Updated: Gammons out at ESPN for MLB; Curry takes Times buyout


Just a few media hits for the afternoon: Via a release at their media center, ESPN announced a few minutes ago that Peter Gammons will be departing the network after the Winter Meetings are over. Gammons has not yet announced his next move, but Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president for production, says Peter wants “new challenges and a less demanding schedule.” In local media news, Jack Curry has taken a buyout offer from The New York Times and will be leaving the Grey Lady shortly. The Sports Section of The Times will seem a little less complete without him.

Update 5:58 p.m.: The Associated Press is now reporting that Gammons will be joining the MLB Network with an official announcement coming perhaps as early as tomorrow. This move seemed nearly inevitable when Gammons announced his decision to leave ESPN. Say what you will about Gammons’ biases, but this is a huge move for the one-year-old MLB Network. They get a bona fide giant in the field and steal one of ESPN’s most senior reporters. I wonder how much it’s going to cost them.

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  1. A.D. says:

    Who will hype the Sox prospects????

  2. Doug says:

    Good night, sweet prince.

  3. Charlie says:

    Re: Gammons

    I just jizzed in my pants

  4. Whizzo the Wize says:

    Sorry to sad Jack go.

    The opposite of sorry to see Gammons leave.

  5. Reggie C. says:

    I guess Gammons lost the over-my-ESPN-job-will-the-yanks-get-granderson bet.

  6. Evil Empire says:

    Hey besides Gammons’ obvious crush on the BoSox, I like and respect that man. He knew his shit amidst the Red Sox twist he always put on it.

    I’m sure ESPN is sad to have him go. He’s getting rather long in the tooth so it makes sense but I hope he stays active, I’ll continue to follow him.

  7. Manimal says:

    This day keeps getting better and better.

  8. Jake H says:

    While Gammons was biased a lot of time he was a HOF reporter and I hope that this isn’t health related. He did change how teams were covered.

  9. Bo says:

    The Gammons hate here is comical.

    How you cant give respect to one of the best baseball writers out there is a joke.

  10. Jack says:

    Gammons has not yet announced his next move

    I’m betting he’s working on advancing his music career.

  11. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    I will miss the drooling.

  12. Pete says:

    What, no more Diamond Cutter jokes?!!! I’m outta here.

  13. Thomas says:

    I’ve always found Gammons’ Red Sox bias bizarre. While he was always a Red Sox fan, I never thought he was really biased towards them in his reporting until they won it all in 2004 (it could just be I am remembering him wrongly though). It is like he is a frontrunner/bandwagon fan, except that everyone was well aware of the fact he was a Sox fan before their championships.

    I’ve just always found that odd.

    • Just a hunch, but I think things might have changed re: Gammons’ reporting on MLB, and the Sox in particular, when Theo’s regime took over. Gammons is not just a Sox fan, he’s very in-tune and connected with the particular people who are running that organization now. I don’t think he was ever as close with Boston’s front office as he is now, with their current front office, and I think maybe that caused the difference you sensed. Before, he loved the Sox, but he didn’t necessarily think their FO was very smart nor did he have a personal connection with the FO. Now he not only thinks they’re the smartest guys in the room, but he also kind of has a personal stake in their success since he’s so close with Theo, et al.

  14. JackISBACK says:

    So We got Granderson, and ESPN got rid of Gammons? BEST DAY EVER!!!!

    Peter, we’d like to hear you’re departing words….

    “Thanks you, first of all, I’d like to thank the countless fans, the countless media people, and just people in general, who have wished me luck. Throughout the years, I covered many sports and I enjoyed every single one of them, with the RedSox comeback in ’04 always in my memory. I’d personally like to thank Theo, for inviting me over for tea this weekend. One last note, sources are telling me that the Red Sox are VERY close to acquiring Roy Halladay, and one AL East manager told me Granderson was vastly over-rated in the world of sabermetrics. With that note, I bid adieu to you all, GO REDSOX”

    Ok seriously, other than his Red Sox liking, he seemed like a good guy, so I wish him the best of luck.

  15. Regardless of biases, both Curry and Gammons had careers that many of us pursuing sports journalism can only dream of.

    I wish them well.

  16. ADam says:

    Thank God

  17. Evil Empire says:

    Gammons has always given Derek Jeter more praise than any other writer I’ve ever read, and there’s a reason Rodriguez chose to confess his steroids use to him and not some other schmuck.

    Gammons is one of the most respect men in the industry, and he’s even taken it upon himself to appreciate advanced statistics. He also got a big credit boost in my book for predicting Greinke to win the Cy Young in spring training.

    Baseball is a better sport with Peter Gammons covering it, biased BoSox slant or not.

    • Joe G. says:

      Gammons is so old that he doesn’t do any actual legwork anymore, people just tell him stuff because he’s Gammons.

      So he doesn’t cover anything, stuff covers him… mainly his spit.

    • Bob Stone says:

      Well said. I totally agree.

    • The Three Amigos says:

      Arod chose him because with Gammons it was a guaranteed puff piece, he asked like 10 questions and none of them were particularly hard hitting. He didn’t probe deeper then why did you take steroids?

  18. vin says:

    I was thrilled when I first read that Gammons was leaving ESPN.

    Then I realized that it doesn’t really matter much because ESPN is still way off my radar.

