A-Rod sought out Gaborik for reassurance about hip surgery


Via Mark Herrmann, Yanks’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez sought out current Rangers’ star Marian Gaborik last March for reassurance about having the torn labrum in his hip surgically repaired. Gaborik, who had his hip repaired by Dr. Marc Philippon (A-Rod‘s doc) last January while playing for the Minnesota Wild, spoke with Alex face-to-face in Vail about what to expect.

“It was the doctor who did everything,” said Gaborik. “But I know that for myself, it was always good to hear from somebody who had it done and got through things. And [A-Rod] had a great year.” Gaborik said the two haven’t spoke since.

After missing about three months total due to the injury, Gaborik signed a five year, $37.5M deal with the Rangers during the summer (that’s a huge deal in the NHL). He’s currently among the league’s top five in both goals and total points, so it’s not like A-Rod’s the only world class athlete to come back from this procedure and excel.

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  • Zack

    I’m no doctor, and I know no 2 injuries are exactly the same; but if a guy’s repaired hip can hold up under hockey conditions (physical contact) and the team has faith to give him that contract, then signs are looking good for Arod.

  • Camilo Gerardo

    sorry no one else likes the Rangers, mike. hehe

    Go Sens!!

  • http://incumbentgm.wordpress.com Joltin’ Joe

    If only the Rangers had a decent (long term solution) playmaker…