Blizzard aftermath open thread


So, I might have spoken a little too soon last night. The snow came a little later than expected, though once it showed up, it was brutal. Got about ten inches of the white stuff around these parts. I shall rename the storm … Mauer’s Homerun Swing.

Use this puppy as your open thread tonight. Britt Farr and the Vikings take on the Panthers in the late game, plus the Knicks are in action as well. Anything goes, so have at it.

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  1. Teix is the Man says:

    “Got about ten inches of the white stuff around these parts”….

    -I could so make that a dirty joke!

  2. Salty Buggah says:

    Two things I’ve never seen before in a football game happened tonight in the Broncos-Raiders. First, there was like a 8 min delay because someone was pointing lasers into Broncos offense. Second, Raiders player’s (Tommy Kelly I think) pants almost completely came off while he was making a tackle.

  3. radnom says:

    Most disappointing “blizzard” ever.

    All hyped up and all I got here was a light dusting.

  4. JMK THE OVERSHARE's Glenn Beck Complex says:

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has heard an update on the flights around NY/NJ? I hear that things are cancelled and shut down, but all the “official information” says everything is on schedule.
    Anyone know what the status is, specifically in Newark?

    • chriskeo says:

      Not sure about everything, but I got a friend flying back from Indiana tonight (arriving in Newark), his 5:20 got delayed, supposed to depart at 8:36 now, so I assume its a Newark problem and the arrivals are getting delayed.

  5. JMK THE OVERSHARE's Glenn Beck Complex says:

    Also, RIP Murphy Brown.

  6. I was at my girlfriend’s in South Jersey…24 inches. Three hours of shoveling this morning on top of multiple attempts yesterday.

  7. Salty Buggah says:

    This game is so entertaining. Broncos up 6 with 3:30 with in the game. Raiders were rolling but then Frye, who was playing extremely well, got hurt and Russell had to come in. Ever since, they’ve gone cold. He just fumbled but lucky for him, his OL recovered.

    DAMNIT! A pass interference call on 2nd and 25. Penalty goes for 32 yards. Bad play by the Broncos player.

  8. Salty Buggah says:

    Fuck! Raiders barely get a 1st down on 4th and 10. Ball on Broncos 30. 2 mins left. Broncos need to win this game

  9. Dela G says:

    i’m still fuckin pissed about my jets losing today

    they had that game in the bag

  10. Someone I know, who shall remain nameless, thought it was a good idea to shovel the driveway BEFORE the snow stopped last night…

  11. We Need Chapman! says:

    Why are the Yanks not moving on this guy???
    I really like what this guy offers…Chapman that is…
    I see him as our future closer or set-up for Joba… 2011 maybe…

  12. Salty Buggah says:

    Raiders TD. FUCK!!!!!!!

  13. Omg!Zombies! says:

    Had to dig out my car on two occasion today. Once to clear it out and moved to another spot. Then it got stuck in that spot. :(

  14. Salty Buggah says:

    If we lose, its going to all thanks to the Broncos inability to get in the endzone. They had 1st down and were inside the 5 3 times but only once they got a TD

  15. Salty Buggah says:

    Fuckin Orton fumbled and lost the Broncos their last TO and 10 secs.

    I really dont like Orton. He never can stretch the field. he got sacked twice today without even getting touched by anyone. He just lays down when there is even a little pressure.

  16. V says:

    Broncos got man handled in the last 5 minutes.
    I love watching the Donkeys choke in December.

  17. Salty Buggah says:

    WOW! Broncos catch the ball at the Raiders 45 with 8 secs left but the Raiders player held on to the Broncos receiver and time runs out.

    Fuck this.

  18. Question. Hit tracker tracks HR’s and where they landed, but is there a site that does all fly balls for each player

  19. Januz says:

    Try being a Steeler fan, unless Ben can bring us back, we are seeing another major choke job.

  20. Drew says:

    20-24 inches here in Ocean County.

  21. Rose says:

    When the hell does Nick Johnson take his physical?

  22. Salty Buggah says:

    I’m going to play the blame game tonight.

