from that.

  91. Mike Pop says:

    Mark Grace is so weird with interviews. Just constantly tapping on their backs.

  92. Girardi out to the mound says:

    Do we have to hear about the “return on their investment” everytime the Yankees win? Do Buck and McCarver realize players other than the Yankees get paid to play baseball as well?

  93. Drew says:

    Yo Pedro I’m really happy and imma let you finish but the Yankees been your daddy for a long time!


  94. Drew says:

    Man I missed the FOX postgame interview.

    They interviewed Aj? what did he have to say?

  95. bonestock94 says:

    I love you AJ, no homo. He just earned his contract with a must win. Yanks can take 2/3 in Philly with Pettitte vs Hamels and CC vs Fat Joe. You never know in sports though.

  96. MikeD says:

    Is that a bug on Michael Kay’s shoulder?

  97. DSFC says:

    I feel good, really good. The bats are going to wake up in a big way against Hamels.

  98. DreDog says:

    Serious questions. Do you think Girardi’s moves helped? hurt? null?

    I don’t know. I had no problem with sitting Swish. I hoped Jorge would start but he still had a huge knock. Whaddya think?

  99. Pop’s in heaven, huh?

  100. Hova says:

    Watching Manuel on MLBHD. This dude is probably hilarious when he’s got 10 shots of Jameson in him.

  101. Esteban says:

    Girardi on Yes: He really likes saying “extremely important”

  102. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    I don’t want to spoil the fun of the “Who’s Your Daddy” chants, but let’s also tip our caps to Pedro. First, I don’t understand why everyone hates Pedro. I like the guy. Second, he pitched a really good game. He kept hitters off balance and got a lot of strikeouts.

    He was essentially Sabathia yesterday, while Burnett was Lee yesterday. Great win.

    • Drew says:

      I hate Pedro because he hit our players intentionally.

      He pitched a great game today. No doubt.

    • adeel says:

      don’t agree with the first part, +100000 on the second part.

      Don’t buy into his press conference fiasco, he knows who he is and what’s up.

      Seriously, as a person I might actually like him if I met him; but I hate him as a pitcher.

    • arod11 says:

      Are you kidding me.. Why does everyone hate pedro have you been alive for the last 15 years.

    • Bob Stone says:

      I’ll tell you why I hate him. I lived in Boston for twenty years as a Yankee fan. I follow the Red Sox as closely as I follow the Yankees.

      Pedro is an arrogant, cocky in sufferable bastard. Part of it is personality . . . the rest is selfishness. He puts himself before the team. He created a furor in Boston about whether Schilling or Pedro was the $1 starter. he would skip all star games or arrive late from the all star break or to spring training. He created dissension in the clubhouse.

      He made very cocky remarks regarding the Babe with his “drill him in the ass” comments.

      Did you see his demeanor as he walked off tonight?

      He is just not a likeable guy.

      Is that enough reason for you? I got more if you need it.

      • DreDog says:

        I’d like more. Sounds like good stuff.

        • Bob Stone says:

          You love that dirt???

          • Mike Pop says:

            I’d take that guy in his prime on my team(all those problems or not) any day.

            But I agree, that’s not cool if all that is true.

            But when he walked off the mound and laughed tonight, I didn’t have a huge problem with it. Ya, the team was down but when you’re getting booed by all these Yankees fans, that could bring back memories from the Red Sox and just make you laugh or smile.

            • TheLastClown says:

              For sure, I loved it. I was squirming with ooey gooey nostalgia.

            • Bob Stone says:

              I agree that he was incredibly dominat when he was with the Sox although the Yanks got to him in his last three years.

              I’ll give him credit again. His post game interview on YES right now is unusally humble and respectful for him. Almost classy.

              But back to the the stuff. In his interview two days ago he said he might be the most influential player ever to paly at Yankee Stsdium.

              I admit it’s possible that some of it is a language problem. But mostly it’s his selfish, arrogant nature that makes him so intoerable to so many fans.

              • Mike Pop says:

                I enjoyed his parenting lesson.

                • Mike Pop says:

                  and how he said he would be a king if on the yankees.

                  That’s why I like the guy. Lol at him.

                • Bob Stone says:

                  I love to hate him. I am very intense on this issue becuase, livinig in the Boston area for so long, I got toally sick and tired of hearing about him and his antics everyday on local sports radio when there were so many other real stories. Believe it or not, a lot of Red Sox fams felt the same way and were glad to see him go to the Mets. I think the Sox front office made the right decision.

