On the 26th out, a game-saving three-run rally


Yanks hang three on Lidge in the 9th for 7-4 Game 4 win

Revised (1:49 a.m.) with an update on the injured Melky Cabrera: The Bridge to Mariano just needs to stay together for one more victory. As it stands now, that bridge is on shaky, shaky footing, and yet, the Yanks made it work tonight. In a game that resembled a roller coaster of emotions — looking something like this — the Yanks brought us up early, down late and then bashed around Brad Lidge for a key 7-4 win in Game 4. They are but one win away from their 27th World Series title.

Without a clock looming over play, baseball teams get 27 outs to figure out a way to outscore their opponents. Tonight, the Yankees needed all but one of them to top the Phillies. After 26 outs, the Yanks were facing a tie game on the road. They had no one on, and Phil Coke warming up in the bullpen. But then Mystique and Aura arrived after getting stuck in traffic on the Benjamin Franklin bridge.

The rally started with Johnny Damon, playing perhaps his final few games as a Yankee. Ball 1. Strike 1. Strike 2. The 1-2 pitch was huge as Damon nicked a foul tip into the dirt and Carlos Ruiz could not hold on to it. Ball 2. Ball 3. Foul. Foul. And then, life! On the 9th pitch, Damon singled into left, and Brad Lidge’s armor showed a chink. “The key to that inning to me was the tenacious at-bat by Johnny Damon,” Alex Rodriguez, the eventual hero, said to both Mark Grace and Michael Kay after the game.

With Mark Teixeira batting, Damon hit the bases. He stole second on a pitch in the dirt and then noticed that, because Pedro Feliz was covering second due to the Mark Teixeira shift, third base was wide open. Damon won the race and found himself just 90 feet away from giving the Yanks a lead with Mariano Rivera looming.

For those of us watching at home, we had little idea what was happening. It first seemed as though Damon had thought the ball was behind Feliz, but then it dawned on all of us: Third base was unoccupied. Joba Chamberlain, though, summed up the fan reaction to this unique play. “I had a heart attack, a little one,” he said after the game. “I didn’t know what was going on.”

Damon did, though, and it paid off. The Yanks would plate Damon and more though. Teixeira was hit by a Brad Lidge fastball, and then A-Rod, with just one hit all World Series, lined an 0-1 double into the left field. Jorge Posada then lined a 2-2 pitch into the left-center field gap. Although Posada would be tagged out at second, Teixeira and Rodriguez scored.

The Yanks had a three-run lead with Mo in, and eight pitches later — one fewer than Johnny Damon’s entire AB against Lidge — the game was over. Matt Stairs grounded out to first; Jimmy Rollins popped out to first; and Shane Victorino grounded out to Mark Teixeira for the ball game. Over the last two days, Mariano Rivera has faced five batters. He has retired all five of them and has used just 13 pitches — thirteen! — to get those five outs. This is vintage Mariano for you. Appreciate it now because, as we saw just one inning earlier, that ability to control a game from the bullpen is rare indeed.

The Yanks, of course, almost didn’t need Mariano. Starting on three days’ rest, CC Sabathia wasn’t as sharp as he had been against the Angels, but he made it work. After 6.2 innings and 107 pitches, Sabathia would leave with a 4-3 lead. He allowed seven hits and three walks on six strike outs, but he wasn’t too sharp. He threw first-pitch strikes to just 17 of 30 batters faced and managed just two 1-2-3 innings.

Again, though, the real CC killer was Phillies’ second baseman Chase Utley. After homering twice against Sabathia in Game 1, Utley went 2-for-3 with a double and a home run. He drove in two games and drove CC from the game. On the series, Utley is 4 for 6 with 3 home runs and 4 RBI against Sabathia while the rest of the Phillies are just 7 for 45 with one run batted in.

