Report: Cone out at YES


A few weeks ago, in mid December, Phil Mushnick of The Post broke the news that David Cone may not return to the YES broadcast booth for the 2010 season. Today, Bob Klapisch’s sources tell him that Cone is a goner at YES. The former pitcher isn’t returning, reports Klapisch, “after a heated disagreement with network executives.”

Officially, YES says that Cone hasn’t reached a decision. A network spokesman told Klapisch, “David’s contract is up. We’d love to have him back, but he’s in the process of evaluating his various options.” It doesn’t, however, appear as though a return is likely. Three weeks ago, Mushnick speculated that Tino Martinez could be on the YES radar if Cone doesn’t return. For now, though, we just might be stuck with more John Flaherty.

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  1. V says:


    First Kaat, now Cone. Man, as good as a team they are, the Yankees’ front office has to be one of the dumbest when it comes to business.

  2. Drew says:

    Great. Arguably the most informed guy on YES is gone.. I guess he didn’t talk about food with Kay enough.

  3. pat says:

    Ah shit. This sucks.

    In the words of my boy Teddy KGB, “Pay that man his money”

  4. Evilest Empire says:

    Oh man, that SUCKS. David Cone was the best commentator in the booth, hands down. I am really bummed about this.

    • Bob Stone says:

      Totally agree. He was the most interesting to listen to and made the least number of really dense statements.

  5. For Lack of a More Creative Name... Alex says:

    Wow I would hate it if we lost Cone. He is far and away the most informative of any of them.

  6. Anthony Murillo says:

    Tino would be great


      Tino was not very good during his short stint on ESPN. Cone was great… and if it does mean more flaherty– we are screwed. Flaherty is the king of judging by sight and using no stats and of course…

      “Joba to the pen!”

    • whozat says:

      Tino is a bad announcer. He’s got no presence on the air.

      When they let leiter go to MLB network, I didn’t mind because they had Cone. Now they have neither. Boo.

      • Pasqua says:

        Leiter was still working YES games from time to time, despite being with MLB Network. I would presume / hope the situation will remain the same this season.

  7. Graves says:

    Cone was the best guy in the booth, he really knew what he was talking about, they had better bring him back.

  8. leche: it does the yankees good says:

    how bout jim kaat. didnt i hear a few yrs ago he wanted to return but yes turned him down saying there wasnt an opening

  9. Salty Buggah says:

    I going to miss his fangraphs stats and all the inappropriate stuff he said.

  10. leche: it does the yankees good says:

    tino was terrible on baseball tonight i really hope its not him

  11. Mike Pop says:

    We salute you, David.

    He’s the man, always talking bout how he partied with Wells and all. Using his stats, I liked listening to him.

    Michael Kay will just have to try harder.

  12. Reggie C. says:

    Flaherty isn’t bad and he’s actually alot smoother in the booth than David Cone.

    • Evilest Empire says:

      I really dislike Flaherty, personally. He’s too straight laced and boring, though his actual analysis is good.

      Al Leiter is the best of the bunch now not including Michael Kay, though you can never go wrong with Kenny Singleton.

    • For Lack of a More Creative Name... Alex says:

      The problem with Flaherty though is not his delivery, it is his tendency to use too many cliches and to incessantly repeat the same point over and over and over again.

    • Drew says:

      By smoother do you mean argumentative with Kay? Or not using facts to justify any of his thoughts?

    • Pasqua says:

      Flaherty is as dull as they come. Seems like a likeable dude, but he is saccharine and devoid of insight, in my opinion.

      Get ready for “He’s proud of his fastball,” X2 in ’10.

  13. Evilest Empire says:

    I can only hope that Cone goes to a national sports station like ESPN or MLB Network, instead of doing something stupid like broadcast Royals games.

    Were one of the aforementioned networks sign him on as an analyst/commentator, they’d automatically become the de facto station I tuned into.

