Yanks decline option on Mitre


Via Marc Carig on Twitter, the Yankees have declined the $1.25 million option the team held on Sergio Mitre. This move, however, does not portend the end of Mitre’s pinstriped career. Since he is arbitration-eligible, he remains, as Carig notes, under team control. The Yanks could still opt to non-tender him, but for the amount it will cost to resign him, Brian Cashman will look to retain him on an incentive-laden deal. Just a few days ago, I predicted that the Yanks would pick up his option. So much for that.

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  1. I am genuinely surprised by this.

    Maybe they’re gonna go to arb with him and offer him 80% of his 2009 salary, the minimum they are allowed to do under the CBA. They probably win that arb hearing, no matter what Mitre’s offered number is, given Mitre’s A) missed time due to suspension and B) poor 2009 performance.

  2. Omar Moreno says:

    It could be that this is another opportunity to clear a 40 man spot and they can add him to a minor/major deal after the draft.

  3. Will says:

    Just let him go…please. I’ve seen enough of him be unlucky to the tune of 6 runs per 9 innings.

  4. Omar Moreno says:

    There are several people on the list of players that require protection who are more valuable than Mitre. I doubt that he gets a guarunteed deal from anyone. He might as well try the minor league deal route with the Champs.

  5. Mike HC says:

    Good riddance. He was terrible. He should be nothing more than the Yanks like 9th starter, which he basically was last year. Hopefully this is a complete non factor next year either way.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      This move, however, does not portend the end of Mitre’s pinstriped career. Since he is arbitration-eligible, he remains, as Carig notes, under team control.

      Let’s let him completely heal from TJ surgery so he can be used as depth. I don’t want 2009 Mitre but 2010 Mitre will be better. I’ll gladly take the depth.

  6. larryf says:

    make room for Ivan Nova!

  7. A.D. says:

    Does he still have options left?

  8. Bo says:

    He would have been a total waste of a roster spot. i’d rather see an upside pitcher get it.

  9. Slu says:

    I don’t know why anyone would argue for keeping him at all.

    He is about as replaceable as they come and is pretty expensive for a below replacement level pitcher.

    I agree that I’d rather use the 40 man spot for someone younger that might have a chance to be an above average, or hell even just average pitcher, going forward.

    • Am I the only Kevin? says:

      Agreed about the expense in comparison to return. People keep saying “what is 1.25M to the Yanks?” This team has a budget. Overpaying for utility infielders, AAAA starters, and bottom of the bullpen relievers instead of using your cheap minor league depth does prevent deals from happening. You save a few $M here and there on barely replacement level guys and this eventually allows you to absorb bigger contracts for more valuable players, to take on expensive vets for a stretch run, etc. Mitre is a dime a dozen – no need to overpay him and tie up a roster spot.

  10. [...] worth $850,000, avoiding arbitration. The deal also includes some performance incentives. The Yanks declined Mitre’s $1.25M option back in November with the idea of signing him to a cheaper deal, and obviously it worked. [...]

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