Fan Confidence Poll: November 16th, 2009


2009 Season Record: 103-59 (915 RS, 753 RA), won AL East by 8 games, finished with the best record in MLB by 6 games, won 27th World Series

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Given the team's current roster construction, farm system, management, etc., how confident are you in the Yankees' overall future?
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  • Rose

    9. I’m very confident the Yankees will be contention for years to come as they have the resources to do so. It doesn’t guarantee another trophy…but we have a very very very good shot at it every single year and that makes me very confident and very very very happy.

    Now that Griffey signed with Seattle…Matsui doesn’t really fit in many other places…we could get him back on a pretty good discount. The Scott Boras “Damon/Jeter” contract comparison is kind of ridiculous though. Either way, I think we’ll be all sorts of awesome next year. Bullpen might take a hit…but hopefully the starting rotation is even stronger with Hughes and Joba…which will essentially strengthen the bullpen and shorten their appearances anyway.

  • Benjamin Kabak

    I voted a 9. I don’t like hearing the Yanks talk about using the DH spot as a rotating rest spot for Damon, Posada, Jeter, A-Rod, etc. because that means more ABs for Peña, Cervelli and Hairston or a lineup with both Gardner and Melky. But otherwise, I’m still feeling good about this team and will for some time.

    • Matt ACTY/BBD


      A full time DH is needed.

      • Bo

        The rotating thing is a myth. Anyone really see jeter or A-Rod willingly sitting once or twice a week to DH?

        Wouldnt it be better to have Matsui there for 450+ at bats??

        • andrew

          The rotating DH is more than a myth. Jeter and ARod don’t have to be willing. And I’m sure they would love to give Posada two games at DH each week.

          However, I think most people agree that it would be better to have a full time DH, nobody is disputing that. But as of right now, we are two hitters away from having that player, because I hope the first person we sign is our LF, not our DH. So, it is a useful exercise to atleast imagine the Yankee’s options if they only sign one player.

          • scooter

            One scenario where a rotating DH isn’t a myth – if the Yankees end up signing Mark DeRosa (Bergen Catholic grad, born in Passaic, NJ). You could build a scenario where DeRosa could get 400+ ABs rotating in the OF and infield, while ARod, Tex and Damon rotate through the DH slot.

            It’s unclear how he’ll recover from wrist surgery at 34, of course – or if he’ll be offered a full-time role somewhere.

            • andrew

              I assume you meant a LF plus DeRosa?
              If so, then yes, that’s the type of rotating DH that i think we’d support, because most other rotating DH scenarios involve a lot of Pena, Hairston, and Gardner. Not to mention Cervelli who will be getting at bats in any scenario assuming they want to give Posada a bit of a breather.
              I imagine DeRosa will be offered a full time role somewhere though. There’s a lot of teams out there who could use somebody like him.

            • Matt ACTY/BBD

              Pass on DeRosa. I don’t get what everyone’s fascination with this guy his.

              • scooter

                Andrew – that’s exactly what I mean… LF (thinking Damon) and DeRosa

                Matt – I understand your concern – he wasn’t good with St Louis, but that torn tendon sheath had to make it impossible to hit the ball with authority.

                Question is – do you get the 2008 version of DeRosa?

                From Heyman’s Twitter, sounds like a lot of teams are in on DeRosa – so I doubt he comes cheap:

                • Matt ACTY/BBD

                  2008 DeRosa is an outlier. Aside from that season, he’s never had an OPS+ higher than 108. And, aside from that season, his highest wOBA was .350, with a career average of .334. He’s an average player who just happens to play a lot of positions. Pass every day.

          • CountryClub

            I too agree that a full time DH is normally the way to go. But if a revolving DH helps keep Jeter, Arod, Posada & Damon? healthy for a full season then it’s worth it for this particular team.

            • Matt ACTY/BBD

              That task can be accomplished w/o rotating a DH (see: 2009 season).

            • andrew

              Right. Assuming Matsui would be the full time DH, he needs days off also, even from DH. So if Matsui only played 4 or 5 games a week, we would have a day or two per week to rotate ARod, Damon, and Jeter, without sacrificing our offense. In reality, we don’t have enough firepower to not have a fulltime DH. The old guys can get rest while employing a full time DH

            • Rose

              I just don’t see why you can’t rest Jeter, Arod, Damon, Jorge, etc. at DH WHILE having a full time DH in there for the majority of the rest of the time (like we did this year).

              My head is still spinning on this one…

              If you DON’T have a “full time” DH in there. Then you’re ‘resting’ Jeter, Arod, or Damon in that spot every 3 days…with some significantly worse batter in the line up instead of Matsui’s bat.

