Yanks met with Chapman during Game Six


While the current Yankees were busy clinching a trip to the World Series last night, a potential future Yankee was busy meeting with GM Brian Cashman and several club officials. Cuban southpaw Aroldis Chapman attended Game Six as a fan (and as a “guest of the team“), and apparently at some point sat down with the braintrust and had what Jorge Arangure called “good conversations.” For what it’s worth, Chapman has already spoken to the Mets at CitiField.

Now that Yusei Kikuchi is staying in Japan, Chapman is easily the most coveted amateur player in the world. Speculation is that he’ll get $40-60MM, but I bet he “settles” for closer to $20M. Signing a completely unproven pitcher to that kind of cash could be career suicide.

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  1. Bill R says:

    He can’t be as bad as Igawa! So i think its worth the risk to show this kid some dough!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I guess that’s where Cashman disappeared off to?

    • That’s what I was thinking. He couldn’t just go, “Excuse me, Aroldis, I have to go soak myself in champagne right now. Hope you sign with us. Bye.”

      • jsbrendog says:

        why not? maybe then aroldis goes…man…i want that.

        no i know youre right.

      • Free Mike Vick says:

        shoot…if was cash i would have let Chap go down there and celebrate with the team. Maybe it will get us a discount.

        • tim randle says:

          $ Aroldis, I have to go celebrate ANOTHER pennant…we have 40. That’s a lot, by the way. Anyway, have a–HEY…you want to come see the rest of The Stadium(tm)? We can start with a tour of the locker rooms, and you can see the whole champagne thing…

          $ (to random lackey, whispers) he is 21 right?

          Andorran Resident: Mr Cash-man…

          $ Its pronou–mm, yes Aroldis?

          Andorran Resident: I think I like the way winning smells.

          $ So do I son (snnniiiiiifffFFFFFF), so do I.

  3. pat says:

    For what it’s worth, Chapman has already spoken to the Mets at CitiField.

    I’m sure that was exhilarating with the crickets and tumbleweeds rolling around the infield.

  4. whozat says:

    I’m sure last night’s game was a hell of a sell-job :-)

  5. Marcus says:

    “Career suicide” for Cashman or Chapman? Or both? I can see both.

    Btw, when I see the last name “Chapman”, I don’t instinctively think “Cuban”. I wonder how he ended up with that name?

    • Free Mike Vick says:

      i agree….perhaps he should change his name to “Castro”…thats much more Cuban.

    • Chapman’s grandparents emigrated to Cuba from Jamaica.

      Wiki to the rescue.

      “Career suicide” for Cashman or Chapman? Or both? I can see both.

      Put me down for “neither”.

      • pat says:

        If Igawa didn’t kill Cashmans career then that man is bullet proof.

      • The sourced article from ESPN’s Jorge Arangure Jr.:

        Chapman comes from a humble upbringing. Juan Alberto Chapman Benett and his wife, Maria Caridad De La Cruz, always hoped for great things from their son Albertin, whom they named after a Cuban movie star. But mostly everybody called Albertin by his middle name Aroldis (pronounced “AH-roll-dis”), which had been an uncle’s name.

        Chapman’s father was a boxing trainer and then later worked for the city. His mother did not work. Chapman’s paternal grandparents had emigrated from Jamaica to Cuba in order to get a better education, but even that move was not enough to turn the family’s fortunes. The Chapmans, whose last name can be traced to English settlers in Jamaica in the late 1600s, were not a prominent family.

        Umm… hey, Jose, I can think of a reason why the Afro-Caribbean Chapmans of Jamaica have a prominent and distinguished English family name and yet were a poor family of no means. Think about it, it’ll come to ya.

      • Marcus says:

        My bad, I didn’t mean to imply that I think that both of their careers would kill themselves (wait– is it the career that’s killing itself, or the career that kills the person in that career?) as a result of a bad contract, I just wondered which one Ben was referring to.

        • I wasn’t referring to either of them since I didn’t write this one! Mike was referring to a GM willing to give Aroldis $60 million up front. I think he’ll get $30 million, which is more than Jose Contreras, the last heralded Cuban pitcher to land on Andorra’s shores land-locked something or other, got.

          • Marcus says:

            Ugh, FAIL on many counts. Haha, usually it’s people asking “Mike” a question, when the author is Ben or Joe.

            Again, my apologies on that.

  6. Danny says:

    If last night’s game doesn’t get him excited for Yankee baseball, I don’t know what would…

  7. Januz says:

    Chapman at the game is very smart on the Yankees end. It reminds me of “White Out” at State College before they play Ohio State, when they have prized recruits making official visits. This kind of atmosphere (Along with winning) generates interest in prospects.

  8. nirzhor says:

    I could be a minority in this,but wouldn’t taking the 20 mill and spending on the draft be better for the team? there is no guarantee that Chapman is any better than Brackman, right? but he would be a hell of an addition to the farm.

    • Bill R says:

      That would be a sound thought if the Yankees didn’t have a bazillion dollars!

    • Januz says:

      I am a stong believer in the draft, and I actually do not think they spend enough. That being said, because of their depth and pitcher and catcher, they can afford to be very selective about who they actually sign (After Heathcott and Murphy of course). This is why they spent huge dollars on Mitchell, DeLuca and Stoneburner, and said no to Lyons and Neade. They simply feel those three, Cotham, Gerritse, and Chico have the potential to be Major Leaguers not just organizational filler

      • pat says:

        Don’t forget DeLuca! Prep lefty ftw!

      • nirzhor says:

        I agree with you , but they could go for 1 signability case only draft and draft no fillers ,but take only the best players on the board

        • Januz says:

          There are two reasons why you SHOULD draft filler: 1: Because you need depth in any organization (Even in college football someone has to sit on the bench as a backup at USC or Florida, they can’t have 82 superstars). To use in an emergency or to rest players. Obviously there are also teams like the Mets and Toronto who draft and sign just about ALL filler (But that is another issue).

          • Chris says:

            Plus it’s probably cheaper and easier to sign a bunch of draft filler for the lower level teams than to try to sign minor league FAs to fill those spots.

      • Reggie C. says:

        Of those 6 pitchers you listed , none have the raw tools possessed by Chapman. I’m pretty sure Jim Callis has actually said that Chapman would’ve been a top 5 draft pick. That Chapman isn’t an American citizen and not subject to the draft is his luck.

        Its a roll of the dice for sure, but Chapman has tape. If Chapman busts, he’d still be a smaller bust than Dice-K has been to this point.

        • Januz says:

          I agree with you that NONE of the pitchers have the raw tools that Chapman does. But there is a lot more involved with pitching than just a fastball (See Kyle Farnsworth). If three of those six pitchers become major leaguers the Yankees did very well.

  9. mustang says:

    It’s just not fair all Cashman had to do was point towards the field.

  10. LiveFromNewYork says:

    Mr. Chapman, do you want to play for New York or…..some loser club (pick a team, any team).

    • tim randle says:

      …like, say, those grown men crying in that other dugout? look, all i’m saying is if you like wins, Mo makes those. if you like golf on the other hand…citifield IS a pitcher’s park…

  11. DerMegalodonster says:

    Couldn’t have worked out better for the Yanks… clinching the championship against another interested team.

    I hope Cashman bought him a bus ticket to Fenway and sent him off with a note for Theo, “Sorry, didn’t mean to get champagne on him… maybe ole John can take his hands out of his pockets and buy him a new outfit… regards, Bri’”

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