With Sabathia out, Damaso Marte, enjoying a mid-contract Yankee revival, did the job. Pumping 94-mph fastballs past Ryan Howard, Marte got the Phillies’ feared first baseman to fly out to Damon. Enjoying a slim one-run lead, the Yanks handed the ball over to a new 8th Inning guy.

With Phil Hughes in the doghouse following some very rough outings, the Yanks gave Joba Chamberlain a chance to reclaim his old job, and it seemed as though Joba would deliver. He struck out Jayson Werth on a 97-mph fastball and blew away Raul Ibañez with another 97-mph fastball. But then, disaster! Ahead of Pedro Feliz 1-2, Chamberlain fell behind 3-2 and let a pitch stray. It was supposed to be a fastball on the outside corner. Instead, it was a 97-mph pitch on the fat part of the plate, and Feliz deposited it over the left field wall.

“He put on a good swing. There’s nothing you can say about it. He did what he had to do,” Chamberlain said after the game. On the mound and in the dugout, he was clearly distraught. Even after Carlos Ruiz struck out on a nasty 88-mph slider, the damage had been done, and the fans were momentarily heartbroken.

But the Comeback Kids rebounded. They scored their runs; they won the game; they stand but 27 outs away from a World Series title. The team, at least on camera, isn’t letting the weight of the moment get to them, and they know that Cliff Lee looms large on Monday night. “It’s important for us to stay focused,” A-Rod said in a post-game interview with Mark Grace.

Damon, though, the YES Network’s Chevy Player of the Game, spoke some calming words. “We’re going to try to win,” he said. Here’s to hoping.

Melky Cabrera unlikely for Game 5
Lost in the brouhaha over the Yanks’ victory was the news about Melky Cabrera. While trying to run out a ground ball in the sixth inning last night, the Yanks’ center fielder strained his left hamstring. The Yankees are calling it a minor strain, but as Mark Feinsand reported, the team does not expect Cabrera to play in Game 5. I would guess that he won’t be available for Games 6 or 7 either.

At this point, the Yankees have a few choices. They can put Brett Gardner in center field, but Joe Girardi said after the game that Jerry Hairston, Jr., remains a distinct option for the start. Girardi prefers to deploy Gardner as a late-inning pinch running. If Melky is truly hurt, I believe the Yanks can activate another player — probably either Freddy Guzman or Francisco Cervelli. For the Series, Melky was just 2 for 13 before leaving with the injury but had played a solid center field throughout the playoffs.

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  1. Chili Davis says:

    Yanks weren’t able to close out the Angels in the fifth game on the road. Well, I think we see the opposite tomorrow. Wouldn’t surprise me if AJ pitches a gem, Lee struggles somewhat and the Phillies as a whole are demoralized after tonight’s loss. Either way, house money for the Yanks tomorrow, folks. A loss and they head home w/ Andy and CC up their sleeves. This feels great.

  2. DSFC says:

    Huh? I’m confused. Didn’t Charlie tell me that the Phillies can beat Mariano Rivera? What happened here?

  3. BigBlueAL says:

    Everyone on MLB Network are saying to hold back AJ til Game 6 now.

    The best point was made by shockingly enough Harold Reynolds talking about the bottom of the lineup having Molina, Gardner (assuming Melky is out) and the pitcher. Yikes.

    Im not worried about AJ on 3 days rest but if they lose tomorrow Game 6 worries me because I dont trust Pettitte on short rest at all. Granted the offense can take care of that by exploding if necessary.

    I say fuck it just win Game 5 with AJ pitching and their next decision on a starting pitcher will be for the 1st game of Spring Training in 2010.

    • The Phillies held back Cliff Lee for Game 5, and now they’re down 3-1. Go for the kill.

    • Chili Davis says:

      Yeah, I want Burnett in. He’s dominated on three days’ rest in the past. Let’s go for the throat.

    • DreDog says:

      Yeah, Tex and Cano will come through for AJ. It would be sweet for the piemaster to seal the series.

    • Count Zero says:

      Never let a team get up off the floor if you can help it.

