Open Thread: Nobody Don’t Like Yogi


Search the Internet enough, and you’ll find things you never even imagined. Many RAB posts, in fact, originate from odd items I find in various searches. This open thread is one of them.

Apparently, someone wrote a play about Yogi Berra. That’s appropriate enough. Yogi is a remarkable enough figure to warrant a stage play, I suppose. The title, Nobody Don’t Like Yogi, is entirely fitting. According to this review, it sounds like a decent way to spend a couple of hours. Yet I find something incredibly odd about this play.

If you clicked on the review, you’ll see that it comes from Ohio.com. The play was written years ago, in 2004, and probably played around this area. I just find it a bit odd that a theater in Cleveland would pick up something about the Yankees. If you’re in the area, it runs through January 24th at Actors’ Summit in Hudson (Ohio, of course).

If you, like me, hadn’t previously heard of this play, you can check it out on Google Books. It won’t have the whole thing, but it contains a lot of the one-man act.

And with that, your open thread for the evening.

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  1. Salty Buggah says:

    It was made just for LeBron.

  2. Salty Buggah says:

    Speaking of searches, check out the hot searches from Google Trends:

    1. mark mcgwire
    2. teresa sullivan
    3. alcoa earnings
    4. monica malpass
    5. kyle turley
    6. sarah palin fox news
    7. irs publication 970
    8. simon cowell leaving american idol
    9. i already work around the clock
    10. mcgwire steroids

    What’s up with #9?

    Also, I found something that would amuse JMK:


  3. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    Newsflash! Jeter marriage bogus!


    Some of the comments here are hysterical.

    Derek Jeter, Monday morning, pours himself a cup of coffee and reads the paper trying to shake off the effects of last night’s 3rd bottle of Dom, “I asked her what?”

    Jeter’s marriage may be bogus, but his herpes is real as hell.

    Ahhhhh, he probably just wanted to screw her, he does that alot.

  4. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    Bwahaha, this made me laugh too.

    http://waswatching.com/2010/01.....ts-fan/Jan 11

    If You’re Going To Have Someone Fall On You, It’s Better If You’re A Yankees Fan Rather Than A Mets Fan

  5. BigBlueAL says:

    What an interview with McGwire. Steroids did not help him hit 70 HR, it was all God given talent!!

    • Accent Shallow says:

      Well, the balls were juiced in ’98, so it’s not like it was all McGwire . . .

    • What a dumb answer.

      The correct answer is “I’m sure it helped me some, but don’t forget I was hitting against pitchers who we know were using steroids as well. So in some ways it helped me, but in others I’m sure the prevalence of PED’s worked against me. If you don’t want to count my HRs, you probably shouldn’t count the outs and strikeouts I made facing Jason Grimsley, Roger Clemens, Kevin Brown, Mike Stanton and a whole bunch of other guys. At the end of the day, it was something of an even playing field.”

    • JeffG says:

      Ken Rosenthal: “he blew it” – Ken Rosenthal, you’ve always been a little prick and today is no different. I think steroids did have an effect on his play but to classify that interview as “he blew it” is bullshit.
      I’m not sure Mark could have done a better job than what he did. A lot better than Manny, or Ortiz, or even A-Rod did.

      • BigBlueAL says:

        Sorry Ken Rosenthal is 100% correct. That interview was horrible and has only hurt McGwire and all the immediate response to it so far has been real critical towards McGwire and rightfully so.

  6. If you have a little time, here are Bill James’ thoughts on steroids. I don’t remmeber this ever getting an publicity, and I don’t know why.


  7. Steve H says:

    As a Pats fan I want to personally thank McGwire for picking today to come clean.

  8. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    TSJC would enjoy this:


  9. Evan says:

    Bless my mother’s heart. On the Knicks’ first miss, she’s already complaining about them.

  10. Steve B. says:

    Hey Joe Paw…nobody likes double negatives.