    I blame McDaniels. It’s really annoying when he gets too cute and calls way too many gimmick plays. I hate it how Orton never throws it deep, not even like 15 yards (though it is probably because Orton is not that good but still, the Broncos have good WR and TE’s). McKid calls way too many bubble screens or short slants. The slants are good when they go to Marshall but those screens almost never (Im seriously not exaggerating here) work. To be fair, in the 2nd half, the Raiders shut down the Broncos running game. However, in the first half when it worked, he was calling too many of above mentioned plays, especially in the redzone.

    /Rant over

    • It could be worse; you could have Kevin Gilbride calling your team’s plays.

      • Salty Buggah says:

        Heh, I guess. I bet if we had Eli though, the Broncos could have 2 more wins (maybe 1). Orton really cant make plays late. He is better suited for the short and safe game to limit his INTs but that doesnt help late.

        I bet if we still had Cutler (even though he has sucked this year but I’m thinking 08 Cutler), the Broncos would be better. There would be more picks but there would be more scoring too. None of this bubble-screens crap.

        • Mike Pop says:

          Jay Cutlers record as a Denver Bronco:

          0-22 Points allowed —- 12-1
          23-29 Points allowed — 2-6
          30-34 Points Allowed — 2-6
          35-39 Points Allowed— 1-2
          40+ Points Allowed— 0-5

          • Salty Buggah says:

            Yea, our defense sucked ass. In 08, he brought us back many times only to see the defense to cough it up again. Also, when a game got out of hand early, it snowballed into Cutler getting pissed and playing really bad.

            • Mike Pop says:

              Cutler is very immature, it seems to me.

              I think he can be a good quarterback in this league, but he needs a lot of weapons like he did with the Broncos.

              • Salty Buggah says:

                Exactly. I’ve been saying that all year. With the Broncos weapons, he’d be better. Now that I think about it, Orton may be a better QB (maybe…maybe not. I’m on the fence). But for the Broncos, Cutler would be better than Orton. He will utilize the Broncos weapons more. Also, last year, when the Broncos had no running game whatsoever because of injury, he had to play even harder and that led to more picks because everyone knew he would pass.

                With the current weapons and under the tutelage of McKid, I thought he could improve a lot and succeed.

        • Steve H says:

          2008 Cutler=2nd in the league in picks. He’ll never win as a starter in this league.

          • Salty Buggah says:

            2008 Cutler would have more wins with Broncos 09 defense. Look, I’m not saying he’s the best. I want him over Orton.

            • Steve H says:

              Straight up maybe, but once you include the picks, it was a good trade.

              • Salty Buggah says:

                I dont know just yet. We have to see what Ayers and Alphonso Smith do. Ayers has been decent/solid at times but hasn’t done much all year. Smith has struggled and was benched a while back. They do have time to develop of course and we cant judge them yet so we have to wait.

                I think those 2 were it in terms of picks (because the Broncos traded the extra 1st round pick from next year to draft Smith in the 2nd round…some said it was a reach)and so far, I’m not sure that trade is as good as you think.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      I also have to blame the defense. 241 yds allowed on the ground.

  23. Steve H says:

    In my fantasy league a QB gets a 10 pt. bonus at 300 years/25 at 400/50 at 500.

    I’m playing Rothlisberger……consolation game here I come.

  24. Drew says:

    –Ken Rosenthal adds to the discussion, making the prediction that Lowell will never play another game for the Red Sox. Rosenthal calls the situation “Julio Lugo all over again.”–

    Yepp, it’s the same situation except, completely different.

  25. Hughesus Cristo says:

    I am in love with Aaron Rodgers. The greatest fantasy football pick I have ever made.

  26. Try again-

    Good THT piece, especially for those who believed the whole Posada/Burnett thing was just some media created “narrative”.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      While interesting, that article said how that may not be conclusive evidence like the RABbis have said.

      • No, but it clearly shows that there were differences between the various Catchers. Posada loves calling fastballs, his numbers on 2-1 and 3-1 counts are particularly stark, while Molina clearly likes to mix it up more. If I’m a hitter, being predictable with pitch selection (which Posada is) gives me a huge advantage.

        The notion that a Catcher could influence/impact a pitchers performance was dismissed as media-generated noise, and was wrong.

