Curtis Granderson press conference scheduled for tomorrow


Via Bryan Hoch, the Yankees will have a press conference tomorrow to formally introduce Curtis Granderson to Yankeeland. Assuming it’s on YES, we’ll liveblog it like we did with the CC Sabathia/A.J. Burnett and Mark Teixeira pressers last year.

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  • Drew

    Dang. I was hoping Cash would pull some ninja type shit and was waiting to introduce X and C-Grand together.

    Either way, I look forward to seeing him in pinstripes.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Archimedes Torquemada

    Finally, we’ll get the chance to ask him the important questions:

    Curtis, two part question:
    1.) Political scientist Kenneth Waltz recently argued that the conventional goal of nuclear nonproliferation is not worth pursuing as a feasible strategy, as increasing nuclear rivalries paradoxically help keep peace as they “discourage states from starting any wars that would lead to the use of such weapons.” In his view, nukes are thus inherently defensive and not aggressive and the countries that want them do so for good reasons, and that a more nuclear world–even in the Middle East and South Asia–leads to greater restraint and caution, causing irresponsible regimes to behave more responsibly.
    In your view, should the West abandon nonproliferation as a foreign policy aim, and how would such a shift in strategy alter the relationships with India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the global war on terror?

    2.) What’s your training regimen like?

    • Drew

      I look forward to the always exciting generic Q&A’s:

      What is it like to be a Yankee?

      -It’s a dream come true to wear pinstripes. Blah Blah.

      Are you happy to join a perennial contender?

      -Yes. Blah Blah.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Archimedes Torquemada

        Both teams played hard, my man.

        • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor

          I wish the Yankees could sign Rasheed Wallace. He would be an awesome source of entertainment.

    • DP

      “Curtis, how does it feel to be playing alongside 2 of the worst OF to ever grace the game of baseball, 2 of the biggest bust pitchers, have a general manager with no clue, and be in a division where your main rival (gasp) tries to get better?”

      • Steve H


      • Thomas

        I look forward to being able to see the greatest franchise in baseball history blow my team out for 18 games compared 7 games on route to their divisional title and eventual WS sweep.

    • ZDW

      Curtis, would you describe your speed as “explosive” or “incendiary”?

    • Bo

      We all know what your first question would be E. Why did you have to and ruin my Mike Cameron dream?

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Archimedes Torquemada

        Calling me Eric I can tolerate.


        Fuck you, Robert Grant.

  • Evil Empire

    All right! Ima tape that conference, than get trashed and watch it totally blazed off my ass.

    • DH=a dime a dozen

      sounds like a plan

  • Mike

    very irrelevant, and off topic but does anyone know what happened to Luke Greinke?

    • Steve H

      very irrelevant, and off topic


    • Stryker

      was released a while ago.

  • Stryker

    weird that they’re having a presser for granderson but didn’t even introduce swisher. probably just an oversight there considering who they signed not too long after.

    • DP

      I think it’s because Arizona had one for Jackson and Kennedy

      • Keanu Reeves

        Did you see the pictures of that press conference?

        IPK has himself some large ears.

    • Salty Buggah

      This trade was considered a blockbuster and Swish’s was not. You could even argue that the Swish trade wasn’t a trade, it was simply a robbery.

  • Will

    Any clue what time? Im driving home from school tomorrow so maybe I can actually catch this thing on TV.

    I certainly miss the YES network.

    • Anthony

      Yea I feel the same way. I can’t stand not getting anything here at UCONN. At home I get all 3 stations Yes, SNY, and NESN. I watch all three a lot too, but now I just get blacked out when there is a game on.

      • Matt ACTY/BBD

        Oh, UConn. I do not miss your cable package one little bit.

        • Thomas

          At least at UConn, you don’t have to pay for incredibly crappy service. Once you move off campus you get to pay extra for Charter Cable and then you wish you had UConn cable again.

          • Matt ACTY/BBD

            Haha, yeah. I had the joys of apt. living and not paying extra for a cable package. Hilltop Apartments, FTW!

            • Thomas

              Yeah, I was in Hilltop Apartments last year, but I moved off campus, because I was unlikely to get Hilltop Apartments again for grad school.

              • Matt ACTY/BBD

                What building were you in? I was in Beard.

                • Thomas

                  Grasso. Shortest walk to classes.

                • Matt ACTY/BBD

                  Nice. Because of most of my classes being in CLAS, there was no real short walk. Fuck the Red Line, man. Fuck the Red Line.

      • JGS

        My school doesn’t get YES or MLB Network, and I’m in Brooklyn so is blacked out. Gameday or (shudder) Jawn and Suzyn are my only non-bar options

    • Will

      See I go to school in Delaware so I get all the Phils and O’s games. If it wasn’t for MLBTV I’d go nuts.

      • Matt ACTY/BBD

        All I (and Anthony and Thomas) got up at Cow Country was NESN and because of where my billing address was (is) I got blacked out of Yankees games on Woo, Gameday!

        • Thomas

          I tried watching possibly illegal Yankees broadcast across the internet. However, UConn bandwith policy meant that if you watched like 2-3 games in any 7 day stretch, you’d exceed bandwith and lose internet access for the next seven days. So that plan failed.

          • Will

            Yeah I did the illegal broadcast thing too. When I lived on campus they monitored bandwidth but now I’m off campus and it doesnt matter.

            Also, I’m 21 so i can just go to the bars. (they play all the yanks games on a daily basis)

      • Keanu Reeves

        Yes. Amen for MLBTV.

        I live/go to school in VT so all I get is flippin’ NESN.

        • JMK THE OVERSHARE’s Milton Bradley Fat Park Factor

          Cable in Vermont: It’s craptastic!

  • Christos

    Im gonna miss the presser cause im on vacation in Orlando. Damn vacations. Im sure that ESPN will show the “highlights” of the press conference on SC.