    • Frigidevil says:

      My sox fan roommate actually made a good point, what if we put Matsui in left and Damon in center? It would be a big risk, but the upgrade in hitting would be worth it imho. I’d only be worried because he has literally not played the field all year.

    • Chris C. says:

      “Everyone on MLB Network are saying to hold back AJ til Game 6 now.”

      THE MLB network is filled with has-beens and failed managers.

      “The best point was made by shockingly enough Harold Reynolds talking about the bottom of the lineup having Molina, Gardner (assuming Melky is out) and the pitcher. Yikes.”

      As opposed to the Phillies, who have Bowa, Schmidt, and Luzinski at the bottom of their order.

      “I say fuck it just win Game 5 with AJ pitching and their next decision on a starting pitcher will be for the 1st game of Spring Training in 2010.”

      I understand that “fuck it” is the exact term regarding Game 5 that appears in Girardi’s dopey looseleaf binder.

      “Im not worried about AJ on 3 days rest but if they lose tomorrow Game 6 worries me because I dont trust Pettitte on short rest at all.”

      Well, considering that Pettitte was all revved up and clearly overthrowing during his last start, I think the short rest could do wonders for his cutter.

  4. Rey22 says:

    Awesome quote I heard.

    “Red October has turned into Blue November.”

  5. Joey says:

    The great Mo has blessed us all.

    27 here we come!

  6. Kiersten says:

    I feel good knowing that the Yankees are going to try to win. Thanks for reassuring me, Damon.

    27 til 27!

  7. JoseM says:

    Jimmy corrected in the news conference his comment about the Phillies winning in 5 games.

    He said: I meant the Yankees…. yeah right lol

  8. Esteban says:

    Derek Jeter is such a team player that he struck out in the the top of the ninth to make the game more dramatic and so his teammates would get the credit. That’s why he’s the captain.

  9. steve (different one) says:

    i was devastated by the HR but not upset with Joba, if that makes sense.

    he was DEALING and he just got beat with his best pitch. location was a little off, but he had just blown away 2 good hitters and you don’t want to see him walk Feliz either.

    he threw heat, Feliz beat him to the spot. it happens.

    i wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.

    • Chili Davis says:

      Absolutely. Joba looked great out there with one pitch being the exception. Go right back to him tomorrow without hesitation.

    • mustang says:

      totally agree.

      I would of been mad if he give up the HR on his secondary pitch.

      • Chris C. says:

        “I would of been mad if he give up the HR on his secondary pitch.”

        You’re more at peace with him giving up the home run on his primary pitch???

    • I agree. He looked better tonight, he just made one bad pitch and, unfortunately, got punished for it.

      • larryf says:

        isn’t that what we were saying about Hughes 2 nights ago???

        • BklynJT says:

          No, because Hughes couldnt get anyone out, and when he did, he wasnt even hitting his spots, so you can look at it as if he got lucky.

          • Chris C. says:

            “No, because Hughes couldnt get anyone out, and when he did, he wasnt even hitting his spots, so you can look at it as if he got lucky.”

            Anyone? You mean one batter?
            Hughes got one out, then gave up a solo shot in an 8-4 ballgame. Big deal.

            Joba got 2 outs, then gave up the game tying homer a night later, but he was THAT much better?? Give me a break.

    • Chris C. says:

      “i was devastated by the HR but not upset with Joba, if that makes sense.”

      Well, if Girardi didn’t stupidely bring in Rivera to end game 3 when he had 1 out, no one on, and a 3 run lead, then we wouldn’t even be talking about Joba’s big fat mistake fastball today.
      I have no problem bringing Rivera into any ballgame, but don’t then turn around and talk about how limited his availability is in a much needed situation because you used him the night before because you were shitting your pants.
      Honestly, I have never seen a manager get bailed out from his team more than Joe Girardi.

      “i wouldn’t hesitate to use him again.”

