Aroldis Chapman changes representation

AzFL Championship Game on MLB Network
Open Thread: It was 75 years ago today...’s Jorge Arangure Jr. has the headline: “Cuban defector Chapman fires agent.” That’s what I saw earlier this afternoon. My first thought, of course, is that he opted for Scott Boras. That’s not the case, thankfully. After Chapman fired his former agent, Edwin Mejia — who helped Chapman with the MLB procedure to file for eligibility — he signed on with the Hendricks Brothers. Yankees fans are familiar with Randy and Alan, who represent Andy Pettitte. Several teams have expressed interest in Chapman, but lately we’ve seen speculation that it will be a two-horse race between the Yankees and Red Sox.

AzFL Championship Game on MLB Network
Open Thread: It was 75 years ago today...
  • TheLastClown

    Hmmm. Hendricks Bros. have a nice relationship with the Yankees.

    He came to see the Yanks beat the Angels live, and now has the same agents as the pitcher who started that game for the Yankees.

    Best of luck to Chapman. Bring on them pinstripes.

  • Salty Buggah

    The Yanks better get the Hendrick Bros some alcohol and some bitches to persuade them to allow both Pettitte and Chapman to sign with the Yanks on good deals.

    • Lanny

      Because as agents there first responsibility is to please the ballclubs and not their clients.

      • radnom

        Because everyone doesn’t already know that and Salty Buggah was being completely serious.

      • Keanu Reeves

        Because you don’t know the difference between “there” and “their”.

        • steve (different one)

          damn, lectured on grammar by Keanu Reeves. epic fail.

  • Lanny

    A high profile foreign signee between the Yankees and Sox?? I’m shocked.

  • Bob Stone

    That’s good news.

    • radnom

      Good news everybody!

  • Victor Almodovar

    i neew it.he is goin to the yankees.this guy was a yankee since he came out the stomik.

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