  11. LarryM, FL. says:

    I saw the play “Nobody Don’t like Yogi” a few years ago in Sarasota, Fl. The play is worth seeing specially for Yankee fans of this era and knowlege of issues with the Boss. Its a one man show so the actor is key (Duh). I was fortunate that the actor was in his later years, similar build as Yogi and carried his speech patterns just great. Its worth the couple of hours to see.

  12. I worked for 12 hours today. I’m quite cranky.

  13. Here’s my question to any Hall of Fame voters reading this … If you suffered, over the course of a few years, a series of maladies that limited your ability to write, or write well — to thrive in your profession — what would you do?

    Would you find someone who could give you a pill that would clear your mind of that encroaching intellectual haze? Would you accept a friendly offer of an ointment that might relieve the sharp pain in your fingers every time you tried to type more than a few dozen words? I would. I’ve never used an illegal drug in my life — no, not even a beer before I turned 18 — but I’ll tell you right now that if I had a choice between giving up my profession or doing something illegal … Well, I suspect it would be awfully hard to resist. Particularly if many of my colleagues were doing it and there was no chance that I might wind up in jail.

    Granted, my little hypothetical isn’t precisely relevant. The ethics of sports writing have little to say about drugs. But the ethics of sports have always been highly ambivalent about … well, about nearly everything. There are corked bats and spitballs and made-up birthdays and of course the old saying: “It ain’t cheating if you don’t get caught.”

    Not to mention the amphetamines that dozens of current Hall of Famers ingested during their careers, with the sole intention of enhancing their performances.


  14. chriskeo says:

    Hey guys, got a Fantasy Baseball question, trying to decide on my 6th and final keeper in an 8 team league. I am debating between Adam Lind and Ichiro. Its not obvious to me because Lind seems like the better hitter but ESPN rates Ichiro higher because of his average.

    (ESPN league with standard stats if it matters)

    What do you guys think, Lind or Ichiro?

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Who are your other keepers, and do you lose a pick for keeping a player? Some leagues make you forfeit the pick of whatever round you drafted your keeper in.

      • chriskeo says:

        I’m keeping Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, Joe Mauer, Cliff Lee, and most likely Mariano Rivera.
        In our league the 6 keepers just take the place of the first six rounds of the draft. I wouldn’t have to forfeit any additional picks, everyone pretty much keeps 6 players.

        • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

          Damn, those five players are really fucking good.

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Wow. You’ve got a shit load of power, plenty of RBI, and plenty AVG too. I’d go for Ichiro to boost the AVG up and grab some steals.

        • AndrewYF says:

          Do you have to keep a closer?

          Because I’d take both Ichiro and Lind over Rivera. Rivera contributes to 3 stats, and towards ERA and WHIP he contributes only a third of a starter’s worth of innings.

          Lind contributes full seasons to 4 stats.

          That is, if you’re running a standard 5×5 league.

          • chriskeo says:

            I think I like this plan, but pitching is usually a wash and was trying to keep the guy who is one of the most consistent pitchers in the game now.

            • A.D. says:

              Yeah he’s consistent, but you can almost always find a reliever that will get you saves, and put up some decent numbers. And otherwise you could easily trade Lind or Ichiro for a closer, to start the season its usually about amassing the most talent, then you can maneuver for stats you’re lacking.

  15. danny says:


  16. Pending Pinstripes has their profile up for #16, Dellin Betances.


  17. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

    Right now I am freaking myself out, yet at the same time am slightly fascinated by, the River Styx. Check it out. Good way to kill time.


  18. Drew says:

    I’m still reeling from the Mcgwire news. I never would’ve guessed that he would use steroids.

  19. AndrewYF says:

    Was just looking at the all-time RBI leaders. Hank Aaron with 2297.

    Alex Rodriguez is currently at 1706. Assuming he plays out the entirety of his contract, he would need to average about 74 RBI a year (591 over 8 years) to top it.

