Yanks to match any team’s offer to Wang?


According to Nick Cafardo of The Boston Globe, 15 teams have shown interest in Chien-Ming Wang. That sounds about right. Any team with contention hopes should have at least called to see what he and his agent, Alan Nero, seek for the 2010 season. The most interesting part of the one-paragraph blurb resides in a parenthetical aside, when Cafardo mentions that the Yankees “would like to match any final offer.” I’m sure there’s a limit on the offer, but I doubt any team offers more than the split minor league/major league contract the Yankees proposed after non-tendering Wang.

As for Wang’s rehab schedule, he’s been throwing long toss since December 1, and will visit with Dr. James Andrews after the new year to “get an updated timeframe on his comeback.” Nero is still talking about an early May return for Wang.

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  • themgmt

    Thanks for this update. I really hope they do.

  • Reggie C.

    In a way, the Yankees could get Wang a better deal at the end by maintaining interest. Even though Nero has made it clear that Wang is moving on, the Yankees could still end up doing their ex-19 game winner a solid by peaking other teams’ interest.

    I still believe Cash will be in on one of duchsherer or sheets; both better bets than Wang to succeed in 2010 imo.

    • Evil Empire

      Sheets > Wang > J-Douche IMO.

  • Bronx Blogger

    Well that’s sweet.

  • Short Porch

    “If it costs the Yanks $5 mil so that we can continue with the string of puerile puns, it’s worth it.” –

    Nick “The Stick” Johnson

    • OldYanksFan

      We could always make a trade and get ‘Randy Johnson’ back.

      • Tom Zig

        I forget that he was once on the team.

  • hakeem “single celled organism”

    I thought he was upset with us that’s why he didn’t accept the first offer?

    • whozat

      no, I think that was mostly the spin that got put on it. It’s business. If he sees that, no, no one’s going to offer him 6 mil to maybe pitch in maybe May, then the Yanks might actually have the best offer on the table. It just might require a spin around the league to see what offers are out there first, and that’s fine.

    • Ed

      Nah. He’s able to freely negotiate now. It would be stupid of him to accept the first offer.

      Most of the talk of him being upset is all made up by the media. They love to say he’s mad over the arbitration hearing, but he’s explained that they went to arbitration because he wanted to. The Yankees initial offer was higher than he was going to ask for, so he went to arbitration with an even higher demand, as there was no downside to it.

  • yankswin27

    I like this a lot. I wish they hadn’t let go of Wang so early, they owe it to him so see if he can make a return to the big leagues. He will improve the rotation depth as well, which is huge. The Yankees should be focused on signing Ben Sheets right now, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all to bring Wang back. Sign those two and call it an offseason (unless they want to search for FA bullpen help).

    • The Scout

      “[T]hey owe it to him so see if he can make a return to the big leagues.” Why? What sort of obligation do they have? He played for them and got injured, as often happens in sports. I fail to see how that in any way obliges the Yankees.

      • Tom Zig

        Well the owing it to him probably stems from the part where we told him not to work on his legs over the offseason and kinda screwed with his rehab this past year. I’m not saying we owe it to him, but I can see what people mean.

        • steve (different one)

          no, they didn’t tell him “not to work on his legs”.

          they told him not to RUN. b/c he broke his foot.

          he was told to ride a bike.

          Wang has missed time with shoulder injuries several times in his yankee career. why is everyone SO sure that the yankees’ caused his latest one?? is it possible? sure. is it a fact? not even close.

    • A.D.

      The Yankees owe Wang nothing & they have already offered him a contract.

      • Tom Zig

        I agree, they don’t owe him anything. Baseball is a business and the organization should be run as such.

        • Tseng

          ^ does not apply to Derek Jeter

          • Ed

            Sure it does.

            However, Jeter’s value is far higher than just about anyone else’s. Jeter’s value to the Yankees in marketing is insane. There’s a huge, huge number of people that are Jeter fans but not really Yankees fans – think teenage girls in particular.

