Yet another Curtis Granderson interview

By the Decade: Saves but not by Mo
Report: Marlon Byrd lands in Chicago

Scoop Jackson sat down with Curtis Granderson, the Yanks’ new centerfielder or leftfielder, depending on which side of the fence you sit on. Scoop really seems to push the “how will you handle the pressure, how will you deal with the media” crap, but C-Grizzie pretty much blows it off. Check it out, the more you read about Granderson, the more you like him.

By the Decade: Saves but not by Mo
Report: Marlon Byrd lands in Chicago
  • Evil Empire

    C-Grizzie ain’t no busta

  • T-Dubs

    I’m loving him more and more each day. All of Scoop’s questions are sort of predicated on him being the star of the team. He’s not Jeter. I don’t think anyone in the media is overly scrutinizing Nick Swisher’s social life. If “C-Grizzle” starts owning the back page, hopefully it’s because he hit 40 bombs and won #28…and is dating Kate Hudson.

  • Joseph Pawlikowski

    “The Yankees hadn’t been in the World Series since 2001”

    2003, Curtis. 2003.

    • Evil Empire

      He’s gonna get a brutal fine in kangaroo court for that one.

      • jsbrendog

        this made me laugh

  • Brian

    He seems like a pretty candid guy- and is pumped to be coming here. I think we stole him. Happy New Year, everyone.

  • Greg

    CG is a centerfielder. Not a left fielder. Scoop Jackson may be the worst journalist in the biz.

  • Don

    I prefer Baby Grand to C-Grizzle.

  • Guest

    I think the most interesting part of the article were the Sheffield quotes. According to C-Grand, he said that “players want to finish their careers there” and that “at least when i retire, I will be able to say that I played for the Yankees.”

    Those are especially powerful quotes, particulary because they come from a famously ornery personalilty who had more than his share of conflicts while he was there.

    Apparently, the Yankee aura is something that means something, even to big leaguers.

  • Bucksky619

    This interviewer is a moron. If you’re name isn’t Alex Rodriguez and you don’t shoot yourself in the leg or anything like that and you stand up after games and be accountable then you will be fine in New York. The media will probably love Grandy and he will take Damon’s spot as the go to guy. I can’t imagine him saying anything stupid.