    I just hope Gammons doesn’t infest MLB Network.

  19. Jordan says:

    I am beside myself. Diamond Cutters is dead. Melky+IPK trades are done. WHAT IS NEXT!?!

    I guess Eric Wordekemper can still net a solid package of IPK + The Justin Upton + a sack of in-and-out burgers.

  20. Well then, if Jon Kruk committs suicide on air I might consider watching ESPN again now.

  21. Bob Stone says:

    Fatcessa just predicted on his show that Gammons will announce next week that he is joining MLB network and Interesting off-the-top-of-the-head guess.

  22. charlespoet says:

    Forget the Gammons thing, you are all forgetting your long lost favorite son who will replace Gammons’ All Sox All the time – have the greatest players ever, greatest GM ever…. I introduce to you – Peter Abraham.

  23. Rose says:

    Peter Gammons never played baseball (professionally)…never coached or managed anything in baseball. He just woke up one day and was like “I LOVE BASEBALL!!” And now he’s in the Hall of Fame.

    True Story…

  24. Mike HC says:

    He was becoming a joke. Stayed far too long.

  25. Josh says:

    Anyone else think the Scutaro article from last week was the straw that broke the camel’s back?

  26. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    So…stuck at work all day, cell phone breaks, haven’t seen a TV. Finally get to a computer to find that we got Granderson AND Gammons left ESPN?

    The one day I have to do something at work other than pretend to work! The nerve of those people.

  27. JMK aka The Overshare says:

    Red Sox on the verge of trading the shell of my journalistic corpse, Jed Lowrie and Jason Varitek for Jason Heyward and Brian McCann, but only if the Braves eat some of McCann’s salary.

    For Cubic Zirconium Cutters,

    I’m Peter Gammons

  28. Reggie C. says:

    Ever since ESPN stole Jon Gruden from the far superior NFL Network , i’ve wanted ESPN to suffer a major defection. This is probably it.

  29. nathan says:

    Great one of the reasons i preferred the MLB network was that through the regular season they had no RedSock cronie in there… now they import the biggest of them all

    This will ensure that PG will tell u how good Pedroia and Lowrie are and how the RS will win the next 5 WS in a row… and HOF chances of the 25 men in the Sox roster…

    the MLB network guys are way more overworked than the ESPN guys… i donno how you move toMLBN if you want lesser work… unless he is not a game reporter and just a weekly 1/2 show contributor as opposed to the MLB tonight type shows..

    • Gammons, for the last few years, had been traveling with the Sunday Night Baseball crew. For MLBN, he can pretty much just stick with studio appearances.

      • nathan says:

        i think he shud hv just retired.. kind of like Griffey going back to Seattle… sometimes Karl Ravech would wait an eternity for Gammons to reform his thought in the middle of a discourse…

        he has a great name, sure wud hv made some serious dough.. i just think he should retire and enjoy the fruits of his red sox insider reports of the last 40 yrs…

        the fact that he didnt retire likely means ESPN forced his hand

    • crawdaddie says:

      Yeah, I’m not happy with this latest development.

  30. Evil Empire says:

    I’m glad to hear this, I’ve started to watch more of the MLB Network and less of ESPN. Win.

  31. JSquared says:

    2 down… 2 to go.

  32. I honestly think that ESPN can give a rat’s ass about baseball. Ever since they started televising the NFL, MLB has been on the backburner for them.
    As long as there is Extra Innings, ESPN’s MLB telecasts are dead to me.

    • vin says:

      I couldn’t agree more. ESPN became utterly useless once they bought the rights to MNF. It’s far too football-obsessed. They don’t give nearly as much attention to the NHL as they used to (mostly because the network signed with Versus).

      Also, they employ way too many prognosticators and yellers. They don’t analyze anymore, they just make predictions. Garbage network, as far as I’m concerned… which is really sad.

      • 5th Starter says:

        If football didn’t kill baseball in the ratings, then I would agree with you. Before you blame ESPN for talking about football more than baseball, blame MLB.

      • JobaWockeeZ says:

        Garbage for baseball. Pretty decent for the rest though I don’t follow as religiously as baseball.

        Anyways I thought Gammons was one of the better ESPN people since he wasn’t batshit insane 100 percent of the time. I don’t mind him compared to people like Kruk or Skip Bayless. I wish him well in the MLB Network which is by far much better than any kind of baseball analyzing ESPN can do.

  33. Sam says:

    How has no one posted this in this large of a Peter Gammons thread?

  34. Catherine says:

    Peter Gammons can take his pro-Red Sox views to MLB but, in all fairness, Gammons is a good reporter. I am going to miss Jack Curry – a class act all the way.

  35. M-Three says:

    If he is coming to the mlb network then they should get rid of Sean Casey, probably the only commentator in baseball more bias than gammons.

  36. Joey says:

    Probably nobody will see this but holy shit, Gammons is only 64! I thought he was at least 80, and that was my conservative guess

  37. Stryker says:

    mlb network is great. i’d like to see more original programming that they boast so much rather than replays of ‘classic’ games but i love what they’re doing after just a year of being around.

  38. [...] early December, long-time New York Times baseball writer Jack Curry took a buyout offer and departed from the Gray Lady. Today, we learn that Curry will join the YES Network as a Yankees [...]

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