    Doable? I think so.

  20. Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:



  21. Attn: Nostra-Artist:

    Do you mind if I re-claim my Moose v. Glavine blog idea?

  22. A.D. says:

    What happened to the Hariston “serious talks” I haven’t seen any additional word on those.

  23. CapitalT says:

    The big Stein is from Ohio…

  24. Steve H says:

    What do you think is pushing Johnny Damon more at this point in his career, money or a chance to make it to the HOF? He’s already got his rings, and players like money more than winning, so I’m not considering that as part of the equation. Johnny isn’t a clear HOF, but with a few more good seasons has a surprisingly decent case, obviously his best chance would be to stay with the Yankees, for several reasons. So if he thinks he has a real HOF shot, would he rather take 1/$10 from San Fran, or 1/$5 from the Yankes?

    • What do you think is pushing Johnny Damon more at this point in his career, money or a chance to make it to the HOF?

      Can I pick “both”? Or, better yet, “pride”?

      So if he thinks he has a real HOF shot, would he rather take 1/$10 from San Fran, or 1/$5 from the Yankees?

      If he thinks he has a real HoF shot, he’d take the Yankees over the Giants, because the Yankees would offer him a bigger stage for his final HoF push. We’ll give him a postseason spotlight. If he leaves us and goes to San Fran and puts up a few decent seasons, it may help his HoF black ink, but it’ll also smack of “compiling”, and Hall voters hate that. They love titles, though. Damon’s best Hall shot is staying in pinstripes and winning some extra rings.

      That being said, if the choice is “would I rather make a few more million at the tail end of my career” or “would I rather make my Hall chances better at the tail end of my career”, I’ll firmly say Johnny Damon would worry more about the Hall and his legacy than a few million.

      And thus, if the choice is “take 10M from the Giants and probably make my Hall candidacy slightly weaker” or “take 5M from the Yankees and probably make my Hall candidacy slightly stronger”, I firmly expect Johnny Damon to act AGAINST the rational thought process he just personally outlined for himself in the preceeding paragraph and pick the Giants and the 10M.

      Pride is a vengeful bitch.

  25. C. Roy says:

    So I wanted to get some thoughts about a trade senerio that I was thinking about. This is 100% made up, I thought about it when I was playing road to the show. Who would get the better of a Hughes for Matt LaPorta trade? If it’s obvious to anyone I’m sorry if it sounds stupid but honestly I see it as a win-win like the Josh Ham. for Volquez trade but I don’t know too deeply into the minors.

  26. Steve H says:

    My basic philosophy is to emphasis impact more than numbers. That’s why I voted for Ozzie Smith but not Trammell (though during their careers it’s true the Tigers never would have traded Trammell for Smith).

    This is from that numbnuts Heyman, but I’m sure a ton of the moron voters would agree with the above statement.

    Considering that, shouldn’t Jose Canseco be getting HOF votes from these guys over Andre Dawson? Hasn’t Canseco had a much bigger impact on the game of baseball, including his time playing (especially retroactively) and his post career impact?

    Oh, and he also had a pretty strong 132 career OPS+.

    • In 1987, the horrible-hitting Ozzie Smith became the highest-paid player in the National League, contributing towards an explosion in salaries where marginal middle infielders would become multimillionares, a precedent that would ultimately result in the strike of 1994, almost killing baseball.

      Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, meanwhile, hit homer after glorious homer and reminded us of what was so much fun about the game. Unlike Ozzie Smith, they saved baseball.


  27. pat says:

    Conan is ripping NBC. Excellent

  28. Crazy Eyes Killa says:

    Dudes is Mauer really gonna hit the market? I was just watching Tim Kurkjian’s lil baseball needs Mauer to stay in Minny piece, and while I agree, probably like all of you, I know that the Yanks are going to go so hard after him. I don’t expect him to hit the market, but if he does I’d bet a lot that he ends up in the Bronx. He’s good.

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