        • Bob Stone says:

          His post game interviews in 2003 and 2004 after games with the Yankees were incredibly bad. He always acted like he should have won when he didn’t.

          Then after several humiliating losses he came up with the Yankees are my Daddy comment.

          He treatened to quit the BoSox and sit under under Mango tree.

          He constantly complanied that the BoSox front office didn’t respect him.

          He more or less shot his way out of town when he left for the Mets. He constantly complained about everything.

          I sitll have more if you need it.

          • TheLastClown says:

            He’s not the only player, though, who had similar things to say re: Red Sox FO.

            Mo Vaughn, Manny, Nomar come to mind.

            • Bob Stone says:

              True – And there were other circumstances surrounding each of those players.

              Pedro made a mess whne he was very vocal about the BoSox picming up his $17 million option a year early. Why would any sane tema pickup an expensive option a year early. RIDICULOUS. Then he says he gets no respect form the team.

              • TheLastClown says:

                No doubt. He’s a Pedro-donna for sure. I was just saying that the FO has had grievances raised agianst it by others.

                Maybe he had some legitimate gripes at times, and handled it like a capricious jerk?

                I’m not talking about that option example, though, that’s, as you say, REEEEEEEEDICKULUSS@

                • Bob Stone says:

                  Agreed. I am trying to be fair . . . but I really can’t come up with anything that Pedro could complain about except that he really didn’t watn the BoSox to pick up his one year option. He REALLY wanted a four year extension a year before the option took place (even more REEEEdiculous) which the Sox wouldn’t evn discuss. That was the root of his unhappiness and complaints.

                  Then the rest of the prima donna immature behavior got worse.

      • Bob Stone says:

        And . . . BTW . . . I was very impressed with his pitching tonight and against the Dodgers after coming back from surgery. He doesn’t have his 95 mph fastball anymore but he pitches like he does. Heck of a job by hom.

      • TheLastClown says:

        I’m not fan of the BoSox, but I don’t think Schilling or Pedro are $1 pitchers.

      • JMK aka The Overshare says:

        Okay, I’ll respond to Bob, though you all seem to have good points. I should have been more clear with my statement. I understand why he’s disliked. He’s aggressive, brash, cocky, selfish. I kind of like that. He’s the guy you want to root against. He’s the ultimate villain and it’s great entertainment. That’s what this is ultimately, right?

        I see him as the ultimate competitor and as a Yankee fan, I want to see forceful personalities with immense talent and guile. He has that at any age.

        • Bob Stone says:

          I agree he is a competitor and controversial and it amkes for great fun. But look at him compared to , oh let’s pick Schilling.

          Schilling was less selfish, less arrogant and yet every bit as competitive and controversial. I like Schilling. He had a lot more class.

          Pedro was a petualnt little baby the entire time he was in Boston. He was talked about almost eveyday all year round on WEEI and written about in the Globe and Herald. He was a very negative energy drain on the entire BoSox team.

          I call into question his SELFISHNESS more than anything else.

          • TrueGrit says:

            schilling and class??? barf…take it from a phils fan…the 93 series with a towel over his head showing up his teammate mitch williams whos out there trying to get him a save??

            schillings as arrogant as it gets…

            former gm of the phils famously said “every fifth day he’s a horse, the other four he’s a horses ass”

            pedro pitched well enough to win but burnett dominated…phils dont like to win game 2′s…theyre 11-1 last two post-seasons at home…cant wait to see what the phaithful has in store for mr. rodriguez.

          • arosen15 says:

            SCHILLING IS CLASSIER? HAve you heard him call into radio shows, really?>

          • JMK aka The Overshare says:

            The major difference between the two is Shilling doesn’t have an energetic, engaging personality. He’s somehow kind of a boring for a guy who stirs the pot as much as he does.

            I’m not going to dispute that Pedro is very selfish, arrogant and showy. Far more than Schilling. I don’t want any modicum of class. I want that ruthless, childish, insanely talented and selfish individual. That’s exactly why I like the guy. Also, Martinez was much better than Schilling, who was a great pitcher.

