Yanks add Guzman to ALCS roster


Chad Jennings has the news: Fast Freddy Guzman has been added to the Championship Series roster in place of Eric Hinske. Hinske has gotten just 15 plate appearances in the last month, and most of those came as the Yanks were resting players down the stretch. Guzman at least gives the Yankees another pinch running threat. I assume Hinske will head to Tampa to stay sharp, because his bat could be extremely valuable off the bench if the Yanks make it to the World Series.

In case you’re wondering, Hinske was not only left off Tampa’s ALCS roster last year, he was also left off their World Series roster. He wasn’t added to the WS roster until prior to Game Four, when Cliff Floyd hurt his shoulder.

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  1. jsbrendog says:

    really? in place of hinske? wow. but eric hinske takes teams to the world series….

  2. Colin says:

    seems like hinske might be more valuable than marte

  3. Something tells me Hinske will not be a Yankee in ’10.

  4. I guess I can see that. I mean, whom are we pinch hitting for? Only Melky, and we can have Hairston hit for him if necessary. When Molina plays, Posada is his PH.

    I suppose the only time you’d have Hinske hit is if you lifted Posada for a pinchrunner and then had to pinch-hit for Cervelli or Molina if the game was still going when they came back up to bat… but we would probably doubleswitch the catcher and Hairston for Melky and postpone the decision a bit.

    I’m fine with this move. Guzman the pinchrunner probably sees the field more than Hinske the pinchhitter, and Guzman adds defensive value to boot.

  5. BJ says:

    Guzman is a great call. I’d also take bruney over marte

  6. Yankeefan91 Arod fan says:

    I like the move but i would of move Marte of the roster. U would Have a lot of speed and power with Hinske on the bench we really dont need Marte on the roster in this round.

  7. Mike Pop says:

    Melky is also 1-12 against Jered Weaver, Gardner might start that game. I found that out completely on my own and not from Pete Abe’s twitter.

  8. Moshe Mandel says:

    I dislike the move. Not in of itself, as neither player will get much burn, but because it illustrates that the Yankees are thinking like fans. Why make this move now as opposed to the ALDS? Nothing changed. They did it because of the idea that some fans and apparently the manager have about “beating the Angels at their own game.” They run, so we need to run. Being that the two offenses do not actually play each other, that line of thinking is silly.

    • Mike bk says:

      or maybe because of damon’s slump and melky’s struggles against weaver it gives gardy a start which would be a change and guzman takes gardy’s spot as the runner.

      • Moshe Mandel says:

        Possibly. I just think that after the two games where they beat the Angels with Gardner’s speed, everyone in Yankeeland seemed giddy over beating them at their own game, even in the clubhouse. I hope you are right (Gardner for Melky, not Damon).

        • everyone in Yankeeland seemed giddy over beating them at their own game

          The irony is that a good throw would’ve nailed Gardner. If the Yankees get run happy in this series, they could lose. With the poewr they have, there is on reason for them to be running themselves into outs and out of innings.

          • CountryClub says:

            But that’s part of the problem with speed. It causes people to rush (pitchers, catchers, infielders). When people rush they make mistakes.

            I like how the Yanks are talking about dealing with the Angels running. Get the batter put. pay attention to the runner but dont be obsessive. The batter is the most important thing.

    • Girardi via CJ:

      “We thought we could use another speed guy in this round. We’ve had some success doing those types of things late in the game, and in a seven-game series stuff could come up late in the game. We saw the games against Minnesota were very close and sometimes you can use a couple of pinch runners. If Gardy gets a start, then you don’t have a pinch runner (without Guzman). It just frees us up to do some more things.”

      I hear you, but I think we have to give Girardi a little more credit than to think he’s going to fall prey to a fan-driven, or even media-driven, narrative of the ilk of ‘the Yanks have to beat the Angels at their own game.’ I think we’ll see the Yanks play the same game-plan they’ve played all season. They’re not going to, and adding Guzman to the roster does not signal that they would, suddenly try to emulate the Angels’ style in the ALCS.

    • steve s says:

      It’s a good thing that the Yanks are “thinking” rather than sitting back on their heels. The Angels bring a different set of issues than the Twins and having some running game flexibility is one of the ways you should approach playing the Angels as compared to the Twins (and what’s so bad about thinking like a fan; many who post on this site have special knowledge/insight due to their intensity of interest in the Yanks and baseball and many good and correct ideas are brought to the light of day on these posts. The irony of the remark is thinking like a fan is what we all (you included) bring to the table; nothing more, nothing less.

      • It’s a good thing that the Yanks are “thinking” rather than sitting back on their heels.

        Out of curiosity, had we “thought” about it and decided to not make any roster changes, would you have chastised them for sitting back on their heels? Because that’s kind of hard to judge without firsthand knowledge, isn’t it?

        • steve s says:

          If the Yanks considered the move and did nothing that would have been fine too. I agree with the move because Hinske was basically a waste of a roster spot in the last series and would most likely have been one in this series. If the Yanks decided to keep Hinske because he has good numbers against Weaver and would think of starting him in Damon’s place if Damon was still slumping that would be ok too. If the Yanks were asked and said they were going with the same roster and didn’t even bother to consider any other possibilites then I would chastise them for not doing their homework.

      • Moshe Mandel says:

        Because fans get caught up in narratives like beating them at their own game. Why is speed more important than it was against the Twins?

        • steve s says:

          Mauer is not the kind of guy you plan on running on. The biggest vulnerablity on the Angels defensively is their catching (besides hiting a ball near a wall for Abreu) and Yanks showed in their last series with LA the benefits of an effective running game against them.

        • For the same reason the Yanks probably wouldn’t have taken both Coke and Marte on the ALDS roster if they’d been playing the Tigers.

          Preparing for a particular opponent does not necessarily signal a reactionary, wholesale attempt to alter one’s game-plan. Some fans might see it that way, but I highly doubt that’s Girardi’s and Cashman’s intent.

  9. Mike bk says:

    does this make a start for gardner more likely, either for melky or damon now that we have another “speedster” off the bench to pinch run?

  10. I just hope Girardi is careful with his use of Guzman. I don’t want him to run the Yankees out of innings and I don’t want him thinking that because the Angels are a “running” team that the Yankees should turn into one.


    • But the Yankees should turn into a running team because running teams are good (if they can run successfully at a good rate, which both Gardner and Guzman can).

      The Angels part of it is irrelevant. We added Guzman in September not with the Angels in mind, but with the playoffs in general in mind. (In fact, we probably added him with the Red Sox specifically in mind, but I digest.)

    • Mike bk says:

      no one is telling them to run all crazy or anything. but with the success rate we have around 80% and the fact their catchers only throw out 25%, those are good odds and running or even just the threat of it forces defenses to make mistakes.

  11. Drew says:

    This makes sense. Let Hinske go face some live pitching in Tampa. He will do nothing but rot on the bench if he stayed with the team and we’ll need him to PH in the WS.

    As for Guzman, he’s the second option to PR so I don’t have any issue with it.

    ALCS plz. kthxbai

  12. thurdonpaul says:

    if hinske is back on the roster for the world series, who comes off ?

  13. Jim says:

    Hasn’t anybody on this blog realized that without Hinske we don’t have a pinch hitter who can hit the ball past the infield? And that we already have pinch runners in Gardner and Hairston? The move to keep Hinske off the roster is insane, in the words of my friend and baseball writer Richard Lally. And it could come back to hurt them. Freddy Guzman is a total waste of a roster spot.

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