  14. Zack says:

    Who’s going to give us the fangraphs references?

  15. TheZack says:

    Its amazing that the Yanks can have such bad announcers on radio and tv…

  16. Bob Michaels says:

    Cone wanted more money, he always wants more money. He`s replaceable. i bet they would even consider Ben , if the price is right.

  17. bonestock94 says:

    Damn that sucks I really liked coney in the booth. He actually had something educated to say.

  18. JoiseyFan says:

    OMG – only Kay, Singleton and Flaherty? I guess YES wants to test Yankee fan loyalty by putting the worst announcers possible in the booth. They know we’ll still tune in – though I’ll be tempted to leave the sound off.

    • Evilest Empire says:

      Paul O’Neill is still around, right? And Al Leiter?

      They better get someone awesome to replace Conie though.

    • JMK aka The Overshare's Excessive Back Hair Complex says:

      What’s wrong with Singleton?

    • Grammar Nazi says:

      Singleton isnt bad. and there’s no way they are worse than the national TV guys, morgan, buck, miller…. uuugggghhh.

      cone will be tough to replace. i assume paul will still do his limited number of games. we may be pleasantly surprised by who they bring in. kaat was the best by far in recent years.

    • Bob Stone says:

      I beg to differ that the Yankees have the “worst announcers possible in the booth”. I used to follow the Yankees via the On-Demand cable package when I lisved in Boston. All the Yankee road games were televised with the local home team broadcasters.

      the Yankee announcers are better than all but Boston’s regular team (when Remy is announcing). The worst announcers are in Seattle. They were terrible.

  19. Jeff Levy says:

    Cone is great. I really hope he does decide to come back. Cone was the first person I heard suggest and predict that Hughes go to the bullpen and that helped turn around the season.

    If Cone doesn’t return I really want Jim Kaat back. The older three broadcasters that YES kept, Ken Singleton, Jim Kaat and the late great Bobby Murcer really have a great style and some of the best knowledge of the game.

  20. Renny Baseball says:

    When is John Sterling’s contract up? Instead of being able to enjoy highlights of the postseason, mainly the home runs and the series endings, aired on MLB the past couple of days, they are abjectly ruined for me because of that idiot’s voice pissing on a legacy. I know it’s radio, but he becomes the “voice of the team” in the retrospectives. This man has ruined my Yankees baseball experience — in terms of the highlight reels — for long enough, seriously.

    • Grammar Nazi says:

      i don’t get the hatred of sterling, he’s just not that bad. i don’t exactly love him, but i feel that peoples extremely harsh criticism is often times unwarranted. how many of you even listen to the radio broadcasts anyway?

      • Michael Kay says:

        Sterling has his fans, they just don’t blog or frequent message boards it seems.

      • JGS says:

        I’m forced to listen to him, and it’s pretty brutal. Suzyn Waldman doesn’t help in that regard, but in recent years Sterling has become a caricature of himself, and it’s hard to listen to

      • Listen to Sterling while watching a game on TV, and you will see something odd happen. There will be the game Sterling calls and the one actually happening on the field. They will appear as two different games, and you will often wonder whether Sterling is watching the game. That’s why people dislike Sterling.

      • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

        I don’t hate Sterling’s analysis (wrong as it is) or his HR calls or his conversatons with Suzyn (dislike her, though-her voice is too nasally), because I find them amusing. I take Sterling at face value and don’t take him too seriously.

        Now, what I HATE about Sterling: His playcallng. As Ben said, there is the game beas it’s called by Sterling, and the game on the field. His “It is high! It is far! It is…Off the top of the wall!” calls have made me want to find some way to magically transport myself to Yankee Stadium for the sole purpose of breaking his hedset. They’re that maddening.

      • JMK aka The Overshare's Excessive Back Hair Complex says:

        The username is troll-based, right? Right?!

  21. Mike says:

    I like Flaherty.

