Open Thread: The greatest Nike ad ever


We Have The Yankees

You may have seen that one yesterday, but it’s worth seeing again.

Here’s your open thread for the night. The Devils, Islanders, Nets, and Knicks are all in action tonight, plus there’s a new South Park. Talk about whatever you want, just be cool.


  1. Salty Buggah says:

    Mo needs a dance.

  2. brockdc says:

    My fiancee won’t be too thrilled when I have this matted and framed for the bedroom. Nike just needs to change “its” to “it’s.”

  3. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Yay no significant inning limits for Hughes and obviously Joba next year.

    Again, Cashman stressed that nothing is set in stone until he meets with his pro scouts, but it seems a good bet that the two young right handers will at least enter spring training as rotation candidates. Any innings limits, Cashman said, would not be significant.

  4. Yankeegirl49 says:

    I am having it framed as well! Best ad EVER!

  5. dkidd says:

    gm’s (not suprisingly) say the market for lackey/bay/holliday will be limited

    in a hypothetical world where boras is forced to respond to contracted economy, what’s an amount of money/years that would make holliday worth signing? 4/70?

    • vin says:

      Worth signing for the Yanks? 4/70 sounds about right to me. Maybe Boras can squeeze 4/75 out of Cashman if Damon already signed elsewhere and Matsui retired from MLB.

      But your comment about the hypothetical world with the contracted economy leads me to think you are asking what is Holliday REALLY worth. That’s a different story, that I’m sure someone else can figure out. I would think the approach is to apply a dollar value to win shares/WAR or something like that.

      • ROBTEN says:

        According to fangraphs, teams paid $4.5 million per win in 2008:

        Holliday, over his career, has been worth roughly 4.8 WAR. This would mean $21.6 million per.

        However, if we look at recent performance, fangraphs has him at $25.5 million per over the past four years (and $19.7 over his career).

        Even if we take into account the current contractions in the free agent market, I can’t see Holliday accepting $17.5.

  6. brockdc says:

    Also missing from this poster:

    -When the Knicks acquire yet another shoot-first point guard
    -When the Jets start out 6-1 and fail to make the playoffs
    -When the Mets sign Kyle Lohse to a 5-year contract

    Am I missing anything?

  7. Riddering says:

    I’m having this poster bronzed. Right next to Mo’s baby shoes.

  8. Johnnyboy says:

    People say that Mauer staying on the Twins is “good” for baseball. But people seem to forget what the player himself wants. He has already said that he wants to win. and honestly, I don’t see the Twins winning any championship anytime soon with all these FA’s hitting the market and big market teams opening their wallet for said FA’s. People might try to argue that the Twins made it to the playoffs this year without one of their best hitters so they would have has a better chance but how’d they do in the playoffs? They went 0 – 3 against the best team in baseball. Let’s say the Twins and the best team in baseball(Yankees) meet in the playoffs again. Will their #2 starter and Morneau really make a big enough of a difference? They still went 0 – 7 in the regular season with Morneau. Don’t get me wrong. It would be awesome for all of baseball and Minnesota if Mauer stayed, but does anybody really see the Twins making it to the playoffs AND winning it all? Much people wont. So my question is, why should Mauer suffer for the sake of apparently “saving baseball”?

    • The Artist says:

      I don’t see the Twins winning any championship anytime soon

      He’s a hometown boy, they’re moving into a new ballpark and will reportedly take payroll up to 100 mil once they move in. Given how they operate, they can win with that budget. They’ll need a little luck, but who doesn’t?

    • vin says:

      Look at the Tigers. They were going nowhere fast for about 15 years. Then they got a new ballpark, started adding some pieces and they ended up in the WS in ’06 (one they probably should’ve won). Everyone was on their bandwagon prior to the ’08 season, and they should’ve been in the playoffs this year.

      I think the Twins will readjust their business model after the new ballpark opens. They’ll be able to sell the Twins “brand” much more than they could in the old/stale Metrodome. There are a lot of Twins fans throughout this country for various reasons. And the people in MN are tremendously supportive.

  9. Doing a live chat on the blog here!

    Chat starts in four minutes, you know wanna be there

  10. Accent Shallow says:

    The Devils, Islanders, Nets, and Knicks are all in action tonight, plus there’s a new South Park.

    A bunch of stuff I don’t care about is happening tonight.

    What an incredible ad.

  11. sabes says:

    I know some of the people who worked on that ad. Very cool to see it.

