Cameron not an option for the outfield?


One candidate for the Yankees’ left field vacancy might not be one for much longer. Mike Cameron was a decent alternative to Damon, but he may no longer be an option. Will Carrol tweets that the Cubs are ready to sign Cameron, pending a trade of Milton Bradley.

Cubs signing of Mike Cameron is waiting on deal of Milton Bradley, which has been “imminent” for about 72 hours.

The Rays seem to be in the lead for Bradley, with Pat Burrell heading to Chicago. Then there’s the issue of money — Bradley still has two years and #21 million left on his contract, so the Cub will probably pay a portion of that to off-set the dollar discrepancy.

If Cameron is off the table and Bay and Holliday aren’t options, it looks like Damon is the last hope. He’s not atop the priority list, but it looks like he’ll be important for the Yanks if they want to upgrade their current left field situation, which would presumably be Melky Cabrera.

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  1. Jake H says:

    I don’t think the Cameron signing is as close as WIll Carrol is saying. He is the only guy repoting that since a bunch of different writers are saying that the deal isn’t that close at all.

  2. 28 next year says:

    he has to be getting multiple years for him to not even wait for teh Yankees. He knows he will get a one year deal with the Yankees would top anyone but teh Cubs probably are giving him two years.

  3. crawdaddie says:

    If Burrell is heading to the Cubs and they sign Cameron then how many outfield positions do the Cubs have open?

    Also, the Cameron signing will be a sign for what Damon can expect since there is only 10 months difference in their ages.

  4. Reggie C. says:

    Can’t blame Cameron if he’s getting offered a 2 year contract. I’m not sure if the Cubs are going to contend with the Cards, but WC isn’t out of the question. Cubs are probably likely to give Cam the full-time CF job.

    • crawdaddie says:

      I’m just saying the Cubs have more trades to do if they sign Cameron and will most likely have to eat somebody’s contract beyond Milton like Fukudome or Burrell.

  5. Steve H says:

    In my best Nancy Kerrigan voice: “Whyyyyyyyyyyyy??????”

  6. mike says:

    this signing, if true, IMO will really show the market the other outfielders can expect as far as $.

    I would think other FA like Damon felt Abreu was a panic move by the Halos, but if Cameron takes less $, and it appears Figgins is getting less $/years than everyone predicted, then I thich hink Damon becomes less likely to return – both because of the Mexican standoff likely with NYY/ Boras and because of the (slightly) discounted rate other players may receive allowing the Yanks to get in on Bay or Holliday

    • I don’t know how much I would make of the Figgins deal. Everyone kind of expected the Phillies to be in on a third baseman, and then they signed Polanco to move him over. Which affects everyone else’s market sure, at least at said position, but I don’t know how much affect it has on everyone else.

      • J says:

        I think Figgins did alright on years. I believe I read it’s 4 years with a vesting option for a fifth; can’t really expect more then that. Maybe 9 million is a little less then he would have gotten 4 years ago, but a 4 or 5 year deal is about right now or then.

  7. If this signing is a reality, then I expect the ’10 Yankees to look almost identical to the ’09 Yankees.

  8. Januz says:

    I have never been a Cameron fan, and I don’t get the love for him here. I am HAPPY he is NOT going to the Yankees (Particularly not at a $5-7m multi-year contract). I would prefer going with Gardner, Melky, and Swisher, and either making a trade in July (Adam Dunn?), or bringing up Austin Jackson (If he is ready).
    Let me give some Cameron numbers, to illustrate my point: Last year, he struck out 156 times and hit .250. He has struck out over 100 times TWELVE times (Out of 13 complete seasons). He has struck out 1,798 times in his career, while knocking in 100 times ONCE, and he NEVER scored 100 runs. Is he a great fielder? Well he won THREE Gold Gloves I give him credit for that. However, Paul Blair (Another glove first, Centerfielder) won EIGHT. Amdruw Jones, another big strikeout, good glove CF, struck out 1,542 times in 11 FULL seasons (Pretty comperable), But Jones also knocked in 100 or more runs FOUR times, scored 100 or more runs THREE times, and has COUNT THEM TEN Gold Gloves. Jones, of course, is a direct contemporary of Cameron.
    There is NOTHING in those numbers to suggest that he is worth 1/10 of what the Cubs are paying him. Thank God, he is not coming here.

    • If you look at batting average and strikeouts, Cameron’s not gonna be your guy. He hits for a low average and he strikes out a good deal. However, if you look at other things–like on base skills and power–Mike Cameron’s a damn good player.

      He averages about 75 walks per 162 and between 20-25 homers. Out of CF, that’s incredible production. Add in the fact that he plays great defense and he becomes an even bigger value.

      As Mike posted yesterday, he’s one of seven guys to post an OPS+ of at least 104 in eleven straight years. The only other players to do that? A-Rod, Vlad, Chipper, Magglio, Abreu, and Manny.

    • Also, what do Paul Blair and Andruw Jones have to do with Mike Cameron? Absolutely nothing. You throw their names out there and offer no reason as to why you’re throwing them out there.

      Sure, Jones and Cameron are contemporaries but they have very little to do with each other. Cameron’s been a mark of consistency, whereas Jones fell off of a cliff at age 30. Just because they’ve played the same position during the same time period doesn’t mean that what happened to Jones will happen to Cameron.

    • I agree. Signing Paul Blair would be a horrible idea.

    • steve (different one) says:

      you don’t like strikeouts, but you want to trade for Dunn?

