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By the Decade: Second base sluggers
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Boys & Girls Club with the World Series trophy

On his blog at YES Network, Jon Lane posted this picture. The Yankees brought their World Series trophy to the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club in the Bronx last week, as well as a few other branches. Ray Negron is in the picture, to the left of the trophy. The senior adviser is heavily involved organizations like Boys & Girls Club, and has even written children’s books — and soon a children’s movie. Alex Belth at Bronx Banter did a great series of posts on Negron. You can find them here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

DeRosa wants to play in the Bronx

From the man himself:

“I want to play where I can win a championship, period. The end,” DeRosa says. “The finances will take care of themselves. I want to be part of a team that is committed to winning. I know the Yankees are, I know the Mets are. The Mets didn’t have a great season, but I know (GM) Omar (Minaya) wants to put a winning program together.”

Will the finances really take care of themselves? DeRosa was reportedly seeking three years at $18 million earlier this off-season, but recent word is that he’s prepared to lower those demands. He could fit well as a utility man on the Yankees, but I doubt they’re interested in him for more than one year — if they’re interested at all. If DeRosa is as serious about winning as his quote indicates, he’d do well to take a year an $3 to $4 million from the Yankees. Otherwise, I suspect Brian Cashman wouldn’t spend current and future money on a complementary player.

Will health issues keep Yanks away from Sheets?

The link goes to an iYankees summary of a Ken Davidoff report. Sorry, Ken, but that pay wall is just too much (even for me, who has an Optimum account, yet still can’t access content). Apparently, Ben Sheets is “not on the board” for the Yankees due to health concerns. Whether that’s a leverage ploy or not, I’m not sure. The Yankees have said on multiple occasions that they like Sheets, but it would have to be under the right circumstances. After a strong 2008 season, Sheets underwent surgery for a torn flexor tendon in his right elbow, the same procedure Andy Pettitte underwent in late 2004. Pettitte came back in 2005 to post one of his two best seasons. Could Sheets make a similar recovery?

By the Decade: Second base sluggers
Open Thread: Forget the Hot Stove
  • dave hogan

    Fat kid, center bottom, red sweatshirt…. th fk? mets fan i guess.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Dude that’s an awesome catch, I lol’d. That kid is awesome.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Mini Pete Abe.

      • BklynJT

        Only Pete Abe’s face is stuck like that.

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          That’s Mini Pete Abe’s farting-face.

          And is the girl to the left of Mini Pete Abe picking her nose? This picture is the gift that keeps on giving.

      • vin


  • DaBronxBomber24

    Check out the Red Sox fan in the bottom center of that picture.

  • scooter

    Sheets’ stated timetable (throw in January and sign afterwards) seems to conflict with Cashman’s public announcement.

    According to this (Jerry Crasnick on ESPN, via Tim Dierkes), Duchscherer will decide by the end of the week:–8.html

    Quite a coincidence

    IF the Yankees already have an offer to Duchscherer, that might explain why Sheets isn’t ‘on the board’ at the moment

    • Joseph Pawlikowski

      Good connection. I would not mind Duch at all.

  • vin

    I’m in favor of signing DeRosa, at the right price. Gives another year for the numerous utility IF options to develop (Pena, Russo, Corona, Nunez), and the Yanks can get a better feel for who might be the best long-term option(s).

    I do doubt that he goes to the Bronx. Seems like a marketing ploy to me. If he wants to win, then why even mention the Mets – who are the 3rd or 4th best team in their own division. The Mets are light-years away from contending.

  • RobC

    speaking of looking at pitchers….what is up with Kevin Towers?

    • Evil Empire

      Excellent segue.

  • theyankeewarrior

    Just let all these FA’s run out of options and sign the ones that provide the best value….

    Could be Sheets, J-Dusch, De-Ro, Matty H, Bay, Damon, Washburn, Wang, Escobar etc. etc. etc.

  • Neil

    No sense having Hughes/Joba in the bullpen. Rather they need to go out and get a SU man.

    NYY get
    RP Michael Wuertz
    LF Scott Hairston

    CHC gets
    LF Brett Gardner
    RP Jonathan Albaladejo

    OAK get
    SP/RP Jeff Samardzija
    -C Francisco Cervelli

    If Needed Minor Prospects could exchange teams to even out the deal. But it looks pretty even to me.

    Yankees then sign Dioner Navarro as backup catcher, with the promise that he gets more playing time than the typical backup.

    If the yankees can convince OAK to take Miranda instead of Cervelli then this trade works out a lot better.

    Wuertz get the 8th inning job, with Joba AND Hughes in the rotation. It might be a good idea to sign 1-2 more veteren guys to a minor league deal.

    Also work out a trade with LAD so Hoffman can be sent to AAA.

    Projected Opening Day Roster:
    Starters: C.C., Burnett, Pettite,Joba, Hughes
    Starting Depth: Gaudin, Aceves, McAlistor(AAA), Nova(AAA), 1-2 veteren guys signed as depth stashed in AAA.

