The 2009 RAB Pledge Drive Update


Way back in April we announced our plans to use the popularity of RAB for the betterment of mankind by starting the The 2009 RAB Pledge Drive. It’s the second year in a row we’ve raised money for a noble cause, this time Joe Torre’s Safe At Home Foundation. Think what you will of his baseball management abilities, there’s plenty of reasons why we should get behind Torre’s foundation, which helps fight domestic violence and gives children from abusive households a safe haven.

The idea of the pledge drive was simple. For every run the Yankees scored this year, you’d pledge some dollar amount, whether it be $0.05, $0.10, whatever. The Yankees obliged by leading the league with 915 runs scored, and most who pledged were kind enough to include their postseason runs scored as well, and some even rounded up their donation beyond that. The generosity of the RAB community never disappoints.

We raised $1,050 for The Jorge Posada Foundation in 2008, and I’m proud to announce that we raised $1,500 for Joe Torre’s Safe At Home Foundation in 2009. I rounded my pledge up just to make it nice round number again, just like last year. A screen cap of the rather bland donation confirmation page can be seen here. I included a note saying that it came “From the readers of RiverAveBlues.com,” however that apparently gets noted nowhere. Their donation setup is pretty weird; instead of making one big $1,500 donation, it was 1,500 donations of $1.00. Whatever.

Thank you again to everyone who pledged, and also to those fellow bloggers who spread the word. We greatly appreciate everyone’s help and support. We’ll surely do it again in 2010.

If you missed out on the pledge drive but want to donate, visit the Safe At Home website.


  1. Their donation setup is pretty weird; instead of making one big $1,500 donation, it was 1,500 donations of $1.00


  2. JMK aka The Overshare's Garden Apartment Complex says:

    How much of this goes to Haiti?

  3. /furiously bookmarks all of axisa’s bookmarks.
    //wonders what “bangbros” stands for

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