Cashman named Major League Executive of the Year

An outside look on Joba's career
Link Dump: Cliff Lee, Mark DeRosa, Curtis Granderson

After constructing a team that won the World Championship in convincing fashion – remember, they never once played a game that could have sent them home, despite what the bridge jumpers think – Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman was named Major League Executive of the Year by the Boston chapter of the BBWAA. If you’re in Boston, click through the link for ticket information to the award dinner if you want to attend.

Congrats to Cashmoney.

An outside look on Joba's career
Link Dump: Cliff Lee, Mark DeRosa, Curtis Granderson
  • Doug

    the comments on that site are priceless

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  • Mark

    Really impressed with Cashman.

    He goes into an everything with a plan, and is a master of executing that plan. One can see that each move he makes has meaning and has a role in the bigger scheme of things.

    For example I believe that he already knew what parameters Atlanta wanted for a trade, and by trading Bruney and getting Hoffman as insurance, he was able to make a deal for Vazquez and still have some depth for the outfield. The small moves add up to help him make the bigger moves.

    You deserve the award Cash. Confidence level 11!

  • Stryker

    well deserved for cashmoney. people can bitch and moan all they want about outrageous spending, but they fail to look at the other side of things: trades. he has absolutely stolen top notch players in his time as a GM – ESPECIALLY in the last 3-4 years:

    getting bobby abreu for scrubs? check. getting a top notch lefty reliever and serviceable outfielder for a troubled top prospect and fringe major leaguers? check. getting a swisher – great right fielder who changed the personality of the clubhouse in 2009 for a guy the other team cut shortly after? check. acquiring curtis granderson (an elite center fielder) for a top prospect and 2 guys with iffy futures in NY? check. acquiring javy vazquez to be the #4 starter for a guy who’s been no better than a 4th outfielder? check.

    just brilliant.

    • Stryker

      also forgot to mention shoring up the 2009 bench with hairston and hinske for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

      well done, cashman. well done.

    • Zack

      well he gave up more than melky for vazquez, but like everyone says he’s still so far away that you cant complain about the deal.

      a few years ago i didnt have that much faith in the front office, now whatever cash does you know there will be a high chance of success

      • AMS

        There were too many cooks in the kitchen lousing up the final recipe of new talent.

    • Mac1

      Its deserved but the guys you mentioned were salary dumps and spending close to 1/2 a billion on 4 players doesn’t make you a genius, its doing what you are supposed to be doing – paying for quality and having the good fortune to watch them stay healthy and perform as you hoped.

      The Twins being as good as they are every year are alot more impressive than what Cashman has done (Santana deal aside).

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Psh Cashman isn’t good. Wonderboy’s great moves of Smoltz and Penny can EASILY EASILY EASILY win mroe games than CC and AJ COMBINED.


  • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

    Props to the Boston chapter for recognizing his accomplishments. I think we often lose sight of objectivity when discussing Red Sox/Yankees. I’m not going to finger point, since it’s sort of counter-intuitive to my point, but let’s be frank:

    *Cashman did an excellent job assembling this team. It’s not just about signing three high-priced free agents. Sure, that without question helped, but remember, there’s a lot of risk in that, too. Few were confident AJ would have thrown as many innings and generally perform that well. It worked out. Tex and CC are close to locks, but one could argue they exceeded expectations.

    Deals like acquiring Swisher, Hairston, Hinske, bringing back Pettitte on a low salary (albeit with many incentives), letting Joba develop and using cheap fillers to occupy the 5th spot were also important moves. Sometimes it’s also what you don’t do. For example, not jumping on high-priced bullpen guys and relying on a homegrown staff was a great non-move. Cashman did a very good job and should be rewarded for it.

    *Boston’s Front Office is also top-notch. They may have struck out a bit on deals for Smoltz, Penny, Cabrera. They tried a new approach last year and it didn’t work out, but they are year in, year out among the best teams in baseball. They scout players well, make shrewd trades and don’t fall into the trap of tendering contracts when they shouldn’t (Martinez, Damon come to mind). Bucholz made great strides toward the end of last season, getting Victor Martinez was also a very good heist (and I’d argue it was definitely a heist), Lester is a legit ace, and they have a lot of strong prospects in the minors.

    Also, I really like the moves they’ve made this off season. Their rotation looks very, very impressive and their bullpen, while not otherworldly, looks pretty good. Cameron was a great signing, though two years may have been one more than needed to get him, acquiring Hermida was a steal, not (as of now) re-signing Bay is a good call. They finally have a serviceable SS. They’re going to be very good. Let’s give them credit, they are a formidable foe. I hope they improve. They should and it makes it better to see a stacked Yankees team take on an extremely potent Boston team.

    I would like to ask one thing—Boston fans, please stop complaining about the Yanks’s payroll. My mother drives a high-end Mercedes, you don’t hear her complaining about the guy next door driving a Bentley.

    /Seacrest out!

    • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Glenn Beck Complex

      Also, credit goes to Youk as well. We may have heated feelings toward him, but he’s an excellent ball player and does great charitable work throughout his community. Again, congrats.

      • ecksodia

        Indeed. Now, if only he’d drop that batting stance…

        • Tom Zig

          and the squirrel on his chin

          • ecksodia

            That dead squirrel, yes.

    • Mac1

      The Award to Cashman is more an FU to Theo – that’s where I think those guys heads were at.

  • Hughesus Cristo

    Team CC beat Team Johan

  • ecksodia

    My goodness, some of the comments there are incredibly stupid. “Any poster here could have done what Cashman did – which was my point”. Really now? That’s how low they’ve sunk?

    • ecksodia

      …and then two posts later, someone says “but there’s no way a rational Sox fan can cry about the Yankees “buying” a championship”.

  • Short Porch

    Crap. I had Minaya at 50:1.