  22. Michael Kay says:

    wow that blows. Without actually knowing who will replace him that leaves O’Neill currently as the only great Yankee working games. I don’t know that Tino would do a great job, but even there isn’t he being groomed for a front office gig?

    • whozat says:

      Isn’t it more important to have guys that are insightful and interesting than guys who were “great yankees”?

      O’Neill is ok, but the food shtick and the teasing Kay about the same stuff over and over is getting old. He does have some good things to say about hitting, but so does Singleton. Cone’s pitching insights were great, his enthusiasm on the air was fun, and his interest and excitement about learning to understand the game in new ways was refreshing. They have to at LEAST get someone with some pitching insight in there.

      • Michael Kay says:

        well I’m assuming the general qualifications of working as an analyst are already considered, so the great yankee thing is just a nice touch but its pretty subjective in terms of what you want from the viewing experience. Having a good personality helps those laughers and mismatches when you’re just killing a boring evening. I’m going to be watching the games even if the analysis is garbage, because YES has the games. But they’ll find qualified people, its just hard to believe they’d let Cone go, because if he doesn’t take an MLBPA job SNY would damn sure love to have him come on board.

        • leche: it does the yankees good says:

          oneil is just there for the food and the paycheck he could give a shit about the job. he does no research does no hw often complains about the games being too long.

          hes gotta go him and kay make me sick

  23. Evilest Empire says:

    I nominate David Wells to replace David Cone.

  24. Lucas A. says:

    Ughh, this is a shame. Coney was my favorite. Who’s gonna be the resident Fangraphs-reader?

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  26. danny says:

    noooooooo, stay coney!

  27. Joey H says:

    I don’t get how some of you think Cone is great. He really isn’t. How many times has he talked about Ian Kennedy getting “jerked off” in the bullpen? He almost sounds like Beavis from Beavis and Butt-head. I’ll take a Kay-Kenny-Leiter booth for 162 games. Sure Kay can piss me off at times but he’s a decent play by play guy. Kenny is a bit slow, but who else is there? O’Neill? I’ll pass.

    • whozat says:

      I betcha _cone_ talked about the Kennedy thing once. Maybe twice, because someone teased him about it on the air.

      Other people in the fanblogosphere, however, talked about it a zillion times. Kinda like how kennedy got a rep as an entitled jerk due to one comment he made, one time, that got repeated a hundred times until people had the impression that he was calling press conferences to tell the media how awesome he was after every terrible inning.

      • Joey H says:

        I know there were two occasions that I remember of. The one about Kennedy being jerks off in the bullpen and something with Joba and his slider. That isn’t why I dislike him. I just don’t think his voice is really cut out for TV.

      • Michael Kay says:

        excellent point. Sometimes people make broad generalizations based on the reactions of a couple hundred people on the web. Also, people in the minority always seem larger in numbers online because how loud & frequent they are with voicing their opinion.

  28. Joey H says:

    Yeah another problem with Kay is that he’s too analytical. That obviously comes from doing the radio show for 4 hours or so before he gets in the booth for YES. Nothing wrong with being analytical but when you are calling an actual game we don’t want to hear your sometimes ridiculous opinions sandwiched in between his lame attempts to use large words.

    • Pasqua says:

      I don’t know if Kay is analytical, or just a guy who loves to stir shit up. He’s the “You didn’t hear this from me,” guy. I’ve actually heard make a claim on his radio show, only to follow-up during the game (or the next day on his show) by citing his own claim as a legitimate rumor.

      “People are saying…” No, Mike. YOU’RE saying…

  29. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Well…this sucks. I loved Coney. He was funny and I loved his analysis. I hope YES gets someone good to replace him.

  30. Muel says:

    I have to say I’m happy with this. If Cone had been on fox during the world series, he would’ve said the word “veteran” more often than howard swinging and missing.

    • JobaWockeeZ says:

      I’d live with veteran rather than fisting or the non emotion shown by Chip Caray, Buck and McCarver when the Yankees do something good.

