So maybe the Phillies will get something out of that trade after all

Open Thread: A time lapse of the World Series
Is Johnny Damon really that bad on defense?

Three seasons ago, the Phillies wanted to get rid of Bobby Abreu so badly that they were willing to a) pay him $1M to wave his no-trade clause, b) include the late Cory Lidle in a trade, and c) accept four okay prospects for him. The Yanks were the benefactor of that trade, and the two main pieces the Phillies received in return (C.J. Henry and Matt Smith) are both out of baseball while the third piece (Carlos Monasterios) is a fringe relief prospect still in A-ball.

The fourth player Philadelphia received in the trade was a minor league catcher by the name of Jesus Sanchez, an 18-year old that was hitting .252-.323-.311 in the Rookie level Gulf Coast League at the time of the deal. The Phillies added Sanchez to their 40-man roster yesterday to protect him from the Rule 5 Draft, except he’s no longer a catcher; Sanchez now does his work from the pitcher’s mound.

With his career line sitting at .220-.295-.274, the Phightin’s moved Sanchez to mound in 2009, and he proceeded to put up a 3.44 ERA (3.25 FIP) with a 120-42 K/BB ratio in 136 IP as a starter for the Low-A Lakewood Blue Claws. In his final 13 starts, the righty posted a 2.59 ERA (2.39 FIP) with a 59-18 K/BB ratio 73 IP. The Phillies are still deep in the red when it comes to this trade, but it looks like there’s a chance Sanchez will contribute to their big league club, which is better than nothing.

Open Thread: A time lapse of the World Series
Is Johnny Damon really that bad on defense?
  • Riddering

    If Montero makes it as a big league catcher, we’ve got to get Sanchez back.

    • pat

      Cash will pull a Mel Gibson, call the Phillies and yell into the phone “GIMME BACK MY SON SANCHEZ!!!!”

  • gxpanos

    Is he fat?

    If so, I want Cash fired for denying us the Trifecta.

    • pat

      Oh don’t worry, Cash is way ahead of you. He dropped 3 million to bring you the finest Sanchez available in the Latin American free market this year. At 6-2 210 lbs he is a vintage 1993 model Sanchez.

      • Eric

        He’s has plenty of time to eat his way into the trifecta.

        • Eric

          He has. Stupid typos.

  • Drew

    He must’ve had a gun behind the plate.

    I wish the RiverDogs would move to Lakewood, I live 20 minutes from the stadium.

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      Lakewood is Low A, no? They must really love his arm if they are protecting a Low A pitcher.

      • Mike Axisa

        Just keeping you on your toes, Andy.

  • Adam

    bear with me here… smoltz to minor league deal as reliever… thoughts?

    • whozat

      Please read the commenting guidelines, and then read this

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  • Colin

    I dont understand what happened to Matt Smith. I remember him looking pretty good for the Yankees in a SSS in 06, and BRef confirms that that season between the Phils and Yanks he had 20.2 innings, 2 ER, 12 BB and 21 K. And he had pretty decent minor league numebrs. Did he get injured or something?

    • Mike Axisa

      Blew out his elbow, Phillies released him. Cubbies looked at him in ST, then released him. He didn’t play in 2009.

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