Open Thread: Forget the Hot Stove


This is what it’s all about …

(h/t to my brother Andrew)

The Giants and Redskins are the Monday night game, plus all the hockey locals are in action. Here’s your open thread for the night, treat it appropriately.

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  1. J says:


  2. chriskeo says:

    Hey guys, I’m thinking about buying a new Yankee Jersey (probably Mo). Should I get the official on-field jersey or the one with “Rivera” on it?

  3. Chris V. says:

    LoHud posted that Montero will start at AAA and Romine at AA. Not really breaking news but I think this is the first time the yankees have made a public statement in that regard. Montero up before september?

  4. The last Thrilla by Godzilla.

  5. pat says:

    Geez, Arod really lambasted that pitch from Nathan.

  6. Stuart Scott’s tie looks like a handkerchief.

  7. Kiersten says:

    Yankees fan from New Hampshire found guilty of 2nd degree murder of Red Sox fan

  8. Riddering says:

    I will never tire of the top of the ninth in Game 4. A-Rod killed that ball and many of its family members on the double.

  9. Steve H says:

    How about Scott Hairston has the LHP hitting caddie for Grandy? If there truly is interest in Melky/Gardy, flip on of them, and bring in Hairston as the 4th OF. With the A’s signing Crisp, he certainly might be available. Considering he’s very strong against LHP (.867 OPS), he fits more in that role than Gardbrerra. He also can play CF and LF, and would allow them to leave Hoffman as the 5th OF. I can’t think he’d cost too much in trade, and you’d likely replace at lease some of what you traded with the Gardbrerra move.

  10. DP says:

    When was the post was of the walk-off highlights? Searching is not as easy as it seems (or maybe it is? I’d love to know how)

  11. andrew says:

    Fantastic “This is Sportscenter” commerical

  12. Tank the Frank says:

    Damn the Yankees don’t win a thing without A-Rod’s performance. And not one award to show for it. He was definitely the MVP of the postseason. That video got me amped up for next season! Not to mention stoked, psyched, juiced and pumped. Synonyms FTW!

  13. Jamal G. says:

    How apropos it is that you posted this on the 21st day of December. /Caray’d

  14. “It’s beginning to look a lot like Melmas, everywhere I go.”

    One week away people. The day when Melvin grant little boys and girls curveball wishes.

  15. Head Scratcher says:

    Heh, I just thought of something funny: What if the Yanks were to sign Pedro? I think he’d fare well as… something.

  16. Chazzy says:

    brings ya tears


  17. Camilo Gerardo says:

    Let’s go Giants. finish out strong and hope for the best

  18. Whitey14 says:

    I hated these highlights…every….last….one of them ;-)

  19. searay says:

    A lot of Damon and Matsui highlights in there……

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      Yeah it’s sad. However I’m sure we’ll see a lot of Granderson bombs and a lot of instances where Nick Johnson is one of the many runs that Teix and A-Rod will score.

      Though if Damon really wants to come back and comes cheaply, that lineup would look otherworldly.

  20. pat says:

    The more Haynesworth on the bench the better.

  21. Giants Red Zone offense = massive fail.

  22. If the Giants don’t get a fucking touchdown on this drive I am going to be fucking steamed.

  23. pat says:

    DAMMIT, more Jacobs less Bradshaw.

  24. Yankees After Starting Pitcher’s Buster Olney tweets the following: “Yankees working very hard tonight on deal for starting pitcher. Remember that they came close to deal for Aaron Harang in summer”.

  25. I can has another ten minute drive?

  26. pat says:

    Nicks is so damn elusive.

  27. ultimate913 says:

    Let’s not forget that Damon is the host of WWE Raw tonight.

  28. pat says:

    Matt who’s Jersey would u rather have? Hakeem the Dream or teh Bossman?

  29. AndrewYF says:

    If anyone still needed proof that SOSH is one of the most useless wastes of time on the internet:;p=2737884

    “Clay Buchholz’s age 24 half-season is probably more impressive than Sabathia’s full year.”

    Holy. Fucking. Shit.

  30. Kiersten says:

    What happened to the little interlocking NYs that let me know what posts I haven’t read?

  31. Drew says:

    Jason Campbell makes me hate life.

    Yeah Jaws, he brings mobility to the party.. That’s what I’m looking for in a QB.

  32. Anyone else going into cardiac arrest watching the end of this Devils-Pens game?

  33. Ron Jaworski does not shut up.

  34. Mike Axisa says:

    What the hell was that.

  35. pat says:


  36. JMK THE OVERSHARE's Glenn Beck Complex says:

    Redskins with the unbelievable FAIL.

  37. Hall and Nokes says:

    Man, it’s like the Yankee highlights got the Giants playing like it’s October again….

  38. Drew says:

    Campbell is a warrior for coming back into this game!! Give me fucking break. I’d rather he sit his ass down on the bench.

    Tirico/Jaws FAIL

  39. pat says:

    Well that was Clearly Campbells fault but the rest of the night he’s been getting killed.

  40. Sleepy Carl says:

    Dave Robertson’s Houdini in Game 2 vs the Twins was badass.

  41. Derwood Morris says:

    absolutely fantastic video.

    my favorite highlights:

    1. Marte’s K of Utley in game 6
    2. Alex’s top 9th hit in game 4
    3. Alex’s tying HR off Nathan
    4. Grounder to Robbie

  42. Jimmy says:

    Martin Brodeur will be the Cy Young of goalies before he’s done.

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