Report: Yanks waiting for Damon’s price to come down


Update (9:45pm): Cashmoney shot this report down, yo.

8:37pm: Old buddy Jerry Hairston Jr. was on Jim Bowden’s radio show on XM 175 earlier this evening, and said that the Yankees never made him an offer for a very specific reason. “Brian Cashman‘s going to get mad at me,” said Jerry, “but Yanks didn’t make me offer because he’s waiting on (Johnny) Damon’s price to come down.” Yes Jerry, you’re going to make Cash angry, and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

It’s still possible that Joel Sherman’s report of the team only having $2M left to spend on left field is accurate, and they’re just hoping for Damon to accept an 85% paycut, or it could have been a negotiating ploy. I can hear the conversation now: “Well, we’ve only got $2M left to spend, but if you want $5M, then fine, you win. Our hands … are tied.”


  1. Stryker says:

    uh ohhhhhh.

    hahahahaha jerry just blew up ca$hmoney’s spot, yo.

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  2. Anthony says:

    Although it is very nice to hear, I would have rather this not be said and Boras never hear about. Oh well… hope it works out.

  3. Drew says:

    I’m actually starting to feel bad for JD. It seems like he has 0 options right now.

    At this point I think he should just come back at 4-5 mil, hit in front of Teix and Al in YSIII and hope there is a better market next year.

    • vin says:

      He’s like the fat kid at the dance during ladies choice.

      I’ve been a believer that JD will return the entire off-season… I’m not changing course now. He makes too much sense for the Yanks, and not enough for any other team. It’s the best fit.

    • Tank the Frank says:

      Yeah… I don’t see how having him back at 4 or 5 mil could be a bad thing. Have to hope that he improves somewhat on his defense from last year. And then you have Gardner as a defensive sub and can even spell Damon for a chunk of starts if need be.

    • Tank the Frank says:

      That would be such a sick lineup if he came back.

  4. JobaWockeeZ says:

    You do NOT on any circumstance give up information about the ninja, Cashmoney. Jerry may be meeting with fate soon…

    • Stryker says:

      Jerry may be meeting with fate soon…

      if by fate you mean some sort of death, being on the padres after winning a world series is bad enough.

      • jim p says:

        In fact, Cash foresaw this talking out of turn, and let Hairston go to SD precisely as punishment. I’ve come to trust him.

  5. 1 year $6.5 million with incentives. Ca$h Money Trillionaire will make like Picard, and make it so.

  6. jeff c in Nashville says:

    Man I really hope this is accurate.

  7. JobaWockeeZ says:

    If he comes back this lineup looks really really good. And if he’s really that cheap then it wouldn’t hurt to start Gardner every so often to get some AB’s and some time to make LF not completely suck defensively.

    What do you guys think it’ll look like?

  8. Riddering says:

    Casheezy is not going to be mad. This is all part of the plan. He pulled back for a while to remind Damon of what he’s missing, now he’s sending out a little love message in the LF’s direction so JD knows where he can look to for a good time. Cash knows The Rules.

    (That being said, oh how I hope this is true. At a good price it would be the best of all possible options.)

  9. mustang says:

    Jerry Hairston Jr walks out of the XM radio station a black car drives up and two guys grab Hairston throwing him in trunk. We never hear from Hairston again.

    Never cross the family.

  10. Salty Buggah says:

    Cashmoney will now trade for Scott Hairston in the middle of the season, get him a ring, resign him and get him another ring, and finally let him go back to SD to show off to Jerry (assuming he stays there, which is not that likely but whatever)

  11. Jake H says:

    I don’t buy that Cash would say that to Jerry’s agent and I’m sure he would never say that to him. I just find it hard to believe.

    • Yeah, this is very much hearsay unless Jerry was told this directly by Cashman, which is hard to believe. It’s more likely his agent told him this, and he’s repeating it.

      We’d really need to hear the interview to sort this out. Any XM subscribers?

  12. Warren says:

    So Cashman, GM of NY Yankees, is going to tell an utility player that he is waiting on another player’s price to come down ?

    Anyone who actually believes what is said on fan/talk radio are people that purchase land and houses sight-unseen.

    Good luck with that.

    • Drew says:

      I don’t believe that anyone thinks Cash said “Jerry, we’re waiting for Damon.” I think J-Hair and his agent connected the dots and assumes that that was why he didn’t get an offer.

  13. Devil’s Lesser Demon’s Advocate:

    Say our offer to Damon is a 1/5M. Wouldn’t the Mets, now that they’ve been spurned by Bengie Molina and thus, have a bit more budgeted money to spend and a bit more offensive need to fill, then jump in with at least a matching 1/5m (or even a superior 1/5.5M?)

    And, say Damon has matching 1/5M offers from us and from the Mets (or some other moderately desirable team, like, say, Seattle or Atlanta or San Fransisco or Florida or something.) If the money’s absolutely identical, would Damon come back to NYY or would he go elsewhere for pride alone?

    We’re getting closer, but I’m still not counting any chickens. The more Damon lowers his price for us, the more he also lowers it for everyone else.

  14. WIlliam says:

    Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but the Mets and Boras are having a teensie, weensie little argument at the moment. I doubt they’re in contract negotiations at the moment.

  15. pat says:

    The Ninja wouldn’t let a loose end like this bring down an operation. It’s a plant.

