Christmas Day Open Thread


"Awwwwww yeah!!!"

Happy Holidays to all of you who make RAB part of your daily reading. Go and spend the day with friends and family. Baseball can wait.

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  1. joe says:

    still basking in ws champion glory. thats the best present of all. thank you yankees

    • SamVa says:


      Can’t wait for next season to see how everything plays out.
      I’m going to laugh when Gardy proves us all wrong and ends up hitting .285/.370/.430..
      (we can all have a Christmas wish can’t we)

      Christmas is apparently a time to be thankful, however, so thank you Mike, Joe, and Ben for everything you do to keep everyone up to date on the Yanks. I hope you guys have a great Christmas and that goes to everyone as well.

      Merry Christmas!

  2. Souter Fell says:

    Merry Christmas to all. If Kevin Long gets CG a “Hitting Southpaws for Dummies” book, we’ll be just as merry next year.

  3. Yankeegirl49 says:

    “Baseball can wait”

    No, it can’t. MLB Network showing Ken Burns “Baseball”, if you have not seen it, you should.

    Merry Christmas all!

  4. JSquared says:

    Merry Chritsmas, I have that ornament… and 4 others as well for the 09′ World Champions!!!

    Everyone have fun, hope you;re all listening to Last Christmas by Wham.

  5. crapula says:

    When I do my good/bad year end list, the Yanks winning the WS will be on top. And the good posts at RAB will be pretty high on the list as well. Thanks all. Happy Holidays!

  6. noseeum says:

    Where can I get that ornament? It rocks!

  7. Rey22 says:

    Thanks for such an amazing site guys, Happy Holidays!

  8. Andrew says:

    Merry Christmas everyone I hope everyone has an amazing holiday with their friends and family!

  9. ecksodia says:

    Even though I’m relatively new (lurked quite a bit before posting), I don’t feel like an outsider at all – the site’s environment is nothing short of marvelous. And so, Merry Christmas to all!

  10. Short Porch says:

    All I want for Christmas is an OPS+ of 100 in LF.

  11. pete says:

    Many thanks to mike, joe, and ben for the best yankees blog on the planet. May intelligent sports discussion never die! Keep up the good work fellas

  12. Riddering says:

    Merry Christmas, RAB! Thanks for a year filled with great discussion, news, community, and Anchorman quotes.

  13. Merry Christmas to all. Best Yankee blog around and best place on the web to hang in the comments sections.

  14. Accent Shallow says:

    Cowabunga Kwanzaa to all of you!

    Ben, Joe, and Mike, thank you, and keep up the good work!

  15. Matt says:

    Uhh, no it cant….there are jews that need baseball too!!!

  16. Brent says:

    Got the World Series DVD.
    Best present yet.

    Merry Christmas and thanks you guys for the best Yankees blog ever.

  17. dalelama says:

    Merry Xmas guys…Great website !!!!

  18. Matt says:

    thats for the ornaments, I just asked why I, a Jewish person, was looking at ornaments lol

    • Noseeum says:

      Thanks matt but that one’s a little different. It’s multicolored. I like the all white design. C’mon RAB help us out! Can’t find it online anywhere.

  19. seth kaufman says:

    yankees baby

    vazquez is coming back with a vengeance and Nick the stick left at a world series loss. we have some cornerstone pieces for a new dynasty; a-rod, tex, cc, hughes, granderson, joba and future montero. we got the core 4 letting the winning traditions pass down to guys like joba and hughes and got started last year, but we gotta win 1 more or 2 more before jeter and mo go.

    let gardy play for a spot in left, get a platoon guy and let gardy start. Otherwise, bring in Holliday.

    Question: Whats your “everyday” lineup? Heres mine
    1. Jeter R
    2. Stick L
    3. Tex S
    4. Arod R
    5. Granderson L
    6. Posoda S
    7. Cano L
    8. Swisher S
    9. Gardner L

    Only thing is, versus righties, we got only 2 right handed hitters. We are stacked.


    Closer: Mo
    Setup: Joba
    Short Relief: Robertson
    Short Relief: Marte
    Middle Relief: Melancon, Gaudin, Mitre
    Long Relief: Wang?


    A Grander Slam… From Curtis Granderson!
    (Reminiscent of a bomb for arod)

    • How about “IT IS HIGH, IT IS FAR, IT IS GONE!!!”


      • Evil Empire says:

        I see 1-4 in the lineup being an obvious Jeter-Johnson-Teixeira-Rodriguez.

        The guys hitting 5-8 can really be placed in any order, however. If Jorge hits like he did last year than he can hold down the spot come opening day, but if Cano does better with RISP (and he really should) or Granderson can figure out how to hit vs lefties, either one is probably a better option than Po. Personally I like Granderson since it would give the next couple guys more opportunities to hit with speed on the bases. Swisher could very well out OPS any of those guys, though.