      This is what should appear in Joe Girardi’s notebook:

      In ANY tight WS game, I will use Mariano Rivera for 2 innings. Therefore, I should refrain from using him in any game I feel the team can get by without needing him.

      Now, why is this so fucking difficult to follow? Girardi makes managing a baseball team look so difficult.

  10. Count Zero says:

    “For those of us watching at home, we had little idea what was happening. It first seemed as though Damon had thought the ball was behind Felix, but then it dawned on all of us: Third base was unoccupied.”

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who went through that brief moment of panic…

    And in a strange reversal from past years, I absolutely knew in my heart that A-Rod was going to plate that run. No doubt whatsoever.

    • Rey22 says:

      I was like oh my god, has Damon lost his freakin mind!?

    • Bob Stone says:

      Nice change . . . isn’t it??

    • JackISBACK says:

      That Damon play, I thought for sure that he thought the ball went into CF or something, I was in the middle of screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” when Fox went to that widescreen shot of the infield with no one at 3B.

    • Arman Tamzarian says:

      I yelled really, really, loudly, because initially I thought he ran over the base, scared the crap out of my cats.

    • guy says:

      you know… this was all caused by the ‘new&improved’ method of televising baseball…. lets see the raindrops on somebodies hat (or bugs on their neck) — but, god-forbid we see the fielders locations. up until that time, i wasn’t sure that they were using the shift.

      i think the game is harder to score from home, given the lack of playing field video.

      but, if you want to see if CC has shaved… what a deal! no wonder we need instant replay.

  11. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Why don’t “analysts” know what adverbs are?

  12. JoeFromBayRidge says:

    If Burnett wins tomorrow in a similar fashion to game 2 (7 IP 1-2 ER), he has to be MVP, no?

  13. JackISBACK says:

    What a great game. I basically fell over on the floor in despair when Feliz hit that ball. But to come back like that, and A-Rod and Posada hitting clutch hits, wow. I’d also like to thank the umpires for not ejecting Lidge there. What a game. I DVR-ed the game, even though I was watching it, so I’m going back to see this game over and over again. WHOOOOOO. And yeah, how about them Phillies figuring out Mo? Hopefully they can share their findings with the rest of the AL.

    And on McCarver:

    Retro (1995 edition): It was NOT intentional. At all. It makes no sense for it to be intentional!!! There is NO point in doing this folks, I absolutely believe it was UNINTENTIONAL (excerpt from jury foreman Timothy McCarver in State of California vs. OJ Simpson)

    • steve (different one) says:

      yeah, am i crazy or was McCarver totally off his rocker in the first inning? why was it impossiblet that Blanton hit A-Rod on purpose with a man on 3B and 1 out?

      McCarver was saying there was no way a pitcher would do that, except wouldn’t he want to set up the DP for Posada??

      it was absolutely on purpose, IMO.

      • JMK aka The Overshare says:

        No doubt.

      • DSFC says:

        Of course it was on purpose. And call me what you will, but if AJ gets the first two guys out in the first inning of game 5, I’d like to see him drill Utley in the ass. Payback’s a bitch.

      • Yup. That whole thing was AWFUL. Of course he threw at A-Rod. And you know what? Even if we’re being generous, I’d be ok with someone saying ‘eh, I don’t think he threw at him,’ but to say ‘there’s no way he threw at him intentionally?’ That’s asinine. The context made it pretty clear, Blanton hit him right in the back, and it was the third time he’s been plunked in 2 days. McCarver’s terrible.

      • JackISBACK says:

        Yeah, like others have mentioned now, they basically wanted to walk him, so they thought it would be easier to set it up by having him get hit and attempt to claim the inside part of the plate. I think they were also aiming that, A-Rod in the past has always tried to do too much in the postseasons of past, so if he gets plunked, he may revert back to that type of approach at the plate in hopes of revenge.

        Ofcourse McCarver misses it completely, and starts spewing the total opposite of what was happening.

        It was clear, they wanted to set up the DP for Posada, and not have Alex beat them.