              Jeter, Arod, and Damon are in their mid 30′s…but I don’t think they need constant days off every 3 days.

    • Kiersten

      That’s the same number I voted and the same explanation I was going to give.

    • Rose

      There’s no reason for a constant cycle to “rest” these players. Tell them to take it easy during practice instead if that’s a major problem. We should use the same philosophy we used this year (aside from pitching). It seemed to be pretty successful.

      If Matsui isn’t re-signed to be the full-time DH…what’s the next best option you think?

      • Benjamin Kabak

        Jim Thome or Vlad.

        Give me Matsui.

        • Matt ACTY/BBD

          I’d go Nick Johnson before going with Vlad.

          • Mike Pop

            I’d go Russ Branyan before Vlad.

            • Matt ACTY/BBD

              I would, too. But, I don’t think Branyan will be available. Seattle’s offense gets even weaker without him, so I think they’ll bring him back. My DH wishlist would be:

              1. Matsui
              (small gap)
              2. Damon
              (medium gap)
              3. Thome
              4. Johnson
              (medium gap)
              5. Branyan
              (big gap)
              6. Vlad

              • Rose

                Does being #2 just mean Damon as a DH? Or do you feel that Matsui is more of a priority than Damon all around?

                • Matt ACTY/BBD

                  That just means Damon as a DH. Meaning, if Matsui signs elsewhere, I’d like Damon to be brought on to DH, then bring in someone else for CF (Cameron).

                  My #1 overall choice, though, is Matsui DH, Damon LF, Cameron CF.

                • Rose

                  That’s probably mine as well. But then what do we do with Melky/Gardner? You probably have to get rid of one of them…

                • Tank Foster

                  I think even if they do that, you’re not going to get more than 100-110 games of defense out of Damon. He was pretty bad out there this season, and probably he won’t improve next year. Gardner and Cabrera will get alot of OF play time, and on those days you’ll probably want Damon’s bat in there as DH…same thing with Posada probably catching no more than 120 games. It just doesn’t make sense. Players on the wrong side of 35 need rest.

                • Matt ACTY/BBD

                  To Rose:

                  Melky’s the fourth OF. That’s what he’s best at. He can, as TSJC would say, “aggressively spell” Damon and Cameron in left/center when the time calls for it. Gardner, well, I guess we’d have to see how many guys Girardi wants to carry in the bullpen and what happens with Hairston, Hinske and Pena.

                  Tank: If Gardbrera is gonna get playing time, I’d really rather Matsui be DH-ing so Damon could be brought in to pinch hit. If the Yankees do roll with the rotating DH, they’ll probably be fine. They do have the offense to make up for it and there could probably be some defensive improvement from it. However, I’d rather go with the full time DH and a competent 4th OF (Melky) to spell the right people in the right places when needed.

                • Rose

                  Yes, they need rest. But so would Matsui at DH. If you don’t have a full time DH and just use the spot to constantly rest Jeter, Arod, Damon, and Posada…you will be forcing a significantly worse bat in the lineup every single game…as opposed to having Matsui’s bat in the line up for most of the days…and then rotating a day off for Jeter, Arod, Damon, and Posada when they need it…while sitting Matsui ala (a very successful) 2009.

                • Rose

                  Matt: I’d love that idea of Melky spelling Damon/Cameron in the outfield with Matsui still at DH…but we might be taking a hit with speed if we choose to go with somebody like Hairston instead of keeping Gardner.

                  Jeter, Damon, Arod, and company had some decent SB numbers but you can strongly assume it might take a step backwards as they are taking further steps towards 40.

                • Matt ACTY/BBD

                  Yeah, but Hairston’s versatility is a big plus and even though he’s not a great hitter, he’s probably more reliable at the plate than Gardner.

      • Tank Foster

        Tell them to take it easy during practice instead if that’s a major problem.

        That’s ridiculous. Players need rest. Baseball is a long season. Part of the reason they won this year was effective roster management by Girardi, resting the pitchers, Damon, etc.

        It should definitely continue next year. Now, if they sign Matt Holliday, and Damon walks, and they sign Matsui, obviously he’s a full time or nearly full time DH.

        But the option of rotating the DH spot is ok, if it happens to suit the roster they have.

  • Mike Pop


    Just cause things could be a point better, but they aren’t.

  • Jake H

    10. Until free agents actually start signing start and the landscape changes.

  • CountryClub

    I’m at a 9. Although the 2009 team was very talented, I think luck played a huge part in this year’s success. If you think of all the key players the Yanks have that are either injury prone or in their mid to late 30′s, I think it was extremely lucky they didnt have a couple of them miss significant time.