            • Tseng

              By your argument, Wang should have more value to the Yankees. Since Wang is the most popular person in Taiwan, him being on the Yankees means millions of people who are Wang fans, but not really Yankee fans.

              • thurdonpaul

                i believe most females (and some males) on the planet are fans of wang :)

              • Ed

                Nope, because those people don’t come to Yankee Stadium and buy a ton of Wang merchandise. Also, things cost a lot less in Taiwan, so merchandise sales there are far less profitable.

                Walk around the gift kiosks at a mall sometime. In the NY area, the baseball stuff will usually be in three categories: Yankees, Mets, and Jeter. Jeter gets his own calendars and mugs and what not. Other players don’t.

                • Tseng

                  Things don’t cost that much less in Taiwan. This isn’t China we’re talking about here, prices are comparable and in some cases things are more expensive than they are in America.

              • steve (different one)

                overseas MLB merchandise revenue is split 30 ways.

            • OldYanksFan

              Yeah… I think teenage girls in particular all the time.

  • Legend

    Not surewhy everyone thinks we need to sign Sheets or Duke when both Marquis and Pinerro are out there and will cost about the same as Sheets. Both of these guys are innings eaters and are healthy and can be had for the same per year as Sheets (8-10 mil) This will enable us to shift Hughes back to the pen and leave Joba in the roatation all season. Keep in mind in 2011 we may be without both Pettitte and Mo so it’s more important to groom our future closer and have a good innings eater in the rotation. If we sign Sheets and he gets hurt, we have a season of Mitre and Gaudin in the starting roatation and nobody wants that!

    • Steve H

      Marquis and Pineiro in the AL East? Seriously? Oh, and Hughes to the pen/future closer? No way.

    • themgmt

      Piniero/Marquis will cost more and aren’t as good. Yea I’m not sure why either.

      • Tom Zig

        How can they be innings eaters if they are getting knocked out of the game in the 3rd and 4th innings each time? The only inning eating will be done by the bullpen if we sign them

    • A.D.

      Not surewhy everyone thinks we need to sign Sheets or Duke when both Marquis and Pinerro are out there and will cost about the same as Sheets. Both of these guys are innings eaters and are healthy and can be had for the same per year as Sheets (8-10 mil)

      Because no one really wants back of the rotation NL innings eaters. These guys will probably want multi year deals & suck in the AL east. Where as Sheets & Duke probably wont need multi years, and have higher upside to not suck.

      This will enable us to shift Hughes back to the pen

      Not really a selling point, at least not for me.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      “Not surewhy everyone thinks we need to sign Sheets or Duke when both Marquis and Pinerro are out there and will cost about the same as Sheets.”

      You inadvertently just made the case for signing either Sheets/Duchscherer over Marquis/Piniero. The former pair are better than the latter pair, so if they’re going to cost about the same, you go with the better pitcher.

  • TopChuckie

    Hughes would most likely be better than Marquis or Pinero. They should only sign a pitcher who would very likely be better than Hughes or Joba in the rotation. Bringing back Wang on a minor league deal is perfect insurance, however matching his best offer may require a major league deal, and that complicates things a bit. Still, they’ll be able to put him on a rehab assignment for a little while before having to make a decision.

    There’s really no need to “groom” a closer. If Joba flops as a starter, they could move him to closer at any time and I expect he would excel. “Groom” Melancon if they want options should Joba succeed as a starter.

    • BklynJT

      The only reason people would even suggest signing Piniero/Marquis is because they WANT one of Joba/Hughes to be in the bullpen for all of next year.