  14. Evan says:

    I just came back from the viewing party at the Stadium and my goodness am I glad that I did. I haven’t high-fived that many people or come so close to losing my voice in my whole life. What a day.

  15. Jake H says:

    This was an amazing game. I thought when Joba gave up the HR that it was going to go to extra’s. This team will never give up thou. I’m hoping that since they are swinging the bat better that they hit Lee.

    Just a stat I saw on B reference. Mo has given up just 2 hr’s in his post season career. That is just crazy.

  16. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Tomorrow should the most funner game with AJ throwing.

  17. JGS says:

    as soon as A-rod came up, I was thinking that at-bat had 2005 Pujols written all over it

  18. I just got back from the Stadium. Absolutely awesome. Walking down Jerome Avenue yelling “One more!” to every crowed that passed felt infuckingcredible.

  19. Salty Buggah says:

    Awesome awesome win on every level. November baseball at its finest.

  20. Mike Axisa says:

    My heart rate finally came back down to normal.

  21. mantlearod11 says:

    Hey I dont want to get ahead of myself but where is the meet up for the rab ticker tape parade

  22. Salty Buggah says:

    Here’s hoping A-Rod gets at least one more HR and RBI as they would both be Yankees Postseason records.

  23. Salty Buggah says:

    In the 9th, the Boras boys struck (or got struck in Tex’s case). Damon, Tex, and A-Rod!!!!!

  24. e mills says:

    Mitch Williams = moron.

  25. Al from BX says:

    Man my throat is very sore and I can barely speak. I never had sooo much fun in the stadium in my life!!! I am still pumped and can’t wait for tomorrow when AJ beats Lee.

    • JMK aka The Overshare says:

      It must be getting late. I read your name quickly and thought, “Is that guy’s name ‘BK is open late?’”

      Re: your point—cool. Sounds like fun.

  26. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Anyone ever see the movie Grumpy Old Men? It was absolutely made for Charlie Manuel and his ever-filling colostomy bag.

  27. Attn: Evan and Al from BX: where did you guys sit tonight?

  28. DSFC says:

    Rob Neyer, as always, delivers:

    • DSFC says:

      oops, forgot the quote…..”At the single most important moment of the Phillies’ 2009 season, Charlie Manuel relied on a relief pitcher who finished the regular season with zero wins, eight losses, and a 7.21 ERA. Should anyone really be surprised that this didn’t work out particularly well?”

      • Rey22 says:

        But…but…according to everyone in Philadelphia “Brad Lidge is back baby, he’s been perfect so far in this postseason. He’s got last year’s magic!!!111″

  29. Salty Buggah says:

    Eight times before this year, the Yankees have won three of their first four World Series games. Eight times, the Yankees eventually won the World Series.

  30. This is an awesome, amazing feeling.

    The thing is, I was so young in the late nineties, that until 1999/2000 I couldn’t appreciate it and even then I expected it.

    This year, though, i’ve appreciated every, single moment.

    I finally understand what it really means to be a Yankee fan.

    • DSFC says:

      I was talking to my dad at the end of the game and I realized how much I’ve missed this. After 1998, I just EXPECTED them to win. Didn’t matter the situation, who they were playing, anything. That took a big hit, obviously, over the last six years. This has been the first WS since 1996 that I’ve been really tense and excited for.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      I agree. I dont remember/appreciate the others well. But this one (if/when it happens) will be the greatest for a while (hopefully only until next year)

    • Chili Davis says:

      Same here. I was in eighth grade the last time the Yanks won a championship, and I took it for granted back then because of the immense amount of success they had during the late-’90s and early 2000s. Nowadays, I realize how special a team has to be to reach the championship plateau, and these guys fit the bill. They have been a priviledge to watch all season. One more hill to climb.

    • Chris C. says:

      No you don’t.
      Unless you rooted for the Yankees from 1982-1995, you can never truly appreciate WS appearences. Regardless of what you say, a WS appearence to you will always be where the Yankees belong.
      Or like you said, where you “expect” them to be.