    • At the risk of being snarky, and out of genuine curiosity, how many people did it take to make that ad?

      It’s a picture of Mo, and it’s 15 fairly banal Sienfeldesque observations. If it took more than 3 people sitting around a table having lunch, that’s kinda crazy.

      • brockdc says:

        Actually, it’s not snarky observation at all.


        “Hey, guys, wait: I think I’ve finally come up with Line 7!”
        “REALLY? Don’t keep it to yourself! Tell us!”
        “Okay, here goes: “When a blockbuster blocks the sidewalk.”
        (silence, then)
        “Oh my GOD: You’ve cracked it wide open!”

  12. The Artist says:

    Yankees GM Brian Cashman told Nightengale he didn’t sit down with a single agent. Seems kind of weird.

    Not to me. I expect a quiet off season, and a lower payroll next year. Both of those seem inconceivable to many Yankee fans and Yankee haters, but knowing what I know about Brian Cashman, I don’t see him making an big splashes this off season.

  13. LosingOurHeads says:

    where can you get this? at the Nike store on (57?)th street?

  14. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    To spark discussion, I am going to post a controversial, borderline insane comment about the Yankees, and you will debate. It will be intentionally vague. So:

    The Yankees should trade for Roy Halladay, if for no other reason but to keep him off the Sox, but also because he’s awesome.


  15. The Artist says:

    • Signing both Damon and Matsui would finalize the Yankees significant free agent position player signings. “If I did that I wouldn’t have room for anybody else unless I made trades,” Cashman said. To me, that suggests the Yankees are not considering replacing Xavier Nady. They would likely go into spring training with Nick Swisher as the everyday right fielder, which seems to be neither a bad thing nor a surprising thing.

    Sounds like it’s one or the other, and since Matsui can’t play left and we need a LF that narrows things down a bit.

  16. daneptizl says:

    Nova over Hagadone?

  17. JobaWockeeZ says:

    I’ve given up hope in Yankee fans in MLBTR. It’s unfathomable to think that these people completely disregard what Cashmoney plans to do then insisting contradicting and often illogical plans.

  18. Michael says:

    I know it’s early but does anyone know when/if/where this could be found for sale?

  19. Oh and how in the fuck did Chase Utley once again get robbed of a Gold Glove? I hate this award more with each passing minute.

  20. Kered Retej says:

    Seriously, is there someplace a poster of this ad can be purchased (especially for those of us on the west coast)?

  21. Hey ZZ says:

    I am late on this Curtis Granderson thing, but I wanted to add two things.

    While it would seem costly that you are giving up prospects and at the same paying for Granderson, in the long run I think the Yankees would actually end up with a lower payroll. If the Yankees do not get Granderson I think they are going to go after Crawford next year, and that is not going to come cheap. With Granderson in the mix I do not see that happening.

    Also, on that note it also benefits the goal of getting younger and more athletic. You do not get younger and more athletic by tying yourself into long term contracts. I assume Crawford would command a contract into his mid-30s.

    Montero, Hughes, Joba would be the only untouchables for me.

    • Yes, but I’d still rather overpay for Crawford and keep all my prospects than trade for Granderson and lose some of my prospects.

      • Arman Tamzarian says:

        Think about it in a similar manner to the CC/Santana situation

      • Hey ZZ says:

        But the cost difference is quite substantial as compared to Johan v. ZZ. Crawford is probably going to cost at least $15 million. You would have Granderson in his prime years + Damon/Matsui for the same price if not less than Crawford. This is not as simple as the Johan CC debate

        • Arman Tamzarian says:

          No, but the talent you have to give up to get him, which will be substantial, provides a relative frame work.

        • Hey ZZ says:

          In addition to the fact that Johan and ZZ were going to command the same amount of years while Granderson is already locked in to a short term contract. Also, Hughes was a much bigger prospect that Jackson is. In fact, thinking about it this is not at all like CC johan

          • Arman Tamzarian says:

            We dont have any idea what it would take to get Granderson, if this is about cutting payroll, their not going to give him away without receiving significant talent in return

            • Hey ZZ says:

              I said in my original post Joba, Hughes, Montero are deal breakers for me. No one else in the Yankee system is on the Hughes-level scale circa Johan Santana on the trade block.

  22. Esteban says:

    Annnndd Bud Selig is a moron who sees “no reason” to consider adding more instant replay to baseball. I mean, who doesn’t love seeing umpires get calls wrong? It’s part of the game!

