Report: Yankees to hire Kevin Towers


Via MLBTR, the Yankees are going to announce the hiring of former Padres’ GM Kevin Towers before spring. It’s unclear what KT’s responsibilities will be, though he’s expressed a desire to get out of the office and back into the field. Chances are they’re bringing him aboard as a consultant, otherwise he’d be forfeiting the money San Diego still owes him.

This is a great, yet completely unsurprising pickup. Brian Cashman and Towers have long had a great relationship, and Towers’ keen eye for pitching is a welcome addition. Welcome to the Boogie Down, KT.

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  1. amazing. pandemonium in the streets

  2. Me says:

    This should have been denounced months ago…

  3. The Honorable Congressman Mondesi says:

    Randy Winn and Kevin Towers, in the span of 2 days… The crazies are going to have the saddest weekend of their lives.

  4. Ah, the Kevin Towers signing. Reminds me of a paraphrased convo from a certain Urban Dictionary article…

    And, in case anyone was curious, here’s the ACTUAL convo that inspired it:


  5. Reggie C. says:

    Kevin Towers’s first act as consultant: convince Cashman to sign Matt Bush.


  6. Andy in Sunny Daytona says:

    If Towers doesn’t get Jameson Tallion to scare teams away so the Yankees can pick him in the first round, I will consider his work a failure.

  7. Slugger27 says:

    so mike when u say “back to the field” …. you mean scouting responsibilities right? is that what hes likely to be doing?

  8. Rose says:

    “You’re excited?? Feel these nipples!!” – Bob Costas

  9. Steve H says:

    I just backflipped.


  10. Johan Iz My Brohan says:

    blah blah we could have used the money were paying him and winn to sign damon blah blah

    –sweet signing. Isn’t this news a little late though? I thought he’s been in the Yankees FO for a few weeks now.

  11. brewster's millions says:

    What am I missing on Kevin Tower’s…I know he’s well respected, I know he has had minimal payroll to work with. I just checked his trade history, I can’t say I’m overly impressed…Is Kevin Tower’s rep >>>>>> than his actual “performance”? ….I’m still happy we have him on board though…And my bad, if that was a ridiculous statement.

  12. Rose says:

    What is our current payroll at right now after the Winn signing? I don’t think Towers is in the payroll…

  13. Ray Fuego says:

    Maybe KT is the reason we didn’t like Chapman.

  14. JohnC says:

    Towers would have talked Cashman out of signing Igawa

  15. anon says:

    I expect to make a killing in the draft this year. Dont disappoint KT

  16. [...] going forward, the team has plenty of arms waiting to replace them in Triple-A. The Yanks recently brought Kevin Towers aboard, who for years worked magic with the Padres bullpen on the cheap, and that’s only going to [...]

  17. [...] he’ll be introduced as a special assistant to GM Brian Cashman. We first learned of the hire back in January, but at least now we know it’ll be absolutely official. Towers will be sort of a roving [...]

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