Minor Notes: Montero, Vizcaino


Got a few minor league nuggets worth passing along this afternoon, so let’s get to it…

  • John Sickels at Minor League Ball posted some excerpts of player write-ups from his book today, and Jesus Montero was one of the lucky few. You might fool him once,” says Sickels, “but don’t try the same trick too soon or he’ll make you pay. I have absolutely no doubts about Montero’s bat.”
  • Meanwhile, the crew at Project Prospect posted their list of the ten best prospects in the game, and Montero checks in at number three. Jason Heyward tops the list, and is followed by Desmond Jennings of the Rays. Montero is one spot ahead of Stephen Strasburg, who I consider to be the very best prospect in the game. Either way, this is elite company we’re talking here.
  • Last, but certainly not least, Kevin Goldstein released his top eleven Braves’ prospects today. Former Yankee farmhand Arodys Vizcaino ranks third behind Heyward and Julio Teheran. Somehow he managed to go from a four star prospect with the Yanks to a five star prospect with the Braves in less than a month. Go figure.
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  1. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    Well, it is Strasburg’s first season of MiLB. Give him time and he’ll go to numero uno.

  2. 28 next year says:

    come on mike, our prospects are overhyped which is why they subtract a star off every yankee prospect.

    jk, I don’t know why. I think as fans, it is impossible not to overrate your own prospects.

  3. Somehow he managed to go from a four star prospect with the Yanks to a five star prospect with the Braves in less than a month. Go figure.

    I can’t even imagine how good Jesus would be if he got traded.

    • chriso says:

      While I usually find prospect rankings and organizational farm systems’ rankings a specious waste of time, I think there may actually be an argument for why Vizcaino is thought of more highly now, apparently simply as a result of his being in the Braves’ system.
      The Braves have an excellent track record in terms of developing young pitching. The Yankees don’t. You could argue that Arodys Vizcaino stands a better chance of becoming a star pitcher now that he’s with the Braves–and a lot of folks would agree with you.

  4. You might fool him once,” says Sickels, “but don’t try the same trick too soon or he’ll make you pay.

    Looks like the Red Sox’s plan to have Montero assassinated via crucifixion isn’t going to work. Back to the drawing board, Theo.

  5. Mike, you agree with Goldstein that Teheran >> Vizcaino?

    I’d say it’s the opposite. Barely.

  6. Riddering says:

    I’m putting $200 away right now so it’ll be there when the jersey of Jesus is available for purchase.

  7. “You might fool him once,” says Sickels, “but don’t try the same trick too soon or he’ll make you pay.”

    There’s gotta be some sort of inherent jesus-related joke, but I’ll plead my general ignorance of all things NT.

  8. arosen15 says:

    Just buy a #3 jersey. I heard Babe Ruth Said Jesus is his son and he can wear the jersey

  9. Brian says:

    I can’t wait to get my “Jews for Jesus” T-shirt.

  10. YankFanDave says:

    Not an omen or a wish but what about this — Nick Johnson gets injured and Montero is called up never to go down again. His bat is already MLB ready! Haven’t had this much excitement about a Yankee prospect since the you know who. Jesus (pun intended), hope I didn’t jinx Nick.

  11. Guest says:

    This goes out to those much more in the know than I am:

    Is this idea of Jesus sticking at catcher really a pipe dream? We know he doesn’t have the kind of natural athleticism of other good, big defensive catchers like Joe Mauer. He has a strong enough arm, but a slow release. And he has a really strong work ethic and really wants to stick at catcher. Is this is enough for us to believe that he can be adequate enough defensively to stick at catcher?

    If it isn’t, why don’t the Yankees begin his training at another position now rather than later? The only reason I can think of his is trade value remains higher while he is still technically designated a “catcher.”

    But if 1) the Yankees only intend to trade him in a Halladay type situation (meaning he likely will not be traded since deals like that come around rarely) 2) his bat is just about major league ready now, and 3) no one believes he will stick at catcher, why not have him start gaining experience at one of the positions he will actually play in the majors? I understand he’s blocked at first and third, but there could be room in the corner OF.

    • Lanny says:

      If they didnt think he’d stick as a catcher he probably would have been moved already.

      You try to make him a catcher at all costs. Until he def proves he cant play the position. His value as a catcher is off the charts. His value as a DH is not so much

  12. AndrewYF says:

    Is Montero’s BB% potential based on his minor league stats really all that reliable?

    Case for inflated: pitchers know how good he is, just stopped giving him pitches to hit.

    Case for deflated: Montero knows how good he is, can and will hit anything they throw at him, even if it’s off the plate.

    If Montero has such good judgment of the strike zone, and isn’t fooled by breaking pitches, doesn’t that mean he has the talent to draw walks at a higher level more than he has? Or am I just completely off base?

  13. Mo says:

    Who thinks Jesus Montero can go .268/.325/.46/.793 with 12 HR in 314 ABs in 2010? or even better?Those are Miguel Cabrera’s numbers in 2003 at age 20. A June call up maybe? C/DH/PH/LF/RF? Cabrera played 3B, LF, RF when he came up. Montero would have about 1,200 ML ABs Cabrera had about 1,400. Thoughts?

    • Brian says:

      Let the kid develop in the minors. See if he can learn how to play catcher, and, if he can’t, let him play some games as a LF in the minors. The Yanks don’t need him right now- so, take it slowly. No need to rush him- other than for our own selfish reason of wanting to see him in the Bronx.

  14. [...] an excerpt from Sickels’ 2010 Baseball Prospect Book to confirm the title (props to RAB): Jesus Montero, C, New York Yankees Bats: R    Throws: R     HT: 6-4     WT:220  [...]

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