  31. Joe D. says:

    Brad Lidge having a nice little postseason certainly helped the Yankees tonight. The dude had a 7+ ERA and blew eleven saves this season, and didn’t belong anywhere near the pitcher’s mound in a tie game against the Yankees.

    The media can crap on Joe Girardi all they want for all I care. He makes his mistakes, sure. But he’s managed his resources far better than the two managers who are supposedly so superior:

    Scoscia: Napoli (one of his best hitters) buried both in the lineup and on the bench (including having Maicer Fucking Izturis PH for him), starting Saunders (4th best SP on the team) in game 2, starting Saunders in an elimination game, Kazmir late in the game, Gary Matthews Jr getting any ABs whatsoever including over Napoli.

    Manuel: Running Lee out there for 122 pitches in game one instead of leaving your options open with a FIVE run lead, starting Blanton (who is a poor fit for the Yankees) over Lee, using Eric Bruntlett (whose career OPS is less than CC Sabathia’s) as a pinch-hitter in game 4, using 7+ ERA-11-blown-saves Brad Lidge in a tie game against the Yankees, hitting Rollins lead off ALL YEAR AND POSTSEASON despite a sub-.300 OBP.

    I disagree with Girardi sometimes, yah. But none of his moves have been as mind-blowingly stupid as some of the stuff listed above.

    Girardi gets serious crap from analysts and the media due to slight disagreements about things like Molina/Posada and Joba/Hughes/D-Rob. Points that many of us disagree with but that are at the very least arguable.

    The two other managers above get a pass from everyone outside of BP and FanGraphs on OBVIOUS shit.

    The “MSM” can kiss my ass. The more I look at what these other supposedly superior managers do, the more I’m glad Girardi is OUR guy.

    • DSFC says:

      Joe G had some boners in the ALCS, but he’s been pretty solid in the WS. Going for the kill with CC, going with Mo for two innings in Game 3…..he got away with the Hairston move, and ARod saved him from putting Coke in for the 9th inning tonight. On the whole he’s done fine in this series.

      • JMK aka The Overshare says:

        I like your diction in the first sentence.

        • Bo says:

          Lets not crown Girardi a genius for having Rivera and Manuel having to make due with Lidge. Thats the difference. Lets crown Mo.

      • Chris C. says:

        “Going for the kill with CC”

        No-brainer. The alternative is to match him up with Lee again, which would be stupid.

        “going with Mo for two innings in Game 3″

        You mean Game 2. In game 3, Rivera should have never even been used. And using the best closer in the world for two innings does not make the manager a genius.

        “he got away with the Hairston move,”

        That’s bound to happen when you have a 150 million dollar linuep.

        “and ARod saved him from putting Coke in for the 9th inning tonight.”

        Yup. Elite players can quite often save you from looking like a horse’s ass.

        “On the whole he’s done fine in this series.”

        He’s done fine because he hasn’t put Nick Swisher on the mound. What a genius.

    • Chris C. says:

      “The media can crap on Joe Girardi all they want for all I care. He makes his mistakes, sure. But he’s managed his resources far better than the two managers who are supposedly so superior:”

      He’s a lucky SOB. If Damon pops out and the Yankees go on to lose that ballgame, it’s pretty legitimate to ask why Rivera was used in the pretty much already decided Game 3, therefore making him unavailable for 2 innings in game 4.

      I mean c’mon now, manages his resources??? The Yankees pinch hitter makes more than anyone on the Phillies. I’d say Girardi has some pretty good resources to manage, wouldn’t you?

    • Chris C. says:

      “I disagree with Girardi sometimes, yah. But none of his moves have been as mind-blowingly stupid as some of the stuff listed above.”

      Removing Robertson for Aceves in the ALCS blew my mind. It was mind-numbingly stupid. In fact, that move was so off-the-wall, that I seriously wonder whether Joe Girardi actually WATCHES these baseball games, or if he just follows some script he’s devised before they even start!