        • Mike Axisa says:

          You’re giving too much credit to the catcher. The catcher can the exact right pitch every time, yet still get burned because the pitcher doesn’t execute. All they do is make a suggestion, it’s up to the pitcher to accept it and execute.

          • Hey ZZ says:

            I am not sure about this so I figured I would ask while on the topic. Aren’t many of the pitches called from the bench?

          • Of course that’s true, but were talking about pitch selection. Not only does the Catcher influence that (as shown in the article) but Jorge goes a step further and resists being shaken off, insisting pitchers throw the pitch he wants and not necessarily the one they believe in. That’s the part that’s indefensible to me. The Burnett-Ortiz HR AB was the most glaring example, but it’s something that happens with Jorge all the time. That’s usually why he makes the zillion trips to the mound that he does, if you watch before he walks to the mound he’s usually being shaken off with men on base.

            In any case, it wasn’t just some idiotic thing a columnist dreamed up on a slow day. There’s something to it.

          • toad says:

            It seems that way, but I’m impressed by the difference between Molina and Posada on K’s.

            With Molina catching batters struck out 23% of the time, with Posada it’s 17%.That’s over a lot of PA’s for both so there is no sample size issue. I don’t know what accounts for that difference, but it’s not random variation.

    • ROBTEN says:

      The problem is the writer selects one variable over others, while excluding 1/3 of the evidence.

      While the article indicates that Cervelli and Posada generally had similar game-calling approaches, it ultimately does not factor this into the discussion.

      So, while focusing on the differences between Posada and Molina, it would be more accurate to suggest that for 25 of CCs 35 starts (Posada and Cervelli vs. Molina) the game calling was actually quite similar. This makes it more difficult to suggest that game-calling provides us with a clear point of distinction between the catchers or accounts for results, especially as CCs results were better with Cervelli than either Posada or Molina.

      I think that the unaccounted-for variables, most of which are marked at the end, make the article an interesting point for discussion but means that it really doesn’t do anything in the end to make the point definitively either way that Posada is a less effective “game-caller” than Molina.

      I am not saying that Posada is necessarily better at calling a game than Molina (or that Cervelli is better than both), just that the evidence here is fairly limited in proving the point either way.

      Also–the article has Molina catching CC more than Cervelli, but baseball-reference has 287/277 PA in favor of Cervelli over Molina. Is there another way of checking this?

  27. Bob Michaels says:

    Who is Salty Buggah?

  28. Jake H says:

    I miss spring training.

    Anyone knows if someone at Nomass is going to take up Lanes spot of draft updates?

  29. Hey ZZ says:

    I am studying for my final tomorrow and I come across this in one of my books. I could not help but laugh….

    “The problem would not seem too serious if B were a jobber…”

    Yeah I know, probably had to be there

  30. Is Family Guy even trying anymore?

    • Marcus says:

      I’m a Family Guy fan, but the problem that show has is the reliance on (1) shock value and (2) semi-obscure references to past pop culture. Eventually, you become numb to (1), and you run out of funny things to reference in (2). It’s not exactly a deep show. Then you add in the fact that Seth McFarlane has two nearly identical (in structure) shows, and you start running out of funny things to say really quick.

  31. JM says:

    “Got about ten inches of the white stuff around these parts”

  32. pat says:

    I steal my wireless from a neighbor who has an unsecured connection. It usually wavers between No Signal and Very Low with 1 Mbps. I just moved that sucker 4 feet to the left and it jumped to a Very Strong connection @ 54 Mbps. It’s like Christmas came early.W00t

  33. Daveinmd says:

    Complaining about ten inches? I got 22.

  34. pat says:

    Ah shit, Compton Chris was released a few days ago.


  35. Drew says:

    Listening to some old DMB I found in an old CD carrying case. I used to think I only liked this shit because I was blazed as hell. After hearing it now, I know it’s just some good shit. I’ll probably go see him again next time he’s in town.

  36. Keanu Reeves says:

    No snow in Vermont. I feel bad for everyone who has to shovel…heh.

  37. V says:

    Wow. Just rented MLB 2k9… and they made Mariano’s cutter suck!!! WTF?!

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