  • Legend

    How do we know Sheets can pitch in the AL east? He had one outstanding year and was mediocre the rest of his career besides being hurt 15 times. Give me Marquis for 3 yrs and 25 mil and you get 600+ IP with a 4.25ERA and 39-45 wins in that period. We have no closer if Mo decides to retire. What does he have left to prove? He may walk away this time. he almost did the last time his contract was up. The closest thing we have to Mo on this team and in the system is Hughes out of the pen. Can you really expect Melancon or Robertson to close? How about we sign a stiff from another team and watch him blow 12 saves a season like everyone else. We won 5 Championships because of Mo and he is now 40 and we have no backup plan in place. Hughes needs to stay in the pen.

    • Joseph Pawlikowski

      Because Sheets has the stuff to succeed anywhere. He’s had more than one outstanding year — 2008 and 2004 were both elite seasons, and he was even good as he battled through injuries.

      How can you, a breath after wondering if Sheets can pitch in the AL East, assume Marquis can? He’s been the definition of mediocre during his career, and found success in Colorado last season because he greatly increased his groundball rate (and thereby his home run rate as well). He doesn’t strike out anyone and walks way, way too many guys for a pitcher with his stuff.

      • Reggie C.

        By “elite season” you mean had Sheets been on winning teams he would’ve finished top 3 in Cy Young voting? The one drawback of ’08 is the injury that kept Sheets from pitching much down the stretch. It made CC a legend, but probably led Sheets to this fate.

        Not a bad fate by any stretch, but 1/10 isn’t 4/60.

      • BklynJT

        Not disagreeing, but not sure how increasing groundball rate thereby increases home run rate… I think you mean decrease.

        • Joseph Pawlikowski

          Yes, I do. My bad.

    • Steve

      Interesting that you are so quick to give Marquis a 4.25 ERA pitching in the AL East when he has spent his entire career in the NL and has a 4.48 career ERA, to go along with a 1.42 WHIP. Marquis is a mediocre pitcher with mediocre stuff who would get lit up in the AL East. Hasn’t Carl Pavano or Jaret Wright, both of whom had better stuff than Marquis, taught you anything?

    • steve (different one)

      He had one outstanding year and was mediocre the rest of his career

      wait, whaaaa?

      you have a very warped definition of “mediocre”

    • steve (different one)

      Jason Marquis for 3 years is easily the most insane idea i’ve read all offseason.

  • t

    I really can’t see why the Yankees would take a risk on Sheets at 8-10mil but not Wang for only 2-3mil. He is cheaper and if he can return to his old form would be a great #4 starter. Just 3 years ago he was a 19 game winner, and 2 years ago started off with I believe it was an 8-2 record before getting injured. Granted he had a 4.0 era but he was our staff ace.

    • whozat

      where did you read Wang was looking for only 2-3 mil?

      Ben Sheets is a better pitcher than Wang, and is currently healthy where Wang is just starting long-toss.

      • Steve

        I’m actually a big advocate for signing Sheets, but I am curious still – do we actually know he’s healthy, or are we just taking that for granted because he was expected to be healthy by now? Has he actually thrown for any team or anything like that?

        • BklynJT

          Wont know until the team sees his medicals and watches him throw. We are assuming because there is no talk about Sheets missing any part of next season.

        • scooter

          This is from Gammons, via Matt Cerrone’s blog:

          Sounds like Sheets will audition for teams in January, and be ready for ST. He’s about 2-3 months ahead of Wang.

          I know this has been beaten to death – but based on his Michael Kay interview, Cashman would allocate one starting slot to one of the ‘kids’ (Joba, Hughes, Aceves, Nova, ZMac) only if the Yankees signed a starter who was ‘a better option’

          Sheets – if healthy – is better. Duchsherer could be better – and could also be an excellent option out of the pen. The rest? I just don’t see Marquis, Pineiro, or Garland as ‘better’

          If I were Cashman, and I couldn’t sign Duke or Sheets for the right price, I’d lean towards Garland on a short cheap deal. I’d never trust Pineiro or Marquis on a 3 or 4-year deal.