      I really believe this team is about to win a championship IN SPITE of this manager.

    • Chris C. says:

      The “MSM” can kiss my ass. The more I look at what these other supposedly superior managers do, the more I’m glad Girardi is OUR guy.

      You do understand that these other managers are managing teams with half the payroll that Girardi has, don’t you? And that means, in large part, that a good portion of goofs made by Girardi will go completely undetected due to the immense talent on his ballclub.

  32. Dela G says:

    Let’s go fucking win number 27 tomorrow

    *looks to TSJC to start handing out bayonets*

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  34. I just updated this post with a bit about Melky. His injury sort of got knocked out of the news when the Yanks won, but it doesn’t sound promising.

  35. Mike bk says:

    If Melky is going to be done for the series you activate Guzman and that way he can be the pinch runner and gardy starts in center.

  36. aCb says:

    i love how that philly phanatic guy stopped posting after the 6th inning of game 2.

  37. Joker, The says:

    Hahahaha my friend just sent me a a link to a Linkin Park forum where there’s a bunch of Phillies fans having a tempertantrum, lmao. But they’re Linkin Park fans, so that should be expected from them.


    • IowaYank says:

      Linkin Park forum shouldn’t they be crying about Milton Bradley?…. My cub fan buddy is praying the Yanks sign Holiday…haha

  38. dkidd says:

    re-reading the game threads, i don’t get the panic after the feliz hr. it was a tie game. we’ve been coming up big in the 9th inning all year. brad lidge sucks. if we lost, we could beat cliff lee tomorrow. if we lost tonight and tomorrow, we could win 2 at home. 2004-2008 scarred me as it did everyone, but it’s time to take a breath and start trusting our eyes: this team is unstoppable

  39. Daniel says:

    Just walked from 33rd street to Grand Central, high fiving anyone with any Yankee stuff on.

    The city is buzzing from and for the Yanks.


  40. adeel says:

    I am sad

    the Yankees won but I am sad
    Celebrating for sure, but parts of me are mad.
    God please let Gaudin start tommorrow
    There got to be a way to end this sorrow.

    But no, AJ will take the mound later tonight
    with a curveball the Phils will not be able to fight
    Also good will be Cliff Lee
    but does anyone trust the glove of Chase Utley?

    No, tommorrow, with number 27 well in hand
    There will be celebration and debauchery throughout the land
    We will have been proven victorious
    alcohol, women, pinstripes; it will be glorious!!!!

    There will be no game 6 or game 7
    Yankee stadium doors will closed; this aint no 7-11!
    no more baseball, no more mlb
    somberly awaiting next season, with you folks at RAB.

    So please pitch Gaudin, or start Sergio!
    Make A-rod bunt! Don’t use Mariano!
    Cuz, you see, while I really really want the Yankees to win
    I am really sad to see it all end.

  41. wanger says:

    hinkse ever going to get a chance to hitske?

  42. adeel says:

    I just scored tickets for tommorrow’s game!! lower deck outfield!!! I AM PSYCHED!!!

  43. Mike Nitabach says:

    We were yelling and screaming watching the game in our hotel room in Osaka. When the game ended and we left to go sightseeing, the hotel staff were all like, “I hope the Yankees won! We heard you screaming all morning.”

  44. larryf says:

    Gardner please. No Hairston…

  45. Bo says:

    If Melky is the slightest bit hurt and cant go ton he has to be replaced by Guzman on the roster.

    Cant play with 24 guys especially in a NL park.

  46. Parisian Yankee says:

    Shame about Melky. He may have been only 2 for 13, but his contribution in the postseason, either by fate (deflecting…) or skill (his single yesterday) or his enthusiasm has been a factor in the Yankees’ success.

    • larryf says:

      like his enthusiastic slide at the plate when he scored? Bad play-should have slid or gone in with his shoulder to knock the ball out….