        And then Gardner/Hoffmann/Reed Johnson/whoever bats 9th.

    • Mo says:

      1. Jeter
      2. Granderson
      3. Tex
      4. ARod
      5. Posada
      6. Cano
      7. Johnson
      8. Swisher
      9. Cust

      7,8,9 will average 20 HR, 100 BB, and 4.5 pitches/AB

    • JMK THE OVERSHARE's Glenn Beck Complex says:

      You realize that switch hitters can be righties too, right? A lot of those guys have consistent splits or reverse splits (Granderson), so I doubt that’s a concern. And please, none of this B-Jobber nonsense. If anything, Hughes would be more likely to end up as the set-up man, though it’s my hope that Joba has the 5th spot and Hughes is in AAA until he A) gets re-called due to a starter’s injury or B) gets close to his innings limit and is put in a relief role in the second half of the season. However he gets it, he needs innings and development. I’ll be very upset if he’s throwing one-inning outings, but whatevs. You have Mitre and Gaudin over Aceves in your bullpen? Really?

      No Holliday—we can’t afford him. A platoon works; we don’t need a Triple Crown candidate at every position.

      • Evil Empire says:

        Agree with all of this, except did you mean Cano has a reverse split? Cause Granderson (who hits lefty) is currently the definition of a guy who can be LOOGY’d

        • JMK THE OVERSHARE's Glenn Beck Complex says:

          Cano is fairly consistent versus both lefties and righties (albeit a bit better versus righties). I thought he was saying we’d be at a disadvantage versus righty pitching; I was pointing out that if anything, we should be mildly concerned against lefties, though not tremendously. He’s not very clear.

  20. seth kaufman says:

    also, as much as id like it, i cant see yanks going anywhere near boras clients this winter, ie: matt holliday, per Johnny Damon.

    Boras must be fuming the yanks didnt fold and offer a 3 year 30+mill contract, and a “discount” of holliday to the YANKEES will be like 6 100.

    The only way we get holliday is if he provides a “to play for a winning team” discount, and come to NY at 5/80

  21. kurt says:

    yankee fans are the greatest in the world…and im proud to represent

  22. McCaff says:

    Opened up a seat back from the old stadium, a brick from the original Monument Park, and a plack with dirt from the warning track this morning. Life is good!

  23. Merry Christmas, RABis!

  24. Jersey says:

    Gentlemen: Merriest of Christmases. Go easy on the nog.

  25. aj says:

    I cant believe Oakland got Duscherer back for 2M base.

  26. Omg!Zombies! says:

    Go and spend the day with friends and family. Baseball can wait.


    I’ll guess I’ll have to go scour some baseball news on other sites,

    Daily News top 10 sports stories.

    Somehow Aroid places #2 on top 10 sports stories and the Yankees winning placed #3. Like seriously is anyone even talking about that anymore?

  27. Marry Christmas guys.

    I’m doing the Jewish thing with the chinese food but I hope you all have an amazing holiday.

  28. Mo says:

    Duchscherer at 2 and Capps at 4.5 were STEALS. I hope Cashman can steal a quality player.

  29. Mo says:

    Potential STEAL Candidates for Yanks

  30. Ben S says:

    I got a Yankees WS Champion Snuggie for Christmas.

  31. nick blasioli says:

    merry christmas to all yankee fans…and god bless riveraveblues…

  32. Crazy Eyes Killa says:

    Merry Christmas RAB community, needless to say, 2009 was good to us

  33. Noseeum says:

    Found it! This is the mobile URL but I assume it will work from a computer as well.

  34. Mark says:

    Merry christmas everyone! Christmas is finished here in the philippines but I am still here sharing your eggnog and tequila! :P

    Lets go Yankees!

  35. Mo says:

    Trade Proposal: Yanks give Juan Miranda, Dardner, and Bonne Loogan
    for Conor Jackson and Clay Zavada


  36. BigBlueAL says:

    The Knicks are ruining my Christmas.

  37. Evil Empire says:

    Merry Christmas to all, even the B-Jobbers.

  38. Mr.Jigginz says:

    Happy Holiday to all.

  39. Evan says:

    A toast to Ben, Mike, and Joe. Have a good one! :D

  40. Got a new digital camera that can record HD Movies too. Prepare to see Melky Mesa in beautiful Hi-Definition.

  41. LarryF says:

    As one of the older fans here, I enjoyed watching my son wear his new Texeira jersey today. He is still upset over Matsui/Melky and Damon so I will only be getting him the long term contract guys’ jerseys to save the youthful psyche….

  42. Tank the Frank says:

    Heeeeeeeeeeey. Merry Christmas to all you folks out there. Number 28 is merely 10 months away.

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