    • Zack says:

      just BECAUSE you type LIKE this doesnt GIVE you an EDGE on the discussion

    • Pasqua says:

      “I would prefer going with Gardner, Melky, and Swisher”

      All due respect, but I would love to see you re-visit this comment in May, should it come to pass.

  9. Michael Kay says:

    OH NOOES! What will The Yankees do without Mike Cameron?

    • whozat says:

      Commit too many years to someone else? Or play inferior players? Or give up chips in trade so that they don’t have to do either of the preceding?

  10. dee says:

    no thanks to Cameron. i prefer DeJesus or Willingham.

    • Zack says:

      what are you willing to trade?

    • theyankeewarrior says:

      sign cameron for one year >>>>>>>>>>>>> give up prospects for players that Austin Jackson and Carl Crawford are going to play over in 2011

    • whozat says:

      Why? Dejesus is less of a defender and not really a better hitter. Cameron is certainly more consistent year-over-year with the bat. Willingham is a better hitter, but a poor defender. Cameron’s defense + offense roughly = Damon’s 2009 contribution. Either of those other dudes are worse, AND they cost prospects in trade.

  11. steve (different one) says:

    if Damon walks, there is also the trade market. perhaps Cashman is eyeing someone we haven’t even thought about yet.

    let’s not paint ourselves into the corner where losing Cameron means it’s Damon or no one.

    what if the Tigers were willing to eat $6M on Magglio? would the Yankees bite on $12M/1 for Ordonez, banking on his huge second half? they might. still saves $12M for the Tigers.

  12. theyankeewarrior says:

    I know the Yankees have a plan here, but I can’t imagine that letting all the available FA’s sign elsewhere and then working out a deal with Damon is their plan.

    I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again: It doesn’t matter who else we sign, Mike Cameron is perfect for the Yankees.

    He can play anywhere in the OF and provides depth. The same way Swisher did last season (except he’s an above average CF so it makes even more sense).

    Please let this rumor be false.

    • That doesn’t mean we will or can make him the best offer though.

    • steve (different one) says:

      Cashman has said that the Yankees have “several plans”. they have a bunch of various strategies they will try to execute on, depending on where the market heads.

      i’d be shocked, if in a down market, the richest team is left out in the cold with NO ONE in their OF.

      it might not be Cameron in LF, but it won’t be Melky either.

  13. For what it’s worth, we’ve heard from other sources since then that the Cameron-to-the-Cubs rumor has little truth to it. We’ll see.

  14. [...] is that Mike Cameron is close to signing a multi-year deal with the Chicago Cubs (h/t RAB). While this is good for Cameron and the Cubs, it is not good for the Yankees. Cameron was a [...]

  15. Free Mike Vick says:

    DIE Mike Cameron rumors…DIE!

    ::stuffs a RAB nerd in a locker::

    • Jack says:

      What don’t you like about Cameron?

      • Steve H says:

        Batting average/RBI I’d guess. Those ever important stats.

      • One to three of the following:

        –Batting Average

        • Free Mike Vick says:

          well BAVG, RBI and K’s aren’t the big things for me. Although i don’t like him striking out 160 times. and I do have concerns with him being 37 years old.

          but more importantly the yankees won a championship with Melky and Gardy playing CF…with Melky getting some big hits for the team. and since they would be a cheaper options and likely come close to the production minus the HRs. i like those 2 over Cameron.

          • steve (different one) says:

            or not.

          • Yeah, they won that championship in spite of two below average center fielders, not because of them. Just because they were able to skate by with it doesn’t mean they should look to do it again. I’m not very confident in Cabrera repeating 2009, either. He’s going to start getting too expensive for what he is soon. Cameron, even with a higher salary than Cabrera and Gardner combined, could likely bring back more value than both of them combined. In fact, he did that last year with a crappy second half.

      • steve (different one) says:

        before we jump on this guy, i thought he meant “Die (Cameron to the Cubs) Rumors!”

  16. r.w.g. says:

    The Yankees should take the money they were going to spend on Mike Cameron and use it towards other, unnamed, down the road, potentially, maybe, by some chance, some day players.

  17. steve (different one) says:

    Arguelles to the Royals. nice pickup by them.

    • whozat says:

      Keep it on topic

      • steve (different one) says:

        meant to reply to the post above mine, which i assumed was about Chapman. but i admit i may be assuming in the make-an-ass-of-u-and-me sense.

        • r.w.g. says:

          My post? I’m unclear if you’re talking about mine so if this is all wrong, forgive me.

          No I wasn’t talking about Chapman. I was making fun of, half seriously and half jokingly, of all the people who are against signing Matt Holliday or trading for Roy Halladay who constantly give the logic that the money needs to be saved for “other players”.

          I saw half seriously because Holliday and Halladay would make the current much better and are significant upgrades. I saw half jokingly because I do understand player value and the importance of payroll flexibility.

  18. Steve H says:

    What do you Cameron haters think of Torii Hunter?

  19. Michael Kay says:

    The quest for Mike Cameron reminds me much of Eric Cartman’s wanting a “future telling” device very badly.

  20. Stephen Martell says:

    Guys its ok, Damon will come back and hold Left Field until Carl Crawford comes to town in 2011!!!!

  21. B Germano says:

    Why would I want Mike Cameron and who really cares where he goes? There are so many options for Left Field should Damon go elsewhere…2 years max on him. Outfielders and offense are a dime a dozen (except for The Mets). Pitching, Pitching and more Pitching.

  22. anonymous says:

    What about trading for Curtis Granderson and using melky in left?

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