    Bullpen:Rivera, Wuertz,Marte,Robertson, Aceves,Dunn, Gaudin
    Bullpen Depth: Melancoln, Sanchez, Rameriz, REST OF THE CREW

    SS Jeter
    DH Johnson
    1B Texiera
    3B Rodriguez
    CF Granderson
    -C Posada
    RF Swisher
    2B Cano
    LF Cabrera

    Bench: Navarro, Hariston, Pena, Russo

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      Now what Neil? Navarro is off the market.

    • Salty Buggah

      OK, Hairston plays good D in LF but I bet Gardy is better. Hairston is a 98 career OPS+ guy. Even if we dont know what Gardy will do going forward, I think Gardy will be>>>>Hairston as he will be younger, cheaper, and under control for a while.

      I’m on board with Wuertz though. He has the best pitch in baseball in terms of swing and miss %, which is his slider.

    • DP

      Do we need the full major league and Scranton roster every time someone makes a trade proposal or free agency recommendation? This and “breaking” news from MLBTR are quite annoying.

      /get off my lawn

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi


  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    Didn’t Navarro sign back with the Rays?

  • J

    Seems that the DeRosa is more likely using the Yankees as a bargaining tool. Could have named numerous teams, like the Cardinals, but chose the “Big Brother” to the team that is most in need of anyone who can hit a ball.

    I still think Sheets signs with the Yankees.

  • Hughesus Cristo

    Interesting how everyone is so blase about concerns like Sheets’ elbow. Reminds me of last year in many ways… sure worked out last season with…


    Sheets wants too much money to be a “let’s try it out” guy

    • DP

      The only person on that list who had elbow problems was Mitre, who started pitching on less time and after a more serious procedure than Sheets.

      • DP

        less rehab time*

        • DP

          and is a million times worse. But I digress…

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      “Interesting how everyone is so blase about concerns like Sheets’ elbow.”

      Who is being blase about concerns with Sheets health? I’ve been pro-Sheets and have never been blase about the health concerns. I think everyone who is interested in Sheets thinks he would be a good signing because they assume that if he’s signed then the Yanks are confident in his health. The two go hand-in-hand. Don’t confuse interest in Sheets with a lack of concern over his health.

      • chriso

        I’m inclined to say “typical politician.”

        I don’t know who “everyone” is, but I’ve not seen anyone express a blase attitude about Sheets’ elbow. Pettitte had the same procedure done five years ago. Sheets will have had a full year to rehab. No one has thrown big bucks at him, yet, but most scouts would tell you that he’d be well worth the gamble.

  • Mo

    I wouldn’t touch Ben Sheets with Omar Minaya’s ten foot pole. Sheets will not come cheap use Brad Penny’s contract as a model. I agree at $3-4 m 1 year DeRosa is a Yank. Still, I’m inclined to think Cashman has a trick up his sleeve. He’s talking pitching, pitching, pitching and there is nothing left on the FA market. The pitchers are questionable in taking the mound forget being reliable.

  • Matt ACTY/BBD

    No. Mark. DeRosa.

  • Mo

    The starter vs. reliever debate has been beaten to death regarding Joba.
    That said, who is more valuable Lackey OR Valverde AND Capps.

    The closer combination could probably be had for the same cost at a 3 year commitment each.

    I’m just wondering. Thoughts?

    • DP

      I’m surprised no one addressed this sooner.
      Lackey avg WAR (2006-2009): 4.375.
      Capps and Valverde combined avg WAR (2006-2009): 1.625

  • Hughesus Cristo

    DeRosa in LF >>>>>>>> Melky in LF

    Rather have Kelly Johnson than either

    • scooter

      As Joe said in the post, it’s all about $$$.
      DeRosa at 3/21? No
      DeRosa at 1/5 or 1/6? No-brainer
      DeRosa at 2/10? I dunno

      I’d take a flier on Kelly Johnson – but again, at what cost? And unlike DeRosa, Johnson plays 2B (poorly) – and put in 650+ innings in left 4 years ago. FANS and Bill James like him. Someone might guarantee him a starting job

      • Hughesus Cristo

        I feel like adding DeRosa and saying, “You’re our primary LF, and will fill in the gaps elsewhere” and letting Gardbrera take the OF off days/injuries is a good plan. Same (but better) with KJ.


        I feel like 2/10 would be fair

    • Accent Shallow


  • Junior

    I like that lineup 100%. From top to bottom, every out is a real hard one. DeRosa is overated but is also underated. I know that is a wierd thing to say but the guy can hit when he is healthy. He hurt his wrist and hopefully it is healthy now. Not that power is the only thing i think about but other then Jeter, all other 8 including DeRosa will hit 20 HR making the lineup dangerous all around. I love having Granderson in the bottom of the order as it is easier to watch people on base for the number 8 hitter. I really like the addition of Nick Johnson. Yes Matsui has more power but Johnson is more needed because he is a very good number 2 evan tho he does not have speed but Damon’s speed is limited anyways. He is a lefty who is going to always be on base for Texiera and Rodriguez. Damon can come back if he wants to but if not we are ok.

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