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      The human element is part of the game! Since umpires are human, it’s okay to get calls wrong even though technology has developed enough to make it a nonfactor!


    • Accent Shallow says:

      As long as they fix the umpiring process, replay might not be necessary. The playoffs featured some flat awful umpiring, and that sort of thing can hopefully be corrected without the implementation of replay.

  23. The Artist says:

    Since Boras brought it up

    Holliday vs Tex. Good read.

    • I feel like Fangraphs is missing the more basic and obvious explanation for why Holliday’s BABIP driven production is higher and unsustainable:

      He plays in Coors. Coors is a BABIP haven. Big park where singles and doubles fall in.

      • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

        Are you trying to tell me New Yankee Stadium is NOT Coors Field East?

        Gasp. My mind, it is blown.

      • ROBTEN says:

        True, but it was .341 last year split between Oakland (.315) and St. Louis (.380), which is not dramatically different than his career .351

        I expect if he played somewhere other than Oakland, his BABIP would have been higher last year.

      • The Artist says:

        That, and hitting in front of Albert Pujols can’t hurt either.

        Someone is going to give Holliday huge $ this off season, expect him to be ‘The Man’ and will be horribly disappointed like Oakland was.

        • Riddering says:

          I thought the Cards put Holliday in behind Pujols?

          Anyway, I agree. Holliday is not the star fielder/hitter he’s been billed as.

        • Steve H says:

          I would have liked to seen him in the AL for a full year. April is his worst month historically, and it was again this year. With the A’s he ops’d .872/.814/.986 in May/June/July. His great numbers in St. Louis may have just been a progression (with a bump for the league change), but he wasn’t nearly as bad in Oakland as we all remember.

          From May on, with Oakland, he hit .299/.384/.480 in a hitters park.

          • Steve H says:

            ehhh……pitchers park.

          • ROBTEN says:

            The problem is that Holliday is a very good player, but not worth the $20-23 million that Boras is expecting.

            The truth is that Coors does play a role in inflating his numbers. I don’t have time to manually factor out last season, so this does include Oakland and St. Louis, but:

            at home: .351/.420/.632/BABIP .357

            on the road: .284/.353/.454/BABIP.325

            In other words, still a good hitter, but he does not have the power he had in Coors, nor does he get on base at nearly the same rate. [Compared to Tex, who is relatively consistent in his home/away splits.]

            In this sense, I think that fangraphs is right to raise questions about whether Tex’s ISO is a more effective measure than Holliday’s BABIP in terms of the true value of the contract going forward.

            I think that Holliday will still be a very good hitter going forward, just not at the current projected value.

            [Although, as I posted earlier tonight, fangraphs does calculate Holliday's value at roughly $20 million annually over his career.]

  24. Señor A. Boy says:

    Where was this ad?

  25. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    I think tapas bars are kick ass. Like the world needs more salted cured meats.

  26. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    Shouldn’t we all friend him to show him some support?

  27. Arman Tamzarian says:

    I’d like to take a moment to thank Jason Varitek for supporting the Yankees and the rest of the AL east. Nice work Jay

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      I would also like to thank everyone involved in following the team because the majority of you want him to start for his impressive leadership skills which unfortunately don’t stop him from being an instant out. Or stopping people from running wherever they choose.

  28. Accent Shallow says:

    In re: RAB twitter, if we’re associating our players with Greek mythology, who are the companions of Ares?

    (Phobos and Deimos, or Fear and Terror, for those of you who are not up on your Bulfinch’s)

  29. pete says:

    speaking of awesome ads, has anyone else noticed that levi’s has been running a commercial recently that is just waaaaaayyyyyy to badass for jeans? i mean seriously i’d call it the best ad ever but it’s JEANS.

  30. donttradecano says:


    Thoughts on tony douglas?

  31. Matt k says:

    Where can I get this ??

  32. bonestock94 says:

    Seriously where can we get a poster of this ad. Especially if we’re not in NYC.

  33. bob b. says:

    The It’s was bothering me too, so I popped it into an image editor and fixed it. If this is against copyright laws, I apologize and please take it down.

  34. The Evil Empire says:

    So what do you guys thinks?

    Hypothetically speaking where will Matt bat?

    A Rod

    A Rod

    A Rod

    Let me dream a little

  35. Ryan says:

    I wonder if I could get this in poster form somehow…

  36. larryf says:

    ” when McCarver calls Brett Gardner the best bunter in baseball” or just the AL…..

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