      • Mike R says:

        Ya, maybe it was just me but I felt as if they showed no emotion towards any movie the Yankees made, and never had one positive comment towards them. Obviously I might be a little biased being an Yank’s fan, but from what I can remember they seemed to pump up every situation for the opposing team. It was also like they were constantly making excuses on what the other team did wrong, not what the Yankees did right, but regardless the wins came rolling. After the Twins and the Angels I could give a shit less if they trashed the Yankees when you could almost taste the Championship.

  31. themgmt says:

    Flaherty can’t even call pitches correctly, and he was a catcher.

    Can’t stand him or his voice.

    Or his face.

    And I really can’t stand the way he crescendos his voice up after every line like Stewie Griffin doing the “Novel You’ve been working on” voice.

  32. Double-J says:

    I was not a huge Cone fan. I still prefer Leiter, or actually, Singleton, who is excellent. I think Singleton and Kay match up well. Even though he’s a recluse, I wonder if they could get Mussina to consider doing a few games ala O’Neill?

  33. Riddering says:

    This news is disappointing. I always enjoyed Coney in the booth. He added a modern touch with his stat knowledge and interesting details from a pitching perspective.

    But mostly, I’ll miss his musk. :(

  34. Legend says:

    People only remember controversial announcers (Howard Cosell, Scooter etc) Cone and Sterling both fall into this catergory. David Wells would be too. Suzyan Waldman is a joke and has no business being on Yankee radio broadcasts. I like Sterling. Yankee fans either love him or hate him but will always remember him. Michael Kay was always jealous of Sterling and wanted out of his shadow and kissed ass to get moved over to TV. I don’t feel we need “Professional announcers” on YES network coverage so I would just love to see the Yanks get rid of Kay and also Waldman (0ff the radio side). If you poll Yankee fans the two most popular Yankee announcers ever are Scooter and Sterling. Murcer was 3rd. The fake forced banter between Kay and O’Neil or Kay and Flaherty are painful. I would dump all 3 of them. Hey sure O’Neil is a Yankee great but he only works like 5 games a year so why have him. I think Tino (based upon ESPN and his past interviews) would be horrible too! My YES network team would be:

    Singleton-Play by Play
    Cone color
    Boomer Wellls-Color

    My second team would be:

    Leiter-Play by play (not sure if he could do it but worth a try in limited role)
    Robin Ventura (based upon interviews is real entertaining)
    Todd Zeile-best buds with Ventura and also a good interview)

    on radio I wouild let Sterling go by himself like they did years ago with Messer, White and Rizutto (2 on TV one on radio) He talks the entire broadcast non stop anyway similar to Vin Scully so why give him a partner.

    • Bob Stone says:

      You have to include Mel Allen in the list of favorites. You’re probably too young to have listened to him or you would not have omitted his name. I grew up with Mel Allen and he was the best.

  35. Bucksky619 says:

    Flaherty is terrible when he does color commentary. He is best when he’s back in the studio with Lorenz. Cone was definitely my favorite color man last year. Hopefully they’ll find an interesting replacement. Steve Phillips is looking for work…not!

  36. Hughesus Cristo says:

    Kay is horrible. Sterling is horrible. Anything else is largely irrelevant. If the PBP people didn’t suck, the quirks of the color guys wouldn’t bother anyone as much.

    It’s like trying to build a good football team with Jamarcus Russell at quarterback.

  37. Charlie says:

    this kinda sucks, i liked cone. and flaherty is fucking terrible, especially during a broadcast. he must have said “he’s proud of his fastball” 1234458934 times last season alone. he’s like a video game commentator that just keeps saying the same shit

  38. miketotheg says:

    Hold on a second, a world champion/perfect gamer got into a fight with a pencil pusher and now he’s out of the booth? that SUCKS!!!

    Kay, O’niell and Coney were AWESOME together. They were a RIOT!! I felt like we were in it together. DAMMITTTT!!!!