  47. Mike Pop says:

    Gardner – Molina – Burnett is a bad bottom three. So Cano needs to step it up a bit.

    But, I think we lock it up tonight.

  48. Tank Foster says:

    Start Gaudin and let him pitch 2-3 innings, then bring in Burnett. I bet you Gaudin could get 2+ shut out innings.

    But they MUST hit Lee tonight. I don’t like a game 6 with Pettitte on 3 days’ rest.

    • Rose says:

      Against a previously dominant Pedro Martinez no less.

      We still don’t have any guarantees here. I would have personally started Gaudin tonight and given AJ Styles another day off to have a rematch against Pedro…

  49. Jordan says:

    I was lucky enough to be at the game last night and wow. I had heard over and over how terrible a bunch of people Phillies fans are but wow. They are beyond unbelievable.

    At 2-1, a guy pats my girlfriend on the back, looks at me and goes “thats got to hurt. that’s got to hurt.” and I just looked and him and told him “It’s 2-1. And CC is pitching. We’re going to win.” and he just blankly stared at me. Then every time something remotely positive happened for the Phillies he tried to taunt us. And we let it go, because whats the point. And when Alex hit that ball, the whole crowd was silent. The whole park knew it was done. Except for the guy behind me, who insisted Rivera was hittable. So I told him to watch the greatest of all time at work. Needless to say, I went home happy. The guys around me looked like someone just killed their puppy.

    • Tank Foster says:

      Don’t say anyone is “unhittable.”

      Mo is the best. He’s not unhittable. The single by Posada was incredibly important, nearly as important as the hits by Damon and ARod. Mo with a 3 run lead is essentially a guarantee. With a 1 run lead, I would be confident, but still holding my breath.

      • Jordan says:

        No one said anyone was unhittable. But Mo is the single greatest relief pitcher in the history of the game. If anyone is as close to that categorization, it would be him.

  50. hal says:

    would have been nice if buck/mccarver would have pointed out that they were playing a Tex shift before the steal. I, like some others, thought Damon had been tricked by trying to go to 3rd. I guess they were too busy trying to convince us that Arod’s HBP was not intentional to notice anything else

  51. Rose says:

    What’s ridiculous is that all 3 home runs Utley has against Sabathia came with 2 strikes on him. So basically…he just can’t put him away. The first 2 home runs in Game 1 were off of CC’s fastball with 2 strikes…and last night Sabathia apparently tried to change it up with a slider with 2 strikes…and it didn’t matter. Utley hammers every put-away pitch CC offers (albeit the slider was hanging as if it were on a tee)…

  52. [...] talkin’ about the Johnny Damon double steal. It was a smart play, and unique. No one was covering third due to the shift on Teixeira, and Damon [...]

  53. Jay says:

    I know some people commented, but like others, I practically shat in my pants when Damon popped up and headed for third because I initially thought he believed the ball skipped into center and now they were going to nail him in a rundown.

    But how about that at-bat? That is the Damon that used to drive me frigging bananas when he played for the Sox.

  54. I really thought the Yankees were done after Joba gave up the homer. Yankees really showed what they were made of tonight.

    I’d still go back to Joba tonight if they need him. I thought he pitched well despite the home run. He was throwing gas that inning. I think it was just poor pitch selection in that at-bat.

    He nibbled after getting ahead and then had to throw a 3-2 fastball. He missed his spot and Feliz took advantage.

  55. NatalMike says:

    Although I think the Yanks will wrap it up tonight, it would be kinda nice to see them do it in Yankee Stadium with Pettite on the mound. What a fairy tale season! More thrills than the Cyclone at Coney Island. I’ll never forget it. Thank you yankees!

    • Yogis says:

      No waiting. Let’s wrap up tonite. We can do another one in the Yankee stadium next autumn (hopefully, with Pettite in honor for the clinch). The Bomber bats are getting warmer and it should show tonight that they can handle Lee comfortably. Go Yankees!!!

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