            I also like Ty Cobb, Barry Bonds, Shoeless Joe (though many contest that he cheated), Pete Rose. I make no illusions that most of these people are not good role models and probably have serious personality defects. I’m okay with that. Anyone who looks up to professional athletes/musicians/actors is a fool. This is a sport and one that predicates on entertainment. Pedro is easily one of the best at both. I care more about those things than I do about some nice guy that’s good, not great, and generates no controversy.

            • Bob Stone says:

              ALL VERY GOOD POINTS. I completely agree.

              Jeter is the anti-Pedro. Most boring interview ever. I admit I’d rather watch a Pedro interview than a Jeter interview.

              But I love hating him.

    • TheLastClown says:

      I stopped hating Pedro when he became a Met, but bouncing Zim’s pretty low, no matter what he said ’bout ‘is momma.

      Total hat tip on tonights pitching performance though. I found myself smiling, actually, at being able to have the Yanks face Pedro on his game in the Bronx once (maybe twice?) more.

      You saw him grinning as he exited the game right? With all the raucus cheering? Classic.

  103. arod11 says:

    Did anyone see Manuel’s interview half the questions were on how the Phillies were screwed by calls

  104. Alex S says:

    AJ has kids?

  105. Jake H says:

    First to 3 now. I’m hoping the O takes this approach and crushes Hamels on Saturday.

  106. Drew says:

    Ha AJ got his kids on the podium with him. Man that’s sick.

  107. Mike Pop says:

    Burnett no like being called a cheerleader.

  108. TheLastClown says:

    Your word, A.J., is funnest.

    Funnest. Could you use it in a sentence?

    “The funnest I’ve ever had on the baseball field.”

    Funnest. F-U-N-N-E-S-T. Funnest.

  109. Ghost of Scott Brosius says:

    I am living in Philly and I have to listen to their fans drunken revelry in the streets after they win. Listening to their whining and crying after we win makes the victory doubly sweet.

    • Dave G says:

      Indeed. I am down in the Italian Market, look at their river of tears. The Phillies have lost game 2 in each of their series, btw.

  110. Girardi out to the mound says:

    Tex has struggled this postseason, but you really can not be made at him because he sure has made his hits count.

    On another note though, do you think Hairston starts tomorrow after having some success tonight or does Joe go back to Swish?

    • Salty Buggah says:

      Maybe. Hairston will start in the simulated game tomorrow. I think Swish starts on the road on Saturday

      • Girardi out to the mound says:

        Alright calling me out for my mistake. Who do you guys think starts on Saturday?

        • Salty Buggah says:

          Hah, no I was just joking around. That’s why I added I think Swish starts on Saturday because he mashes on the road and if Girardi goes by the book again, he will definitely start.

          • Girardi out to the mound says:

            Ha, yeah figured you were joking. I would say Swish gets the start also, but I also was completely shocked when I saw him on the bench for today’s game. I think Joe must have really seen something that showed him Swish is just completely lost and not going through a little slump.

      • toad says:

        What time zone are you in?

  111. TheLastClown says:

    Pedro didn’t feel good tonight.

    He hasn’t had enough orange juice & hugs.

    He also might want to lay off the mushrooms shopping for jackets.

  112. aje says:

    Ugh, I hate the Pedro post-game rants. I thought we were over this nonsense.

    • TheLastClown says:

      You know what though? Think of it, if he was a Yankee, not Red Sox, in his post-Expo career, he’s right.

      He would be a king in NY.

      Probably the biggest Yankee-killer Starting Pitcher that I’ve gotten the chance to watch.

      It was a pleasure beating Pedro at his best tonight, even though he says he was sick.

      I couldn’t help breaking out into a grin after I got done yelling at Jeter looking at that 87mph “fastball” at the knees on the quickpitch.

  113. Girardi out to the mound says:

    Please tell me someone else just heard the end of Pedro’s press conference

  114. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Joe Girardi: Cooking by the book. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp7tc9Moqk0 (NSFW)

  115. Ken Singleton was right. Alex is expanding his zone and falling behind.

    • Drew says:

      Not that I disagree with you or my boy Kenny.

      Just don’t put too much into 2 games. Yesterday sucked for most of our hitters. Today Alex fouled a ton of pitches straight back, just missed em.

      He gonna kill it in Philly, you can write that shit down.

  116. ansky says:

    saw Pedro’s postgame interview…WTF was up with that blazer? is he getting fashion advice from Craig Sager?

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