    Flaherty is a nice guy and all, but if I hear him say “upinthezone” one more friggin time my head is gonna explode!!!!!

    OK RAB fellas. you guys rock and all, but now you can actually make difference. let’s get up an internet petition to bring back coney. I’m in it, and i’ll bet most of us will be in too. let’s make it happen.

  39. leche: it does the yankees good says:

    costas kitty kaat and ken singleton make it happen

  40. Poopy Pants says:

    I love Cone and when he sometimes references crazy shit they used to do back in the day.
    He says how much he misses the partying. It’s great.

  41. Ace says:

    Get Mussina in the booth. Intelligence and an attitude.

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      Ha, that’d be good.

    • Observer283 says:

      That would be awesome, but I think Moose is done with baseball. He was great at pitching (Hall of Fame great, IMHO), and I think he really wanted to be the best he could be at it; but I don’t think he LOVED baseball.

      It feels like he viewed pitching how we would view being CEO of a company in an industry we weren’t that interested in: If we were great at it, spectacular. And our competitive drive would help us be as good a CEO in that industry as we could possibly be. But once we were done with it, we would be done with it and enjoy the money for the rest of our lives after we left it.

      Moose would work as hard as he possibly could every day he was a major league starter, but he definitely was not the guy they would have to drag out off the field and pull away from the clubhouse.

      No more baseball for Moose, just millions and millions of dollars. More power to him, but I think that means he won’t be in the YES TV booth anytime soon.

  42. steve s says:

    The Cone’s of the world are sort of a dime a dozen. There are a small handful of ex-ballplayer analysts (Kaat being the best example and Darling is working towards it) who eventually transcend the ex-ballplayer label into real broadcasting talent. As far as the professional broadcaster category one of the by-products of the MLB network is that you do get to hear Mel Allen/Red Barber/Curt Gowdy etc. every now and then. Granted they are products of vastly different eras and technologies than today’s broadcasters but they sound to today’s ear awfully monotonic and almost never controversial. Hearing those guys makes me appreciate Sterling’s Hall of Fame voice more than ever (even his detractors, if they are being honest, would concede his voice quality is special). Give me a Sterling home run call and his end of the game call anytime. Those calls enrich this latest Yankee dynasty era and add to the pomp and circumstance of it all.

  43. Rich says:

    i don’t mind Singleton as the 2nd wheel or 3rd wheel…matter of fact. i like it…but he has no business doing PBP when Kay is gone on his vacations. He is a horrible play by play guy.

  44. miketotheg says:

    I think moose would be cool. But we gotta get coney back in there. We’re the fans man. We have to have some say.

    Oh and retire number 21. No more shananigans.

  45. Yankeefan91 Arod Fan says:

    sad about the news about cone not coming back. and for the people who want wells i don’t think Kay and Singleton would appreciate wells doing this on the air.


  46. MikeD says:

    Too bad. The Yankees have had too much rotation among their announcers in recent years. Cone was a little rough his first year, but has really developed, and was the only YES broadcaster who would reguarly reference more advanced statistics, even bringing Fangraphs and others into the conversation.

  47. Mike R says:

    That really sucks man, I loved Kaat (even though I believe he was asked to step down after multiple complaints on his commentary from Steinbrenner). Coney was one of my favorite analysts on the YES network team, when you had Cone and O’Neil and Kay broadcasting a game it was a little easier to listen too, even though I like Kenny Singleton too. Anyway, this years gonna be quite monotonous having to listen to Kay laughing at himself as “flash” sits there not saying anything too brilliant, except comparing that he went to GW and Kay went to Fordham.

  48. JesseS says:

    I have to mute the TV anytime Flaherty announces. Has anyone noticed his obsessive compulsion to repeat everything he says two or three times? Maddening.

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  51. And Joba is back in the pen where he belongs

    rich C

  52. and Joba IS back in the pen where he belongs

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