    Obviously all teams deal with injury risk. But the risk goes up when the players are 35+. The Yankees farm has taken great strides in the past 4 years. But they still dont have anyone that can step in and replace Jeter, Arod, Posada, etc… for a significant period of time (especially at the plate).

    That being said, I like the future for the organization and that’s why I’m still bullish and going with a 9.

    • Kiersten

      All teams that win the World Series get lucky. It wasn’t just the lack of injuries – it was Luis Castillo, Erick Aybar, Phil Cuzzi, etc.

      And I do believe out best hitter missed a month of the season and our number 2 starter, for all intents and purposes, missed the entire season. Oh, and our starting right fielder. There were injuries, the team is just deep enough to sustain them. That is not to say, though, that injury is not a concern in the future.

    • Stuckey

      Although I of course realize they failed to make the post-season in ’08, but more than any team in the league, the Yanks play two seasons, the regular and post-season.

      Yanks certainly have some age issues, but their experience and veterans really led the way this post-season.

      What the Yanks need to do it rely on their depth to get them to the post-season and then have the 30-somethings healthy come October.

  • Tank Foster

    I don’t mind rotating DH.

    I don’t like hearing the Yanks talk about using the DH spot as a rotating rest spot for Damon, Posada, Jeter, A-Rod, etc. because that means more ABs and more effective ABs for Peña, Cervelli and Hairston or a lineup with both Gardner and Melky Posada, Damon, ARod, Matsui, et al, late in the season and in the postseason, since they’ll be healthier and better rested.

    Now it’s fixed.

    • Matt ACTY/BBD

      That exact same thing was accomplished in ’09 w/o sacrificing the bat of a DH.

      • Tank Foster

        But I think the point is that in ’10, the roster might be constructed such that a rotating DH would be possible or necessary. If Damon is signed but not Matsui, and they don’t sign a full time DH but someone intended to play defense, like Cameron.

        • Matt ACTY/BBD

          If that happened, Matsui leaving, I’d put Melky in left and put Cameron in center with Damon as a full time DH. The offense takes a slight hit, but the OF defense improves. Also, on days during which certain guys, say A-Rod for this example, the lineup can be easily manipulated. Melky could sit, Rodriguez could DH, and Damon could play left.

          • Tank Foster

            Isn’t that sort of a rotating DH?

            I like playing Melky/Gardner alot for defense, but I’m not sure I want them there regularly.

            I don’t know…essentially it’s a comparison of Cameron’s bat v. Matsui’s. They give up a little, I guess, but not a huge amount.

            Maybe you’re right.

            • Matt ACTY/BBD

              I don’t like Melky playing regularly in LF either, because his bat doesn’t play well there. However, he would probably play good defense and they would get a little boost from Cameron’s bat, which plays well in CF. He’s also a defensive upgrade over Melky there.

          • mryankee

            Very weak lineup and not as imposing.

          • LI Kevin

            yeah but who plays third then?

  • Reggie C.


    Damon should tell Boras to refrain from discussing 4-year deals in public. I can’t believe the Yanks would kick that number internally. Damon took a proverbial step closer to the exit when Boras said that.

    Sorry JD, but power hitting corner OFs aren’t rare. Solid power hitting catchers however are.

    I’d like to see the talk around Mike Cameron pick up significantly. I just dont see Granderson getting traded a situation that’s gonna happen. Matsui for DH duty. Cameron for LF. Pray Ajax improves the OPS (line drives iso must maintain).

  • UWS

    OK, seriously. Who voted “1″? Stand up and own up so that we can ridicule you properly.

    /silly trolls are silly

    • scooter

      1 – Girardi’s an idiot and needs to go

    • Rose

      People do it just to do it. Nobody really has a confidence of 1. They see an empty option and feel the need to fill it.

      People do it on Halo 3 all of the time. The best level in the world could be up with the best options…and they’ll veto it because they veto everything and they think it’s “funny.”

      It’s not that funny and it’s entirely unnecessary.

  • Rose

    SS – Jeter
    LF – Damon
    1B – Teixeira
    3B – Rodriguez
    DH – Matsui
    C – Posada
    2B – Cano
    CF – Cameron
    RF – Swisher

    Or you could possibly swap Cameron and Swisher because he’s faster for Jeter to knock in…although he only had 7 SB last year for some reason.

    You could also flip Matsui and Posada if you’d like.

  • mryankee

    I am bored when is something going to happen, matsui, damon, halladay. Anything I am hoping somebody does something soon. As much fun as it is to debate the makeup of the team next year. I hope we get something to actually analyze.

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