  16. YankeeJosh says:

    From Ken Davidoff’s Twitter:

    KenDavidoff Brian Cashman says it’s “right” that he never made an offer to J. Hairston Jr., but “not right” that he is waiting for Damon’s price to drop.

    We’ll see.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      Damn you

    • Rocky Road Redemption (formerly RAB poster) says:

      So what is he doing? Pouncing on him now? Because unless he states uequivocally that there’s no way we get Damon no matter the price, he’s waiting for the price to drop. Or he’s made an offer. Those are his choices.

      • Drew says:

        I think Cash might have meant it’s not right that we didn’t make an offer to Hairy because of Damon.

      • Because unless he states uequivocally that there’s no way we get Damon no matter the price, he’s waiting for the price to drop.


        We’re unequivocally not going to get Damon no matter the price, but we’re not stating that publicly because there’s no reason to and stating it publicly would gain us nothing.

        There’s that possiblility as well.

  17. Salty Buggah says:

    @KenDavidoff: Brian Cashman says it’s “not right” that he is waiting for Damon’s price to drop.

    Well, I’m sure Cash would say that. Why would admit it at this point?

  18. WIlliam says:

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. You hare that Boras. We are NOT waiting for Damon’s price to go down at alllll. Complete ignore us as suitors so his price drops some more, oh sit, no way, JD back in pinstrioes for 1 yr, 5 mil mid february.

  19. A.D. says:

    Eh, probably just Hariston throwing something random out there as a “reason” he didn’t return.

  20. mike c says:

    of course they are waiting for damon’s price to come down, why would they not be?

  21. Anthony Murillo says:

    I thought it was common sense that the Yankees were waiting for Damon’s price tag to come down.

    • Salty Buggah says:

      Well, kinda but not really. It’s either that or they had completely eliminated him as a choice. What this meant (before it shot down at least) that the Yanks still have some interest in Damon.

  22. BigBlueAL says:

    Ive always hated Gardner but really with Granderson now in CF and Vazquez in the rotation now there is absolutely no problem at all with Gardner starting in LF. The outfield defense will be hugely upgraded plus so is the starting rotation.

    It is no different than having Melky/Gardner in CF last season except for the fact that the Yankees have better pitching and better outfield defense. This team right now quite frankly is better than last season’s team which is a scary thought. Also we all know come trade deadline the Yankees will most likely if necessary trade for a LF.

    • pat says:

      Always hated Gardner? Why?

      • Reggie C. says:

        The team hasn’t developed a league average OF since … Bernie Williams. Melky and Gardner represent shortcomings of the organization, and so attching a yankee farmhand with the 4th OF label has now become pejorative.

      • BigBlueAL says:

        OK hate is too strong a word. Watching the majority of his at-bats makes me vomit, and for as fast a baserunner he is Im not sure he is that good a baserunner.

        But again I have no problems with him starting in LF at the beginning of the season.

  23. Gardy's great! says:

    Who cares anymore….Damon just needs to go away!

  24. MikeD says:

    Gardy is a nice 4th-OFer type, getting 250 ABs, providing great defense and is valuable off the bench when we need a SB. I’m hoping that’s the role he plays, which means Damon needs to come back.

  25. pete luciano says:

    Best news I’ve heard all night. This Gardner’s a starting left fielder in NY is nonsense. Sigh Johnny, 1 yr 7 mil. Jeter, Damon, Tiexeira, ARod, Posada, Johnson, Cano, Swisher, and Granderson is a 1000 run team if healthy. We would need a righty bench player, ie Thames, Tatis, and dare I say Sheffield.

    • whozat says:

      Now, imagine that Granderson’s bat + D was in LF and Gardner’s was in CF.

      Does that bother you less? If so, you’re being ridiculous.

  26. Joe says:


    Player News (last updated: January 20, 2010)
    News: Damon has considered retirement, the Bergen Record reports. A friend said, “Johnny is completely in the family mode right now.”
    Spin: The strongest factor is that Damon and agent Scott Boras severely miscalculated the free agent market, turning down the Yankees’ initial two-year, $14 million offer and now find themselves looking at fewer and fewer potential landing spots as team’s payrolls dry up. The Braves and Yankees seem like the two most likely destinations, but Damon isn’t going to get nearly the money he was hoping to when he free agency began.
    Player News Archive

  27. BigBlueAL says:

    Im still shocked at the thought that the Yankees cant have Gardner start in LF because the offense will suffer and hurt the team. These are not the 2004-2008 Yankees, these Yankees like the teams from 1998-2003 can actually pitch and catch the ball.

    Having Gardner in LF and “only” scoring 900 runs or so is more than enough for this team. Sure signing Damon would be great and Ill be happy if it happens but its also nice to finally have some financial restraints as small is it would be with “only” a 200 million payroll.

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  29. Thomas says:



    I don’t like this lineup at all. Way too left-heavy at the bottom of the lineup. Also, I think Damon’s defense is so bad, I would rather just take a chance on Gardner. I would do this:

    1 – Jeter SS (R)
    2 – Cano 2B (L)
    3 – Teixeira 1B (S)
    4 – Rodriguez 3B (R)
    5 – Granderson LF (L)
    6 – Posada C (S)
    7 – Johnson DH (L)
    8 – Swisher RF (S)
    9 – Gardner CF (L)

    Gardner had a higher UZR and UZR/150 than Granderson. Additionally, this lineup is much more balanced and less difficult to plan for in late inning matchups. Plus, Gardner at the 9 spot with DJ up to bat is nasssssssty.

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