          • Doug

            You’d never trust Pineiro or Marquis, but you’d trust Garland? The mind boggles.

          • Doug

            You’d never trust Pineiro or Marquis, but you’d trust Garland? The mind boggles.

            • scooter

              I don’t *trust* Garland. I think he’ll settle for a 1 year deal. He’ll pitch to a 4.50-5 ERA, and throw 200 innings (if needed).

              Pineiro is looking for a 4-year deal, and Marquis is looking for 3. I wouldn’t give any of them more than a year

              • Joseph Pawlikowski

                But at that point you’re way better off with Chamberlain and Hughes as your 4-5.

              • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

                But Garland’s not a better option than Hughes/Joba. Why waste the money/roster spot?

                • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

                  My bad, didn’t see Joe’s 1:25 response above.

        • OldYanksFan

          But if we sign Holliday and improve our offense, we can let Swisher be our emergency starter!

  • Drew

    This is great news. Hope he’s back for another shot.

  • http://aol Rob

    I just read something today that states, “Joba, PH and MITRE will compete for spots 4 & 5 in rotation.” What has Mitre done in his lousy career to earn the right to compete for our rotation? This guy sucks!! His sinker when good isn’t even close to Wang’s when good. He had like a 5 era in the NL and looked terrible for us last year. No dynasty here this time around, it’s one and done. Look for Bosox to take over this year. Just my 2 cents!

    • westcoastyanks

      No dynasty…based on the guy that is being given a chance to compete for the fifth starter spot in spring training? It’s not like the guy is going to be starting a playoff game. And how is being given a chance to compete for a spot on the team some sort of honor to be earned? The more competition, the better…

    • steve (different one)

      stupidest comment of the thread. congrats.

  • trent

    I vote for sheets any day of the week unless there is an arm available i’m not aware of. On a similarly related topic, isn’t Prior a free agent? I’d like to see him, Escobar and Jose Arredondo signed to minor league deals.

    • steve (different one)

      Prior is a FA in the same sense that i am. both he and i will make equal contributions to a major league roster next year.

      time to let him go. it’s hard, i know, but he’s done.

      • trent

        What about the other two smarty pants?

        • steve (different one)

          sure, why not?

          i mean, even if the Yankees signed Prior to a minor league deal, i wouldn’t mind. i just wouldn’t get very excited about it, b/c i know he won’t be healthy.

          wasn’t trying to pick on you, it’s an ok idea. just saying that we go through this every winter, and every year he breaks your heart.

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  • Legend

    You guys are perfect examples of why all non Yankee fans hate the Yankees so much. Why didn’t we just trade two marginal prospects for Halladay and sign Lackey? This way Pettitte will be our # 5 and Joba and Hughes could both pitch in the pen? The Yankees have made pretty much all very cost efficiant solid moves over the past 3 years (not counting Igawa). We now have things set up for the furure with a solid balance of Pitching to guide us the next 5-10 years. Now we need to fix the bullpen. We are all set everywhere else. The only way to fix the bullpen in to bring in arms better then what we already have.Do you guys trust Marte? How about Robertson? The only guy I like besides King Mo is Aceves. We need to add one solid arm to handle the 8th inning and who better thyen last years 8th inning guy. If Mo doesn’t retire we can put Hughes back in the roatation in 2011, for now we need Hughes in the pen.

    • steve (different one)

      no idea what any of this means.

    • toad

      I, for one, have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Al from BX

      Logic FAIL.

  • Daniel

    I like the way Wang and Nero are handling the situation. If Wang can prove he’s healthy, he will get a higher price, which he will deserve. If he doesn’t recover from his injury, no one will pay him a dime, which is also fair.
    Good move by Nero. Greedy Damon should have used him as his agent.
    I just hope Wang gets better. I wouldn’t mind it if he ends up with the Cardinals. They have a good pitching coach. I think Eiland/Giradi haven’t been good for Wang.

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  • Mee Jonathan

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